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More than 1 month ago, I did the quest "For My Son, Hiccup". I then saw that I had 2 new quests available: "Mystery of the Purloined Boot" and "Fill the World With Flowers", but decided to leave them for the next day. 

The next day I logged in to the game, and those quests were gone. I reopened the game once and again, I tried to complete other quests too, but I still haven't had those quest back.

I checked with Valka again, but she doesn't offered me "For My Son, Hiccup" again. I checked my book, but I have no pending quests. 


Computer: PC

Operating system: Windows 10

Platform: Downloaded game


Additional information:

I also play on the Android app for mobile, and those quests aren't there too. I was using the Desktop version when this bug first appeared.

When this bug appeared, I had the "Sentry point" glitch going on, meaning I couldn't reach Sentry station to complete that quest. and I noticed that often, the "enjoy sentry station" instruction will appear while I was doing other quests (including "For My Son, Hiccup"), even if I didn't switched between quests in my book.

Also, when I finished the "For My Son, Hiccup" quest, I think I didn't see the reward pop up window. However the new quests were unlocked so I thought that I received it anyway.

After the Sentry station was introduced to the game, I could finish the sentry point quest, but those missing quests did not appeared, so I don't know if it's related.



"For My Son, Hiccup 



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Hello man yes me to all my

Hello man yes me to all my quest dissapeared I Was  doing the quest With the gronck (I need to catch 2 angler fish)  And i have some quest to do with hiccup so i relog the next day But i have no more quest and it happen for 4 weeks but i have still no quest

Please help


Hello my name is Ghosty I Have a channel I Play many games I do  play Fornite