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What the title says.




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Already full grown and

Already full grown and flying.







~ ~ ~ ~



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I named mine Bullram!



I named mine Bullram! They may have taken my silver star, but I have a brand new dragon to play with! His new colors (in the 2nd pic) are my favorite Rumblehorn color combo so far!  Actually...


I like this more now xD


Trinitayyy ~AAAoWM



Always a Phantom Lord.

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Here are mine.






Love the textures on all of these new Dragons.



Viking Name: Kidagakasha

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Favourite Dragon(s):  Skrill &.StormCutter⋌==  Hobblegrunt&SeaShocker

Clan:   The Equilibriums 


 %÷Part Ingermanπ 

。٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧*。NightOwl/EarlyBird _ノ乙(、ン、)     



               .      n

ddddd     d                ddddddddf 






✲゚*。✧✲゚*。✧✲゚*。✧✲゚*。✧✲゚*。✧✲゚*。✧✲゚✧✲゚*。✧✲゚*。✧✲゚*。✧✲゚*。✧✲゚*。✧✲゚**✲゚*。✧✲゚*。✧✲゚*。✧✲゚*。✧✲゚*。✧✲゚*。✧✲゚*。✧✲゚*。✧✲゚*。✧✲゚ ✲゚*。✧✲゚*。✧✲゚*。✧✲゚*。✧✲゚







            n   n 




"The concepts you have about me wont change who I am, but it can change my concept about you" -Gregory House


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Meet Scarab.



She's my pretty little (well, not so little anymore) bug-dragon. <3






   Name: Sheyde

   Friend Code: AT6H16


     Tempest (Thunderdrum ♂)

     Harbinger (Whispering Death ♀)

     Deluge (Scauldron ♂)

     Poison and Venom (Zippleback ♂)

     Atheris (Whispering Death ♀)

     Scarab (Rumblehorn ♀)

    Clan: Order of the Silver Storm     (Leader)


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Subjects are silly and pointless.

Here is my Rumblehorn: RockCrusher... I know very original. XD


When carrying the egg to the incubator, I am pleased to say I only slipped over twice. c:


RockCrusher seeing the world for the first time. :)










And lastly my poor dragon getting ambushed.


I am the founder of Diamond Storm but have now stepped down from leadership.

Artemiaz is the new leader. :)




{Thank you for these brilliant artworks Stworzydlak, Storm and Red WInd123! :)}


{I have been playing SoD for 1 year from 12/12/2014}


Took part in the Race To Dawn Tournament with the wonderful Phantom Lords! :)




{Diamond Racer Artwork made by me} 


{Anti hacking banners wonderfully made by Nessie!}


Character: Diamond Racer

Clan: Diamond Storm

Position in clan: Leader

Friend Code: Private

{Smoke dragon art created by Nessie!}

V My dragons V


{Credit for this amazing collage goes to Skyler Smile!}






{Absolutely amazing photo edits by NightFuryLover!}


{Absolutely amazing Hobblegrunt Banner and Nadder bouncy (above) by Rae Didgeridoo!}


{Smokey banner made by me}


{credit for this fantastic whispering death signature goes to Asvald Veleif!}


{Amazing Smokebreath and Whispering Death bouncies briliantly done by Hattori!}


{Diamond Storm banner made by me}



{Diamond Storm emblems made by me} {This really cool Diamond Storm GIF was made by Meen}


Gift from The Phantom Lords! :)

Click the image to go to my art thread

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Wow Diamond Racer! Our

Wow Diamond Racer! Our hatching pics look just alike! Lol! Mine is below ;)


Kidogo (you can call me "Kid") ;)- Proud Elder of Plasma Furies and proud member of Loki's Girls! (forum clan)  


BoltStrike, Sahara, and Kidogo drawings by BoomBox74!


Other Vikings:

Princess Nala- Clan: Loki Girls

SunnySahara- Clan: Plasma Furies


Forest by Hattori, Mara by Rae, Sahara by greenleaf123, Captain by Hattori ;) Scroll down for more bouncies!

Not gonna lie, my favorite Avenger and Marvel hero is Bruce Banner/the Hulk!



If you love Marvel, feel free to check out my tumblr! I'm always posting Marvel things ;)

Credit to Kevinbrandon for the amazing Loki's Girl banner!


Forest- Monstrous Nightmare, Mara- Deadly Nadder

Zanzibar- Thunderdrum, Tembisa- Thunderdrum

BoltStrike- Skrill, Shira- Skrill

Sleek and Streak- Hideous Zippleback, Kalahari- Scauldron

Ceros- Rumblehorn, Canary- Flightmare

Spinose- Whispering Death, Rose Thorn- Whispering Death

Kibo- Gronckle, Scar- Hobblegrunt

Mischief- Smothering Smokebreath, Captain- Typhoomerang

Mjolnir- Raincutter, Shadow- Boneknapper

Uhuru- Hotburple, Sierra Leone- Stormcutter

Banner- Stormcutter. Widow- Changewing

Marvel- Fireworm Queen, Elsa- Tide Glider

Karoo- Sand Wraith, Flare- Sliquifier

Nguvu- Woolly Howl, Zambezi- Shockjaw, Chavuma- Shockjaw

Echo- Speed Stinger, Paka- Moldruffle

Atlas- Groncicle, Baridi- Groncicle

Kupoza- Prickleboggle, Nyasa- Slithersong

Nobillis- Deathsong, Njeri- Deathsong

Mamba- Grapple Grounder, Nile- Singetail

Ngozi- Eruptodon, Igneous- Snafflefang

Mawenzi- Silver Phantom, Chura- Flame Whipper

Sumaku- Armorwing, Vibrania- Razorwhip, Vibranium- Razorwhip

Mekali- Windwalker, Rwenzori- Snow Wraith

Bushveld- Buffalord, Groudon- Thunderpede





Kibo by catiedragons, Scar by Ren Roar, Mischief by Hattori , Kalahari by chakuu, Ceros by LidieChap,

Shadow, Sierra Leone, and Banner by Defy ;)


I'm a total Disney freak!


*Photo above courtesy of Disney Photo Snapper


Forest banner made by the wonderfully talented Ellie, and Forest edit by toothless572!


Make your own Night Fury here!

Picture above by AniuRavenwolf!

Picture by slurpie!

Above 2 pictures by kelcyk123!


Picture and bouncie above by MidnightMare!

Left picture by x-HaZey-o, right picture by toothless572!

Picture above by Sunny Visionari (SunnyVisions)! :D


Adoptables and other dragon requests!

<--by Scoubidous, Elsa the Snow Glider ;) A friendly and happy girl!

by Scoubidous, Flare the Sliquifier ;) A fiery and feisty boy!--> 

 <--    by Scoubidous, the Snoggletog Wraith! ;)                          


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"That's my secret, Cap. I'm always angry." -Bruce Banner (The Avengers)

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(The Avengers)

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"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney

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Subjects are silly and pointless.

Yes they are! :)

Your Rumblehorn is really neat too:)

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Nice Pictures

That ambush pic though XD


Pins made by Nessie, found here
Apologies for the image-heavy sig!
Note: If images below fail to load at first, scroll the entire page down (not my sig) a bit and the images should pop up.

   ~~Please PM me for my friend code if you want to add me~~

~~Stormwing (Stormcutter) Picture-TBA~~

~~Sunblaze (Fireworm Queen) Pic-TBA~~

Iceclaw+Iceclaw+Iceblaze+Icebreeze (Groncicles) Pic-TBA

Ambersong (Death Song) Pic-TBA

Silverwing (Razorwhip) Pic-TBA



In order of signature layout

Pins made by Nessie, found here

Star Sky picture by me

Green dragon page breaker gif found on second post of this topic

All dragon pictures by me

Star and Sharpspine Racing Banner by Jennifer Fire

TDR blue swish GIF by Nessie

TDR HTTYD 2 movie banner by Nessie

TCC Family Banners by unknown

All flaming lines in signature by Nessie

If you made something on my signature and I haven't credited you yet or I credited the wrong person,

please feel free to PM me about it!

 *rages* When is my signature ever going to finish loading ._. 


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Ikr? Perfectly timed picture.

Ikr? Perfectly timed picture. (If I do say so myself, lol)

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Everyone, meet Ceros! He is SO cute!! I named him after a rhinoceros (Ceros, get it? ;) ) because the Rumblehorn reminds me of a rhino and most of my dragons are named after African animals or their habitats! Ceros also means "horn" in Greek ;)


I hope you all like him!


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My Rumble Horn, Titan

Here are a few snapshots of my Rumble Horn, Titan! :-)

He is a very proud dragon XD









                                      My Signature is under construction! 

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i cant post picture now but

i cant post picture now but my Rumblehorn name is " Tuffy " (male Level 11) and hes is red orange and green :D



   NAME:  Spitlelout (female) Level: 35            

   CLAN: Flame Wings                     

   FRIEND CODE: AC6PDA                                                 


   DRAGON: Monstrous Nightmare                                               

   DRAGON NAME: Hookclawd (male) Level: 20                                

   DRAGON: Thunderdrum                                        

   DRAGON NAME: Toby (male) Level: 20                                                    

   DRAGON: Stormcutter

   DRAGO NAME: Maya (male) Level: 20

     .... and my other Dragons ....

 awesome banner made by Rae Didgeridoo :D

wonderful ART by Primus04 <3


Tokyo Ghoul  Fan


Free!  Fan



Kuroko no Basuke  Fan


Haikyuu!! Fan





true ART

yeah I`m trash..... 


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I'll post mine when I get

I'll post mine when I get him.


Let's get right to buisness, with...

My Dragon Cave



"Are you, are you.

Coming to the tree

Where they stung up a man, they say he murdered three

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight, in the Hanging Tree.


Are you, are you

Coming to the tree

Where the dead man called out for his love to flee

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight, in the Hanging Tree


Are you, are you

coming to the tree

Where I told you to run, so we'd both be free

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight, in the Hanging Tree


Are you, are you

coming to the tree

Wear a necklace of rope, side by side with me

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight, in the Hanging Tree"

When a math quiz is announced.

And then I get the paper back and I'm all like.

And my friends are all like

And the teacher's all like



Since the first three of these seven dragons have been stolen, I'm leaving Anduril (Drawn by The Ecliptic Eight) to watch them.

Natt Mord the Hypnotic Night Catcher adopted from Golden Scarlet. I wrote my butt of trying to adopt this, so there will be salt if this get's stolen.

Same for Advarsel. Except she's an Ominous Storm Rider, still from Golden Scarlet. Again, if she get's stolen, it will be Saltageddon 2015.

Vindfjaer by Goldenfury360! PS. It's a Windsong ;)

Simon the Screeching Hunchback by Chameishida! He's so adorably deadly, ain't he?

Canopy the Spacial Beauty adopted from KrazyKira. His nickname is the Einstein dragon.

Aang the Legendary Air Jabberjaw adopted from The Ecliptic Eight. Wow that's a mouthful!

 Sirius the Star Fury adopted from goldfish50!

 Electrifier spore-ized, made by BeaReptileLover!

Don't Eat My Back/Yellow Snow/ Sub-Zero adopted from Iron Man 2000! And I bet you can guess where I got all those names from!

 Darude the Paranoid Sandskritter made by NightmareRebuff



You made it to the end! You get a cake!






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Meet 'Behemah'
Meet my little 'Behemah'. 
He is a very hungry little baby, which is no surprise with how quickly he grew.
After a huge meal he fell asleep. So cute! 
Once again he didnt stay a baby for long. Behold my full grown, powerful 'Behemah'
His colour almost makes him look like he glows. Similar to a Flightmare. :)

Our first flight. So exciting!



Joined the wonderful Phantom Lord family competing in the Race To Dawn Tournament




An amazing piece of artwork by my brother Diamond       All credit to Northlark for this brilliant artwork 




























Wonderfully made by Siren Spirit. 


In game Vikings

Swift Silver                                                                                Player One

46NXN                                                                                        243FR

Misty (Zippleback)                                                                     Sharp Wing (Deadly Nadder)

All credit to 'Asvald Veleif' for this amazing gifBanner by Diamond Racer

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Wow Swift! It does look like

Wow Swift! It does look like he's glowing! Awesome coloring!

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Swift Silver
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Thanks. :)

Thanks. :)

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Meet Searing (still working on her look)

Dustin Poisson's photo.


Urgent Message:

Effective immediately... I will no longer be playing School of Dragons for reasons I wish not to discuss, with the exception that I found the game to be getting worst over time... thank you all who stuck with me til' the bitter end, and to the ones I considered my friends, thank you so much, I wish nothing but good apon your lives.

Sincerely: The Ender Dragon/DragonXXenomorph


My Name is...

"The Ender Dragon"

and these are my Dragons...


Male Dragons

Abandinus - Sand Wraith

Acid-Rain - Changewing

Balatucairus - Speed Stinger

Brine - Raincutter

Cocidius - Razorwhip

Dii Casses - Sliquifier

Dis Pater - Snaptrapper

Enders Fury - Skrill

Giobhniu - Shivertooth

Grannos - Moldruffle

Incinerate - Fireworm Queen  

Incinerate (Royal)

Ogmios - Grapple Grounder

Robur - Timberjack

Ruby - Typhoomerang

Sapphire - Scauldron  

Seadra - Tide Glider

Smertrios - Shovelhelm

Thornon - Whispering Death

Tsunami - Snafflefang

Warrior - Hobblegrunt



Female Dragons

Abnoba - Snow Wraith

Aericura - Death Song

Amber - Scuttleclaw

Andraste - Slither Song

Artio - Woolly Howl

Aventia - Sand Wraith

Clota - Prickleboggle

Coventina - Devilish Dervish

Earthquake - Screaming Death

Enders Shock - Skrill

Hummer - Thunderdrum

Lapis Lazuli - Scauldron

Morrigan - Shockjaw

Nightmare - Flightmare

Nightshade - Smothering Smokebreath

Searing - Rumblehorn

Seaquana - Mudraker

Snowblind - Stormcutter

Spine - Nadder

Sulis - Night Terror

Wither - Boneknapper




(Family, Mates, Illness, etc)

Abandinus and Aventia

Brother and Sister

Abandinus has Mate


Enders Fury and Enders Shock

Brother and Sister

Enders Fury has Mate


Incinerate has Mate


Sapphire has Mate


Spine has a Mate


Thornon is Deceased

Thornon had Mate

Mate still alive

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Your guys' look awesome! I'll post mine when he hatches!



                                                                                 Bouncie made by Rae!

I have more than one dragon of a species because of mystery chests I have gotten.

Damon - Male Devilish Dervish

Terra - Female Gronkle

Wyrden - Male Deadly nadder

Asteria - Female Monstrous Nightmare

LaVey-  Male Monstrous nightmare

Smash & Bash - Male Zippleback

Toothless - Male Night Fury

Nightshade - Male Thunderdrum

Grim - Male Whispering Death

Vitris - Male Whispering Death

Shadowbolt - Male Skrill

Neptune - Male Scauldron

Arya - Female Scauldron

Crushbug - Male Rumblehorn

Midori - Female Hobblegrunt

Zeena - Female Hobblegrunt

Willow - Female Smothering Smokebreath

Virida - Female Smothering Smokebreath

Losna - Female Typhoomerang

Kuriso - Male Raincutter

Graveyard - Male Boneknapper

Lapis - Male Hotburple

Jacks - Male Snafflefang

Frostbite - Male Groncicle

Baritone - Male Death Song

Whiplash - Male Razorwhip

Glacier - Male Snow Wraith



Gender: Female





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Meet my Rumblehorn Oreo. :P (very first screenshot)