Possible hacker???

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so I was in berk taking Ira out for her morning flight when she roared and started chasing a GLOWING sand wraith.



Don't get me wrong they look really nice but since I keep reading about this being a hack so

I managed to snap a photo of it (I'm sorry It couldn't have been a better photo because I could not get them to land.) in order to check.  Also, this isn't the first time seeing a sand wraith that looks like this.

   now what?  :/  






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Me too.

I saw a Sand Wraith like that too. I snapped some screenshots of it,but I've never gotten around to figuring out how to post pictures... And I have a glitch that won't let me see other players names so it wouldn't be much help anyways since you can't see their name. 


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My dragon ate my subject!

There is an option to turn names on aand off in the settings tab under your backpack button. you can try to disable it and enable it again maybe that would work.

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Yeah its a hack

It's definetly a hack. I've seen this hack several times in game. I've seen two or three glowing Sand Wraiths (couldn't get screenshots), this Wooly Howl: 

This Stormcutter:

(yes, the viking in the second pic is me, but that is NOT my Stormcutter.)

and a few others that I couldn't get screenshots of

So yeah it is most definetly a hack. 


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wraith tore my subject up...

i have never seen this type of thing, the only hacks i've seen is a tiberjack being ridden three years before it came out (i think) a white nightfury, a green nightfury, a pink nightfury, a giant stormcutter, and two blue nightfuries.


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My dragon ate my subject!

I have yet to see the giant stormcutter :) I'd love to see it tho :)

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Hey everyone! Big John is comin'!

I suggest privately messaging an admin informing them of your concern with any proof (like the screenshot).


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yea...but I found too

well I found golden sand wraith it on my ipad because I screenshot it






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I know that some peoples sand wraiths will change to a neon color due to the lighting but if it stayed that color all the time then I would say that they are hacking, and I have seen a few people with hacked dragon colors but I dont have any screen shots nor do I know there name so not of much use.


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My dragon ate my subject!

It definitely stayed the same color the whole time. 

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I believe that's called bioluminescence. XD 



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