To the people of Fearless Clan! :)

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Hi,  just wanted to say that I noticed that Fearless has been around ever since clans started. I find that amazing and it has been the same colors the whole time. I don't know if Aribella or tory lead it since then. But I am happy to see that the Fearless family is still here today. And thanks for the invite. I think Fearless should have the Champion Saddle and the Boots of Champions even though Snow Leopards worked hard for it. Thank you! :)





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- Subject -

I'm happy that you admire Fearleass clan. believe me, I admire them as well. They were one of the great clans in SoD. but it's not nice to drag Snow Leopards and their champion prizes into this thread unnecessarily. Try to avoid these kind of attitude in future.

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Yes, I know, but you guys did

Yes, I know, but you guys did work hard! :)

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Hey, thanks! Yeah, I have

Hey, thanks! Yeah, I have been the leader from day one and I wouldnt want to be anywhere else. As for being around such a long time, I have my amazing clan to thank for that. They work so hard and Fearless wouldnt be here today without them :)



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Thanks i apricciate

Thanks i apricciate









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Thank you!^_^

Yes Fearless have been there from the beginning as far as I know. And it's an honor to be part of this clan:)


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Yeah! Go Fearless XD   um, i

Yeah! Go Fearless XD



um, i dont think we should steel the SL's prize though :)









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Agreed! But, I-Idk what to

Agreed! But, I-Idk what to say....................... XD