Raptortongue: design, behavior, and more

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This is my design for the Raptortongue if it were in the Dreamworks dragons franchise.


The Raptortongue is a Tidal class dragon with the ability to collapse it's cartilage skeleton and flatten to the size of a pancake. This ability allows it to slip through tight spaces, even fallen debris and boulders. Often used as spy dragons with it's slick stealth. A raptortongue's natural habitat is the mountains, however, the hatchlings spend their time growing up in and around freshwater lakes and/or rivers.

Raptortongues are lizard-like dragons with 4 talons on the front legs, 5 talons on the back legs, three narrow spikes on it's forearms, and flat spikes in the back of the neck. The dragon has a long face, smooth back and tiny beaded scales, three sets of wings, and two sets of tail fins. These dragons can come in a variety of colors, and can darken it's scales to increase stealth. 





Raptortongues also have a white-light blue fire made of magnesium and sharp bits of electricity. Their range is not very far, shooting about 100 feet from the dragon's position. However, they have a 20 shot limit. Firepower: 4, but 10 in close ranged blasts.




Like a windwalker, a baby raptortongue's wings are too short to be able to take flight. It relies more on it's tail and spend it's early life in the water. It will start flying in a course of 5 months.




A raptortongue's egg is a navy blue with whitish marks all over. It is slippery and very smooth with a flat bottom to prevent the egg to roll away, or get knocked off by the animals. Raptortongues can lay an average of 5 eggs, and will take 2-2.5 weeks to hatch. A raptortongue can live up to an average of 30 years.




Raptortongues are loyal, but very lizard-like. They always have a blank reaction to things and sticks out their tongues like a komodo dragon. An adult is not much of a problem with aggression, but may be snappy toward humans. However, the babies happens to be the aggressive raptortongues, whereas the most likely able to snap, or attack in even a distance.

A tamed raptortongue will make a quick bond with it's owner. Hatching from an egg will take a longer time to get used to the owner, but less snappy then the wild hatchlings. You can train a raptortongue to do almost anything, but the best use for them is spying of foes.



Raptertongues stand 6 feet tall and flatten down to 1 foot. The dragon has a 41 foot wing span and can handle long flights.



Raptortongues are independent in the wild and will keep their distance from humans. you have to show that it can trust you. You can do that by holding still for several hours, or spend your time around the area. Limit interaction with the dragon and you can look, just don't stare at the dragon. It wouldn't take long before the dragon gets comfortable. You can bring the dragon food or dragon nip before the dragon can let you go near.



The dragon often crawls slowly across terrain. They can both walk on legs or even slither when flatten. They walk, run, and stand like lizards. They are quick on their feet when running, and swimming, and a fair speed when flying.

When flying, because of their multiple pairs of wings, they can handle long flights with light flaps. They are very fast generally because of their flat bodies increases air resistance.

When swimming, they hold their legs on their underbelly and fold their wings to their bodies and swing their tails up and down lightly and that is enough to get them moving.

These dragons weigh about 300lbs, run up to 10mph, swim up to 30mph, fly up to 60mph and doubles when diving. Also with their extra wings and tail fins, they are maneuverable and can handle tight spaces. It is necessary to fly through it's mountain habitat.


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That looks really cool! Good job!



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You become what you eat. Would'nt that be cannibalism?

My goodness, I really love this design. I like how you stayed true to the species; indeed, flatten their bodies, change color, used as spy dragons, and live in the mountains. I personally love raptortongues. I really hope they use this design for it.



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I love this so much! Are you going to make adoptables, can I use this, or is it just for you?






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-le gasp-

This is a really cool design! I love this dragon already :D