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This is a thread I think needs more attention yall


Read it all i promise it's worth it.




Amazing protest banner made by Lady Fighter.

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My in-game info:

+36,000 UDT points · +2,600 trophies · Level 21


I usually enter the game to collect trophies or fly around, so I don't talk much

My friends call me Pandemii, but strangers... Yea, I'm Pandemoniium.

My favorite things to do in-game are fly around with my dragons and go to Thunderrun Racing.

My favorite dragon species are the Sand Wraith and the Skrill.

I created this account in 2019, but I've been playing this game as far as 2016.

I don't give my friend code, simple as that. Unless I like you. Then I give you my friend code.





My dragons:

· Caelum- Titan Sand Wraith · Cassiopeia-Deadly Nadder · Hydrus-Whispering Death

· Scorpio-Triple Stryke · Cepheus-Titan Skrill · Andromeda-Stormcutter





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Made by EmeraldHuntress65. Thanks dude.




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Savage Racers, The Light Fury Racers, The Dragon RacersHarbingerz, WARZONE, Permanent Damage, Collateral Damage.





Get to know me:

I'm sarcastic (oh surprise)

90s Rock all the way

"You're too slow!" is my favorite game series

Ravenclaw yo

I wanna have a horse, but aparently I can't (shame on you ma)

Tabbes and GingerPale ftw (also Cobi but he's MIA and I miss him)

You anger me, I shovel you








Oh joy. You finished reading. Wait? What're you doing here? You weirdo. (Just kidding, I like you).

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I read that, it's an amazing thread. I just don't think it'll come to fruition unless something changes on the devs' part. It's the sad truth but no communication is possible unless both parties try. The players have made their opinions, desires, and suggestions known many times. They've pointed out glitch after glitch and have begged for better communication. The devs' don't care to communicate. They players have been trying, and are now gearing their posts towards other players/forum users because other players/forum users are the only communication they're managing to get. 

If people would stop paying the game until the devs finally start listening, the devs will take that VERY seriously because it hurts their precious wallet. It's quite possibly the reason they brought back members-only gem quests so soon, with player after player making threats to quit their membership (and most followed through on this threat) or not purchase a membership they originally planned to get because Toothless quests had been taken away. The devs really heard that one because no membership means no profit. No profit gets them desperate. Now the clamoring for LNF's gem reward has calmed down and people are satisfied, why? We made a demand, united in it, and we actually got something we wanted and more than that, we were HEARD. 

Just stop paying for this thing until the biggest problems have been fixed. It's the only way to communicate with the devs right now. 


Hit them in their wallet! FORCE THE DEVS TO LISTEN!!!



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Flare ate my subject (and lunch)

Very good points! Personally, I think it's sad that the only way to get their attention is to threaten their money...



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