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I've only been playing through SoD for at most four months. And there was something that I immediately noticed that was lacking. The quests, dragons, graphics, expansions, and racing are all more than what I expected. But the battle events were....not what I was expecting (I mean no offense, I truly appreciate what you have done on this game.) What I was wanting when I started playing was mostly battling on your dragon. The exhilaration of flying into combat, and the immense relief and pride of sinking and/or defeating the enemy (I know, I'm like Tuffnut). But when I found the battle events, and started on it. I was so excited...and so annoyed when one small pathetic Beserker ship sailed slowly into the mass of waiting dragons. There were several things that I noticed when the fireballs and catapults hit both sides.


1. It is too easy to just fly behind the ship, and barely get hit by the catapults, and deliver hundereds of points of damage before you had to refill your shots at the base. There are so many dragons that the catapults couldn't kill you if you were flying directly above them. TOO MANY TARGETS. The crossbows make a slight higher chance for the poor Beserkers, but not enough.


2. There isn't enough time to get many shots at the ship before it sinks under the onslaught. With all of the vikings with Screaming Deaths, Scauldrons, Snow wraiths, Eruptodons (Eruptodons are rare), and just pure numbers. There isn't enough time to get many points, and to actually earn the reward at the end.


3. The reward is too easy to get. Even if you only shoot the ship once, or get 0 points, you still have a chance to get Dragon eggs, stables, gems, and coins for barely fighting at all. (Believe me, I've seen those items in the bronze trophies.)




These are the main problems that I saw. (Like I said earlier, no offence.) Also, there needs to be some variety with the battle events. Every two hours, it is the same old thing, sometimes in a slightly different spot though. Bezerker or Outcast Vahalla express. I know that some people think that the battle events are'nt easy, but that is not what I see.


Here are a few suggestions to help make the battle events interesting.


1. Change the trophy prizes. the dragon eggs and gems could be obtained at a maximum of silver, and stables, gem helmets, and any amount of gems above 50 have to be obtained at gold.


2. Outcast ships are too weak. They have low health, and have nothing to make them equal to the Bezerkers. I recommend to have two ships instead of one. As well as one addition. Four changewings could fly between the ships. each one fires at a random viking once every ten seconds.


3. The Bezerkers don't make sense. They need more ships. At least three ships, in an an arrowhead formation. The lead ship has a Skrill flying above it. When a viking attacks the lead ship, the skrill shoots it. But the skrill has to have at least a 5 second timer before it can shoot again.


4. Since the ships are now overpowered, there needs to be more time to destroy them. the timer should be increased to 6.5 minutes.


5. The things posted in this point are not necessary, but they would be nice.


I would love some variety with the battle events. Unfortunately, there are only two events that happen, and they are much the same. Dragon Hunters could launch raids on the edge, Whispering Deaths could become very territorial, Skrills, Cavern crashers, The Berkians could launch an attack on Snotlout's hut because HookFang went on rampage...THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!! But I would LOVE some variety (I don't speak for everyone though). But please, just make the events something that is worth going to (instead of someplace where you get free equipment).







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Zalmach was 14 when he found himself on Algea Island. Why, he kept asking himself, and he kept answering himself also. Because the Dragon Hunters had put him there to prove his training. He wasn't like the others, big, buffy, absolutely dumb. He was short, not buffed, and the smartest one besides Vigo. When his parents first saw him, they were overjoyed to have a child that wasn't a big bowling ball with arms and legs. But the headmaster of the Dragon Hunters was not. Right when he was three, he started getting hard training alongside the others. The head-hunter bullied, teased, and told his parents it was for his own good. Zalmach grew stronger and faster that way, not like the Dragon Hunters, who grew in size along with strength, he was still skinny, but muscles knotted up his arms and legs. Then, at the age of 10, he had the chance to prove himself. A monsterous nightmare was released into the training grounds. Men were thrown aside, and burned by the heat. But Zalmach, when he lept on, wasn't thrown of like the others. he clung to the horns as he was thrown around. Then he started throwing the monstorous nightmare around. Slaming its head on walls and the floor. As the nightmare was tireing out, he reached down and squeezed the side of its neck. The creature fell down flat, purring. Soon, Vigo sent for him, and had him trained as his apprentice, in planning and finding dragon, and rider, weaknesses. Then, four years later, he had the final test, at the age of 14 no less. To find and bring a Flightmare all the way to a ship that was three miles out from the island. Zalmach found one, crouching behind a rock, stalking him. He jumped to the side as the stunning spray flew out of behind the rock. The flightmare jumped in front of him, growling. Zalmach ran the Flightmare's weaknesses through his head. He jumped, flipping onto the flightmare's back. The beast threw him off, easily. Zalmach was suprised by the beast's strength. So he tried something else. Doging another blast, he lept behind the flightmare and pulled a tranquilizer crossbow. Then he noticed that the back leg and wing were injured. The flightmare couldnt turn to face him because a dragon-hunter trap pierced both leg and wing, A long chain ran from both parts of the trap into the bushes. The flightmare turned as far as it could, the chain holding it from turning farther. Zalmach felt pity for this creature. All his life, he had been told that it dragons were only like pigs and cows, dumb beasts. But this one was looking at him with an almost sorrowful expression. He knew what would meet this dragon if he brought it to the hunters. Imprisonment and auctioning, or even dragon-fighting would be in store for this wounded beast. Not even knowing why he did it. Zalmach reached down and used a gronkle-iron dagger to cut the metal trap. The flightmare bounded out with a roar, and kicked the trap off it. It turned towards Zalmach, sniffing him over and over, apparently not liking his scent. Zalmach closed his eyed, and waited. Nothing happened. He opened his eyes and the flightmare was gone. Zalmach cursed himself all the way to where he knew there would be another flightmare, and there was. The same flightmare stood in front of him. It seemed to be looking with affection. A minute later, Zalmach and the flightmare took off, headed in the opposite direction of the dragon-hunters. He changed his name to ArchDrake, and avoided the dragon hunters, leaving Vigo to wonder what happened to his one-time apprentice. Eventually he made his way to Berk, and joined them in fighting against the dragon hunters.

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These would be pretty cool :o

These would be pretty cool :o





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