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Im sorry. Im really sorry. But at this point; I just cant take it anymore, I cant stand this.

I gotta be honest; the chat bans in-game, has got to be one of the most USELESS, annoying and troublesome features that's ever existed in the game.

Its absolutely USELESS and its doing NOTHING to make the chat better, but rather just making the chat worse; annoying players and preventing players from having a normal communication with each other and the chat blocking system is just not logical. Seriously, we already have filters in the in-game chat and thats enough, why do we need to have chat bans? I mean is that even necessary? do we really need more? NO! Its not doing the chat any better; its not preventing players from saying inappropriate words in the chat, but rather preventing players from actually being able to chat! Especially the fact that the chat word filter is just senseless.

So Please! Remove the chat bans in the game chat cuz its useless and really not helping. Its absolutely frustrating to deal with the chat ban because its absolutely making it impossible to chat in-game; like LITERALLY I SWEAR, LITERALLY EVERYTIME I play this game I cant pass one day without getting a 24 hour chat banned for ridiculous reasons because the chat filter is nuts and isnt working in a human logical way. And I can't possibly figure out what I'm saying '''''wrong''''' in time - whats causing me to get blocked, cuz I immedietly get chat ban for 1 DAY for just making 1 '''''mistake''''' most of the time without a warning. Its just ridiculous. At this point, its as annoying and troublesome as its actually become a problem in the game, thats why Im putting this post in the Bug Report category.

I mean I can totally see that other than me this chat ban has caused alot of players to fear from talking in the game chat without knowing that they'll obviously get blocked or just immedietly get banned unfairly for ridiculous reasons soon. This chat ban just makes players, including me see no point in even trying to chat.

And even though I know theres a way we can fix the chat ban by going to Manage Account and reset the chat, there are alot of players out there who can't do that and are forced to deal with the unfair bans and wait, cuz like me for example have forgotten my account used to create my SoD account 5 years ago.


So I suggest the SoD team to REMOVE the chat bans from the chat system. Please. For the greater good, and I can see that it'll just mean the world for us, the players. Cuz I feel like for a fact that the chat ban in game is just useless and its not doing any role in making the gameplay experience in this game better, but rather making it annoying. It'll really actually improve the chat and even the game as an online multiplayer game, because we all know that being able to communicate properly with other fellow players/online friends is important in an MMO game like SoD.

I am a player/customer of this game and this is my fifth year playing this game, and this is my feedback to make the game better.


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I know. I said "10 gems" and

I know. I said "10 gems" and got banned for 1 day.

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I only said Hi to a friend and got banned for hours. Hey Brynjolf what is happening?!

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The most annoying aspect to me is that some players are still able to use foul language and abuse the chat.

Which I'm pretty sure was the whole point of the new chat restrictions. -_-

But the admins are working on it and it should be fix relatively soon. :)


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