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Hey guys i've been working on a small fic just for fun that takes place many years after the events of httyd 3 and i'd like some tips to help push the story along.


The style of writing is a journal like type of writing, first person, tiny time skips, etc


Here's what i got so far.




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When i grew up i heard

When i grew up i heard stories of dragons living here at berk and i want to know where that story came from and maybe what happened to them.


To start things off here’s a little backstory on me, My name is Gotcha, i come from a long crazy bloodline of used to be dragon hunters turned berkians




This whole thing started when i dug into some old books to research berk itself. I’ve always been interested in history and knowing things our ancestors did and so i found the Book of Dragons, it had illustrations of these creatures and their abilities and i just couldn’t put it down so now i want to find these dragons that so mysteriously vanished into thin air, i’ll start by asking the elders.



((That's as far as i got, it's still in its rough writing stages so things can change)

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From the course I took for

From the course I took for writing, when things got boring, the guy said to make something interesting happen, like a wildfire for example.

Another thing is, write out the whole book, it doesn't have to be good, it is a draft. From that draft, go back over it, rewrite parts of it that you don't like. Do this a few times until you get it to your satisfaction. 



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i may have gotten allusions wrong but u know what i mean

It can help to work backwards, and write the ending or something close to the end, and then move around story points and introduce new elements as needed to make things meet. Some loose rules to follow as well;

- Avoid adding new information after about half way

- Fit your characters to a trope and then edit away from it as needed

- Give as many characters their own motives as possible; it's fun to play around with people who lie and withhold info from the MC, and figuring out what it would take to get that info without potentially violating your characters morals

- Groups of three are good for writing, try not to have your MC travel alone or you'll run out of things to write.

- (more of a fun side-task) pick one cliche to avoid like the plague, and one to nose-dive into with all of your might.


I also did a missing chapter assignment recently in the style of a journal entry- heres the list of things we had to include in it

- Scene description

- Past or recent event

- Dialogue (no more than 3 lines)

- Allusions


Allusions are honestly the greatest writing tool once you get it down; it's pretty much just saying something alternatively or slightly more poetically; for example, "I'm prepared to stab you to get some soup" can be changed to "I would bury a bowie knife into each and everyone of of your chests for some french onion soup right now. To the hilt" (TAZ Amnesty episode 12, Justin McElroy).


Character reccomendations:

- Give your MC someone to hate with a burning passion

- Fatal flaws for your MC can be social ones, such as being a terrible lier, or having 0 concept of social class and status (treats a king the same as a farmer)

- Have a secondary mission or underlying motivation, that can be brought in during the story


Plot Ideas

- Your antagonist doesn't have to be sentient; while it is easy to use an active villian, going down the road of that which is unstoppable and unreasonable is also good. A natural disaster, bad luck, or wildlife (do research for animal antag tho)

- If you want to put a romance subplot in, don't force it?? Glances across the room and pretty faces are just the worst romances. Especially when the character is like, ten.

- Keep locations to a minimum. Even though you are writing an explorers tale, focus on about 3 places, no more than 5, or it gets confusing. Everything else can be skipped or vaguely mentioned, and return to focused locations if you can.


well thats all i got for now; just suggestions and stuff i've observed over time, plus some personal preferences+pet peeves.


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(just puttin this link here so i can find mah gluespit adopt later gonna make a seperate page when i have the time)

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I'm just going to suggest one thing, as most other things have been hit on. 


Don't be afraid of change. 


I've had a story idea that started off being based on Pokemon, in a semi-futuristic world with the main character being a bubbly pink-loving 12 year old.  That same idea made a complete 180, and is now a fantasy world based on Chinese (and other Asian) mythology.  The main character went from pink and bubbly, to a grim edgy guy, and now to a headstrong young woman with an anger problem and overconfidence.


My point is, your ideas will change, and it's an important part in your growth as a writer.  You may find yourself creating characters that you adore at first, but find they have no place in your story.  Let change happen in your writing!


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