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Yes, it's Five Nights at Freddy's. Got a problem with that, friend?

I just wanna share my nonsense. Now, enjoy! This is an edit/rewrite. Original in my Wattpad account, @FlurryWhip.




That day was Christopher Samuel Afton's -- or Chris Afton's for short-- eleventh birthday.


Oh, yay, he thought in despair.


Because he knew his birthday would be a horrible one thanks to his brother Michael and his nasty bully friends; Mark, Wilson, and Carl.


And he wasn't wrong about that.




He stood alone in the middle of the crowd in his father's famous restaurant, Fredbear's Family Diner, hugging his favorite plushie, Fredbear himself tight for comfort.


Such loud noises.


He wished he could just go home right then and there.


Chris was a small boy with tidy short-ish brunette auburn hair like the rest of his family, who was wearing a light gray striped black T-shirt with dark blue shorts and simple brown shoes. His blue eyes were wide, fearful, and shy, clearly showing that he wasn't the social boy.


He was watching his father, William Vincent Afton, helping his employees in putting up banners reading "HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY, CHRIS!!!" on the ceiling and tying up balloons for his son's birthday party. Thanks so much, Dad, Chris thought gloomily, but I wished we'd have the party at home.


He glanced at the two animatronic robots his father made, Fredbear and Spring Bonnie, singing onstage, far away from him. He never liked the robots since he 


And then his heart skipped a beat when he heard a horribly familiar voice.


"Hey, loser!" called out a jeering voice from within the crowd.


His brother Michael and his friends were walking up to him, wearing their favorite masks just to scare him: Michael was wearing a Foxy mask, Mark was wearing a Freddy one, Bonnie was being used by Wilson, and Carl was wearing a Chica mask (despite being a boy.)


Chris backed away in fear as the bullies approached him.


Laughing, Michael grabbed Chris's shirt-front, before slapping his back hard enough for Chris to cough multiple times. "Happy birthday!"


Michael was a thirteen year-old boy with hair as dark brown as his father's, stuck up in many different angles. His eyes were brown, unlike Chris's, and he was wearing a sleeveless plain gray shirt with black trousers. To Chris, his brother was meaner than a snakebite--or a snake in a bad mood.


"Has the ickle baby Chwis tuwned eweven now, den?" mocked Carl with a baby voice, which made his mean friends laugh uproariously at this.


Under construction. pls no judge ;-;


Hello! My name is Ashley and I am a SoD player for at least six months. I’m quite experienced in the School of Dragons gameplay and am quite fond of the community, and I enjoy my time playing in SoD. 


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- How to Train Your Dragon (both books and movies, but c'mon, SUPPORT THE BOOKS MORE!)

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Why do I follow these fandoms, you ask?

Let me explain.

- How to Train Your Dragon (BOOK RANT!)

    Simply because it's epic in every way. I'm talking about the books, mind, y'all know much about the movies already, give the books a chance.

    The story is awesome, and OH I can't explain how awesome it is! *SPOILER* How Hiccup became King from being a runt in the Hooligan Tribe is epic. His friends Fishlegs and Camicazi, his dragon Toothless, all the characters are just amazing. (The Witch and Alvin may burn in censored, I don't care about them >:3)

    Fishlegs look way better, he has sarcasm, and he's not a massive fatty like in the movies. No, he's a skinny little prawn like Hiccup and he's sooo lovable OwO

    Camicazi was replaced by Astrid *, and to me Camicazi is a better girl character than Astrid, since Astrid always RAGES and always a "pew". Camicazi is just hilarious and she always makes me laugh, and her insults that makes her opponent rage just adds the fun. Plus, she's smaller than Hiccup, like when Hiccup is 13, she's 11, but she's slightly better than Hiccup in swordfighting. I ship her so badly with Hiccup!


- Five Nights at Freddy's

    Once I thought that FNaF is just a silly jumpscare game, but when I started watching Markiplier's videos I realized that FNaF has an amazing storyline! The lore is massively interesting, and I'm still digging in it (Purple Guy's family and stories is really complicated, I keep getting lost lmao). The music made by TLT and the fans are all great! (especially by DAGames ahahahaha [fangirls])

    The gameplay itself is excitingly terrifying, the jumpscares always gets me and the animatronics are all great in all shapes and sizes. Even Nightmare Fredbear and Nightmare (who has too much sharp teeth lmao).

    To me, what's better is that this leads me from being OMG to OK with gore and blood (since the fans always makes those Purple Guy's Death animations or the murder of the five children and such, sooo I got to get used to it lol). Sometimes you can't fully like FNaF without being OK with gore!

    FYI, my favorite animatronic is Springtrap :3

    My favorite human character(s) are: The Crying Child (FNaF 4), Phone Guy, Purple Guy (William Afton)


- The Wizards of Once

    This new series by Cressida Cowell made me do fanarts when nobody else had! The story about the magic world really is a page-turner, and I'm craving for more. It had only started on the first book, and the next book is said to be out on September 2018 so yeah.

    Not much to say here since the story had just started so I'm going to talk about my favorite character.


    Wish really is an awesome, innocent character who sometimes got into trouble. She is from the Warrior Tribe, the Tribe without magic, but suddenly she has this RARE powerful magic-eye in her right eye!

    I don't have the book yet (I listened to the audiobooks instead) so I don't exactly know what to say about them right now :3


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The Case For the Razorwhip: A long forgotten story. A story where Hiccup and the Dragon Riders try to rescue a kidnapped Razorwhip fledgling.

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Wispy the Flightmare

Dew's first ever dragon. Found after she registered for the School of Dragons.

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*Continuation since I need to sleep soon, please stay tuned*

“Leave me alone!” Chris exclaimed, rubbing his back painfully. 


“Oh look, he’s whining!” Wilson cackled cruelly, making Chris feel like he wanted to run away and cry in embarrassment, but he knew he shouldn’t do that or else the bullying would get worse...


Instead, he swiftly wiped away his incoming tears and said, “Stop.”


They still ignored him, however, and Wilson finally scoffed, “Your brother’s kind of a baby, isn’t he?”


”I know, right?” Michael laughed, and those words stung Chris’s heart like a whip upon hearing it. 


I know he loves me... but he won’t show it...


“Hey guys, why don’t we help him get a closer look? He’ll love it!” he suggested cheerfully, and Chris immediately knew what he was talking about. 


“Wait, no! Please!” he shrieked, stumbling backwards as the bullies nodded in excited agreement. 

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*cue record scratch*

I’m sorry guys! Looks like I wasn’t paying attention when I first posted this fanfic. It’s supposed to be in the “All Things Not School of Dragons” section. Apologies. 


I’ll be moving this soon, but at the moment I’m far away from my computer (it’s upstairs) and I have school soon. So yeah. Again, I’m sorry! Plz don’t ban me cuz that was an accident :(


See ya!