Potterheads! I need your help!

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I'm at a loss for my house. The very foundation for being a Potterhead.


This being my Hogwarts House, I figure I should mention.


I'm at a stall for being Hufflepuff or Gryffindor. For a while, taking the Pottermore Quiz I was being sorted with a high mark of Hufflepuff. Great, I fit well there. I adore being a badger. I'm trustworthy, loyal, hardworking and have a sweet spot for the common room. However I've also been sorted in Gryffindor for a bit. I'll admit I have a daring side, uphold my values and am an adventurer.


I take the quiz every once in a while again, just because, and lately I've been sorted repeatedly into Gryffindor. After being a Puff for so long, I'm asking myself 'why Gryffindor?' Shouldn't it be Hufflepuff?


I do understand that it is just a quiz, and that nothing would compare to actually being sorted by the hat which takes your choice into consideration, but still Pottermore is the closest one will get. I want to know!


I also should mention though, that I understand you can pick whatever house you like in the end. Tom Felton after all took the quiz, was sorted into Gryffindor, but still kept Slytherin. On the flip side of that though, sometimes one just belongs in that house. Someone was sorted into Slytherin but wanted Ravenclaw. So thus they looked on how to get Ravenclaw, and took the quiz multiple times until they got Ravenclaw. There's that Slytherin ambition for ya.



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Or you could say that they

Or you could say that they used trail and error to finally figuring out the answer they want, still a ravenclaw's quality! In my opinion though, I don't really trust Pottermore quiz all that much. It's a fun quiz you can try out and some question are really great and thought provoking but you have to wander would a question like left vs right or dusk vs dawn black vs white or choosing wheter you like cat, toad or owl accuratly sort you into the house.

Much like you said, in the end it's all up to you. If you're to asked which house do you prefer more between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff what would it be? 


I suggest you can also try the time megazine version, I really like that one and I found the question more trust worthy and not onverly obvious plus you can see the percentage at the end. I just do another one just now that you bring it up and I was surprise that the result is still the same despite me already forgetting what answer I picked.


I'm hufflepuff by the way, never got the other answer and I'm content this way XD


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