Problem with Thunder Run Racing

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This is happening too many times now. Whenever I am in a race with someone and were pretty much racing at the exact same speed where our dragons are basicaly right on top of another, i get stopped. That's right, my dragon completly stops and i have to gain exceleration again. This has happened for AT LEAST half of the TRR races I get into. It can happen anytime, anywhere, and on any track. And then if that's not bad enough, hear this. This happens randomly as well; if i have another racer either on top of me, or right behind me, my dragon will just slow down like it has gotten hit with a gas trap.Hey im not seeing things, I have 18,000 trophies( all earned by racing in TRR); I have been racing long enough to know something is wrong. Plz help admins!!




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That is a trr bug that been around for a long time.  It is when both dragons comes together at the same spot at the same time.     We call this problem "bumping".   


The problem is the servers does not know what to do when this happens.   It allows one racer to keep going and the other stops.  Many times the other racer who continues on is not even aware that he/she came in contact with another racer.   Someday admin will find and fix this issue in the programming.  


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Yeah this happens to me a lot to.




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Security breach!

Half the time, I'm racing my wholly howl because any other racing dragon (such as night fury or sand wraith) that can keep up with everyone will likely be bumped. Hopefully, glitch gets fixed.



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