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 As you can see these weapons look the same but are named differently. Does this mean I have 2 of the same weapon or do they all count as different ones?



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They're all different! Technically.

They're all different! Technically.

They all have different elements, like the different types of enemies. "Volatile" is gas, "Frozen" is ice, and I'm assuming "Sharp" is, well, sharp (like the deadly nadder, or some enemies) since I don't actually have a weapon of that type yet.

I don't know what third skill the sharp weapon will give you, but I believe the volatile and frozen weapons give you healing. Every type I've run into gives you healing, except for crushing (rock) which gives you a damage boost skill like Astrid's.


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Ah ok. Thank you ^^ 

Ah ok. Thank you ^^ 

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The names are different so how are they the same? Check out the stats on them.


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