Pink Training Grounds

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So this happened.



I've seen NPCs and even players and/or parts of them pink like this, but never an entire environment. First logged into the Wilderness, it looked fine. Went from there to the school grounds, which was also fine except for the Headmaster and Johann, who were both all pink like this. Then when I went into the Training Grounds, it was like the image above. Tried logging out and back in and it was still the same way. I play the mobile version on an Ellipsis 10 tablet.


((clan banner by Sentinel Soul))


((clan card by ladybrasa))




[ Viking Name ]

Eira "Ylva" Wolfeye, the Changeling

[ In-game Name ]


[ Age ]


[ Hair ]

Auburn, Long and unruly

[ Eyes ]

Right eye: Golden Yellow

Left eye: Green

[ Build ]

Short and scrawny 

[ Personality ]

Headstrong, fiercely loyal, abrupt, introspective, introvert

 [ Attire ]

Scraps of leathers, furs, and dragon scales, hood and mask, braided leather headband

[ Equipment ]

Dragon spine daggers, spear, composite recurve bow, gemshorn (dragon horn ocarina)







..:: EIRA'S DRAGONS ::..


[ Name ]


[ Species ]


[ Gender ]


[ Color ]

Olive and reddish brown

[ Personality ]

Pragmatic, passive, protective





[woolly howl base by megaboltphoenix, coloring by me]

[ Name ]


[ Species ]

Woolly Howl

[ Gender ]


[ Color ]

Dark Brown, light tan

[ Personality ]

Grumpy, ornery, mistrusting




[ Name ]


[ Species ]

Silver Phantom

[ Gender ]


[ Color ]

Blue, white, silver





[ Name ]


[ Species ]

Terrible Terror

[ Gender ]


[ Color ]

Brown, red, white




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Wiggles the whispering death ate my subject

Pm admins

lol it’s kind of funny tho 

tell admins EVERYTHING wrong, so it’s easy to figure out the problem

while you are at it complain about the daily rewards limit












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That's what something without a texture looks like!

You could try reinstalling. Be sure to clear the app cache as well.


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