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you really need to turn the vibrance down on that first pic!

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This is Seralth!  

This is Seralth!



im starting a new signature lol

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Adopted by Loki
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=D Theeey're soooo beaaauuu-tifullll!

( So beautiful I had to sing it... Wishing I had one! )



Saklaussdis Atrunaorhlita Elska, AKA: "Atruna" 

An orphan saved by Thor and adopted by Loki as his own daughter, now living on a mountain top not too far from Berk with her father. Loyal as any viking, she becomes angry whenever anyone brings up the stories about her dad, as mostly they are nothing but judgemental rumors. Although she ultimately won their respect, a few members of her adoptive family have resented her in the past, judging the "bratty little brother" of the Gods for calling a human his child. For Loki, however, she is and always has been his absolute pride and joy. And he is very protective of her, while also giving her quite a bit of freedom. as a young child, she would often play with wild animals, always under his watchful eye, never being bitten once. and she continued through her life to have a strange ability to get along with all creatures, including dragons. while being raised by a God, she gained some unusual characteristics. she is a little bit stronger, faster, and more agile than the average human. and her eyes, which now match her father's, can occasionally seem to glow ever so slightly in certain moods. With strangers she is shy and secretive, but once comfortable with them, she becomes laid back, a trusted friend and a wild harmless prankster. a real chip off the old block who, not surprisingly, has become a well loved playmate of the twins.


Snallygaster is a Monstrous Nightmare whome Atruna met when they were both very young, he too was an orphan, found lost in the forests of the mountain. since then, Atruna has become his best friend in the entire world. He is completely pure pitch black, and so in the night, he is able to blend into the darkness like a Night Fury as he and his rider practice and perfect their many extreme moves, their favorites being the ones done while on fire, making a big show of themselves in the night, he enjoys showing off his flame burst ability. (Even when it's uncalled for.) highly obedient to his rider yet a wildcard with anyone else, other riders will be thrown off or taken for a ride like they've never seen before. He enjoys pulling pranks as much as his rider and her inner circle, sometimes without any help. He gets along quite well with other dragons. he is an impressively fast and agile Nightmare in the air, miraculously able to keep up with Toothless (but not beat him.) and when on the ground, he can occasionally seem lazy, often plopping down by Atruna and taking a nap when her attention is not on him, or whenever there is no mischeif to be instigated.

(Name based on a real life legend and is a variation of a word meaning "Quick Spirit")












My arms will hold you, keep you safe and warm. This bond between us can't be broken, I will be here, don't you cry. - They just don't trust what they can't explain. ... We'll show them together. -  Just look over your shoulder, and I'll be there. Always. 
-- Phil Collins (Loki to Atruna)






 I was the little girl who loved dragons more than ponies. 









Snallygaster banners made by Rae Didgeridoo

Realistic Atruna poster and Snallygaster show-style picture made by Toothless

Much loving thanks to these talented artists! 


The Mask and Son of the Mask GIFs, 

Loki poster and photo-manipulations 

Made by me.

Actor: Alan Cumming. 

My favorite Loki! <3!


( Don't steal my gifts or Loki pictures, or I'll have to summon the ferrets of doom! 

 If you like Alan's Loki as well and wish to use one of my GIFs,

Please send me a message and ask me first. )





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My Lovely Scauldron , Seapearl.


 Viking Name: Thoreuz                 Clan: Glorison (Ex Leader)             Dragon Name: Meteorblast (Male Gronckle)

                                                         Awsome art made by Primus04.

                                          Favorite Dragons:Flightmare,Boneknapper and Sand Wraith.                                


 Banner by thelegendofzelda.                                        Meteorblast Made by Siren-Spirit.

    Awsome art of Clayton by Sleepyraccoon.                        Boneyz made by Defy.   

 Given to me by Reiraku.

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Little Baby Scauldron~ <3


That one where he's/she's staring at the fish!

It's just tooooo cute~




~ ...The Fire Breathes... ~





(PM me for my in-game friend code or to request a Headshot of your Dragon)



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She like her fishies , her favorite type of fish is Salmons , she also likes to give away free hugs.

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Ren Roar
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Hug hug hug hug hug hug hug~~~ <3


Then you must let me hug her... also Emile wants a hug too!


(Akira's being moody today so he doesn't get a hug! >:I)

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Let there be free hugs!

Everyone deserves a hug if Akira be moody, probably just wants a hug aswell :D

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Ren Roar
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Yup yup~

True enough...

-Flings both dragons at the poor Scauldron for a hug and then runs in for a hug of my own-


Scauldrons are so squishy.... I love them~


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Here Is My Scauldron Picture!

Hi! Here is a picture of my amazing Scauldron, Bahama! (I know it says Bahamas as her name but I just call her Bahama)




"I am fire! I am DEATH!!!" Smaug the Magnificent

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Is that a filter or can you acctually make your game look like that? thanks



Nyx☆                         Kaiden           Korak


Kaiden Potrait by the amazing Varku 

Kaiden Full Body by the talented Gigimon

Korak and Nyx by the awesome cameishida




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So majestic... \;~;/

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I don't remember if I posted my photos in this thread but she's so pretty so here are more photos of her:



She is named after Oolong tea! :D





Click to view my art thread!

RIP Wings of Royalty, You will be missed







Bouncy Nadder and WoR banners created by Rae

   Bouncy Whisper created by me

   Bouncy Scauldron created by me

    Banner and Gronckle created by Kaz

    Bouncy Toothless and Sparkle chickens created by me

    Grapple Grounder made by SleepyRaccoon

    Bee bouncy nade by OwlyDragons

   Warriors of Royalty banner by: aprikoze





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this is my scauldron his name is ocean prince :)








name : A S A M Z

lvl : 22

dragons : 11 dragon

friend code : A1RSFH

i love flying around school and meet new friends


1- hideous zippleback ( male ) : A and A 

2- gronkle ( female ) : blossom 

3- deadly nadder ( female ) : purple sunshine

4- monstrous nightmare ( male ) : fire king

5- scauldren ( male ) : ocean prince 

6- thunderdrum ( female ) : ocean princess

7-whispering death ( male ) : nightmare king

8-skrill ( male ) lighting king

9-flightmare ( female ) : victoria

10-rumblehorn ( male ) : mountain king 

11-hobblegrunt ( male ) : bloo

made by hattori :)

made by Mariella :)


made by defy :)


made by hattori :)


made by hattori :)

made by bubbles5498 :)





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Finally i was able to get my

Finally i was able to get my beloved Scauldron,Yashodara:




Me on her:





If you would like the option of the original and the new Thunder Run Racing, please sign Diamond Racer's petition >HERE<


My clan is Loneliness

My path,hard working

My weapon,patience.


Viking name: Elpisa

Best friends: Amber (Gronckle)

Morrigann (Skrill)

Mu and U (Hideous Zippleback)

Ukoku (Whispering Death)

Yashodara (Scauldron)

Jinn (Whispering Death)

Haumea (Snafflefang)

Ranginui (Snafflefang)

Ukupanipo (Raincutter)

Arael (Deadly Nadder)

Gojyo (Smothering Smokebrath)

Laki (Skrill)

Koumyou (Scauldron)

Oroshi (Thunderdrum)

Katla (Gronckle)

Lhamo (Deadly Nadder)

Phobos and Deinos (Hideous Zippleback)

Tomach (Gronckle)

Parmae (Hotburple)

Thor (Thunderdrum)

Aer (Thunderdrum)

Noto (Thunderdrum)

Talete (Rumblehorn)

Plutone (Flightmare)

Yaksha (Monstrous Nightmare)

Citipati (Boneknapper)

Virupaksha (Monstrous Nightmare)

Virudhaka (Monstrous Nightmare)

Leibniz (Deadly Nadder)

Khandroma (Changewing)




Amber: he was the first dragon i got in the hatchery,he is very loyal,friendly towards everyone,quite intelligent and funny,yes funny because he knows how to manage to get a smile out of me even when i am sad. His favourite pastime? Sleeping,he loves more to sleep than to eat.




Morrigann: he is the second dragon i "have". Why i called him like an irish goddess,if he is a male? Simply because,like her,he is fierce,violent,fighting,deadly and have an ambiguous nature because at times he seems to take part in quests and to be helpful at others he seems to take pleasure in being mean,threatening and brutal. Despite this i feel i can trust him.




Mu and U: she is an extremely inquisitive and analytial dragon,she likes to observe everything surround her,from birds to my farming activities. Like all Zipplebacks she has two minds and two names deriving from Japanese; "Mu" means Non-Existence,Nothingness or Not Having,while "U" means Existence or Having. Due to her complex nature and mind (one head is more characterized by intuitive thought while the other head is more marked by rational thinking) i decided to call her like this.


Mu and U


Ukoku: he is a son of night,he was born during night,he hates light,he is Ukoku. He has a mischievous and untrustworthy nature so everytime i go with him for quests etc. i carefully avoid turning my back on because if you let down your guard he controls you,manipulation is his Art and Specialization. During the day he sleeps but during the night he become active and enjoys visiting Whispering Deaths tunnels in Berk. He also loves Tidal Stable because it is not bright but recentely i've noticed that he shows interest in Mu and U...pheraps he wants to manipulate her but he doesn't know she is very smart and analytical.






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I feel like I'm late to this

I feel like I'm late to this thread by... 4 years! lmao

But here's my Seafoam

He's got pretty boring colors, I just wanted him to look like, well... Seafoam lol


 A multifandom lass from Argentina who's into way too many fandoms to write here, but some include: HTTYD, Haikyuu!!, Brooklyn 99, Dragon Age, Red vs Blue, The Adventure Zone, Boku No Hero Academia, etc etc. 


Also a huge shipper, I ship about anything, and in How To Train Your Dragon I mainly ship the 0t6 (And if you ship it as well add me and we can totes talk about cute headcanons) and also Heather with the gang (mainly Astrid and Fishlegs because they really are super cute together) I'm going to stop talking about my ships now....


Also I like to draw... But I rarely do it lmao...


My friend code if you wanna add me: FLHJ2Y



                                             ** Art corner **


                                                                             ~ Made by: piggyxl ~


Dragons I own and love as if they were my children:


GrandCanyon - Male Sand Wraith

The first dragon that Parakeet owned, since is the one she helped escape from the Hunters. Basically the Dad Friend of the Dragons, endless pacience and loyalty. Loves to bury himself in sand, and often runs around in two legs


Firebringer - Female Monstrous Nightmare

Not the brightest Monstrous Nightmare in the bunch, but she tries, she is the first dragon Parakeet ever trained since hatched, she acts like an annoying big sister and likes to bite a lot, an habit that she got from when she was a baby, and Parakeet never corrected. She also saves Parakeet from falling a lot


Iceberg - Male Groncicle

Enjoys Berks climate, doesnt particularly enjoy Firebringer's attention, likes to chill (hehe) with Parakeet rather than do flips in the air, prefers islands with snow, and is a picky adventurer. If dragons can eyeroll, he's doing it all the time. He just doesn't have the patience to deal with his new trainer but still does, cause he appreciates the help she offered him


Grimmer - Female Whispering Death

When Valka gave Parakeet a Whispering Death egg, she wasnt very sure to be able to train her properly, since Whispering Deaths are terrifying. Now she thinks her Nightmare Eyes are endearing and even climbs into her mouth to show how gentle she can be. Although Grimmer is prone to jealousy she has a soft spot for Seafoam, whom, alongside Parakeet, she saved from a sinking Outcast ship as an egg


Shockjaw - Male Skrill

A very hard to read guy, Parakeet isnt sure of his personality, since he doesnt seem to show any, even tho he got him as an egg. He loves to fly and do tricks, but outside it, he's a mystery.


Seafoam - Male Scauldron

He likes to spit his boiling hot water at people when he's happy. Look out. Parakeet has her shield in hand at all times because of this. He's learning to just create bubbles, but it's a work in progress. Considers Grimmer his mom, mostly because she doesn't let other dragons aproach him much


Swampdiver - Female Mudraker

Loves to swim around, with all of her family members, and sleep on her trainer's chest (wich was cute when she was small...) she probably believes Parakeet is another small dragon since she always tries to drag her into the water and not let her go. That or she's trying to drown her... Let's hope for the first one


Torchnight - Male Monstrous Nightmare

Altho not the first Monstrous Nightmare she trained, Torchnight prooved to be a very hard case to work with, since the dragon would just not listen to her and go off to his own business, often hitting her with his tail without realizing. The only command he seems to understand on land is when Parakeet hits herchest to call him, wich is when he just launches himself towards her. It was cute when he was younger and it worked, not it's coming back to haunt her and pin her to the ground 


Ironclaw - Female Armorwing

Because of the abuse of the Hunters, Ironclaw is very shy and defensive, but with care and the other dragons help she's coming to be a very curious girl. She loves to watch Parakeet work and will often try to take her helmet off to put into her armor