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Hi guys. I realize this may or may not be the best place for this, it's honestly hard to tell. but, I've been trying to play Cartoon Network's Dragons game Wild Skies, and for me, the not saving issue is incredibly annoying as every time I try again, I have to go through the tutorial before I can decrease the graphics quality and make the game actually playable and not so laggy. So I've sorta begun my own "Quest" as we might put it to find out why some people can save the game and others, like me, can't, and see if I can fix it somehow. I guess I'm not sure what to ask, other than a couple specifications...



IF you can save the game successfully...


What browser are you using to play it?

Is your computer/internet of a very high speed?

Are you playing it on the Cartoon Network website or have you found some other way?

Is your browser set to accept cookies from websites?


Sorry if this is somehow annoying or seems stupid to be so concerned about, but I'm a very thorough person and I really want to be able to play this game without having to restart each time, so I want to try to fix the issue before giving up on it. I'm also hoping to help all the others who can't save the game with whatever I find out.




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Snallygaster is a Monstrous Nightmare whome Atruna met when they were both very young, he too was an orphan, found lost in the forests of the mountain. since then, Atruna has become his best friend in the entire world. He is completely pure pitch black, and so in the night, he is able to blend into the darkness like a Night Fury as he and his rider practice and perfect their many extreme moves, their favorites being the ones done while on fire, making a big show of themselves in the night, he enjoys showing off his flame burst ability. (Even when it's uncalled for.) highly obedient to his rider yet a wildcard with anyone else, other riders will be thrown off or taken for a ride like they've never seen before. He enjoys pulling pranks as much as his rider and her inner circle, sometimes without any help. He gets along quite well with other dragons. he is an impressively fast and agile Nightmare in the air, miraculously able to keep up with Toothless (but not beat him.) and when on the ground, he can occasionally seem lazy, often plopping down by Atruna and taking a nap when her attention is not on him, or whenever there is no mischeif to be instigated.

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Don't worry

Dont worry it happens to me all the time
First you need a cartoon network account which is free
You can chose a random name but not your name
Needs email and password that's how it's saves your
game status
BTW I have all dragons on wild skies


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Does not work to me :'(

I created an account on cartoon network and played wild skies for a few hours. I tamed the deadly nadder, the Gronckle, the Scauldron, the Thunderdrum, the Typhoomerang and the Zippleback. But when I tried to log in again (with my account) my badges were still there, but my score was deleted... Do you know, what I have made wrong?


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I can't seem to get past the

I can't seem to get past the tutorial without my laptop overheating and crashing and now I'm literally stuck with alot of mutton and no Nadder... but I got to fly Toothless three times compliments of my laptop constantly turning itself off...



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Try going into the options and turning the graphic settings to low


Hope it helped!


It seems like a big game as it is


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Can't Log In

So I'm playing the game here on the Dreamworks site, and despite having an account I can't log in. Any help?



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