Raincutter(and the few others) Hero skin and the default color option.

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Hero skin is the skin that allow you to look similar to the default color of the dragons you saw in the movie/series or just the nicely rendering model SOD put on their promotional poster, lot of dragons doesn't really need it since you can just change the color to make the dragon look exactly like how the dragon should be. But you already know that some dragons like Whispering death, Thunderdrum and Gronckle for some reason can't make their color as bright as you would have like, or dragons like Stormcutter and Nadder that were suppose to have the fourth colors, hence the hero skin. 

A while back Scauldron get the war paint, which of cause, change the entire skin of the scauldron to the similar color of the scauldron we've seen in the show, plus the paintings. The customization alone is unable to get the color to look like that but thankfully SOD later release the hero skin of the scauldron, the one with the look of the show without the paints and we cheers. So what was I trying to say about this?

The Raincutter while wasn't as obvious, have this similar problem as well, I just recently notice when I create a new viking, got the Raincutter and I want her to look like the deafult purple witn blue dots one we saw on the promotional poster that while we can make it looks closely similar it still pretty different from  the one we saw with the war paint, the dots are more details and you can make the belly pink all while keeping the purple thin at the top. so obviously the war paint version is the skin with the paint on the more detail nice hero skin version we never got instead of the normal default color we can make through customization one. which mean. We still missing Raincutter hero skin.

(See the missing details of texture and the missing he of purple on her face? and I can't just change hair main skin color to purple either for her tummy's suppose to be pink as seen in the war paint skin)

And I do thinks there're more dragons with this problem as well, that they're in need for the hero skin they're suppose to have(although I can't find the solid prove because I neither own the dragon or the skin) like flightmare and rumblehorn? I wasn't so sure on the later though


Another suggestion I would like to make is the default color option on your dragon customization menu, the default color's probably the one we got in the very beginning when we don't change things, however sometime we like to experience things and before you know it, you've done goof and you don't know how to change the color back to how it's suppose to be. "Is the Prickleboggle Mint green or dark green!? It's look mint on the picture but when you change it on the customization the dark green look similar to the one we seen on the promo more" so yeah...I think reset to defult button is a must.


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A little bumb because I kinda

A little bumb because I kinda make this post during the spam so chances are it got lost in it(although it could be just that it's not a really related suggestion XD))

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I tthink the Flightmare

I tthink the Flightmare needs a hero skin to.


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