Please loosen up the chat censorship a little

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I am aware that some people in the chat might have a potty mouth if not restricted. I agree that banning any curse words on a game with player of all ages is the best.


But banning an user off the chat for a sentence that isn't even harmful is a real issue.


I was just trying to cheer for everyone before a battle with a sweet little "may your wishes come true", you know, to get their hopes up for their rewards n' stuff.

This is the sentence that spiralled down to rock bottom : I kept trying to rephrase it as many times as i could, trying to figure out what could be the offense in such a heartfelt sentence, and I just got banned off the chat for a day.


At least could you please consider highlighting the words we have to avoid in our sentences ? up to this day I still don't get what caused the ban. I also got an issue with a one hour ban before this one where i was trying to get friendly with another user, by calling them "buddy" or "pal" which are civilized, friendly words to avoid the repetition of the old fashioned "friend".


Thank you for your time, with my friendly regards.


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