(Phase 1) The adventures of Zero the Ruthless and Shockwave: The Secret's Curse! featuring Owl and Shadow

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(Phase 1) The adventures of Zero the Ruthless and Shockwave:

The Secret's Curse! featuring Owl and Shadow ( Part 1 )


Zero sat in his house, baffled. He had never felt so dumb in a while, he was not able to come to a conclusion to the creator of the maze and Loki's helm 


Zero: Argh, why cant I figure it out! ( He then punched the wall ) -Thud- Well I could keep it with me but I don't feel it will be safe, not even here on berk. I have got to think of a place to hide it , huh, thats it!


Zero walked out of the house and spotted Hiccup outside his house, He stood behind a bush to try and listen in on Hiccup



Hiccup: ( What Zero could here ) I wonder...That helmet... Gobber...we could use...Zero.

Zero: -Walks right up behind Hiccup and says- Hello Hiccup 

Hiccup: -makes a face as if he has seen a ghost- err... Hey there Zero...I was just thinking about you. I really forgot how stealthy you were. hehe.

Zero: -Lifts an eyebrow- (in his mind) There is no point me trying to interrogate him, he has toothless with him and Shockwave is in the stables, I best change the subject (In normal tone) So yeah I just came to ask if you have seen any of my friends around, I have been meaning to visit them for a while you know Hypergoof, Whisper, Owl, Defy......( The list continues) 


Hiccup: Well I have not seen many of them, but Owl yeah I have seen her not too long ago ( Zero was in his house the whole time she invaded berk ) She came with an army of dragons

Zero: -Eyes Widen-

Hiccup: You know to take me out because I was helpless in preventing her ban

Zero: -Eyebrows raised and Eyes widened- Wait Owl was banned? ( He said confused, he knows of Shadows rampage but he does not know Owl was banned)

Hiccup: Urgh, never mind. Just if you do see her please don't be...well....err. How do I put it... Just help her fit in and don't make her feel down okay!

Zero: Why would I do that in the first place?

Hiccup: *sighs*

Zero: Okay im off, to go find them

Hiccup: um no Zero remember the rule no-one and I mean no-one is allowed to fly at nigh apart from the berk guard and the dragon academy, not even you.

Zero: Yeah yeah whatever.


Zero ponders off




Zero: Yeah right, since when has he been the boss of me...even though he is the chiefs' son.


Zero walks behind one of the patrolling dragon riders , Fishlegs, and stands behind a pumpkin


Zero: Hehe, this is going to be fun. -In a scary tone- You potato like viking shall be eaten tonight and we will feast of your juicy flesh

Fishlegs: wh...Who...Who is there, you cant scare me

Zero: -still in scary voice- We will will if that is true will I cook you over the stove alive, hahahaha.


Zero: Hehe




Zero carries on walking towards the hanger and found his next victim , Bucket, He peers round the corner to see the clueless viking looking around for dragon riders when there is one about to assult him



Zero jumps onto the roof of the house and looks down on Bucket



Zero: *Sighs* Sorry Bucket but I have to get to Shockwave, if I want this treasure hidden.


Zero then jumps of the building landing on Buckets head stunning him for long enough to allow Zero to pass



Bucket: *ouch, ouch ,ouch*



Zero finally arrived at the stables


Zero: Finally, once I get you out of the hanger I will finally be able to remove the burden of possession of the helm, which has done nothing but curse my mind.



In the Hanger



Zero: Finally hey there boy, come on lets go we need to be quick...We will escape through the east side





Zero dropped the treasure and looked around, after a while of flying he then landed


Zero: hmm, OwlMoonFire...




~Dragon Ball Super~















Lightning PredatorZ


A picture of some of my clan members : Rhavenz the daring, MeridaElsa and Polarris              ===========================================================================================================================

Skrill Section






Above 3 GIFs by OwlsBane


Name: Shockwave

Class: Strike

Ability: Shock


A wonderful edit of shockwave by MidnightMare-Shockwave was also MidnighMare's first skrill edit


Made by the AMAZING OwlsBane


Electrifying image by MajoraTheHylian



Epic Bouncie by Defy


Derpy Shockwave by the one and only, Buddyfan1






My dragons


(Titan Form)



Age- Unknown

Description- Coming Soon!



Gender- Female

Age- Unknown

Description- Coming soon!


Gender- Male

Age- 19

Description- Coming soon!


Gender- Male

Age- 30

Description- Coming soon!




Age- Unknown

Description- Coming soon!


Gender- Male

Age- 20

Description- Coming soon!


Gender- Male

Age- 20

Description- Coming soon!


Gender- Male

Age- 20

Description- Coming soon!

Zip and Zap:

Gender- Male

Age- 20

Description- Coming soon!

More dragons under construction!


Zero the Ruthless






Made by MistyNight


Made by the Awesome Defy, as a Snoggletog gift. Thx alot






Screenshot Comic Team




Phase 1:

1. (Introduction)

2. The Lost Sheep and the Deadly plant!

3. Visit to Icestorm!

4. The Secret's Curse! featuring Owl and Shadow

5. Its that time of year! Snoggletog special

















Phase 2:


Phase 3:





1. Rayquaza


2. Garchomp

3. Latios

4. Sceptile

5. Absol

6. Gallade

7. Noivern




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(Phase 1) The adventures of Zero the Ruthless and Shockwave
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Tracking! :)

Tracking! :)


Soon her ice dragon would come for her, and she would ride on its back to the land of always-winter.

~George R. R. Martin, The Ice Dragon


<br/><a  data-cke-saved-href="http://oi66.tinypic.com/143dq1f.jpg" href="http://oi66.tinypic.com/143dq1f.jpg" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

HTTYD2 Concept by Jason Scheier, Woolly Howl edit by me


Whisper the Wolf  STICKER

& Winterwind  

Winterwind Flying (Gif) by WhispertheWolfie

Whisper the Wolf by Pixel                                                                   Winterwind by Nessie



All links open in a new tab.

Winterwind Artwork

Winterwind Banners

Whisper and Winterwind: A Poem by Wolflight



The Real Winterwind: Jetta


Made by Owlsbane


The bond between Man and Beast...

http://images2.fanpop.com/image/polls/459000/459048_1275729097789_full.jpgDisplaying Touch Scene.jpg

...is not just fiction.




Character Links

<br/><a  data-cke-saved-href="http://oi64.tinypic.com/2qv8m5c.jpg" href="http://oi64.tinypic.com/2qv8m5c.jpg" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a><br/><a  data-cke-saved-href="http://oi65.tinypic.com/2ahtssx.jpg" href="http://oi65.tinypic.com/2ahtssx.jpg" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

Trainer Sprites by Blackwolfen

Links are in blue, all open in a new tab


The Wolf and the Howl Characters:

Whisper Norling




Ylva Norling



Norbert Haugen







The King

Other Characters

More Characters


Son of the Sea Characters


In-Game Dragons:

Strike Class

Boulder Class

Sharp Class

Tracker Class

Tidal Class

Stoker Class

Mystery Class Part 1

Mystyer Class Part 2





Links to My Screenshot Comics



The Wolf and the Howl: The Song of Death

The Wolf and the Howl: The Dragon at Dreadfall

The Wolf and the Howl: Dragon Sledding

The Wolf and the Howl: A Winter's Ride

The Wolf and the Howl: Matchmaker

The Wolf and the Howl: The Mysterious Chicken Caper

The Wolf and the Howl: Terror Loose on Dreadfall


Extra: Dasher's Snoggletog Countdown



[She] liked winter best of all, for when the world grew cold, the ice dragon came.

~George R.R. Martin, The Ice Dragon




Wingdnasher Fan


Prickleboggle Fan




Ice Dragon from the How to Train Your Dragon Book Series: The Doomfang

Doomfang by themasterplan47


And only a Winter Child, and the ice dragon who loved her, could save her world from utter destruction.

~George R. R. Martin, The Ice Dragon


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...................U were

...................U were mentioned ;)

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" We spoke unspoken things, We rode on broken wings "

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Buddyfan1 O.O ? Im surprised

Buddyfan1 O.O ? Im surprised anyway thats good for me XD. Just asking is this the first one of my comics which you have read, if so if you want I can give you them in order.

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Yeah, this is the first one I'm reading. I don't think I seen the others. 

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zero the ruthless
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would u like the

would u like the others? 


In my second post there is a link to the previous one you can keep going back because I have put a link to the previous one on all my comics. Keep clicking the links until u reach the one with no 'previous' link if you want to read it from the start

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All my life i thought air was free.Until i bought a bag of chips

Le tracking :P

*plops down with potato chips* Cool comic XD


Hello. Welcome to le sig :P 

I go by Wolf or Howling on forums, but for people who know me in game, I go by Mace.

Main dragon and secondary dragon:MAIN: Vengeance/Kratos the TimberJack. SECONDARY: Hailstorm the SnowWraith

Dragons: List at the bottom of my sig.


Age:Between 10 and 20...that's all i'mma say.

A quick little something: I am into HTTYD, Wolf's RainBBA, Tokyo Ghoul(kind of...some parts of it were just a train wreck, but don't kill me), Noragami(Second season is a feels trip, also, screw Fujisaki), SnK/AoT, Avatar The Last Airbender, about halfway with Legends of Korra, Wings of FireRobo tech, Steven Universe, FNaF, Percy Jackson, Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, Ginga Densetsu WeedPokemon, Haikyuu(It's actually really interesting), and Bungou Stray Dogs. May have forgotten a few, but for now that's all.


Entering le main part of the sig.

Teacher: (my name) SIT DOWN RIGHT NOW



Dang, I just took an enormous chunk out of my sig. Oh well >_>

The dragons i've adopted :P

Wind CleaverWindCleaver The Timberjack: Adopted from Snowflake12298. He was my very first adoptable :P

(male) Exoshock the Chibi Seashocker: Adopted from Nova. Exoshock is the older brother of Flarewing.

(female) Flarewing the Chibi Seashocker: Adopted from Nova. Flarewing is the younger sister of Exoshock

(male) SunFin the Chibi Seashocker: Adopted from Nova. SunFin is the eldest sibling of Exoshock and Flarewing.

(male) Riptide the Smoothskin: Adopted from Maijic.

(male) Nebula the GalaxyFury: Adopted from Bubbles.

(male) Lobo the WolfFury: Adopted from MidnightMare.

(female) Corryn the GermanFury: Adopted from MidnightMare.

(male) Leo(So original) the LionFury: Adopted from MidnightMare.

(male) Streamline the Streambolt: Adopted from DuskDaybreak.

(female) Golden the CrystalDragon: Adopted from Thunder and Lightning.

(male) CosmicFlash the Siren Flashbang: Adopted from Goldenfury360.

(male) Wolf the Woodland Sprite: Adopted from Dusk.

(male) Ferocious the RARE Siren Flashbang: Adopted from Goldenfury360.

(female) Rose the Woodland Sprite: Adopted from Dusk.

(female) Hedwig the Cyclone: Adopted from Snowflake12298.

 (male) Blaziken the Cyclone: Adopted from Snowflake12298.

 (male) LoneWolf the Snuffletooth: Adopted from toothlessnightfury.

(male)Splicicle the Rare Ice Phyche Keeper Dragon: Adopted from Krazykira24. He is able to change his patterns and colors to mesmerize his foes!

 (male)Blue the Skyfeather: Adopted from TimberJackGirl.

(female)Duskwatch the Skyfeather: Adopted from TimberJackGirl.

(female)Skye the patterned Scauldron: Adopted from TimberJackGirl.

(male)Vex the Cyclone:  requested by me and created by Snowflake12298.

(male)Scythe the Saber-toothed Horntail: Adopted from Fury of the Night.

(male)Kuuru the Chibi Oriental Serpentfang: Adopted from NightmareRebuff, he's a hyper one.

(female)Amethyst the Saber-tooth Horntail: Adopted from Fury of the Night.

(male) Scrauldrex the scauldron: Requested by me and edited by Defy.

(male) Inferno the Psyche Keeper Dragon: Adopted from KrazyKira24. A very...odd dragon to say the least, he hasn't decided on his pattern just yet.
(female) Onyx the Psyche Keeper Dragon: Adopted from KrazyKira24. A mysterious Gemstone psyche, but kind nonetheless.

(male) Tiger the Pebble-Shooting Speed Demon: Adopted from xXHallaXx. He's somewhat aggressive, but he'll be friendly if he's known you for a while :3

(male) Reicher the Pebble-Shooting Speed Demon: Requested by me and made by xXHallaXx. 



My OCs :P

Just writing down my two main OCs, and as for the rest, they will just be listed.

Name:A name once revealed, but it's been hidden. Rogue is what he goes by.


Age:16 to 19 or 20..it depends on the age set of the rp, really.

Appearance:Messy, short brown hair, a lanky build and with a height of about 5'10 to 5'11(depends). He wears the gas mask from SoD, except it's painted black along with black straps(instead of the mask shown below). (Ik what he wears may be slightly unrealistic for the httyd universe). The chestplate is made of Gronckle Iron. He keeps a belt around his waist that contains things written in 'weapons'.

Personality: He's got a double personality. One of which is laid back, clever, and a bit overly silly. Though he can be serious. His other personality is a bit more violent, but he hasn't had the switch in quite a long time.

Weapons:His most lethal weapon is located within his wrist-guards. Although not even near full proof yet, he's been working on a spring mechanism that allows him to whip out two seven inch blades(All attempts so far have failed, either resulting in the spring failing completely or the blade becoming a projectile). A tool belt with zipple back gas canisters, throwing knives/daggers, and other essentials.

Extra:One of his eyes is gray green while the other is gray blue, due to something called Heterochromia. Also, he considers himself pretty useless with any other weapon aside from his daggers.


Name:Insanity, but often responds to "Crazy Reptile"


Age:Around the age of the Rogue

Species:Toxic NightShade/Skrill

Appearance:Deep dark colors that will hide him well in the dark, with hints of purple.A fit appearance.About the size of a NightFury and maybe a bit bigger or smaller, you can't really get a comparison.Eerie bright green eyes with a paralyzing green liquid/acid dripping from his mouth.Alongside his more-visible nightshade spines, smaller skrill spines are trailing there. Also in between his Nightshade tendrils on his head and jaw, small skrill horns/spikes appear there and steadily shrinking until they are about halfway/in the middle of his bottom jaw. Front legs of a Toxic NS with a few SKrill features, and the back legs of a Skrill.

(Drawing below done by me. Crappy quality, I know(Not to mention uGLY). And..NO, his wings are not transparent, i was just positioning things and i didn't feel like erasing it...)(Redoing this.......)

Backstory:Will add in the future. EDIT: Never, ever.

Personality:He's wild, insane, cruel, you name it. Madness is his most obvious trait of all, though. Insanity is a danger to himself and everyone around him. It's always like an internal battle for him....when put to wait for too long, he starts pacing whether it's intentionally or not. At times he will exhibit very violent behavior, albiet unknowing, all the while he seems to keep an odd grin plastered on his face. Many think because of his insanity, he'd be quick to snap, but he's actually pretty...foolish and silly.......in a creepy way. Don't get me wrong, when he has to kill something, he gets the job done(messily...because he's just like that). It's sheer Lunacy with this dragon. Seriously, he can barely keep a normal interaction with other dragons. It's a wonder how Rogue managed to 'tame' him. Insanity is....quite sadistic, as well. I will go no further into that

Abilities:Well, he has thick fire-proof scales, and he's able to spew a very corrosive acid that rivals the Changewing's. Very quick and nimble. Often at night he uses his scales to his advantage. Bites from him can emit a slight jolt of electricity from his skrill side(nothing lethal, it just gives a tiny shock).Resistant to dragon nip unless in very large amounts(a barrel-ful at least).

Weaknesses: If you can manage to scratch behind his ear, he will become somewhat paralyzed(allowing an attack on him with no trouble). His scales are just horrible camo for the day time. Sometimes he will act on what HE wants, and doesn't take to 'following orders' very well. With the ear thing, it's easy to strike him from behind, as he tends to get distracted easily...not even his reflexes can save him from that.


Here's a completely newly created OC that i thought would be interesting-ish


Gender: Male

Age: Pft, no

Species: Skrill(though he seems to have a type of mutation.)

Appearance: (Yes i know this is Hunterbolt but don't murder me)  Spines are slightly longer than the average skrill's, and instead of being the normal sizing for the skrill, he's 34 feet in length with a 50 foot wingspan, just a teensy little bit larger than the NF. And, like the titan skrill, Zypher has one extra row of spines on each side of his mid-back spines, these are bent outward like the titan's, but instead shrink gradually to nothing as they reach his legs. Zypher's wings are similar to the typhoon's, and the membrane goes down until it reaches just a bit behind his hind legs, this doesn't hinder him as he's still pretty swift. Soulless glowing orange eyes. The colors:

Backstory: Pls no

Personality: Later.

Abilities: LIke any other skrill, he can block flames by letting electricity pass over his wings. Though not an ability really, Zypher spits a lethal stream of bright orange and yellow electricity, rather than the white. Zypher has no weakness to water, however, he prefers to bolt at the sight of it unless it's an absolute REQUIREMENT that he needs to go near it.(naturally he wouldn't go near it for anything)

Weakness: His colors really defeat the purpose of stealth, making him a relatively easy target. Any opponent will know when he's ready to fire lightning(giving them time to try and get away if they can), as he will flash a fiery glowing yellow white color from the tip of his tail to the stripes behind his eyes. A rather clumsy runner, but he can manage.

Extra: Zypher's most famous attack is the divebomb, where he curls himself into his wings and creates some shield of electricity around him, and then just goes to town on releasing a stream of lightning. He will use this attack every single chance he can get. Despite all his abnormalities, he is definitely not a titan....as he IS slightly smaller than an actual one. Zypher prefers to walk on his wings. At times, the spaces between his scales on his back will flicker a white-yellow color.




Rogue - Male viking

Kaiser - Male (crazed) Night Fury - Undetermined trainer, but he sticks with rogue sometimes

Insanity - Male (completely insane) Toxic Skrillshade - Rogue

Kiba - Male DeathSong(i don't use him very often anymore ;n;) - Rogue

Zypher - Male (heavily mutated) Skrill - Rogue

And, two of my very old OCs...who are deceased for whatever reason

Fenrir - Male viking

Krieger - Male Night Fury - Fenrir

AND i have(if this is okay with Autumn) Illusion. Although not an oc, i like to keep him in mind

Illusion - Male Psychic Stormcutter


REAL WORLD/Any kind of elemental rp

Alex Bennett - Male human XD



MudWing: Magma - Male MudWing/SkyWing(MudWing is far more dominant)

SandWing: Rattlesnake - Male SandWing

SandWing: Viper(i have not used her yet because i'm not good with making female characters)- Female SandWing

SkyWing: Ender - Male (mutated-ish) SkyWing

SeaWing: Not yet

IceWing: Frostbite - Male assassin IceWing

NightWing: SilentStrike - Male (in training) assassin NightWing. (mind reading)

RainWing: Panther - Male RainWing


AND NOW FOR ALL OF MY DRAGONS IN-GAME(listed in no particular order)

WindCleaver - Male Adult TimberJack

CaptainPhasma - Female Titan Deadly Nadder

Le Toothless - Male Adult Derp Fury

Skullbasher - Male Adult Rumblehorn

Surge - Male Adult Skrill

Volts - Female Adult Skrill

Vengeance - Male Adult TimberJack

Neonfang - Male Adult Flightmare

Glowdust - Female Adult Flightmare

DarkFlash - Male Adult Hobblegrunt

Spinetooth - Male Adult Whispering Death

Shredder - Male Adult Whispering Death

DRILLAH - Male Baby Whispering Death

Duststorm - Male Adult Smothering Smokebreath

Kylo - Male Adult Typhoomerang 

Cyclone - Male Adult Typhoomerang

DarkFlame - Male Adult RainCutter

Dark - Male Adult Boneknapper 

Morrowseer - Male Adult Boneknapper

Meteor - Male Adult Gronckle

Thunderous - Male Adult Thunderdrum

Venom & Poisen(Yes, i purposely spelled Poison incorrectly)- Male Adult ZippleBack

Scolder - Male Adult Scauldron

Skye - Female Adult Scauldron

Grumpy - Male Adult Hotburble

Potato - Male Baby Hotburble

Slice - Male Adult Stormcutter

FlameFury - Male Adult MN

Snaffie - Male Adult Snafflefang

AcidFlame - Male Adult Changewing



THAT'S ALL FOR NOW, I HAVE MORE BUT....NO THANK YOU ;n; I dun wanna write all dat -_-

Remember to stayawesome people.


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Seen here with a snow nadder and a statue Termite gave her because she couldn't sell it.

(Wiggles bit it's left arm off.)

Below is my profile pic made bigger to show the amazing detail

It's Hypergoof going berserk with a durian mace.

(Drawn by my amazing sister)

(She even drew the fur on the shoes)

            (My in game character)- A friendly young Viking who interacts better with dragons than with people. This is partly because although she now lives on Berk her family was originally from the Berserker tribe. When Dagger came to power Hypergoof, her sister and her parents were forced to flee as they were terrified of their new chief after he threatened to kill Hypergoof's parents for speaking out. The family found a new home on Berk. After working hard to get the Hooligans (what Hiccup's tribe was called in the books) to trust her (mostly) Hypergoof got a job working at a dragon rehabilitation center which is part of the reason she knows so many dragons. Hypergoof has a few problems. One, she is terrified of hot things. (A problem I myself have) She will not touch any stoker class dragons as a result. (With the exception of two individuals) She will still try to help a injured stoker as long as she doesn't have to touch it. Her other problem is also based on one of mine. I am Hypersensitive to sound and certain noises hurt me. Hypergoof has this too but in her the pain can cause her to go Berserk. One of the worst noises is whistling. She will attack anyone who does it near her. (Note this does not mean that I will fire troll those who's character whistles in game. It is a character trait for role playing and storytelling only.) Hypergoof also can't stand large crowds for too long. She will often retreat if things get too noisy. Hypergoof is a good fisher and farmer but a horrible fighter. (Unless she goes Berserk in which case she may get hurt but will do significant damage to her opponent.) She is generally friendly unless she gets stressed out in which case she becomes snappy. Most of her friends are dragons. Because of this Hypergoof has picked up dragoneese and speaks it quite fluently.





Littlebird (Hypergoof's sister) and Hypergoof's parents don't have much back story at the moment. None are in game.



Termite- Is one of Hypergoof's few human friends. (She is in game now as HypersFriendTermite. The chances of seeing her are low though. If seen she will probably be with Wiggles.) She is a woodworker hence the name. She didn't trust Hypergoof when they first met but soon found that they had a lot in common. She is the true trainer of Wiggles but often leaves him with Hypergoof when she must work on something.  Hypergoof and Termite like to take dragon food out into the wilderness ware they wait to see what shows up. A pass time they lovingly call dragonwaching.






(wants to chew on Mildew's new chair just off camera)

(FUN FACT: Mildew is one of the only people Wiggles doesn't like)

            A young rambunctious whispering death with a sweet heart but a naughty mind. Hypergoof's friend Termite adopted him as a baby when his whole family was killed by dragon slayers. Unlike most of his species Wiggles could be described as... cuddly. He wants to be friends with everyone he meets and seems completely oblivious to his size and appearance. He simply does not understand that he is scary and is baffled that some people won't play with him or give him a hug. His best friend growing up was Termite's mutt of a dog Drool, and Wiggles learned the odd habit of waging his tail from his canine friend. Most dignified dragons (especially whispering deaths) are appalled by the behavior but no amount of laughing at Wiggles or begging him to stop for the sake of dignity will change anything. Wiggles simply doesn't care. All that matters to him is how much fun he's having. He will even allow himself to be dressed up for snoggletog and will parade around in the Jingle bells and antlers with pride. (As seen here.) Wiggles is an all around charming and sweet creacher but he is not without flaws. He can not be left alone for more than five minutes or else he will chew on something, especially furniture. Usually damaging it beyond repair. He can not be taken to a marketplace because the concept that Termite "hasn't bought that yet and so he shouldn't eat it" is something he can not seem to grasp. Nore is the one that "That doesn't belong to us!" Termite has taken to carrying a bag of dried mutton strips (Mutton is Wiggles's favorite) to redirect the serpent's attention if she catches him with the look in his eyes that she learned to recognize as his "I'm going to chew on that" face. Despite her best efforts Wiggles is a hand full and Termite often leaves him with Hypergoof if she has to go do some woodworking. Wiggles thinks of Termite as his mother but he thinks of Hypergoof as a friend and enjoys playing with her. Hypergoof shows no fear towards him at all and will even let Wiggles hug her if he asks permission first. (Hypergoof does not like being touched without warning but will happily accept a hug from a friend.) Interestingly Hypergoof found that Wiggles is a very good racer despite his poor eyesight.





(Relaxing at home)

          The first dragon Hypergoof ever rescued and one of her closest friends. He is a Pink and Blue deadly nadder. When he was a hatchling his curiosity got the better of him. He wandered away from his nest in the dead of winter and found himself lost in a blizzard which would have been the end of him if he hadn't stumbled onto the front lawn of Hypergoof's house. His crys alerted the family who quickly took him in out of the cold and thus saved his life. Cuteseepie and Hypergoof have been friends ever since. Cuteseepie has a mellow gentle nature broken up occasionally for excitement at an adventure. He will defend Hypergoof or if need be prevent her from attacking someone who whistled. His level headedness balances out against Hypergoof's goofyness rather nicely. 





(Showing off again)

          A skrill that Hypergoof found injured while dragon watching. Her success in helping him helped her get the job she currently has and also built up a friendship between Hypergoof and Ziggy. It probably helped that Ziggy is not a very old skrill, only having just left his parents, before somehow getting hurt. Much like a cat Ziggy tries to be more dignified than he really is. One moment showing off his impressive wingspan with a majestic yawn and the next he's off chaiseing a light or a leaf when he thinks no one is looking. He often roles his eyes when Hypergoof playfully teases him by saying his name in a funny pitch or calling him "The Zigster" but a poorly hidden grin betrays the fact that he doesn't mind as much as he lets on. Ziggy is decently friendly to most people who don't insult his dignity (only his close friends are allowed to do that) but he is still technically a wild skrill. He spends most of his time off chaising storms and doing whatever else wild skrills do only he stops by every once in a while to visit Hypergoof. Manny people wonder why he keeps coming back as he always seems more annoyed with Hypergoof than anything but it is just a mask. A false front. He secretly really enjoys her company. In fact perhaps Hypergoof's absurdity amuses him. FUN FACT: Before meeting Ziggy it was Hypergoof's life dream to see a live skrill. (Partly her Berserker heritage) For her meeting Ziggy was akin to meeting a celebrity. Of course things got more normal between them as they got to know each other but Hypergoof is still pretty darn proud that a skrill let her be his friend.








(Knows the owner of this house hates it when he sits there)

           A young flightmare who was one of Ziggy's friends then also became Hypergoof's friend when Ziggy brought him to Berk. Unlike Ziggy though, Causemoe decided that he liked Berk and the school so much that he would stay. He is a complete showoff and loves to be the center of attention. He can get huffy if he finds someone who does one of his favorite things better than him. He especially hates it that Wanda can glow brighter than him. She often tones down her glow when she's near him to spare his feelings.







(Knows the best places for the best view)

         As mentioned before, Hypergoof is scared of stoker class dragons. When approached by a fireworm her normal reaction is to flip out as if the little dragon was a bee. Wanda however is an exception to this rule and not only is she a fireworm but she is a fireworm queen. Hypergoof once got herself lost in a snowstorm and was found by one of Wanda's workers unconscious and soon to freeze if something wasn't done. Wanda is a very empathetic dragon. Even though she didn't trust humans she didn't want to see a helpless creacher d.ie in such a way. She took Hypergoof into her nest to warm up. Hypergoof was stuck there for several days not knowing which way was home until Cuteseepie tracked her down by scent and took her back to the village. During Hypergoof's time in the nest Wanda decided she liked this little human. Hypergoof was terrified of most of Wanda's children and since Wanda didn't understand Norse yet Hypergoof communicated her unease by sticking as close to the fireworm queen as she would allow. Purposely mimicking the bodylanguig of a scared puppy to get her point across. Wanda was sympathetic of Hypergoof's fear and allowed the little human to stay near. Keeping the meaner members of her family at bay until Cuteseepie could find the lost viking. Wanda was a bit suprized to find that a dragon was the one looking for the girl. She has a healthy dose of curiosity in her and often visits Berk for "research purposes" as she calls it. Wanda is curious about humans and wants to learn about them. Hypergoof is grateful to Wanda for her kindness and will come when she calls. Something Wanda finds amusing but also gives her an easy target to study. Personalitywise Wanda is the type of person one might have a fancy tea party with. She is every bit a queen but is also an intellectual with a kind heart. She hangs around Berk to study the uneeq human and dragon interactions there. Seeking how to possibly spread that type of friendship for the good of dragon kind.







(Wonders if she'd get in trouble for blasting me into the water behind the camera)

          A pink thunderdrum who someone in the dragon rehab center found as a baby then dumped on Hypergoof since no one wanted to deal with the hatchling. Their relationship started out terribly due to Hypergoof's sound sensitivity. In the beginning Hypergoof could barely stand Burpetta but eventually the dragon realized that her loudness has hurting the human and learned to be more gentle with Hypergoof's delicate ears. Sometimes Burpetta can be careless but she never means any harm and will correct her behavior when she eventually realizes she did wrong. She is kind by nature but loves a bit of mischief now and then. She also has a bit of the stubbornness common in her breed. Once she sets her mind to something it is difficult to convince her otherwise.






(Sleeping like the baby he is)

            A screaming death. He is the baby of the group despite being the biggest member of it. When Alven found out that one of the eggs he'd planted under Berk had hatched a screaming death he decided he wanted such a beast for himself. He knew he couldn't capture the adult so he decided to get his hands on a hatchling. He captured a bunch of the successful breeding pair's family members in the hopes that more of them would carry the incredibly rare screaming death gene. The captive dragons were force bread and after many many attempts Alven got what he wanted. He didn't get to keep it though as a couple Hooligans who had snuck into Alven's hideout looking for helpful info about future plans found the baby screaming death instead. They took it back to Berk to figure out what to do with it. Several people wanted to kill the little guy before he could grow into an island eater but Hypergoof over heard and was horrified. She knew what it felt like to be disliked for what she was rather than who she was. Some people didn't trust her because she was a Berserker. She knew it wasn't fair to judge someone that way. She stole Chomp and (With Wiggles and Termite's permission) hid him down Wiggles's tunnels. Wiggles didn't mind and enjoyed having a roommate to play with. Chomp stayed there unknown until his loudness and the sheer amount of food being brought down there gave him away. By then though he was old enough that he had enough personality to proved him a gentle giant rather than a monster and he was allowed to stay. He is not at all a full grown screaming death and has the personality of a giant toddler. He is surprisingly gentle especially considering his breed. He is so mild tempered that he will stare blankly at fire trolls wondering what they are doing. He will only engage if he thinks it's a game. Despite his gentleness his size and strength can be a problem. He will occasionally knock someone over with his tail by accident then stare at them in confusion not smart enough to understand why the person fell but knowing it was still somehow his fault. When other screaming deaths were allowed into the school Chomp was thrilled to have playmates his size. Chomp is very much still a baby mindwise. He is very food oreeinted and can be prompted to do nearly anything for a snack. It's a very good thing he doesn't consider humans food. It's hard to imagine that he could ever be related to the screaming death who once tried to eat Berk but he is. The danjoris one happens to be his somewhat distant uncle. Fun fact: Hypergoof often refers to Chomp's uncle as Mr. Island munch and insists that she will continue to do so until his actual name is found out or created.







(LOVES sand)

(I really shouldn't be suprized)

            A female sand wraith. Punaluu comes from a subspeasys of sand wraith on a volcanic island with black sand. (Like the beach Punaluu is named after.) As such they adapted to the environment by becoming black. A side affect of this is that now the subspeacys looks even more like a nightfurry than the normal ones. Some money hungry showmen found out about them and decided to make a quick buck. They stoll an egg from this island and paraded the black hatchling around claiming it to be a nightfurry. This charade ended when they made the mistake of bringing their show to Berk. Seeing that the dragon was being treated badly the Hooligans took the baby from the showmen and took it to the dragon rehabilitation center for treatment for whip wounds and malnutrition. Punaluu is much healthier now and is a happy energetic young sand wraith. One problem she has is that her dark coloring is only designed for a certain type of area and she can not camouflage most of the time because of it. Not being able to hide occasionally gives her episodes of anxiety but a quick trip to a beach ushuly fixes it. She is very shy around strangers but around those she knows she is a complete goof. She can also be a bit naughty. Sometimes she feels out of place like she doesn't belong and so interacts well with Hypergoof who doesn't fit in all that well ether.







Bumbles the candy loving Lazersight Vesperwing who likes to stalk me for my food.

(And probably the only adoptable I'll ever adopt)

Adopted from goldenfury360 who made the species

lineart done by NightmareRebuff 


Click here if you want a Lazersight Vesperwing of your own;http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/introducing-lazersight-vesperwing



(I have other dragons but I didn't want to make my sig any longer. I have removed some that were once there too)


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Sparky STOP that!! Don't do thhhaa... *sigh*

Tracking :-)


(Profile Pic by Colress)

     A Little About Me:  First off feel free to call me Cooler. :-) I love to role play and draw. My favorite color is pink, if you can't tell. :P My favorite animal is a giraffe. Although I love all types of dragons, my favorite is the Monstrous Nightmare. I love Marvel comics and super heroes, especially Spiderman and Iron Man! My favorite TV series are Bones and Scooby Doo. My favorite books are Wings of Fire, The Dragon Keepers Series, Scorched, The Savage Damsel and the Dwarf, Dork Diaries, The Last Synapsid, The Boxcar Children and many, many more. Basically I love most of the books I read, and I read a lot. I'm a crazy cat lady who's got four cats, Rio, Slick, Stormy aka Derpy, and Sweety Pie- who is not very sweet.  I'd like to have more... :-D If you want to know my OC Cooler's back story go ahead: Click here I'm obsessed with dragons, the HTTYD movies, and the series. Why else would I play this game or be on the forum, right? XD


(Top two by me)

(By WolfLight)

Main Dragon: Sparky

   Personality: Fierce, protector of all my dragons, the alpha/leader of all of them (no matter how much Queen dislikes it), a little hot headed, stubborn at times, sarcastic, silly at times, and most importantly: very loyal

      Back Story: When I first came to the school, I was allowed to choose one dragon just like everyone else. But I felt like something, a dragon, was calling me. I wondered around the hatchery for a while searching for the perfect dragon companion. Then my eyes  laid on the monstrous nightmare eggs. At the very bottom of the bin was an odd color for a monstrous nightmare egg, it was pink. Of course I picked up that one 'cause it's my favorite color. The next thing I know is that I feel my arms tingling, like this was that moment you know when something is right. This is what was calling me. I hatched the egg and a cute, pink, little monstrous nightmare hatched. I named her Sparky because of she seemed to have a fiery personality. I knew right then that Sparky was the perfect dragon for me! The two of us, after long days of training, enjoy exploring, racing, and fishing together.

Every time we explore we almost always find a new dragon which I train with the help of Sparky. Out of the fifty times we have explored we have found forty five dragons. She mainly likes to explore to find more dragon friends. I just explore for the fun of it. I'm starting to run out of room in my stables. Guess I'll have to build more!

When we race sometimes she runs into the walls. Then blames me for making her run into the walls and smacks me with her horns. She then runs into the wall so I hit the wall as payback! I've tried to help her with the turns but she just ignores my "training" and reverts back to her old ways. (Sparky just read this and smacked me in the head with her wing.) Fine, fine Sparky doesn't run into the walls I do (If that makes any sense). I don't she does. She can't read it this small. Haha. -Yes I can, Cooler! Grrr, you better run when I find you!- Oh sure of course I will... y-YIKES H-HELP!!

And Sparky trying to fish haha... it's hilarious! She shoves her head into the water and tries to bite at the fish when they are to far away and then she blows bubbles angrily when she doesn't catch them. Not only does she do that, but when she gets really annoyed she flies into the sky and dives down into the water. Then she freaks out when fish swim under her belly. She takes off saying, "Nope, nope, nope. I'm done with fishing! I'm out, peace!" Then she flies off and leaves me behind. She usually comes back but only after she raided my fish stockpile. -Ah, yes I do do that. Fish may be tasty but they're slimy!-

Extra: I adopted her on June 15, 2014. She and I have been together for more than three years now. She's my first and most favorite dragon, just don't tell the other dragons about that. Sparky loves to eat salmon, it's her favorite, and occasionally a perch. Sparky loves Snoggletog so much that she wears antlers and jingle bells all year long!

My In-Game Dragons:

Bouncies/ Gifs/ Pictures others made for me:

Storm                                         Storm Bringer                                        Scauldy  

(Raincutter bouncie made by bubbles5498)(Scauldron and Stormcutter (1st one) bounces made by TimberJackGirl) (2nd Stormcutter Bounce made by ThunderRider19)

Sparky                          Temperance            Queen's Banner                 Icey      

(Nightmare by Amerissa2890)(Boneknapper Bounce made by LisieChap)(Banner made by Wutend Bonfire)(Nadder Bounce made by Autumn5467)


Flame                      Icey                    Freeze                        Ella                 Gemstone

  Zoom                  Beauty            Cloudchaser               Storm Bringer         Digger


Midnight                  IronMan                      Cotton Candy                  Flare                    

(Everything above made by hot lava girl 29)       

Flare                                         Neon                                   Stella Star

(Typhoomerang Bounce made by NightFuryLover)(Flightmare Bounces made by 1flower aka Spy)


(By Amberleaf, my secret Santa! Thanks SOO much!)

Awesome Image of my Stormcutters, Cloudchaser, and Storm Bringer By Gigimon! Thanks!

Adopted Dragons:


(Dazzle adopted from 1flower aka Spy)(Dazzle- Night Fury Titan Glow Gif made by Fury of the night)


(Blaze adopted from chocolate24)(Blaze- Night Fury Bounce made by Autumn5467)

(Nightingale adopted from Reiraku)(Nightingale- Night Fury Titan Glow by Fury of the night)



                Misty                                                               Belle                           Emerald

(Dewmist adopted from Cerebellum)(Death Wing adopted from kimbenoso)(Terrible Terror adopted from 1flower aka Spy) 

Jewel                             Venom                                     Primrose

(Pebble-Shooting Speed Demon by xXHallaXx)(Both Velociraptor Draconis adopted from DuskDaybreak)


(Dewmist adopted from Cerebellum)


Night Fury OC: Plasma

      Personality: Independent, free willed, exclusive most of the time, almost too trusting, laid back, and very stubborn (even more stubborn than Sparky and trust me, Sparky is VERY stubborn)

        Back Story: One sunny day not-so-long-ago, I was walking through a forest, feeling the breeze in my hair and having fun on my Alone Time. I like to have an "Alone Time" at least once a week, for about an hour, so I don't go insane (Some would say I am but I beg to differ) and today was one of them. I was alone or so I thought. The whole time I felt the hair on the back of my neck standing straight up as if someone was watching or even following me. But there was no one with me at that time. I would turn around frequently, checking to see if anyone was following me or to see their eyes in the darkest corners of the forest.

At one time I thought I heard a whoosh sound from a tree's leaves. Then I thought of something: What if it's not a person but a dragon?! Slowly I sat down and pretended to rest. Slowly but surely, something can up behind me and nudged me on the shoulder. By now I am already used to things nudging me so I turned around and saw a night fury behind me. She was missing her left tail fin. It was as if she had gotten in a fight with another dragon because her tail fin was all slashed and she had bloodied slashes on her (all are healed now and you can't even see scars). But she was not like a normal night fury, she had blue on the back of her wings, two front legs, ears, and back of her body. I knew she was hungry why else would she be following me. I gave her a fish I had brought with me and she looked at me with her big eyes. She beckoned me to get on her back and was very trusting, almost too trusting, and laid back when I finally did. But we couldn't fly yet not matter how much she wanted too.

I knew I to get a tail fin for her so I decided to make one. I based it on Toothless' but with one change I made it so she could fly where ever she wanted without a person on her back. I didn't want her to be dependent on a person. Unfortunately the only fabric I had at that time was pink so that was what I made it out of. (Which is why one of her tail fins is pink.) I put it on her, with a descent amount of struggle, and when I did it fit like a charm. She immediately wanted to fly and so she did. Soon I was joined by Sparky, whom I mounted to get ready to fly, and the rest of my dragons who wanted to fly along side Plasma. They seemed to have already know her cause she didn't mind when they flew beside her. Apparently they had they were secretly protecting her from dangers and watching her to make sure she was alright.

I never did find out which dragon she fought and lost to. I just assume that it was against a monstrous nightmare or skrill. I do have a saddle for her if she wanted me to fly with her. Plasma is independent most of the time and prefers to fly by herself. But on occasion she lets me ride her and when she does she chooses where we go. Which is fine by me. I may be her trainer but I know she's independent and doesn't need no human. Plasma usually stays with my other dragons but other times she goes off and leaves to go on her own adventures. Where? Well I don't know but she always comes back within a week or two.

Gifs/Bounces of Plasma:

(Night fury bounce by TimberjackGirl)(Second Night Fury bounce by hot lava girl 29)(Night Fury Titan Glow Gif by Fury of the night)

Death Song OC: Siren's Call

Base by: Autumn5467

Dragons by me:

The Shimmering SeaScales: Click Here to get one of your own!


The Male: Ocean             The Female: Rainbow              The Baby: Coral

The Ferocious FourEyes: Click here to get one of your own!


Thank you to everyone who made something for me!! :-)



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Happy Dreadfall, from Mirage and I! 

(Awesome Halloween picture by TosiLohi!)


Viking license by AllyNadderRider!                                                                      Trophy by Silence!


Sig last updated:  6th November, 2016

Clan banner by Stiger23 * Clan crests by Maijic








Mirage and Sparky's licenses by AllyNadderRider




Mirage gif by Nessie.  Panther and Sparky sprites by Blackwolfen.




Wonderful drawing of Panther, Mirage and Sparky, by Hiccup Haddock.

Check out her website, >Draw4Life<   You won't be disappointed!


Lord Voldemort on a Screaming Death, by the talented Varku.

(Above banner by Silence)

(Above banner by zero the ruthless)


(Picture by victoriae350)                                                                  (Gif by Pedz)

(Banner by Stiger23)

(Banner by httyyd)


                                    (Asheous Mare Banners by Stiger23  *Swift Champion slogan by victoriae350)   

(Banner by Stiger23)

Derpy picture by -Pyrelyth-



Lyric banners by AllyNadderRider



Panther by MistyNight

Poem by WolfLight
Mirage picture above by Kimbenoso


The awesome Mirage bouncie was a gift from Spy. Thank you!

The whole team, by NadderForever



Panther's sword (Cobalt), and her sheild. Both by DragonLover43


(from "Another day" onwards are the words to a Pokemon theme song. Just so you know XD )



Panther and Firestorm, by DuskDaybreak.



Banner by Owlsbane


Banner by Owlsbane, and Shadow





Mirage by Colress












Member of the Sisterhood of Clams!

Want to join our forum clan? PM our leader, Sky and Ocean. Or one of the elders, Icee Glacier and myself.

There's an in-game version of the Clams too, if you're interested!

*You must be female to join*


~Elder/leader banner of Birdy, Zuski and I~



~Banner of (most of) the clan members~


    This is our mascot, Clament the Pan Puffle!


All banners, and Clament, by Sky and Ocean!


My Total Dragon Count


Adopted from others: 45      In-game only: 16      My other OCs: 32


Total: 93


*Okay, so the numbers above do include a couple of non-dragon creatures (like Sparky, for example). But the vast majority of them are still actually dragons! XD


Want to take a look at my dragon OCs?

Click  >here<

Or click on any of my dragons below :)

(I have a ton of other dragons, too. This is only a handful of them!)

Credits: Myst and Mayhem, drawn by Ender. Evergreen chibi made by NightmareRebuff. Sunvaar Kulaan drawn by themasterplan47. Stoker bouncie made by Twistedclaw. Firestorm drawn by Ender.



Want to see all the dragons I've adopted?

Click  >here<

Or click on any of my adopted dragons below :)


(Again, I have adopted a ton of others too. This is only a few!)

Credits: Baymax the Stream Slider, a birthday gift from Catsrock (lineart by Spy). Lyra the Amitous Harvestdrake, a Divergent dragon by NightmareRebuff (Faction: Amity). Stormclaw the Thundereaver, another gift from Catsrock (lineart by Spy). Flarefang the Frilled Acidspitter, by Spy. Shaman the Barbados (Witch Doctor) Fury, by NightmareRebuff.


This section is for all of my beautiful Aquas! Credit goes to Spy and Kcrockett for these guys ^_^




Seastar, my first Aqua.  Blazing River, son of Seastar and Spy's Bright Flame.  Sprite, daughter of Spy's Pastel and Orangeade.


Midnight Abyss, Jetstorm's mate.  Atlanta and Moonlit Pearl, daughters of Midnight Abyss and Jetstorm.


Jetstorm, son of KC's Zyock and Naiya.  Kylo, son of Jetstorm and KC's Crescent.  Gold Coast, a.k.a Cheese Puff.


Marshall, brother of Melody.   Melody, sister of Marshall.

Tsunami, brought to me by the Easter Dragon.  Dewdrop, daughter of Tsunami and KC's Askor.  Asgard, brother of Kcrockett's Odin.


Mud Splash, received from a contest, along with Cheese Puff.  Optimus, a fearless leader.

Crasher and Rumblerock, my Spike Rollers. Spike Rollers are my own fan-species. Thank you to NightmareRebuff for the awesome revamp!


One of my Night Furies, Blue Ivy, by the talented Nessie!        Awesome picture of Sunvaar Kulaan by TosiLohi!


The Furjointed Jowlprance, an epic Mystery Class dragon by goldenfury360.  And my beautiful Dwarf Talonstrike, Autumn Breeze, adopted from Spy.





Skybolt the Asheous Mare, by Stiger23

Asheous Mares are the clan dragons of Swift Champions. This is my dragon, Skybolt. He loves to play, and make new friends. And he's incredibly cute, too!



Battle Bond Pokemon, by shataikislayer. The first is what Sparky's Battle Bond form would look like if he had one. The second is Gallade's. The third one is my Infernape, Blaze's.



*All stamps were found at various places around DeviantArt. Click on any stamp to visit the page I got it from, and see who made it. If any of these belong to you, and you want me to remove it from my signature, just shoot me a PM telling me so and I'll be sure to take it out.

   Peace out   (Thanks for looking at my sig!)

((Sparky gif by NarixuZen!!))

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Into the Fog


Ugh he said he'd meet us here!

Hey it's your fault. You fell in love with a Berserker

*love sigh* Ya. He's crafty that one.

I don't understand you sometimes.



Hey, I don't hear you complaining about that night fury of his Shadow. Remember the one, with only one red eye and a bad attitude?

Don't you start missy




Well we best be getting back then, we've waited long enough.



On the horizon they saw a figure surrounded by lightning, yet the strange thing was there wasn't any storm.


That's something. Let's go check it out!

*sigh* You. You of all vikings would go straight into danger without knowing what it is?!

That's correct ^-^

Okay then



Zero? Shockwave? What are you doing out here?

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zero the ruthless
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The adventures of Zero the Ruthless and Shockwave

(Phase 1) The adventures of Zero the Ruthless and Shockwave:

The Secret's Curse! featuring Owl and Shadow ( Part 3 )


The ship graveyard

Zero used an abandoned camp to rest Shockwave


Zero: I wonder what Hiccup meant by Owl invading berk, shes not like that Owl would never turn on her friends...would she?

Shockwave: - Dipped his head into the water to take a drink -




Zero then heard a voice and looked up 


Owl: Zero? Shockwave? What are you doing out here?


Zero: -Eyes widen- Owl...I was just... -I looked down and sighed-. What am I doing here, well you don't need to know ( he does not want anyone else hearing about the helmet for it has done nothing but curse his mind ). The real question is what are you doing out here? hmm.



Zero: *Sigh* Well not many IF any would just randomly come out here, and yes please don't ask I am here for lets just say something important. WHICH YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT. 



Shockwave: -Stopped drinking after hearing all the chatter, He looked up, only to find one of his best friends hovering above him-. SHADOW what are you doing out here, its great to see you again old friend, I have been wanting to hang out with you for a while now.

Zero: (cant speak dragonese as of now), well don't you look happy to see an old friend Shockwave.



Zero: You know what lets get out of this haunted place we can catch up with each other while we fly.

Shockwave: hahaha. Yes a finally I get to spread my mighty wings again. Please come Shadow,hehe.


They perched on a mast of an abandoned boat




Zero: -Shouts over to Shadow and Owl- YOU COMING OR WHAT!

Shockwave: -Flys up and thinks to him self- I must protect Shadow at all cost she is one the only friends I have and she is still young, and this place is full of fiends and foes.


Shockwave flys up and absorbs some lightning



Zero: Hmm...

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At the edge of the night


"Wha what am I doing out here?" *blushes*

Come on Owl

"Well ... that is not important right now."


"You know what lets get out of this haunted place we can catch up with each other while we fly."


"Alright Zero!"



*sees Shockwave absorb lightning* Pft. Show off.

*flys upward and does a flip*



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zero the ruthless
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The adventures of Zero the Ruthless and Shockwave

(Phase 1) The adventures of Zero the Ruthless and Shockwave:

The Secret's Curse! featuring Owl and Shadow ( Part 4 )


The ship graveyard


Zero: Umm... Just why is she doing flips again exactly? I think she misunderstood, when you were absorbing lightning she probably thought we were showing off your abilities, hehe.

Shockwave: -Roars, and then growls something loud- ( As he roared he was trying to grab Shadows attention, and then spoke in dragonese to shadow) Shadow just what are you doing, I don't understand why you are doing flips but lets be off...Come down here at once, am I not your Lightning God -His eyes narrowed, as he gazed upon Shadow-.

Zero: Ugh, your speaking dragonese aren't you. -Mutters to himself- I wish I understood. -In normal tone- Oh right lets go!


Zero and shockwave darted of in out out of the sea stacks and ship wrecks.

(They like to train where ever possible)




Zero: Owl...


He cried before passing through some more obstacles, one of which was a sharp rock which looked like a jaw full of razor sharp teeth



Zero took a quick glance back at the reaper before leaving the Ship graveyard, It sent shivers down his spine


Zero: -Shivers, he then looked at Owl for a moment hoping she did not notice-




Zero: Yeah Owl...as I was saying I have been hearing rumors about you. Something like you came to berk and tried to invade it with an army of dragons...Is this true? If so why Owl, I don't be believe someone like you would do such a thing, your kind and sweet not heartless evil villain, explain.


Leaving the ship graveyard







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The Words Of Judgement


Owl...as I was saying I have been hearing rumors about you. Something like you came to berk and tried to invade it with an army of dragons...Is this true? If so why Owl, I don't be believe someone like you would do such a thing, your kind and sweet not heartless evil villain, explain.


*sighs* I hope you would never find out. Well here it is. Remember when I was gone for a month or so? I left to find a Deathsong however things got out of hand. I guess while I was gone Shadow went crazy in worry because no one would tell her where I went off too. She said she destroyed most of Berk in an attempt to find me ... and ... *angry* and she was CAGED! How could they do that to her?! All she wanted was to be by my side again! Then Hiccup of ALL VIKINGS sent us away, banished from Berk! Well technically it was Stoick however he is the chiefs' son and he did NOTHING! So that is where the army came. I needed them to see that I was more than just a destroyer, but when it came down to it I just wasn't me. *goes silent for a while* I don't know who I am anymore. Nothing but a gullible stupid worthless viking I suppose; the stupid worthless rider of the great black dragon of myth *pats Shadow*. I wanted to make a name for myself, I guess I did that; I'm nothing. Every other viking I see is brave or talented in the blacksmithing arts or even a battle hero; me? Well I'm jsut one of those who is soft and helps everyone way to much. *goes silent and weeps softly* I'm sorry you have to see me like this Zero.



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The adventures of Zero the Ruthless and Shockwave

(Phase 1) The adventures of Zero the Ruthless and Shockwave:

The Secret's Curse! featuring Owl and Shadow ( Part 5 )


In the middle of no-where 


Zero: I remember that, Shadow, really proves how much she worries for you.

Shockwave: -Stares at Shadow- Although it hurts me that you were in mental pain at that time, I enjoyed watching your rampage its the only thing I find exiting in this world...Battle and  destruction!

Zero: -I watch Zero growl a few times towards Shadow-Hmm...argh. -I grabbed my head in pain- argh. (In his mind)  A dragon army...no no No It was the cause of my entire life's suffering...why? (images passed through his mind)



Zero managed to regain conscience after a while, but new that Owl had seen it and was feared she would question him on it, in order to prevent her from doing so he quickly changed the subject, so that he would not have to answer.


Zero: So what of this army now...where is it, what happened to it? 



Zero: And...is it just me or is it getting awfully cold?



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It's in the past

Owl felt better after some silence. Everything was out now, like a great posion had been extracted from her body. Smiling now she hugged her dragon tightly and recieved a lick.



Looking toward Zero she took a breath and started. "The Army hmmm ..." Thinking back at the past she heard Shadow snicker. An image and a voice came through;



"You're a betrayer! I will see you again OwlMoonFire, but not as friends. No now we are enemys!"


"Well we had many dragons of all ages and types however the one that sticks in my mind is a skrill named Jaws. He was arrogent in the end and soon his attitude destroyed him. I have no idea where he went off too but he took all the dragons with him." Owl looked to Zero who seemed to be clutching his head. "Hey, you alright?" Just past asking him that question, Owl felt a snowflake hit her nose. "Snow?" Sure enough the white frost came fluttering down upon them. "Hey Owl, where's Winterwind haha!" Shadow asked jokingly. "All hail the Winter Queen!" Owl shouted. Taking a cod from her pack she dropped it into the ocean as an offering. She and her dragon truely believed that her friend Whisper was the Winter Queen and the dragon she rode was the very soul of the season. "There, we should be in their good graces now" Shadow smiled and dived through the chilly air setting them in the sights of Icestorm Island. "Hey Shockwave! Tell Zero to put on warmer clothes" Owl said in dragoneese. "Owl, Zero doesn't know dragoneese yet, not even the basics." Owl agreed with Shadow. "It's time he learned then"




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The adventures of Zero the Ruthless and Shockwave

(Phase 1) The adventures of Zero the Ruthless and Shockwave:

The Secret's Curse! featuring Owl and Shadow ( Part 7 )


The waters of Icestorm Island!


Zero listened as Owl explained the whole situation with Jaws

His and Shockwaves eyes widened


Zero: Jaws...a skrill! So I guess this means you and owl have found a nemesis, and a dangerous one too. Hmm.

Shockwave: -Looks at Shadow, shocked-



Icestorm Island


Shockwave: What...Winterwind where I don't see her? Grrr

Zero: Icestorm island! brother...


Images of Zero's younger brother came to him it has been months since he last caught a glimpse of him


Owl: Hey Shockwave! Tell Zero to put on warmer clothes

Shadow: Owl, Zero doesn't know dragoneese yet, not even the basics


Shockwave: Heh, lucky Shadow at least your rider can communicate with you, hey OwlMoonFire would you please speak to Zero about learning it ,Please!



As they flew over Icestorm Island Zero took a look at the camp, only to notice it was abandoned


Zero: Huh...thats strange.



They then landed and were about to go next to Owl




Unknown: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllppppppp!

Zero: -Eyes widen- Oh no, Owl you wait here I will be right back Zero darted off on foot Shockwave following behind.

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Fun with Mildew


"Ahhh that's better" Owl stated feeling the cozy sweater. "Really?" "What?" "It's not even Snoggletog!" Shadow protested. "Ya well it is December. Now come on" Owl walked up to Mildew's house finding him sneering as usual. "Hello Mildew" Mildew grinned. "Owl.Moon.Fire. Rumor is you attacked Berk with a dragon army" Owl leaned against Shadow and looked around. "Ya, however we made up for it. How did you hear?" Shadow padded over to Fungus as the two talked. "Word travels fast arou- FUNGUS! Get that blasted dragon of yours away from him!"



"Aw come on Mildew don't be so stiff. Shadow won't hurt him" Shadow sniffed Fungus and looked at Mildew grinning. "Ya well still. Anyways what are you doing out here ... again" Owl thought about his question. "Well it started when we were meeting a Berserker; not to bad on the eyes, crazy hair, wore black" "Owl, your rambling" "Oops ... anyways w -" Mildew looked a little shocked. "Wait does this Beserker have a night fury like yours? Only one eye?" Owl had a questioning look. "Ya; why?" "Well I actually know where he is!" Owl jumped. "Really? Where?" Mildew took this as an oportunity to get something. "He's here, on the other side of the island. Yep he said he would be meeting some people and not to be disturbed" Owl grinned and thought. "Now I will need something from you. I didn't give you his location for nothing now did I?" Owl was to happy to say anything different. "What do you want?" Mildew snatched Fungus and walked toward Owl. "I need the location of the Archeologist." Owl, who was again to happy, told Mildew where he was. Now Owl set off upon Shadow to the other side of the island until she remembered Zero would be returning soon. "Darn it" Shadow laughed. "Is Owl love sick?" Owl blushed as they set back down to wait.

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The adventures of Zero the Ruthless and Shockwave

(Phase 1) The adventures of Zero the Ruthless and Shockwave:

The Secret's Curse! featuring Owl and Shadow ( Part 9 )


Icestorm Island


Zero rushes back up to Owl and Shadow


Zero: We have a problem...the archeologist has gone missing



Zero: After speaking with my terrified younger brother it has been apparent that he has been missing ever since he came back from his latest expedition, and he is now very afraid it has been at least a day or two and we need to find him, Fast!...Hang on.


Zero was able to catch the last few parts of Owls conversation, something about helping him find the archeologist


Zero: Mildew, care to tell me why you need help finding him thats way out of your character you only care about your self.

Mildew: I know nothing about why he's missing, I just need him found so people don't blame me for him being lost.

Zero: Really...

Mildew: Yeah, -He grabbed his staff tightly-

Zero: So how come, back on berk when you were blamed for issues with the dragons you did not seem to care much, remember the whole blue oleander problem -I raised an eyebrow-

Mildew: -Snort-



They gazed at each others eyes



Zero: -Lowered his gaze- Ugh, I can't bear to look at this half troll any longer...If you wont speak I will force the answer out of you



They blasted his cabbage field, Mildew cringed but still didn't answer


Zero: Only lightly Shockwave we don't want to blow his whole field up, just fry the soil a little. What still no answer.


Zero thought for a while


Zero: You know what Mildew maybe I was wrong about you

Mildew: You sure were

Zero: Maybe you do care about something other than your self. Hey Shockwave you must be really hungry I think you deserve your favorite meal mutton, but wait there are no sheep here...unless, go eat fungus


Zero hops on to Shockwave, who was preparing to munch on fungus




Mildew: Alright, alright you win... I will speak. *sighs*

Zero: Hmph

Mildew: Just recently the archeologist came back from his latest expedition I was just out picking out all the fresh cabbage when I saw him leave the ship. I saw some rather peculiar items on board so while the archeologist was away I took a look and saw something just...beautiful (In Mildew's eyes so it was not good for dragons). He said he was going to show it to Stoik then destroy but after I stopped him he jumped on board and sailed off. I threatened to have him capture by Alvin, I stupidly sent the word to Alvin without the archeologist or the artifact in my possession I need to find him NOW, Alvin will be here VERY soon -He looked anxious- He must have hidden away in fear of Alvin.



Zero was about to take off


Mildew: If your planning on stopping Alvin, you have just placed a death wish on your self

Zero: -Turns his back to him and climbs on Shockwave-



He then turns to face Mildew on last time, before taking off


Zero: -Whispers to Mildew- You just better whish nothing bad happens to my brother or Owl...Got that! If something does happen, well, get ready for Valhalla.


He immediately flew off without looking back at Mildew



Zero: Owl, Shadow you both go searching for the Archeologist me and Shockwave will hold up Alvin. Oh and one more thing what ever happens don't bother helping me just get the Archeologist and my brother out of here...Alive! -In the distance- Don't mention to anyone that me and Shockwave were here.


Zero and Shockwave set out to and waited for Alvin


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To Find a Friend

"He should be in this cave over here Shadow!" Owl patted Shadow getting ready for twists and turns. Shadow let out a roar and set off through the caves, mostly reaching dead ends until we found him.



"Arch! I'm glad we found you!" Owl shouted sending an echo. The Archeologist looked and saw Owl smiling. "Well now Ms. Owl it's been so long since we've last seen eachother. How have you been?" Owl hopped off and started to grab gear. "No time for chit chat Arch, I need to get you out of here." The Archeologist was stunned. "What's the matter?" Owl looked at him and rubbed her head. "There are people after you Arch. Something about a secret that you know or something. Anyway it's my job to take you somewhere safe so hop on Shadow."



Not questioning, the Archeologist climbed aboard Shadow. Shadow took off making the Archeologist gasp. "Wow! So this is what it's like to fly?" Owl nodded. "This isn't even the best part. Just wait till we get outside!" Twisting and turning, Owl followed the Archeologist's instructions to get out of the caves. Breaching the surface again, Shadow shot to the top of the mountain that was unaccesible to anyone on foot. "Okay, now I'm sorry to part ways but we need to go hel a friend. Are you going to be okay here?" The Archeologist nodded. "Don't stay away for too long now k?" Owl smiled and hopped upon Shadow, flying to where Zero and Shockwave were seen last. Strangly, there was no one around. "Zero?"




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The adventures of Zero the Ruthless and Shockwave

(Phase 1) The adventures of Zero the Ruthless and Shockwave:

The Secret's Curse! featuring Owl and Shadow ( Part 11 )


Icestorm island (Whilst Owl was in the Ice caves)


After hours of waiting, the outcast fleet arrived


Zero: Here they come

Shockwave: Grrr


The two fly off to face the enemy fleet






The outcasts started firing at Shockwave and Zero, Luckily they were able to dodge many of the weapons due to the incredible range skrills have.



Zero: Come on boy lets take em out


Zero and Shockwave eventually retaliate and fight back at the ships



Zero: ARGH! 


Zero looked at his arm to see some of his cloth torn, his arm was bleeding and the cloth fell to the ground




He blasted the ship with a fully charged blast destroying it and made quick work of the rest of the fleet




Zero: Hmph, pathetic...next time think twice before attacking me...us!


Zero looked at the destroyed ship and then turned his back






Shockwave: Rooooaaaarr

Zero: Shockwave what is it


Shockwave turned his face to see another outcast ship silently turning round the corner



Zero: Alvin!

Alvin: Zero!

Zero: it was all a diversion wasn't it

Alvin: hehe well aren't you smart, but we weren't preparing for you it was your brother we brought the fleet for but I guess it worked partially well. I guess If I can't have the Archeologist no-one can.


Alvin prepared to load a catapult to destroy the exit to the cave, which would trap Owl inside


Zero: Shockwaaave! Stop him 

Alvin: Your out of shots, HAHAHAHAHA!

Zero: Or are we? ke (He charged up earlier and is using those reserves)

Alvin: HUH...?




The blast was deliberately missed, however the explosive power sent Alvin in to the water


Zero: -Glares in to the ocean with narrow eyes-. *sighs* Im sorry Owl but im doing this for you, Shockwave were leaving.



They both flew far away from Icestorm island


Zero: -In his mind- I guess if I destroyed these ships everyone will believe Owl did it, I did tell her not to mention any thing of me, But I guess this way Owl will be able to go back on Berk's good side as they will think she did this. If it helps Owl's life ,credit is worthless to me...


Alvin then climbs back to the shore he spots Owl and Shadow from behind a rock...





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The Aftermath

Landing in a small clearing, all they could see was smoke swirling in the air. Owl ran to a peak and called for her friend. "Zero! ... Zero! Ugh where could they be?" Shadow sniffed around. "Maybe they left?" Owl thought long and hard; she didn't know Zero completely, but she did know him enough to know he would never leave a friend. "Na. They wouldn't do that to us." Walking through the snow she looked at the ocean.




"Owl!" Shadow called carrying a piece of cloth in her mouth. "This is Zero's! Oh no. He got hurt!" Owl held her head as anger tried to come in. Owl breathed and let her anger go. "No, I'm sure he's fine. The blood could of been, a cut from ice." Shadow looked at her rider and to the sea. "So what now?" From behind Owl heard scuffling. "Stop right there!" Turning she realized it was Alvin the Treacherous. She remembered that Zero fought him while they searched for the Archeologist. "Alvin"




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The adventures of Zero the Ruthless and Shockwave

Okay guys, This comic has been completed


Feel free to comment and ask questions 

note: I may not be able to answer all of them ;)


Special Thank to:


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Fa la la la la la! HAPPY SNOGGLETOG!


Very good!

What'cha think Venus?

Venus: I think I might become friends with Shockwave...


"She shoots, she scores! Haha!"



"Oi! This is no time for standin' around!"

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Thank you very much Candy,

Thank you very much Candy, However I did not do this on my own OwlsBane was a big help too and she was amazing.


Shockwave: Friends...HUH

Me: Sorry candy thats just the way he is, becoming Shockwave's friend is something very difficult to achieve only a few have been able to gain his trust (apart from my clan) I think Shockwave is going to have to get to know you a bit better if he is going to accept venus as a friend.