Perching at strange spots

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It is a weird thing to do, but I think it's fun. So many places where not many people are. They look so confused sometimes. It's hilarious. Will upload more if anyone is interested :)


You're propably wondering: how do I do that? Angle control, speed and accuracy. You may not get it right the first time, but keep on trying and you will succeed!!


BTW, is there anyone else that does this sort of thing? I do get really lonely at my perches sometimes.

Tip of rock formation - Wilderness332.22 KB
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I love to do stuff like that!  :D  Unfortunately, I've been unable to play since probably near the end of December, because something got messed up with my profile, so I can't even get to the Viking select screen. :(  But hey, If it ever gets sorted out, I'll come looking for you! :D


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Now, what else to put here?  How about nothing. For now... :D

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I hpe that whatever the

I hpe that whatever the problem is that it gets fixed soon :)

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Thanks.  I hope so, too... :)

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My dragons went away... So i just burned the subject alone...

And i thought i was the only one who does it..glad to see that someone does this too!


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Amethyst: Female Adult Razorwhip (Glitched Call Of The Deathsong Egg)

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Dazzle: Male Adult Deathsong

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Mystycal: Male Adult Groncicle

Winter: Male Adult Groncicle

Shiny: Female Adult Groncicle

LOVE: Female Adult Groncicle (Valentine's Day Dragon)

Austerus: Male Adult Devilish Dervish

Kyko: Female Adult Flamewhipper

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BoulderBubble: Male Adult Hotburple

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WhisperingShadow: Male Adult Whispering Death

UnderTaker: Male Adult Whispering Death

Whispy: Male Adult Whispering Death

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Neptune: Male Adult Triple Stryke

Saturn: Male Titanwing Triple Stryke (Glitched Wrath Of StormHeart Egg)

Jolly: Male Adult Pickleboggle

FuryMaster: Male Titanwing Boneknapper

Sweet Revenge: Female Adult Boneknapper

Halloween: Female Teen Boneknapper

Rhaegal: Male Adult Silver Phantom (Tribute To Game Of Thrones)

Sweetness: Female Adult Sweet Death

Honey: Female Adult Sweet Death

Candy: Female Adult Sweet Death

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SnowFlake: Male Adult Woolly Howl

Toothless Snowy Fake: Male Adult Woolly Howl (A Woolly Fake Toothless)

Snoggletog Wraith: Male Adult Woolly Howl (The Subspecies Of The Woolly Howl)

LaElylveon: Female Adult Woolly Howl (Dedicated To My Friend Elylveon)

Burst: Adult Male Woolly Howl

Typhoon: Male Adult Typhoomerang

Boomerang: Female Adult Typhoomerang

Lantern: Male Adult Typhoomerang (Torch Brother)

Night And Day: Male Titanwing Zippleback

Dark And Light: Female Adult Zippleback

Briciola E Scheggia: Adult Male Zippleback (It's An Italian Name)

Shyra: Female Titanwing Monsterous Nightmare

FlashWing: Male Adult Monsterous Nightmare (Tribute To Skylanders)

Hurricane\Nerone Il Tamburenna: Male Titanwing Thunderdrum (Fourth Main Dragon)

Thundy: Male Adult Thunderdrum

Ares: Male Adult Thunderdrum

Bianchina Rennadrum: Female Adult Snoggletog Thunderdrum

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