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Lady Arthin
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I'm wondering, since my friend told me she cannot equip her starter sand wraith, is it a glitch that she needs membership to use it? She can use her nadder just fine, but she cannot use her sand wraith, as I said. So, to the point, is this intentional, or a glitch?


...alas, that will never be the case now.



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I'm just going to throw some art here I did.


Anshine and Stratosfear from the game Adventure Forward.





Bellintra, my Adventure Forward OC. She's rude and sassy, I suppose.



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Lady Arthin
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Its a glitch. Try sending a support ticket throught the banner on the site that says: Contact Customer Service.


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I had this problem with Loki (Dreadstrider) that he was a member of the membership, but it was enough for me to reinstall the game and it was fine if it wouldn't work, so just submit a ticket to support SoD.

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I had that glitch once. It locked all of my expansion dragons and my original shockjaw. It was fixed when I closed and reopened the game, but if that doesn't work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. If all else fails, contact customer support.



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