Personal Forges, Woodworks,and more.

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More suggestions! Yay! I got more ideas after questing and racing all day.

1)Personal Forges! There would be a small entrance just like the entrance to your farm, and you can enter the forge to make different types of metals to create armor, saddles, ect. This is personal, so you can invite your friends. Just like farm, you have to check your furnaces / forges for the time required to make that certain metal or object.If you invite friends, or you're the invitee, you can collect a few metals from forges and other things like furnaces and such. You would get bonuses from it, and again, just like farm, you have to buy your forges and furnaces. Its worth it though!

2)Personal Wood-works.I have been having bugs with one certain quest that requires a axe handle, and because its made of wood, well, cant you just create it? In the wood works, you can create anything made of wood. (Added with your personal forges, you can make different types of things)Create axe handles,furniture, homes, and misc things.You can invite friends to collect items from your wood works to give them bonuses, and add bonuses to you by maybe adding a few things (that dont require money. This reminds me of Farmvile on Facebook, somehow xD)

3)Dragon eye color. Ive looked at alot of dragons lately, and most only have yellow eyes. (Im excluding Toothless)Its slightly bland, and some people wish to have their dragon have multiple colors to match their dragon, or match like something else! Example, my Monsterous Nightmare, AKA Tea, looks like well... Tea, and I wish his eyes would be a deep brown to match tea. :3

4)Cool features! Features like little feathers to stick in your hair or other kinds of features to use in like Fireball Frenzy, such as Dragon Accuracy Increase, Extra Points, or things in Thunder Run Racing, Increased Fireball Discharge, (where you use fireball at someone and they slow down. It costs quite a few gems)Or Bottle-O-Slam.( Hehe I made that one up, but what it does is where you slam into someone, you knock them a slight distance back, or in front. Not good or bad.)

5)More animals. In farms, you have a small amount of animals to chose from, and how they benefit you. I think they should add more animals, maybe pigs, a Certain types of birds that benefit you with seeds (Yes, its natural. In the wild, birds eat seeds and then excrete them. Sorry if I cant spell but you know what I mean.) The seeds can varry from Dragon Nip to the highest costly crop.Also, more types of crops would be a good choice.

6)More animals outside the farm. Maybe like, ancient lizards (Excluding the dragons, xD)cats,(Because this was WAY back, and maybe like Ice-age. I  dont know my vikings well, but okay, and saber cats and such.) You get what I mean, This suggestion is small but yeah. To the point, more animals, even though it might lag and I dont reccomend it. May come with more bugs.


This is it! Tell me what you think of my Suggestions! I'll think of more soon.

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These are all great ideas! I

These are all great ideas! I hope they impliment some of them ^_^

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Wow thats alot to take in, haha, I love the ideas though! I hope they include these in their future updates! :D


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Instead of a forge why not

Instead of a forge why not use that blacksmith in Berk? 


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