Racing with Hero Dragons

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Yes. there should be an option in Thuder run to race with hero dragons. like "Vs Computer"

You can select which track you want, and click "Race", and your opponent will be one of the Hero dragons. 

in this way, you can improve your skills in racing. the rewards could be the same as in the single player.

if your dragon is a Zippleback, your opponent will be Barf and Belch

if your dragon is a Nightmare, your opponent will be Hookfang 

and so on :)

This method helps the new players and average racers to improve their skills in racing. 

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Yes yesyes yes yes yes will

Yes yesyes yes yes yes will help inncollecting trophies


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Great Idea!

That's an awesome idea! It'd be cool if we could choose which Hero Dragon we wanted to race against, though :3

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That's a great idea!


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First, I really support this

First, I really support this idea :)


Second, I want to add another suggestion here. While SoD is still a bit simple and difficult to implement a complex idea, I still want to take my chance with my suggestion here. In different MMO games, they have a feature to give out extra-special opponents/challenger during 'special events' or at random occasion or interval. For example, while you are a fighting your opponent, the game suddenly gives you a message, 'Here comes a new challenger' and a special character intervenes your fight and fight you. And this 'new challenger' is the computer itself.


For SoD, I'm thinking about when we wait at the waiting room, the room where the opponent you chose to race with is shown, one of the Hero Dragons suddenly enters the room and join the race. This could happen either at random times or during 'special events'.  What I mean by 'special event' here is like for example, the Snoggletog, Thawfest, next Clash of Clans and etc.

The ability and flying skill of the Hero Riders and Dragons  is equal except for Hiccup&Toothless. As Toothless is a Night Fury, Hiccup&Toothless speed and maneuver skill should be very fast and sharp. Consider them as the 'Hard Mode' in Thunder Run and all shortcut is closed XD

How to defeat them will be based on your own skill in maneuver, boost trick, speed rings and remembering the best path for short maneuver (other than the shortcut).

Defeating any of the Hero Dragons reward you with +20 or +30 trophies.

Still, ...I know this might be too complex :(


If you choose to go with Hatt's original idea, I still want the availability to race against all the Hero Dragons including Hiccup&Toothless regardless of what dragons you have. Why? 'Cause all the Hero Dragons are awesome and I want to have a chance to race with everyone of them :)









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Yeah, I like your idea. But

Yeah, I like your idea. But maybe like this could be easy to make. Like there should be three modes. Easy, medium and hard. In easy mode, your opponent will either meatlug or barf and belch. In medium mode, your opponent will either hookfang or storm fly. In hard mode, you will go against toothless. That way, you can able to get to race with all the dragons :) and the trophies could be +10 for easy mode. +15 for intermediate and +20 for hard mode. And the normal MMO racing should get an increasement in trophies. Maybe +20 for each race would be good :)

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I agree!

I agree with both your suggestions!


I'd be nice if we could actually fly hero dragons or play FF with them. But only single player, since some of them are too fast XD


Gret idea! and i like the idea of diffrent difficulties. 

And racing gives you too little trophies, its not worzh 20 enegy.



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Agreed :)

Agreed :)

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The awesomeness of these

The awesomeness of these ideas just made my head explode. WANT!!!


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Ya benar!


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Awesome idea!

I would love to race with hero dragons ^^


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