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So uh here's... a little quiz thing


What's your eye hair comination?

What would you like it to be?

What's you're best art piece?

What would you say is your favourite physical aspect of yourself?

What's your favourite mental aspect of yourself?


This is slightly weird. But hopefulllly ti will help you know yourself better.






$amara $iddiq


Thats me

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Aloha Lola

· It's... boring. I really don't like it hahahahhaha. 

· Slightly lighter eyes? So it does look like I do have retinas for a change? 

· Art can be music, right? If so, then my two original songs are my favorite art pieces. (Especially the most recent one; here's to me praying I can release them to the public soon!)

· I really don't know, lol. I guess, my nose? 

· My ability to be empathic to others whilst still being objective. I've heard I can give good advice every now and then. I think it's the thing I'm most proud of myself. 



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1. Like Emerald, I have the most boring combination of hair-to-eye colour. Mine is brown and brown. 

2. If I could choose I would have brown hair and blue eyes. If we are allowed to be unrealistic about it, then I would want brown hair and purple eyes. 

3. Uhh, my favourite art piece... hmm. No idea. 

4. My hair, probably. Or the fact that I have muscles lol.

5. I am pretty good at coming up with a good story, I guess. 


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Ztronk Wolf

Boring looks, but great personalities, right? :D

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I Suppose I Could Give Dis A Go

What's your eye hair comination?

Brown and blue- but it looks utterly different in certain lights.

What would you like it to be?

Blonde hair and green eyes.

What's you're best art piece?

I can't draw- but here is my best and only art piece

The scribbles are there because I got frustrated and decided to attack my paper

(This is a joke by the way)

What would you say is your favourite physical aspect of yourself?

My hair (?)

What's your favourite mental aspect of yourself?

Probably the fact that I have a huge stash of comebacks stored in my brain for almost every insult- I just don't use them much because consequences unfortunately exist.






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Just stop reading this and look through whatever thread this is.

ugh, just frikking stop

Sheesh- I'll just leave you be. You're wasting your time.

See? Told you

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What's your eye hair

What's your eye hair comination? Mine is perfect. A perfect combo of blue and blonde.

What would you like it to be? I love mine just how it is.

What's you're best art piece? Does wood count as art? If so, my beautiful sword I hand carved is probably my best.

What would you say is your favourite physical aspect of yourself? My perfect eye/hair combo.

What's your favourite mental aspect of yourself? My ability to use telekinesis. XD JK Probably my ability to understand what my brother is thinking.

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*Jazz hands*
What's your eye hair combination?
I have blonde hair and green eyes
What would you like it to be?
I love them so much! I would never change them, or any part of myself!
What's you're best art piece?
A drawing of my hand I did. But I also write piano peices and I'm really pleased with my latest one.
What would you say is your favourite physical aspect of yourself?
I love my height! Also my eyes! Only 2% of the population has green eyes and it makes me feel special XD But I actually love almost every part of myself.
What's your favourite mental aspect of yourself?
My empathy, and loyalty.
I'm gonna be that person who says it:
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*Gets Squished By Pen*

What's your eye hair comination?

Brown, and brown.

What would you like it to be?

I actually kinda like my combo, but I would like to say green eyes.

What's your best art piece?

(fixed the grammar there) There's a bunch I like, i can't really decide for the moment.

What would you say is your favourite physical aspect of yourself?

Uhh, the way my hair weirdly bends and curls at odd angles?

What's your favourite mental aspect of yourself?


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