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Dear Admins,
   I suggest to add in game the change of the day and night. And the weather. I think this is more interesting for the gamers that saddles, skins, clothes and things of the decor in your house on te Dragon Edge. Yeah, I know, that's very hard, and take a lot of time, but this is cool.  But saddles and skins are help in the race and you can use them as beauty your dragon.  The weather and the change of the day is SOOOOOOOOO much better!!!
  I hope you will read this)))

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For a day and night cycle, a TON in the game would have to be changed. New codes would have to be implemented, old ones would have to be trashed. Unfortunately for SoD, I don't think it's possible for it to function in such ways, due to the platform it runs on. Though it would be awesome. Hey, ya never know though, one day we might all be surprised. ;3 


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What I would really like

What I would really like along the subject of a day/night cycle is for the game to use your computer clock to match the skybox texture and the lighting to your time. So even though everyone won't have the same skybox at once, it would still impliment that lil feature.



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Day/night cycles wouldn't be too difficult to implement. It's just a differnt skybox and some shader swaps, among a few other small things. The cycles would most likely be based on the local time of wherever the server is located. I think it'd be a cool addition, but I'd prefer to see existing features fixed (haah, of course)


Though a night cycle in SoD would be a bit odd. I understand NPCs being out and about in most MMOs, but it'd be weird to see the folks of Berk doing their things in the middle of the night.


Weather would be real cool too, but possibly a bit heavy for a lot of devices.



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And in come the game experts. ^ 

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Don't worry too much, you've

Don't worry too much, you've officially seen the full extent of my game creation knowledge.



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You know more than me, if it

You know more than me, if it wasn't obvious already. 

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like im pretty sure this is

like im pretty sure this is the 1000000000000000000 time that someone has said they wanted it yeah i agree with yall XD and if yall wanna see more ideas just copy and past the link in my bio thingy


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