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Heya guys! I’m trying to be Viking of the week once :p


Here’s my information 


Viking Name: IIPowerBTSII

Viking Profile: https://ibb.co/jBKM30 (here’s the link for my profile, as I can’t post pics)

In-game hobbies: Racing and exploring islands

Real-life hobbies: Reading books, drawing and watching movies

Viking Title: Dragon Champion

UDT Points: 400000 (full)

Clan: Immortal Midnight Racers (IMR)

My Position in clan: Leader

Trophies: 8040+ 

                                                       My Dragons :)

Skullcrusher (rumblehorn)

Emarld (rumblehorn)

Sleuther (triple stryke)

Buddy (triple stryke)

Fire (flame whipper)

Leash (singetail)

Belch (eruptodon)

Hookfang (typhoomerang)

Hooky (armorwing)

Strill (sentinel)

Barf and Belch (hideous zippleback)

Inferno (groncicle)

Firejet (monstrous nightmare)

Snowflake (silver phantom)

Rainslasher (raincutter)

Scauldy (scauldron)

Blizzard (woolly howl) Titan

Hailstorm (woolly howl)

Remix (woolly howl)

Frostbite (screaming death)

Fire (fireworm queen)

Bolt (skrill) Titan

Flash (sand wraith) Titan

Lumos (sand wraith) Titan

Turbo (speed stinger) Titan

Whisper (whispering death)

Serpensortia (whispering death)

CrystalSnow (flightmare) Titan

Buckbeak (stormcutter)

Tsunami (stormcutter)

Hermione Granger (changewing)

Petrificus Totalus (hobblegrunt)

Nox (razorwhip)

SnowStorm (shivertooth)

Heat (hotburple)

Swampy (mudraker)

CrystalFury (snow wraith) Titan

Firebolt (scuttleclaw)

Honeydukes (sweet death)


More Dragons and Titans coming soon…


With my amazing toothless, I love to race in Trr, from which I don’t only earn trophies, but joy. My hobbies in the game are racing and exploring, and in real life, they are reading, drawing, and watching movies, as mentioned above. I have many dragons right now, but I won’t ever stop raising, and training these amazing creatures. Every dragon, no matter what the speed, use, look, etc is, has a right to grow. After all, they all are dragons! My main dragon is my titan sand wraith (flash) and toothy. I love them, and race with them. I like to explore islands with flash, and race with toothy. My motto is, I won’t stop raisin’ and trainin’ dragons, no matter what. Not because I wanna use them, but because I love them! And, hopefully, I will be the Viking of the week once! :)







 Welcome to my signature, everyone!


(Profile Pic Credit to Embalathedragonhacher! Thanks!)




Something about my Viking:


Name: IIPowerBTSII

Clan: Sanctum Of Dragontide (Currently in Eternal Angels, DFKR Tour clan)

Position in Clan: Elder (In Dragontide)

Trophy Count: 12K+

UDT Points & Stars: 400,000 (full UDT P, Big points), Big Platinum Star

Friend Code: FKVS1Y

No.of Dragons: 50+

In-game hobbies: Racing, exploring new islands, talking with friends


You'll mostly find me in training grounds, around the battle rock, with my Black and Purple coloured Titan Sand Wraith, Flash, with his red warpaint, flying around.    




  Member of the Resistance Hacker Hunting Forum Clan!!





(The first two pics show my old self)^^






                                                               Some pics of the Hidden World Annex!




 Some pictures of me and my titan sand wraith, Flash, form the game! More coming  soon!



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Profile pic

Well, I found out how to upload pictures, and here’s my profile picture :)

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VotW Photo

Hi Rutvi123123, 

Please refer to the previous VotW picture posting and make sure your photo submission meets this same criteria. 

Thank you. 

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Well, here’s a close-up of my profile



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Kari Vali The Kind
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Power! Power! Power!

Yaaay! Gooooooooooo Power! 








Name: IIKrisHiddenWarriorII

Clan: Er...I have a clan but I’m kinda switching between some so I’m never in a clan for too long now 

Gender: Female

Friend Code: PM me

Favorite Dragon: My Woolly Howl, Spirit. Still love my other dragons tho 

More about my Forum Viking Name: Kari Vali is the name of my forum Viking. She is a strong female who fights for her friends and family. She lost her dad at a young age. When she got older, she wanted to find him. She traveled by boat and ended up on an island where people told her that her dad died by defending woolly howls from hunters. She found the woolly howls herself and soon, one became her friend. Spirit and Kari has many adventures and Kari became the chief of her tribe. 



Thank you to ALL artists, your drawings are amazing, no 

matter what anyone says. If I tried to draw, it would look 

like a dog took a pencil and started attempting to

do...something so Thank you for saving everyone from that

eyesore (and yes. It’s THAT bad)! 


Profile Pic Credit: Rutvi123123 aka IIPowerBTSII

My Viking

A picture of my Viking- I dont know what she’s looking at, don’t ask! 


<——- Picture of my Viking in the cold winter months, drawn my The Blobfish Queen! 


<—Pictures of my gronicle, Icey The First By The Blobfish Queen



Icey The First (and my gronkle in the second picture) being as festive as EVER! Again by The Blobfish Queen! Shes great! 


(—- My whispering death, Whisp (so creative), drawn my RoaringOrigins


(—— My Thunderdrum, Sapphire, drawn my the aaaaaamazing RoaringOrigins!! Thank You! 



Thank You to these writings, more things are yet to come to my siggy! Till then my friends!



Kris/Krissy/ other things friends call me  XD 

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Joined: 08/26/2018

XD thx! Long time no see Kris! In game, and in forums :(

Anyway, I hope I’ll be the Viking of the week once :p

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Kari Vali The Kind
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I know ! I hope I get to see

I know ! I hope I get to see you again. It’s been so long, too long. And hope you get Viking of the Week