Plushies? (and other HTTYD memorabilia) Thread

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'Afternoon, everyone! 


While I may not have many hours under my belt as a SoD attendee, my love (obsession) for the HTTYD franchise is one that is *many* years in the making. As such, I have acquired a modest collection of custom, artist-made plushies over the last couple of years, all inspired by our favorite useless reptiles. 


Cloudjumper [pictured below] is just one of my dragons. My collection is largely comprised of stormcutters, as they are, by far, my favorite species. I will have to take a collection shot at some point, soon, so that I can share the fluffy joy with you all. In the meantime, please use this thread as an oportunity to post your own collections of HTTYD "stuff", be it plushies, figurines, artwork, etc. 


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No dragon can resist the fascination of riddling talk, and of wasting time trying to understand it.” 
― J.R.R. Tolkien


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Brief Intro:

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Country: U.S.A

In-game name: RileyFourwing

Clan affiliation: Floki's Boatmakers (owner)

Top 3 favorite dragon species (in order): stormcutter, triple stryke, buffalord

Main dragon mount: 'Floki'- Titan wing stormcutter, lvl 50; teal, merlot & yellow markinigs, war-painted

Popular secondary mounts (that you may be able to spot me on): 'Buffbuff'- Titan wing buffalord; black, beige, silver. 'Katla'- Titan wing stormcutter; black, ash & blood-orange markings. 'Wooster'- Titan wing triple stryke; canon-themed/colored.


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Stormy fetch the subject!

Tracking for now, I have to get some pictures of my collection :D


*Going under construction soon*


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About me:


Gender: Female

Age: 16

Fandoms: HTTYD, DC Comics, Pokemon, Star Wars, Wings of Fire

Favorite TV Shows: Teen Titans, Justice League, Race to the Edge

Favorite Movies: HTTYD Movies, Shazam!, Aquaman, Spirit SOTC, Teen Titans the Judas Contract

Favorite Music Groups: Imagine Dragons, Maroon 5, Panic! At The Disco, One Republic, and a lot more I don't feel like listing

Favorite Holiday: Halloween





(Don't really do much on youtube anymore but thinking of coming back)




Stormy- Female Deadly Nadder

Whisper- Male Whispering Death

Bluemoon- Female Whispering Death

Thunder- Male Thunderdrum

Frostbite- Male Groncicle

Magma- Male Eruptodon

Eruptor- Male Eruptodon

Swordsnatcher- Male Armorwing

Steelwing- Female Razorwhip

Bronzewing- Male Razorwhip

Darkmelody- Male Death Song

Blaze- Male Singetail

Sneaky- Female Flame Whipper

Scorpion- Male Triple Stryke

Guardian- Male Elder Sentinel

Warrior- Male Deathgripper

Camouflage- Male Changewing

Aurora- Female Flightmare

Fang- Male Monstrous Nightmare

Shadow- Male Monstrous Nightmare

Lemon and Lime- Male Hideous Zippleback

Salt and Pepper- Female Hideous Zippleback

Snap,Trap, Clap, and Wrap- Male Snaptrapper

Dash- Male Speedstinger

Riptide- Male Tide Glider

Coral- Female Tide Glider

Rocky- Male Gronkle

Wintermoon- Female Wooly Howl

CursedTrick- Female Hobgobbler

Mystery- Female Silver Phantom

Stormseeker- Male Skrill


Side Viking Dragons:


Nightwing- Male Skrill

Starfire- Female Flightmare

Red Hood- Male Flamewhipper

Batman- Male Elder Sentinal

Arkham Knight- Male Razorwhip

Beast Boy- Male Mudracker

Joker- Male Singetail


(Stormcutter by Kasanelover)



Proud member of Permanent Damage




Me and Stormy by Fireflash



My Viking by Kaydejesus
My viking by FireNightStar

Stormy by Celestial Dragon


Darkmelody, Lemon & Lime, and Stormy by Izzydrawsdragons


  Sky by The Ecliptic Eight


Stormy and Fang by belubel2014


Me and Stormy by Eleftheros

Me and Stormy by Frugal


~~~More art will be linked soon--Don't want to make siggy too long~~~


Stuff by Me:

Fang and Stormy edit

Scorpion Edit

Sky Edit



Congrats, you made it to the end!


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Awesome :]

Woot! Look forward to seeing it.

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Stormy fetch the subject!

Sorry I'm late getting the pictures but here ya go:


Sorry for bad image quality my old phone with a good camera is dead :/

Action Dragons (+Hiccup and Snotlout):

Small Figures:

Funko Night Light:

Hidden World Poster:


I also have a big Hidden World Toothless plushie, small Hidden World Hookfang plushie, and a medium HTTYD2 Toothless plushie but they have unfortunately been packed up already (I'm moving soon)


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I'll take a picture of my figurines and upload them later! :)



Signature is a work in progress :D



Stuff I like

- Dragons (obviously)

- General fantasy creatures

- Nature

- Creating art (check out my deviantart here!)

- Playing guitar

- Potatoes :3


Find me ingame as Embalathedragonhatcher

(Also my old account on the Forum!)



The Dreadfall art corner!

Cobweb my Jack-o'-lantern Skellispirit (and his spider friend Spinderella) by Fossilfigalpha! Thankyou!






Blazewing (Monstrous Nightmare) ♂️

Duskflap (Monstrous Nightmare) ♀️

Embershot (Singetail) ♂️

Firestalker (Monstrous Nightmare) ♀️

Iguana (Flame Whipper) ♀️

Illumina (Monstrous Nightmare) ♀️

Inferno (Monstrous Nightmare) ♂️

Pickles (Typhoomerang) ♂️


Amethyst (Gronckle) ♀️

Brittlespine (Whispering Death) ♀️

Gargoyle (Elder Sentinel) ♂️

Geode (Gronckle) ♂️

Groundsplitter (Whispering Death) ♂️

Kilauea (Eruptodon) ♀️

Lavachaser (Eruptodon) ♂️

Meatball (Gronckle) ♂️

Mossclaw (Sentinel) ♀️

Pebbles (Gronckle) ♀️

Snowberry (Groncicle) ♀️

Tigereye (Whispering Death) ♀️

Tunneltwister (Whispering Death) ♂️


Bramblefrost (Prickleboggle) ♂️

Quickfeather (Speed Stinger) ♀️

Skittles (Scuttleclaw) ♀️

Skydancer (Razorwhip) ♀️

Swordtail (Razorwhip) ♂️


Fuchsia and Violet (Hideous Zippleback) ♀️

Rhythm (Deathsong) ♀️

Rusty (Armorwing) ♂️


Lavender (Deadly Nadder) ♀️

Peppermint (Deadly Nadder) ♀️

Porcupine (Deadly Nadder) ♂️

Rosebud (Deadly Nadder) ♀️

Sharpthorns (Deadly Nadder) ♂️

Thistle (Deadly Nadder) ♀️


Echo (Thunderdrum) ♂️

Lagoon (Thunderdrum) ♀️

Reefwrecker (Thunderdrum) ♂️

Tsunami (Scauldron) ♀️

Volcanus (Sand Wraith) ♂️


Moonflower* (Light fury) ♀️

Nightshade (Triple Stryke) ♀️

Toothless* (Night fury) ♂️

Vespa (Triple Stryke) ♀️

* = Seasonal exchange dragons because I currently don’t have membership :D


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Yes, please!

Great! =]

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A stuffed dragons thread? Heck yes! I won't post pictuers cause too many stuffed animals.... But i'm here to see all the dragons stuffies.


Also-Build a Bear will come out with a new HTTYD stuffie in August! And fingers crossed that it will be either CloudJumper, SkullCrusher or the CrimsonGoreGutter!


Hello children! Im Toothless or also known as NightRider, FrostyWaffleCat and Lucia (in Game name)

Im the proud leader of the FrostClaws 

Image result for weavile gifs


I believe I am saved by Jesus Christ the one who has died for me and he shall come again!

My dragons/characters who are dragons basically the dragon section of this siggy


  1. Flame (Deadly Nadder Titan)
  2. Spikey (Whispering Death Titan)
  3. Toothless (Night Fury)
  4. SilverAmber (Deathsong)
  5. CloudJumper (StormCutter titan)
  6. Fox (PrickleBoggle)
  7. AutumnSlicer (TimberJack)
  8. Hazel (That weird poison frog dragon)
  9. GalaxySun (titan Flightmare)
  10. Chad (PickleBoxxle)
  11. Detective Jellybean (Lightfury)
  12. SmokeyTrails (Eruptadon)
  13. Benchwick (Drabbit)
  14. Toothless (Drabbit who was named after the OG Toothless)
  15. Purity (Drabbit)
  16. FuFu Dormomu (Spritling in the form of a dragon and pronounced Fu-Fu-Door-Mom-Moo)
  17. Serenity (Stormcutter)
  18. Sol (Flightmare)

My favorite things!

I love purple- is that obvious?

Weavile is my favorite pokemon

My favorite dragon is Toothless but I also am a sucker for the LightFury and Stormcutters-actually can I just have them all?

I am a Disney/Pixar freak shows and movies

I love DC's shows and Marvel's movies in short I love supers

My favorite animals are horses- any horse

Favorite weather is snow (Cause it's snow cool heh)

I love reading and my favorite book series are the Warrior Cats, Wings Of Fire, Harry Potter, Eragon, and Survivors,

I love creating stories and OCs

I love to draw as well and will try to add my characters into my forum as I go

I play many online games like SSO, AJ, and SOD

I love saying random things like Evil pickles ate my closet 

Love to sing and my favorite artist(s) is Beth Crowley (My #1 fav), The Afters, J.J Heller and Evenesance

Favorite movie(s)? I love all the HTTYD movies, the Panda Fu movies, Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts, Trolls, (most disney movies) and Marvel movies, Jurassic world/park, StarWars, some of the DC movies

My favorite youtubers are PocariRoo, Sagatoyas, Cranberry The Cat, Drakinator, DanTDM, Annapantsu, JayStarz, Film Theorists, MoonKitti, Peter Hollens, Bliximi, bethjcrowley, and Beffalumps (I enjoy the WC fandom a little too much)


My favorite saying (by me): I'm not weird- I'm just more creative than you! (An justification for your weirdness)




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I have been low-key praying for a Cloudjumper BaB since the first ones came out years ago. I even sent it in as an official suggestion for them. The problem with him is the complexity of the pattern. It is precisely why there are virtually no quality, "official" plush stormcutters.  Hopefully that changes :] 


How/where did you hear about the new BaB? 

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Ya know? Supreme stuffed animal overlord? No? Well that’s me!

Yea that’s why they don’t do the spikes or tail fins in the night/light furies :( 

But I went to BaB one day cause it was vacation and I got some pamphlet that told me what new BaB from what series/movie and games were coming out- idk what happened to that pamphlet but all I remember is seeing the httyd logo in the August section and I’m like “YEEEEEEESSSSSSS “ I could even say that either this month or next month they’re coming out with a new Mario character 

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Oh, nice! :]

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Valka Custom Plush Doll

Here are a few pics of my new Valka custom :] 



No photo description available.

No photo description available.

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Woah that's awesome I want one XD

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Heckin' cool new edition to the thread coming soon ~

I ordered myself something ridiculously awesome (and expensive) to add to my custom, HTTYD plushie collection. The artist is almost finished with its production and will be shipping it off to me shortly.


Wait 'til you guys see this...


No photo description available.

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Wow... totally forgot about this thread, I was supposed to post these (very bad quality) pictures ages ago XD Anyway, here they are!



Baby dragon egg plushie collection

Stormfly plushie


My shelf of dragon figurines


Bonus (NOT HTTYD) these adorable TY dragons :3


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:O I need a Stormfly plushie,

:O I need a Stormfly plushie, here are my plushies (I don't have pictures so I just got pictures of Google):


Hookfang is small, HTTYD2 Toothless (Next to Hookfang) is medium sized and the Hidden World Toothless is like the size of a cat possibly bigger

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The other day I was in the store, and I found the same Hookfang plushie! Now Stormfly has a friend to sit with on my shelf! I also discovered these figurines in a box under my bed.



(Both very small) I am thinking about re-painting the rumblehorn to either look more accurate to  Skullcrusher's colours, or change it into a customised rumblehorn.


This boneknapper is fairly large. I also believe it glows neon green in the dark.


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Fang burnt the subject

I've never seen a Boneknapper figure before :O And that Rumblehorn is adorable

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"I think we're gonna need a bigger... apartment XD "

slowly coming together.. my dragon shrine!