Racing Tips : Fact About Mystery Box at the Race Track

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Everyone know about Mystery Box at race track and some of you guys think how to get speed boots easily right?

Well, I'll reveal the secret about it in this tips.


Everyone heard the rumor that "Slower dragon had higher chance to get speed boots in Mystery Box" right?

But I think that rumor is quite untrue.


As far as my observation, all race track had 12 Mystery Box each and it's quite hard to predict what is in the box you get it.

I'll tell you by using math formula in my school ( If you don't get it, there's a meaning after the math code I write )


Everytime I race, 4:10 ( 4 of the 10 ) I race using all my main race dragon in my siggy ( It will revealed and updated the ? after I have the dragon I want it a.k.a don't have it ) always got speed boots but I don't really use it because I like play fair and square except they made me annoyed by using traps and boots againts me.


If you observe the box in race track, there's 12 box in each racing track and inside that is quite hard to predict right?

Well... the code is 4-4-2-2 and 4-3-3-2 inside every Mystery Boxes.


Meaning of those code is :


Code 1 :

There's 33,33% chance ( 4x chance ) you get Trap Box or Gas, and 16,67% chance ( 2x chance ) you get Shield or Speed Boots inside every boxes ( 4 Trap Box, 4 Gas, 2 Shield, and 2 Speed boots ).


Code 2 :

There's 33,33% chance ( 4x chance ) you get Trap box, 25% chance ( 3x chance ) you get Gas or Shield, and 16,67% chance you get Speed Boots inside every boxes ( 4 Trap Box, 3 Gas, 3 Shield, and 2 Speed Boots )


So the conclusion is the fact about rumor "Slower dragon had higher chance to get speed boots in Mystery Box" you heard is untrue.


I hope this tips is useful to you guys and I'll continuing reveal the secrets to you guys.

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Forget Something Important

So the conclusion is the fact about rumor "Slower dragon had higher chance to get speed boost in Mystery Box" is untrue.

No matter what kind of dragon you use, the percentage is all same for each dragon.

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I have never heard this rumor before. What I do know, is that people who are in 4-6th place have a higher chance at getting a speed boost than those who are in first place. :) 


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Quick Reply

Well... not quite true either Stinger23.

I always come first place each race and sometimes I got 1 or 2 speed boost just in 1 lap by picking 2 Mystery Box in different places using my Sand Wraith and Woolly Howl.

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So, you get the speed boosts when you were already in first place? If so, then SoD must have recently changed the likelyhood of people getting speed boosts no matter what placement they are in during the race. Because through my two years of racing, gaining 70,000+ trophies (to show how much I have raced) I have noticed that the chances of getting the speed boost is always higher when you are further behind in placement. I never get speed boosts when I am already in first place. 

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Well... the secret is picking the boxes in different places.

If you pick the box at the same places you get before, there's 100% chance you get same item before and sometimes the percentage changed if the other racer pick another box in different places at the same time.


If you don't get it what I mean, like this example :

If there's 3 racer pick 5 box in different places at 1 lap, there's 20% chance you get same item at the same place you picked before and sometimes different item you get depending what item the other racer get at the boxes they picked before.