Proof That Dragons DO Exist and Will Exist!

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Ok I found this on youtube the other day it was on  a TV channel  and I am soooooooooooooooooooo exited I hope this all to be true! this video also has a viewing of the How To Train Your Dragon Live spectacular! you get to see how the dragons work in the show... Also I know the video's a little long but watch the whole thing, especialy at about 32 minutes of 40 like I said its long but watch the whole thing! enjoy!



I thought it was realy interesting when they talked about the chicken egg and how they were turning off the chicken genes and turning on the dragon genes! Awesome!


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I've seen this video before,

I've seen this video before, and as far as I remember, they were trying to create dinosaurs, not dragons. Also, there's no such thing as "turning on the dragon genes" because chickens don't HAVE dragons genes. The scientists were just manipulating the chicken in the embryo as if formed- they weren't modifying it genetically at all.


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thanks for smashing my biggest hopes and dreams.

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Hey, I'm not saying creating

Hey, I'm not saying creating chicken-dinosaur things won't lead to dragons, but it'll be years before they'd be able to manage the former, let alone the latter. Keep hoping! Maybe we'll see dragon someday. ;)

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kelcyk, they said there

kelcyk, they said there hasn't been any evidance for dragons been found.

Then again.

No one found evidence that they DIDN'T exist!

After all, we got 6 legged salamanders.

Two headed snakes.


And Dinosaurs were a thing too! Even flying Dinosaurs! Which are just flying reptiles after all-


No evidence for both sides = both sides could be right.


We don't know what sience will discover within the years. The Okapi? Everyone thought it was a fake, and now we can see it in the zoos! The Platypus? When first shown a photo of it scientists thought it was fake, just a puzzle made out of different animals. And now we all know exactly how it looks like, how it lives and where it is to be found!

So don't give up anything. As I said: There are no evidence for and against the existence of our beloved creatures. There also is no evidence for god, and many people believe in god/s.

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And dragons have worked their

And dragons have worked their way into the legends of almost every culture. There are legends of them on every continent except Antarctica. I personally believe that is proof that they existed at one time other people will disagree, but they have their opinion and I have mine. Its all up to you as to whether or not you believe that dragons existed. :)


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Sorry for sounding rude but, maybe the dragons were legends around the world because maybe DINOSAURS could have been there instead. (you guys: HAHA WAT R U FIVE!??!?!? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA XD ROFL) XD sorry if it sounds crazy, but if you think about it, it could ppossibly be the reason. im sure those were started a long time ago so maybe there were a little bit of dinosaurs left to fuel those legends. another more making sense reason (XD) is they were caused by pterodactyl skeletons being found and to be thoguht of being a large, winged creature that which got crazy over-explained and they turned into the legends that we know of. or it could just have been imagination XD idk these are just some ideas that i have thought of how this would happen. and i dont want to be a party-pooper (XD) buuuuuuuut, thats how i think they are in da legends :3


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Ha! Got ya >:D

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this is just a reminder that i still hope dragons are real or will be created! like i said in my last comment i just was trying to say something that grabbed my attention when looking through stuff. i am not one of those ppl who are like: BLAH!! IDC IF UR DREAMS R RUINED IT WAS STPID TWO HOPE FUR DRAGGONZ TO EXXSIST ANYWAYZ CAUS UR LIKEKS FIVE R SOMETHIN TO BELEVEIEVE THATS DWAGONZX EXIST XD ROFL HAHA BLAH!!! >:(

XD thats my typical mean person typing :P

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I think they are real!






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okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay *-* (plz dont hurt meh ;-; )

(btw love warriors as well X3)

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I don't think there will ever

I don't think there will ever be flying reptiles that can also breathe fire. With evelution itself, we'd have to create our own somehow.


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Aye good video XD

I watch it, and just to let ya know there is asian dragon that are true that they beileve in more than thousand years ago , and it gives them wish ( depends). My mom told me that means it is good luck for hope, and I  really came from China, and I go to the place where I see the dragon picture that is snake like. 


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Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real

If you have the time, watch this. It has loads of speculative things about dragons. And I really hope that a scientitist would figure out what dragon DNA would look like!

Edit: It's a tiny bit mature, so be prepared for a dragon corpse, and several in deph dragon battles.

More edit: There are also several human corpses, but they are 15th century and frozen not crawling with maggots or anything.








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Errr.... you do realise it is

Errr.... you do realise it is face right? I have done a six month study on evolution (Wow... That sounds like i'm adult...) and, yes they are able to make the so called "Emosaurus" or the "Chickenaurus" or how ever they want to make them. But this "Documantery" is fake. This is proven out of a few things.


First: In the beginning the commentator said: "This is the narural history, of a creature that never existed" rewind it if you don't believe me.


Second: Simple choice: Google it. Evrywhere you look, it says: This is not real


Third: If you still do not believe me, i would suggest going to the London Museum of Natural Sciences, and ask it yourselfe.


For those who have questions aout my study, i will give a small expanation. I am a 16 year old 135 IQ ritch guy, that is always looking for more. That leaded me to, now, six private studies, eatch at a minimum of 2 months. For now, i have studied the history of China (2 months, 'cause i found it rather boring, sorry for the chinese players out there, no offence) Archeology (4 months, really intresting) Evolution (6 months) Biology (8 months, my favorite subject) Astronomy (6 months) and last but not least: the Anatomy of the human body (Still buisy it, for just 1 month now)


Ill put a little time table to clear out my planning:



Month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Year one


    Chi. His. Chi. His.& Evolution Evo. Evo. Nothing XD Evo. Evo. Evo. Bio Bio Bio

Year two


Bio Bio Bio Bio Bio Astr. Bio Astr. Astr. Astr. Astr. Astr. Nothing XD Arch.

 Woops, forgot 2014 XD

Month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Year three(2014) Arch Arch Ach   Ana.            



 m not sure what to do next.


Wel, that is it for the studies, still have questions, just ask me XD




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I know that!

I know that the Animal Planet documentary is fake (It's a speculative documentary!) I posted it becuase it went well with the topic and because they basically deconstructed what a dragon would need to do for it to exist and have a the qualities that make it a dragon (Flying, firebreathing, etc.) and who knows, maybe someday someone will find the body of a dragon!

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I'm actually kind of curious

I'm actually kind of curious about where people get their IQs -- ah man this is off topic, but I'm actually really curious about mine. 


Meanwhile ... well, yeah, I don't really think dragons are possible based on what I think when I think about dragons, but if you're not particularly picky and will just settle with "large flying reptile" then that is pretty plausible. I don't think HTTYD dragons could ever really be real, due to various questions of anatomy, etc. and the whole fire-breathing thing, but it's pretty interesting to think about. 

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It it indeed! To get back on

It it indeed!


To get back on the topic, I still wonder, How do they link  a defence meganisme of the bombardier beetle to the appearent firebreating dragon...

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That's actually a pretty

That's actually a pretty interesting idea -- scalding hot acid chemicals instead of fire. You'd probably need to manipulate the location and size of the chambers, and it would likely get too crowded up in the mouth area, so maybe it could have a large pouch protruding from somewhere around their jaw. Given that the stuff explodes out in sharp blasts, I don't know if it could produce the novel billowing appearance of fictional dragons' from deep down in the throat, and to even project out of the mouth it would probably have to be very close to the outside edge or be ejected with great force.  

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Icee Glacier
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(XD this is a joke)

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Maybe they existed...nobody knows XD


If you think about it...

Dragons are flying reptiles

Dinosaurs are reptiles

Pterodactyls were flying Dinosaurs

Pterodactyls were dragons



Sorry I'm just tired, i have no idea what I'm saying. Don't judge me XD




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It may be true that dragons were real,but let's take a look in human history in interaction with mithycal beasts.Ciclopes-were actually mammoth bones.It may be possible that they have found dinosaur and pterosaur bones close together and interpretate them like dragons. But in the future we will have dragons. Let me explain this concept. I n every(absolutly) organism exist a protein called TPRM. This protein doesn't let species copulate between them.(Can't make babys). The scientests have found a way to eradicate this protein(and made the anti-bulet skin). If they would use this tehnology , they would create a dragon by useing a bat(for wings),a croc(for skin),a hawk(for wing muscels),a bug(for the fire glands)(this bug speets fire from behind but with sciens evolving now they could find a way to change the position of this gland)and a dog or a cat for the brain(just to be safe). So what do you think about this?

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Uhhh I think you've been

Uhhh I think you've been reading too much scifi. 

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Icee Glacier
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2 things

Two things:

I'm seeing that everyone is calling the Pterosaurs "Dinosaurs", that is wrong. You see Pterosaurs aren't considerate dinosaurs;  the term "dinosaur" is restricted to just those reptiles descended from the last common ancestor of the groups Saurischia and Ornithischia (clade Dinosauria, which includes birds), and current scientific consensus is that this group excludes the pterosaurs, as well as the various groups of extinct marine reptiles, such as ichthyosaurs, plesiosaurs and mosasaurs.

Having that said, a agree with many people of this forum that dragons can be created genetically; having existed not so much (all though I hope I'm wrong), since most of our knowledge points otherwise. But genetically... now that's something entirely different, although we don't have the technology, yet.  But many scientist believe that in a couple of decades we will be able to manipulate DNA to the point that parents will be able to choose what their child will look like (their eye color for ex.).

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Yay, another dino enthusiest!

Evolution can do some pretty crazy things. (Humans are an example of such crazy things) It's possible for a certain animal to evole, over millions of years, into something that is dragon-like. I watched a documentary one time where they said that octopi are the animal that is most likely to form a civilized society if humans were to disapear. Yet another example of crazy!

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I agree with you and there

I agree with you and there have been animals that have evolved some dragons features. The Deadly Nadder for example is very similar to a Theropod dinosaur.

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i watched before

i watched before, when i was looking for some dragon stuff.i hope dragons can be made by scinentists,then we can fly on them to school!


So that's Celunid... she's a night fury, she doesn't do much (for now?)

But she likes hanging out here in the siggy with you so I'll let her be


I'm honestly here just to float around and 'spectate' from now on


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Idk what i did


Outdateds. Good but I wanna redraw them.

I don't have much to post here so here are some cool pics when I was still playing the game




Adiós mis amigos