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So a month ago I started to play school of dragons. Today, I log in on my mobile device, and it says "Download Failed! Please Try Again". And so, I tried again, but it said that SAME ERROR MESSAGE! I uninstalled the game and installed it again, but it just said the same thing! Please help me! I love the game, but I can't play because of this annoying error message!


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Great Job! You made it to the bottom! Here is a special video just for you!

If clicking the link doesn't work, then copy and paste it into the search bar.


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Chill bruh, there's a thread about it  "download failed?"

We're all waiting for this unannounced maintenance to finish.


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Your game is ready! (I hope)

Your game is ready! (I hope) I was having the same issue, but I have just successfully logged on so it looks like the issue is resolved.

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Me Too!

5 hours later...

It works!

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Glady it is fixed! I wonder what happened though








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