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i tryed to put picturs on my signitur and it will not let me plz help and yes it is my forun page that will not let me it was before but now it is not plz help.


HI i am master alll 


               worning long signature :)



clan the master racers of the dark (leader) and the

master racers of the dark to


there are also to links at the end of my  signature

they leade to my you tube page and they are boath

videows in joy i might add more.

also my clans are on facebook if you wish to join

the link to the page is at the botome :)


                          my dragons are 



toothless species nightfury. 1


needles spicies nadder>male 2


shadow of darkness species monsterous nightmare>male 3


dark and light species hidoous zippleback>male 4


sound destroyer species thunderdrum>male 5


shadow master species wispering death>male 6


mega storm species skrill>male 7


blue night species skrill>female 8


water master species scauldron>male 9


shadow species rumblehorn>male 10


fright of night species flightmare>male 11


speed ster species hobblegrunt>male 12 


stars of the night species hobblegrunt>female 13


mega fear species typhoomerang>male 14


wings of fire species typhoomerang>female 15


bone night species boneknaper>male 16


cute won spicies boneknaper>female 17


shadow of the sky species raincuter>male 18


heart of gold species raincuter>femal 19


strorm racer species stormcutter>male 20


shadow of change species changewing>male 21


heart of change species changewing>female 22


fire of gull species fireworm queen>male 23


light of gull species fireworm queen>female 24


silver cloud species screaming death>male 25


flyer of sea species tide glider>male 26


theae to are won of my best i made i think in joy :) 


here is to shorter ways to fiend be below my to

videow links!/pages/The-master-racers-of-the-dark-clan/607955792639354

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It won't let you post pics on

It won't let you post pics on signature? by any chance is it the box that won't press ok after putting link?


 Viking Name: Thoreus                    Clan: Glorison (Ex Leader)             Main Dragon: Meteorblast (Male Gronckle)

 Awsome art made by Primus04.

Favorite Dragons:Flightmare,Slithersong and Buffalord.      

Meteorblast and Thoreus by Syraza

                Meteorblast Made by Siren-Spirit                            Awesome art of Clayton by Sleepyraccoon                

HTTYD 3 Thoreus and Dad by Me