Quests Disabled

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Alright. Bit complicated. So SOMEHOW, my Deadly Nadder didn't work properly, so i looked up a fix. The fix was to delete a game file: Assemly-CSharp.dll, and replace it with a slightly different copy. The file got my dragons back, but it also seems to have disabled quests. The quest works as normal until you complete the first step, or 'objective." After that, the game is stuck in the space between objective 1 and objective 2. NPC characters will ot notice if you bring another character/item to them, and if they are supposed to "speak" with a chat-box, it will not show up, and you wll be looking at a character talking for no apparent reason, with no textbox. Help?


Copy of Assembly-CSharp.dll/Problem file Download:!ubpkAKzA!L1FyLx9xk0QWX3gaXPuEfOgivEOoR1u6WUGWMQx6UF4


Note: This may have something to do with the litch, but the Light Fury or Toothess are baccck. I don't know if the maker of the file intended this to happen as a bonus or not.