Racing Rooms and MMO

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Joined: 12/18/2014

It's fun to race and all, but I can't say the same for when my friend and I have to enter TRR 500 times just to try to get in the same room
(FYI, we still couldn't make it and gave up in the end)

Thought it'd be cool if you could create your own racing rooms and invite your friends or clan members in. The host can choose what maps they want to race on, or randomize it so. 

The basic racing rules would still apply. 

This sounded like a good idea to compete between my friends. So instead of us solo-ing on separate rooms and comparing our time we can actually see each other and stuff.  Like a proper race, no?


Something else I thought of is more options towards MMO. right now we can either turn it on, or off. But sometimes I just want to chill with my friends or clan mates but turn on MMO and execute Intense Lag 101.  

So it'll be cool if you could do a little checklist on player visibility. One for friends, one for clan mates and one for everything else inbetween. 


Admins, maybe take this into consideration? It'll make playing SoD together with friends a lot more fun than just...running around and glitching out. 


I really like posting suggestions for this game.