Please get rid of CAPTCHA

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I've got to say, it is absolutely awful. Most of the time it keeps saying cannot connect, or please try again, or try again later, or completely stops. It's driving me crackers! It took nearly twenty minutes for me to send a message one day! And ten minutes earlier to post a request. And what's with the double, triple and even quadruple posting?! Please get rid of it.


Guess what? It's saying cannot connect. Grrrrrr




*two minutes later*





*another two minutes later*

No, I do not want to try again later!




*yet another few minutes later*



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Thank you, everyone, who has made art for me! The darn forums got rid of it here, in my siggy, in one fell swoop. I have it saved and it is BRILLIANT.

Dewi, by belubel! Ty!                              Xenon, by Frugal. Ty!!            

Pearl and Twitch, and Pyxis and Thumper, by Moonfyre! Tysm!

Edit of the General, by Ninja. Ty!                            Solly, by Neo! Tysm!     


Puzzle the Marshrunner, by Speedyleaf! Tysm!           Pedasgell, by VicZarSky! Ty!           


I take art and story commissions! As anyone would, I prefer paid, but I will also do free and art trades.

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I can do digital and traditional drawings. Dragons from HTTYD, Dragonvale and Flight Rising are all good, and so are hybrids. Be warned though, I will not draw boulder class, nadders, scuttleclaws, deathgrippes or groncicles. I can't get their heads right.

I CAN have a go at drawing humans, even though I'm not particularly good.

Examples can be found on my DeviantArt page.

For stories

I will write a lot of genres: fantasy, sci-fi(ish) and steampunk are just some of them. I will not do extreme horror or fluff. It's best to come armed with as much info as you can so I can do the best I can.

Story length depends on the story (obviously) but it's usually between 400-1500 words.

My scribbles can be found on Quotev and Wattpad.

PM me if you would like art or writings, or I can be found on Facebook Messenger at Flitt Locke.

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Nice! You've reached the end! Pm me for your reward (Art, banner, story or book cover. Your choice!) :D

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Tbh the entire world needs to get rid of recaptcha. It's such a poor system with a robot that can't tell the difference between things most of the time, and then tells you you're wrong. Also I'd like to avoid Google products, and recaptcha is making this impossible.


There are some websites I avoid because it takes a couple of minutes to get through the recaptcha and I really can't be bothered to use such an user-unfriendly feature. I'm glad that this forum uses a less strict one that's just 'check the box' most of the time.


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Robots, always wrong.


I can't even check the box most of the time, it'll just keep coming up with an excuse for not checking it. 

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A wild post appeared!!!

You guys wanna know a secrect? I never have to fill out a CAPTCHA....


We need gem quests back!!!


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A wild post appeared!!!


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2014 members of the forum... Lucky ducks. (I was one of them at some point...)


My old account is from 2014, Scoubidous. No captcha, but I don't wanna use it, lol.


(Click me to head to my Instagram)

I'm what you'd call... a lazy artist.


Princess Zelda (BotW)

Zelda in those BotW cutscenes was great. She's such a good character, with such great growth.

I would've drawn her other two outfits, but I tried, and they looked derpy, so I abandoned ship, and finished these two.


Yellow Dragon Zeno (Left)                Asuna (Right)


Zeno was a speedpaint. Asuna was a thing to keep me awake at the worst hours of the morning just to watch FunimationCon.

Consistancy! xD

jk, I'm just as lazy when I'm tired, as when I record these.

A contest entry!
This one was a lot of fun to do, ngl. The Barbarian armour is some of the most fun to do, and here I was, expecting it to be the most difficult thing in the world to do.


"Midna"                                                    "Eternity"


"Hero of Time"

He was done as a tester for a few things. I'm still getting used to my art program on my laptop...





Oh, so, you've come down this far now, have you?

Well then, I'm amazed. My art usually turns people away...

or just makes them fearful of me, lol.


Anyways, some info about me!

Just in case y'all wanna know a little more about me.


Name: Calista (it's a pen name)

Nicknames: Cali, Madoka

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Playing games

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My Hero Academia

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Bendy and the Ink Machine


Fav Characters to Draw:

The many incarnations of Link


The Hollow Knight

Sammy Lawrence

Assorted other anime characters (The list would be a long one if I were to list them all)



If any of y'all claim you know nothing about me, I'll direct you here. So if you're one of those people, I guess it's a "told ya so!"?


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A wild post appeared!!!

Why is that?

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Aloha I am a subject!

I just made my forum account quite recently and the captcha hasn't been a problem, but it seems the more posts I make the worse and longer to complete it gets, it's almost as if the captcha is thinking "Wait this computer has filled out this captcha alot of times? WHAT IF ITS A ROBOT TRYING TO SPAM OR BUY TICKET OR SOMETING?!?!! FIRE EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT MEN WE GOTTA CONFIRM THIS ISNT A ROBOT!!!! HEY ROBOT FIND THESE CARS N STREET LAMPS N BICYCLES AND FIND WHERE I LEFT MY COMMON SENSE CAUSE I LOST THAT TOO"


Luckily it currently only takes 1-2 minutes for me... so far


Oof signature disappeared ._.


I rarely come on here anymore...

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Aloha I am a subject!

Wait... I just realized, there is no way they make all these captchas by hand and have just a bunch of people grabbing random screenshots of google maps, which means..... In order for a captcha to exist said captcha must be solvable by a robot

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It makes sense that AI will be able to solve captchas in the future as long as we keep solving those captchas as a means to train them! (looking forward to this) A huge reason for captcha's existence is to train AI to recognise things, and we're helping by basically verifying what the AI thinks is say, 'a car' or 'not a car'. Soon enough we'll be able to use bots to solve questions made by bots. It's some beautiful irony.


Unfortunately, they forgot about the fact that the AI can be wrong and there's no way to correct the bot whenever it tells me a caravan is a bus again. Sometimes I feed it false info on purpose because I'm petty.

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I actually agrer, I have my

I actually agrer, I have my roleplays and it's irritating to post, and someone replies to my character causing me to go back and edit to reply, not to mention me filling out forms, sending PMs and everything. GO AWAY CAPTCHA NOBODY LIKES YOU!!!!


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I just deliberately missed a traffic light and it said I could post. Yet on the next one I got them all and said it was wrong.

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Stop light? Cars? Sanity?


I NEVER have to pick cars or stoplights.  I just CLICK the little square box and KABLAMM.  reCaptcha 0, me 1.  I feel so sorry for the people who have to use their brains to pick cars and stoplights and lose their sanity because of it.  So, GO AWAY reCaptcha!  You're making my friends go more crazy!


What's with calling it a Siggy?

Why not just stick with a plain old





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xXCardinalxWingsXx, Leafgale and many others whom I cant remember as I type this.  

The Terrible Terror is Me trying to roast my friends.  They give me a fish at the end out of pity.  

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(Made by Flitt, and is actually pretty cool no matter what she says)

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A News page too (though there aint much news on it yet)

If you want to find me in game, either friend me (well you have to find me to do that first) or look for me with my loving W. Death Groundbreaker (who's pic won't load so oh well).






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(The Screamborn is said to be born from the screaming death's dying cry)

This is GravyBoat, and BoatyGravy. 

(Done by Flitt who made these out of three words: Lava, Gravy, and Tuffnut)

This is Starchbeard the Potato Dragon by Flitt



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I love LEGO

Want me to make a build?

PM me and I'll try to make what you requested (no promises, I have limitations people)


This is a Lego rocket car I built that my friend homemade some rocket fuel for. 

It didnt go very far but the flame that was created was pretty awesome

(Yes that is real purple fire)




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Aloha I am a subject!

used to be the same exact thing for me, but it seems like the more posts you make, the longer the captchas take

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*jumps into convo*

WHAT?!! Oh my goodness, that's like heaven for me!! reCAPTCHA asks me to click on several squares FOR OVER FIVE MINUTES OR MORE, and then tells me, "Nope! That ain't part of the car!"







WHADYA MEAN THE WINDOWS AREN'T PART OF THE CAR!? Well shoot! Here I was thinking the front seats of the structure wasn't part of the car! Guess they're just leather components glued firmly onto the sides of the car, but being inside of the car doesn't make them PART OF the car











...reCAPTCHA can go eat the dirty car seats and windows for all I care 






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Whiplash - Adult Singetail

Stormblaze - Adult Typhoomerang




Gama - Adult Eruptodon

Boulder - Adult Eruptodon

Zeme - Adult Grapple Grounder

EarthShock - Adult Grapple Grounder

Steinene - Adult Groncicle

Shiverfoot - Adult Groncicle

Stalactaurus - Adult Groncicle

Frannk - Baby Gronckle

Izikhali - Adult Gronckle

Stonemuncher - Titan Gronckle

Rockblast - Hotburple

Thandelene - Adult Screaming Death

Wildburst - Adult Screaming Death

EchoSonar - Elder Sentinel

Rockfang - Adult Snafflefang

Spinfire - Adult Whispering Death

Stonewild - Adult Whispering Death

Spineminer - Titan Whispering Death




Grimmborn - Titan Grim Gnasher

Blindheal - Adult Prickleboggle

MistSlicer - Adult Raincutter

Steelrace - Adult Razorwhip

MagnaBlade - Titan Razorwhip

Wingclaw - Adult Scuttleclaw

Hookclaw - Adult Scuttleclaw

Krystalla - Baby Shivertooth

Elurra - Adult Shivertooth

Frostpike - Adult Shivertooth

Flow - Baby Speed Stinger

Nevara - Adult Speed Stinger

Zipline - Titan Speed Stinger

Helixwing - Adult Stormcutter

GoldenCloud - Adult Stormcutter

RipperSky - Titan Stormcutter

Timberslice - Adult Timberjack




Metalwing - Adult Armorwing

Hedy Lamarr - Baby Boneknapper

Nalla - Adult Boneknapper

Boneknight - Titan Boneknapper

Veil - Adult Changewing

FireKiller - Titan Death Song

Millionheat - Adult Dramillion

Mania - Adult Flightmare

Nightmare - Titan Flightmare

TrickSly - Adult Hideous Zippleback

FlapJack - Titan Hideous Zippleback

Nebulah - Adult Smothering Smokebreath

Wobble and Trouble - Adult Smothering Smokebreath

Idliso - Adult Sweet Death




Pipping - Baby Deadly Nadder

Sharpshot - Adult Deadly Nadder

Neospike - Titan Deadly Nadder

Landrake - Adult Mudraker

Tinderhull - Adult Rumblehorn




Paralia - Adult Sand Wraith

Waverider - Adult Sand Wraith

Jackpot - Titan Sand Wraith

PoisonSpring - Adult Scauldron

Galvanon - Titan Shockjaw

Cyclone - Adult Sliquifier

Shellia - Baby Thunderdrum

Riptide - Baby Thunderdrum

TidalWave - Baby Thunderdrum

SeaweedBrain - Adult Thunderdrum

SeaBurst - Adult Thunderdrum

Watertail - Titan Thunderdrum

Helia - Adult Tide Glider

Aether - Adult Windwalker




Stingtail - Adult Deathgripper

Jazzon - Baby Skrill

Aurabolt - Adult Skrill

Elektra - Adult Skrill

Thunderstorm - Titan Skrill

Eira - Adult Snow Wraith

IceStrike - Titan Snow Wraith

ScorpionStryke - Titan Triple Stryke

Snowstorm - Baby Woolly Howl

Blizzard - Adult Woolly Howl

Sullyvan - Titan Woolly Howl



































Thank you for your friendship, mates! You helped me in more ways than you know.

I might pop up every once in a while. Maybe.

Yours in demigodishness, and all that. Peace out.





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I like the fact that you said more crazy.

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Guess what?

Pro tip:  (Not that I'm a pro at anything)

If you have a Google account, and it's logged in, the ReCAPTCHA functions like a basic checkbox. Click, and you're good to go!  


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How do you get a Google account?

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Dragonriders Fury
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Uhh... Hmm...

You might want to look that up on Google.  You'd probably find more useful info that I can give. :P XD

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Works without a logged-in Google account as well. I think it mostly depends on whether you're considered to be 'suspicious' or not, but I don't know what's considered to be suspicious behaviour.

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I absolutely agree with this. It doesn't do the job it's supposed to, which is prevent spam from being posted, and it's super, super annoying so it just needs to be done away with. I honestly liked the old captcha better than this one. They used to have it where you typed in numbers or words that you saw and that was it. Most of the time I got it in one try. This new captcha? Yeah, good luck with that. It can take me several tries before it will finally say I got it right and check the box and even then it sometimes takes forever to post my comment and sometimes it even says "Verification expired" before it posts which forces me to open a new tab and go to the forum to check if it actually posted or not to avoid double posts. I was actually locked out of using my forum account for several hours once because the captcha kept saying that I got it wrong and then it finally said that my computer might be sending spam and to try again later. Captcha is so frustrating and useless that they just need to remove it.


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For more information on Jehovah's Witnesses, for answers to your Bible-based questions, or for information on a varity of topics, some of which  include: animals, countries, how to deal with bullies, how to have a happy family life, how to make real friends, and depression, please visit



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Star Wars Favorites

(Yes, I must have a favorites section devoted to Star Wars XD)

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It actually posted!

Hey, shall we start a campaign in our siggys to get rid of CAPTCHA? 

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Aloha I am a subject!

I think that could be a good idea, but something else would have to be put in place to avoid spam...

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TinyPic uses a thing where you have to write a word that is shown, it works quite well.


We'll need a logo if we do a campaign.

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CAPACHA is mean

Flitt wrote:

We'll need a logo if we do a campaign.



I can work on that.


Edit: I couldn't do a logo, but I made banners!

sorry if the links don't work.



If you click on them, it will take you to their creater

banners made by AndreaEaston


Hookfang Banner

Banners made by Dragonriders Fury



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CAPTCHA isn't really a

CAPTCHA isn't really a problem for the first 10 or 15 posts I do but it tends to get worst as I contiune to post. I think the worst is when I had to do it 3 times. But i 100% agree, I know it's suppose  to prevent spam and robots but still I ain't a robot. Plus it can drive people crazy I know I once got a headache from trying to solve the CAPTCHA when I wrote like 2 to 3 paragraphs for the roleplay I'm in and when writing my backstories for the forms I filled out (and why I stopped writing the backstories since CAPTCHA drives me nuts) so yup that is why I agree about removing CAPTCHA.


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Dracomon fury who's Warmetalgarurumon's older brother by InkyDigiWings

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Liza (SATPOP OC) as a Nightlight by ApertureNightFury12345 (InkyDigiWings now)

Lizshade (Liza x Nightshade are OCs of SATPOP) by ApertureNightFury12345 (InkyDigiWings now)

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Sary vs Cure Cherry (Fresh precure OC) by me

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kid Liza (SATPOP OC) by me

Child Liza (SATPOP OC) by me

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Nightshade's dragon form (armor) (SATPOP OC) by me

Nightshade dragon form by NightFury125Nightshade before he got his armor (SATPOP OC) by me

Nightshade's old look (SATPOP OC) by me

Teenager Nightshade (SATPOP OC) by me

kid Nightshade (SATPOP OC) by me

Child Nightshade (SATPOP OC) by me


R.I.P. old look of Shine you'll be missed (banner done by AndreaEaston)


Catra fan banner by NightFury125

(this banner was done by me)

Viking profiles:

Viking Name: Warmetalgarurumon


Age:19 (not my real age  it's a role playing age)

Personality:brave, strong, smart and sometimes afriad


proud member of

clan banner by The Bohemian Critic

Viking Level: 17 (the dreadfall event resetted my level)

Fishing Level:27

Farming Level:30

Dragon Count:over 104 Dragons


UDT Stars:1 platinum star

UDT Points:20000+ UDT points

Friend Code: pm me

Main Dragons: Tripe Stinger (titan triple stryke), Toothless (alpha night fury),Bright (light fury),

Tiny (titan terrible terrior), Lightning (titan skrill), Stone Guardian (elder sentinal), Stone Guard (titan sentinal), Midnight (Dart the nightlight), Dawn (Pouncer the nightlight) and Dusk (Ruffrunner the nightlight)

Favorite Class: strike class

Home Land:Berserker Island


Viking name: Delphox Alpha


Age:19(not my real age it's a role playing age)

Personality: not very smart, confident in self, stubborn and weak

Clan: Leader of winter fire dragons

Viking Level:35

Fishing Level:6

Farming Level:9

Dragon Count:23 Dragons


UDT Stars: 2 Silver Stars

UDT Points:59223 UDT Points

Friend Code: pm me

Main Dragon: Toothless (alpha night fury) Wise Stone Protecter (elder sentinal) Triple Tail (triple stryke) Mossy Stone (sentinal), Stormy (skrill)

Favorite Class:boulder class

Home Land:Berserker Island


BrightMars, BeautifulJupiter, Wisewisesaturn, DialgaTheRulerOfTime, PalkiaTheRulerOfSpace and CurePassionBeat


that's all i have for now bye!

Wolfrun by otakuangelx on DeviantArt

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A wild post appeared!!!

We're too late... they're learning.

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Flipping heck

Oh dear.

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To those who are saying it becomes harder the more you post: That's untrue. The rate of posting has nothing to do with whether you're considered to be suspicious or not, unless you're posting at inhuman speeds.


ETA: Get the Buster extension if you're tired of Google forcing you to work for free and wasting your time. Very useful extension that'll usually solve sound captchas for you.

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Just me or...

Interesting. For me, the quickest way for me to post isn't waiting. What I do is I click the "I'm not a robot" thing, click save once, wait 5 seconds, click it again twice, then the system will say that a reuse abuse thing whatnot was detected and for me to redo the captcha, I go back to the thread, and bam my reply is there xd. HM. 




                      Forever Under Construction!! 



IGN: xXNightValorXx


Nicknames: Night, Valor, Nighty, V


Clan: New Start


Trophies: Just reached over 10,000 and counting!


Friend Code: PM me for my friend code :3


Hobbies in SoD: Hanging around Training Grounds, battles, racing, flying, taking screenshots, and hanging out with friends. You can usually find me in the Training Grounds though.


Main dragons:

Velocity-Pure white with black speckles and spikes titan Sand Wraith

NightSky- Pure black with white spots titan Sand Wraith

AuroraStorm- Mettalic silver, royal blue and pastel green titan Razorwhip 

Amethyst- Royal purple, purplish pinkish, and magenta titan Stormcutter

WaveDancer- Light blue, purple, and pink titan Scauldron

AtlantisDreams- Light blue and royal blue with white tipped wings titan Flightmare

Toothless- Night Fury

Lightfury- Lightfury

PixieDust- Royal purple, light purple, and light pink Smothering Smokebreath

EverWing- Royal purple, black, and gray titan Woolly Howl

Xerxes- Black and red titan Skrill 


Dragons: 45



                                     By: TheSmokeyDragon   










                                           Art Section!!


WinterAurora by: AndreaEaston


ShadowRider by: AndreaEaston


MischievousAngel by: AndreaEaston


StormChaser dragon ballon by: AndreaEaston


EchoSong dragon ballon by: AndreaEaston


BlizzardStrike by: AndreaEaston

Sakura by: AndreaEaston
DawnDancer by: AndreaEaston
Inverno by: AndreaEaston
Roccia by: AndreaEaston

MoonAura as a baby by: Chameishida


MoonAura as an adult by: Chameishida


FlashyFlash as a baby by: Chameishida


FlashyFlash as an adult by: Chameishida



FlashyFlash as a titan by: Chameishida


StormRunner as a baby by: Chameishida


StormRunner as an adult by: Chameishida


NightValor and Nightsky by: DyliehIdol1214


Amethyst by: DyliehIdol1214


WaveRacer by: Goldenwolfmidna V


AuroraStrike by: ImDerpySheylaYT


Andromeda by: ImDerpySheylaYT


FireFlake by: ImDerpySheylaYT


NightWing by: ImDerpySheylaYT


AtlantisHope by: ImDerpySheylaYT


WinterAurora and AuroraStrike by: ImDerpySheyla


Luna by: ImDerpySheyla


Valience by: KasaneLover


WinterChaser by: LilyStark


WinterAurora by: LissaFish


Pluvia by LissaFish




 NightSlasher by: Megaboltphoenix


NightValor and Nightsky by: RedHoodJason


WinterAurora by RedHoodJason


NightCosmo by: RedHoodJason


Inferno by: Rutvi123123


WinterAurora as a human by: ZestyDragonWing


NightCosmo by: ZestyDragonWing


NightSky by: ZestyDragonWing


GoldIvory by: ZestyDragonWing


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Sometimes it makes me find

Sometimes it makes me find street lights and sometimes not. Also, a telephone pole is NOT a street light! CAPACHA is not doing it's job well.

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Ugh, I got that too. Does IT

Ugh, I got that too. Does IT even know?

'Bugs Protest' Banner made by Lady Fighter!
Scroll down below!


Welcome to my signature!



This is Skylight, guardian of my siggy, created by the amazing Sohki!


A special thanks to Flitt for these amazing piece of artwork!



Both Night Lights were made by AndreaEaston(Thanks, Andrea!)


Male Lycanwing, Midnight                                                            Female Lycanwing, Shadow

Both Lycanwings were created by the amazing AMAZIEing!(Get it? Amazing? AMAZIEing? Never mind....)


Dramillion Banner made by Dragonriders Fury!


Calumon Night Light made by InkiDigiWing


Down below are some of my favorite HTTYD gifs!








A few things about myself


I am a very big dragon fan, and this is my second time of school of dragons.

I used to play it, but I erased it for some reason(I can't remember why I did that).

Clan : The Furious Alpha Furies


Current Clan Position : Member


Trophies : About 240 and keeping track


Languages : Korean, English, and Boar Latin(The twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnut were generous enough to give me 94 free lessons.)


Main Viking : SilverAceWind


Main Dragons : Glowfin(Male Dreadstrider), Healbeam(Female Prickleboggle), Sandstorm(Male Sand Wraith)


Where to Find Me in-game : Training grounds, mostly, but Wilderness, a few times, and sometimes, The School, but rarely Lookout


Favorite Dragons Top 10 : Dramillion, Razorwhip, Dart, Dreadstrider, Speed Stinger, Light Fury, Death Song, Pouncer, Night Fury, Ruffrunner


Favorite Dragon Classes : Sharp, Mystery, and Strike


Expansion Packs Completed : Icestorm Island, Battle for the Edge



Yes, I am a MASSIVE Pokemon and HTTYD fan!


My favorite pokemon is a Lycanroc.




I am a proud elder of The Furious Alpha Furies




You have reached the bottom of my boring siggy!

Bye-Bye, and thanks to all the users who gave me amazing art!









































































































































































































































































































































































































I doubt that some people read here(if you do, thanks)


I have a special event in my siggy. Solve these two riddles, put the two answers together,  then get this art from me : 


It is not that good, I know, but this is the best art I have. I can remove the black background if you want, though.

I will think it up in a month.... please wait.....