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Hello, everyone! 


     I'm here to take any art request (related to SoD) that you desire! I can draw both dragons and vikings (however, I'm far better at drawing dragons--vikings are kinda "iffy"). Feel free to request any background or body position (for instance, you want the dragon flying, running, etc.) that you want. The more detailed you are in your description, the more likely I'll get it right. I can draw digital or on paper (digital is preferred: quality would probably be better, etc.). Use the list below to get some ideas! 



 High: a forest, mountain range, outerspace, (complecated works that require high detail), etc. Normal: beach, desert, night sky (something that still requirers shading), etc. Minor: solid or multiple colors, one object (a single tree or something). 



Body Position (crouching, flying, mouth is open, breathing fire, "camera/picture" angle (do you want the "camera" to be zoomed up on a particular spot?), etc.): 

Any Extras (scars, body part [extra] detail, something crazy [like some spots on the head are glowing], etc.): 


Looks (give a description, objects [sword, shield, gun, etc.], any special genetic trait [pink eyes, etc.]): 

Body Position (same as above): 

Extras (same as above): 

*Both dragon and viking require a picture*

There is a night sky picture (in my signature) that is an example of my art style. I did that in two days, but since I have a busy schedule, times may vary. 

Thank you for requesting! 


I do art trades; PM me if you are interested. 

My dragons, Sparcklee, Keshkaikir, Riiidelmar and Aailunerelm, were drawn fancily by mehhh

Keshkaikir (above) was drawn wonderfully by Speedyleaf!

Keshkaikir and I were drawn exceptionally by dragon34611!

Keshkaikir was drawn stunningly by Fossilfigalpha!

Pink Floyd, my snaptrapper, and Stratocaster, the guitar, were drawn amazingly by Izzydrawsdragons!

Kaienzer--my original night fury character--was drawn fancily by mehhh

Kaienzer was drawn beautifully by DyliehIdol1214!

Kaienzer was drawn terrifically by Moonfyre!

Parasite (above) was drawn perfectly by Soulofthefoxy!

Air Wrinkle (above) was drawn fantastically by ReliefMoor!

Air Wrinkle was drawn remarkably by Carolinalina!

Aeimero was drawn epically by Lady fighter!

This Mid-Summer Secret Santa gift was done Epically by Lady Fighter!

The Burning Age, a female war-dog child, was drawn greatly by Sohki!

Father of Boards, and his chess-king mug, were drawn greatly by Sohki!

Flangin' (a Charizard) was drawn fabulously by ANIC101!

Sad, a Wedge-Tailed Eagle and Bengal Tiger Gryphon, was drawn wonderfully by Speedyleaf!

Heasen, the male Oceanic White-Tipped Shark Dragon, was drawn extraordinarily by Flitt!

Darkness, King, Obsidian dragon was drawn extraordinarily by Flitt!

Bubonic Plague was drawn extraordinarily by Flitt!

Flamboyant was drawn extraordinarily by Flitt!

Strider was drawn extraordinarily by Flitt!

Metenrorice was drawn extraordinarily by Flitt!

Iaiynercine was drawn splendidly by AMAZIEing!




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