Race To The Edge Season 5 Mistakes

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I was rewatching RTTE Season 5 for about the 15th time, when I realised a few parts of the season that didn't quite make sense, here's what I saw:


1. Why didn't Viggo take the Dragon Eye in the first place?

As you know, Viggo did not hidein the volcano, but rather sustained permanent and painful burns to his face at the end of Season 4. He got the injuries when he reached out for the Dragon Eye when he had fell. What I don't understand is, although I am sure the burn from the lava would be unbelievable painful, why didn't he just get it afterwards? When he and a dragon hunter went down to retrieve it, the same thing happened, the lava shot up, but when the lava became still Viggo jumped and got it. Why didn't he get it in the first place? Perhaps he was in too much pain to think, but after the lava hit his face, it was still and he could have got it afterwards.

2. Fishlegs acting as Thor Bonecrusher?

During the Return of Thor Bonecrusher, Snotlout claps his hands and Fishlegs turns back to Fishlegs, but continues to act as Thor Bonecrusher to keep the hunters under the impression that he was still Thor, how is that possible? Going back to earlier in the episode, Fishlegs obviously had no knowledge of  Thor Bonecrusher whilst he was hypnotized, as he said to Snotlout that he had no idea who Thor was or how he was, which I would presume meant he had no memory of what he did as Thor. How would Fishlegs have been able to act and talk like Thor (behaviour and accent) if he had no idea how Thor was?

3. How did Oswald have pictures of Vannaheim in his diary?

Vannaheim is an island where very very few humans have ever visited, as it was the final resting place for many species of dragons. The fact that only the structures build by Oswald were the only man-made structures on the island proves that most likely no other humans ever visited Vannaheim. However, how did drawings of Vannaheim end up in Oswald's diary? Presuming that Oswald shipwrecked on Vannaheim, then walked around and drew the pictures, how did that diary end back up with the Beserkers. A theory I made was that Oswald first sailed near the island, and then saw the island, drew the pictures, then returned to Berserker Island with plans to go back. However, if that was the case, how come no one else knew? Going back to what Hiccup said about what Oswald built, he said it was made from wood salvaged from a Berseker Galleon. Definition of Galleon: "large, multi-decked sailing ships used as armed cargo carriers". This type of ship would have required a sizable crew, however, we never see any of them. Could be that they perished earlier and Oswald buried them somewhere on the island, however, a large ship with a crew and the Chief of the Berserker tribe leaving for an island full of dragons (which was the enemy of the Berserkers at the time) would have been pretty big news, the Berserkers must have known about this leave, as Vannaheim is an island that must be far away from human civilisation (otherwise more humans would have found the island), if their Chief had left for a big adventure and never returned, why would they believe that Dagur killed Oswald, when most Berserkers would have known Oswald had left. Furthermore, if we followed the theory that Oswald had seen the island before, why wouldn't he had brung his diary with him on his second and last trip to Vannaheim, if he had brought it with him on the first trip, it would have made sense for him to bring it on the second, where he would be able to discover more about the island. Furthermore, there was a picture of a Sentinel dragon with its mouth open, usually when they are in 'statue-form', their mouths are closed, they would only be open if someone tried to leave the island as they move to keep them in, meaning to see a Sentinel with its mouth open, Oswald would have had to been able to get on the island, seen them come out of 'statue-form', then escape somehow without being injured by the Sentinels.

4. Heather/Dagur?

One thing that I'm confused about is how Dagur never recognised Heather when she tried to kill him, however, Oswald referenced him and Heather in his writings. What I don't understand is how he tells Dagur he hopes he looks after her from the dark parts of the Archipelago, however, Heather has always told everyone how she was taken from her birth family at a very young age. She even says that Dagur set her adrift as a child, and that she can only remember very small memories as a baby. Therefore, Oswald must have known Heather was not around, he talks about Heather as if when he left, she was still with Dagur, perhaps after Oswald went missing, Dagur set Heather adrift, which would mean Oswald would have had to gone missing when Heather was still a baby. This doesn't make sense either, as when Hiccup was a teenager in Riders of Berk, it was clear he had met Oswald before for the annual signing of the Berk/Berserker peace treaty, which would have meant Oswald only went missing during that year, as he was present for the previous signings, and Heather and Hiccup are of similar ages, meaning that Oswald went missing during Heather's teenage years, therefore he should have known about the fact that she was not around and went missing as a baby, so why would he talk to Dagur in his final messages as if Heather was still around. Presuming that he had thought Heather went missing/worse as a baby (if he had known Dagur did it, I doubt he would have let Dagur around as much as he did). In addition, how did Heather know her name was Heather? The only theory I see here is that Dagur wrote her name on whatever he had put her in, although I doubt he would have spent the time to do that.


These are just somethings that I realised, if you guys have something to explain why, that would be awesome, but these were just somethings that I noticed.


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The Heather/Dagur thing could

The Heather/Dagur thing could be explained with the same logic as when Valka was taken. She (Heather) was very young and curious, and maybe a dragon didn't see the point of leaving a child who meant them no harm in a nest full of humans who DID intend to harm or keel them. Perhaps that dragon was killed as it flew past another island and the people who raised her found her and didn't know she had living relatives? This is all theoretical and a guess, but thinking about it would make sense.

Maybe Oswald dreamed that one day Heather would return to his family and gave Dagur the task of finding her and bringing her home?


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Sounds right

Yeah, that's what I thought too.

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Fishlegs acting as Thor Bonecrusher answer.

So if I remember correctly, before being hypnotized, he asked Snotlout to tell him what he/Thor was like. He was entranced, listening to the tale. Except for Thor not liking Meatlug, and being too brave, and something else I can't remember. So when he woke from the trance, he knew how to behave by thinking of Snotlout's story.

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Fishlegs acting as Thor

meganobr wrote:
So if I remember correctly, before being hypnotized, he asked Snotlout to tell him what he/Thor was like. He was entranced, listening to the tale. Except for Thor not liking Meatlug, and being too brave, and something else I can't remember. So when he woke from the trance, he knew how to behave by thinking of Snotlout's story.

That sounds about right, apart from the accent, although I guess that could have been implied whilst Thor spoke during Snotlout's explanation.