Pen and Ink

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Pen and Ink


By Lissa





I'm Lissa, a follower of Jesus ^^ I've been part of SoD for around 3 years; the forum for 2.

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Quick Notes



Hey all!

This be a short story I wrote a while back for DerpySheyla's fan species, the Mirage Fury.  It's kind of a special one to me because Pen is what I was like as a little girl and encompasees how I feel about the lore of dragons ^^



If you're reading this, any chance you still have my Mirage Fury? I'd love to add him to this thread but I can't find him on my laptop anywhere. Must have flown away. :'3



Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy!

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Pen and Ink

Pen grew up with stories about dragons. Fierce, wild beasts that once ruled the skies- or so the elders said. She could listen for hours to them talk; long after all the other children ran off to play. Still she sat, a pen in her hand and parchment on her lap.

“So they had four legs as well as wings?”

“Not all of them. The monstrous nightmare for one, he didn’t.”

“And long tails?”

“Not all of them. The Gronckle’s was short- but he could pack a punch with it!”

She drew and she drew, and once she was satisfied with a sketch that an elder approved, she would move on to another to see what they had to say. It was funny how few times they all agreed; but then, they were themselves just small children at the time of dragons.

The Chief’s grandfather was the one she delighted in talking to the most. A twinkle would come to those dull eyes and he would chuckle.

“I forget many things wee lass, but not the day I met a dragon. Black, sleek, terrifying but beautiful. I covered my face as my father took my hand, and placed it on the creature’s head. So scaly and warm. So gentle. And oh! Those hazel green eyes. I will never forget them.”

At night she would hold her candle up to the wall, admiring not her handiwork but the creatures themselves. How she longed to meet one. On inky black nights without a moon, she would take the drawings, form them into pointy arrow-shaped birds, and toss them out her second story window. Pen would watch as they lazily flew through the air, sometimes catching on the wind and disappearing up in the night sky. If they did that, she would wish on the north star that they hadn’t really disappeared but come to life and flown away.




Ink’s wings ached. He had seen through the great waterfall, up to the heavens above and they made his world feel very small. The clouds, the moon, the sun. But it was the stars that left him in awe. They matched the patterns on his wings… if that wasn’t a sign those wings were meant to be among them what was?

Day and night the dragon found less interest in the cold, bio-luminescent world he was born to and more in the sky. But an ancient code; the Alpha’s ruling, kept everyone below. Most dragons didn’t dare come near the edge of the haven for that vague and distant memory. To abandon the Alpha’s rule is to become an outcast.

Time went on. His longing grew stronger than his fear. On a moonless night Ink crawled through one of the few remaining crevasses (for the dragons of old had built up a wall to keep their kind in, and the others out) into the watery cavern. He looked up and opened his wings.




Pen stared down in sour disappointment at her pictures. So lifeless. Meaningless… just as others said.

Get your head out of the clouds!

Put that talent to real use, lass!

Yes. Build statues. Of people. That already exist. That everybody knows about. What fun. She longed for the things that were just outside of everyone else’s imagination, the things that make you feel young and full of life.

But their words were not untrue. There’s no place in the real world, the one she was fast growing up and into, for dreaming.

In a rash moment of hurt and anger she scooped all her work up and tossed it in her satchel, sneaking out the window.



Wind! What an amazing sensation! It nearly knocked him into the sea but a memory built into his dna taught him how to govern it. The world above was so much bigger than it looked from down below! It was fantastic! Although, he had hoped merely to venture out, take one of those shining things from the sky and sneak back in before any other dragons had time to suspect. But no matter how hard he flew he couldn’t quite reach them.

Tiring after a third attempt, he rested his wings a moment.

What was this?

Up flew a funny whitish thing. He chased it.



After a hundred years of absence Stoick the Vast would have been proud to see Berkians return to their ancestral home. Time had mended what no hand could; the island teamed with wildlife of every sort, trees of every leaf and fish of every kind. Stealing through the dark streets of town Pen made for her favorite spot to be alone. A secluded cliff, with an ancient peg buried deep in the grass. She had often wondered what that peg was used for.

Each paper she folded carefully (for she’d gotten quite good at what we call making paper airplanes). Each crease purposeful and specific for the picture it held. The Groncle a disc, so wide and round it could almost hover in one place. The Nightmare with long, slender wings.

She looked down into the inky black where waves crashed against the cliff, and up at the North Star.

She tossed the Gronkle

I wish you were real

She threw the Nightmare

I wish you were real

She threw the Nadder

I wish you were real

She threw the Terrible Terror

I wish you were real…

On through them all. The skrill, the whispering death, the rumblehorn, hot burple, scuttle claw. Her eyes streamed with tears as her life’s work blew away in the wind, not one of them coming to life. Pen sank down on her knees.

They’re not coming back. She wiped her cheeks. They may never have existed in the first place.

She thought of the elders. They said there were dragons… but they also said there were pixies in the bread and had nice long conversations with the trolls under the bed. The little girl’s heart ached as she looked up at that star.

It shimmered. And… was moving.

She rubbed her eyes and looked again.

No, it was moving. In fact there were two north stars now, the one where it ought to be and the other, well, getting much bigger.

Pen stood and backed away as something big and very dark landed next to her. It was so very dark that only the light from the underside of the creature’s wings revealed the four short legs, and long, finned tail. Her jaw dropped.

Two beautiful ice blue eyes looked into hers.

They’re real. They’re real! They’re still alive, and they’re real!

She couldn’t utter a sound.

The dragon approached, carefully. He held his head low, had his back arched and moved sideways with the wing facing the little girl over his body in protection. There was something in his mouth.

Pen didn’t know what to do. After her initial shock and delight she realized this could be the end of her. With a cliff to her back the dragon to her front, there was nowhere to run or to hide, and no one to hear if she screamed. So she chose to stand where she was and see what the creature wanted.

And it wasn’t that hard. She was enamored by the sleek black scales. The pale blue strips and the long, elegant antennas, and those eyes. They held the canopy of the sky within them. If she lived through this she knew, she could never forget them.

The dragon laid something down in front of her and took a few steps back.

“Thank you…” She whispered.

It cocked it’s head to the side. This little thing was indeed curious. Could it? No, it wasn’t one of The Others. Those were big and scary… weren’t they?

Her hand reached ever so gently out to touch the nose only a few feet away. The ice blue eyes grew hard. With a suspicious snarl it beat its wings. The blast of wind threw Pen to the ground where she watched it disappear into the inky sky.

The thing it brought her fluttered around and she caught it just as it was about to fly over the cliff. Pen looked it over, wiping slime off. Black, smooth scales, beautiful green eyes, short, four legged. She hugged it tight.

“…for being real.”






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RotomDex Roasted My Subject...

Tracking! :3

And yes, I do have him! I'm happy I posted it on my DeviantArt since I deleted the one in my saved files ;v; (to get some space in my poor old PC actually)


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Maybe new Stuff coming soon :'D

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Thanks so much! I was afraid I might have lost him


So pretty <3

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This is so good!


Discover the Dragonbloods in the links below...

I Am Dragonblood: Fury's Friend {Book One}

I Am Dragonblood: Alpha and Chief {Book Two}

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The Writers' Thread

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thank you to all who have created the dragons for the Wearle!

Ice Woolly and Heckran by Speedyleaf

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Flightingale the Steaming Stormswallower

Backstory: Flightingale never used to be a dragon. She used to be a farmer's slave, beaten, bruised, toiling away in the heat of midday. One night, she was standing by her window looking out at the moonlit mountains, when she heard a small scratching in her tiny room. She turned to see and sitting on her bed, looking quite pleased with itself, was a baby Stormswallow. Of course she was frightened, but it soon became apparent that it wouldn't hurt her. It leapt down to the floor and ran to the window, glancing from her to the window and back. She opened the window for it but it just stood there, looking at her sadly. She realised it couldn't fly, and in sympathy she picked it up, crept down stairs and quietly let herself out. Putting the dragon down she said; 'go on, young one, be free like I wish I could be.' It  started to scamper off but then it stopped and turned back. She waved it off and began to make her way back to the house, then pain blossomed in her shoulder. The young dragon had scratched her.  but it wasn't a bad pain, it spread through her like fire, kindling a dragons spark in her. That night Flightingale flew free as a dragon.


Ka Ledasio, the skradder, by the amazing Speedyleaf.

Backstory: She is the mysterious leader of the mysterious Whitetalons, a group of dragons who all have the middle claw of their right foot white. She is feared among people, respected among dragons. Like a shadow upon a shadow she soars through the night, like a phantom of fleetness she swoops through the day. Any who meet her bow to get regalness, her strong will, her quick, clever eyes. Like a ghost of a story she flits on the edge of memory, always there, somewhere, yet just out of reach like a dream. She saw Flightingale's first flight, the young Stormswallower grow, Gabryall's loneliness broken. She was there for them all, leading in dreams, thoughts, small whispered words in their ears. Is she real? Or is she just a fantasy? Flying at the edge of minds. Maybe you will meet her, maybe you won't, who know but her and Whitetalons. Maybe, just maybe, she is with you now.

Newt, my flamewhipper

Sath Hansworthy


Flitt and Flickering

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Gabryall the Catastrophic Sentinel

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Vennomm the Poison Dart Fury by LilyStark. Thank you!

Flickering, my flightmare, by SangoMichiko13. Thank you!

Lyulf by the talented ZestyDragonWing. Thank you!

Arianwen my light fury by SangoMachiko13. Thanks!

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Skelly the Hopefury by WinterSilverCat. Ty!


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Newt, by warrior. Ty!

Moonflare by FireNightStar. Thankies!!

Flickering by Izzy. Tysm!! 

Aquasia by HoneyCloudy. Ty!

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Frostback by Dragonfly, tyyyy!!!

Skelly the Dragonblood Boneknapper by Foxy. Tysm!!

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Dragonblood Hiccup done by Dyll, ty!!!

Clink the Thistletail, by fossil. Tyyy!

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Thank you Flitt, I'm glad you enjoyed

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Yes! More fanfiction!

Oh! Oh! The chief's grandfather is Nuffink, Hiccup's son!!!

...which means Hiccup and probably Toothless are dead. Awww.... D':


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Author is prone to excessive fangirling and fits of giddiness. You have been warned.





Oops, sorry, let me try again.

Hi!!! (Oh, much better)

I'm the Dragoness (or Ness, if you prefer. I'm not picky).

First thing you should know about me: I am forever and always a



(also known as Mormons, but we prefer the title above. Long, isn't it? ;)


Second thing you should know about me:


Also, thanks to Dragonriders Fury for indulging my Night Fury obsession with an incredible banner! It's awesome!


Proud member of the Midnight Inklings


Hmmm what else...I love playing/composing music, drawing, and writing...if you can't find me I'm probably messing around with Shadow or in detention with Keefe...yup, that’s about it.

Now, on to business!!


Table of Contents

For your convenience

i. everything you need to know about me

ii. Le Fanfictions

2. Fandoms

2. Art done FOR me






___Fanfictions by Yours Truly___


The Dragoness Backstory: Fanfiction


Unfortunately, these update sporadically. I do what I can with the time I have *shrug* I'll mark them finished when they're done...if that ever happens :P




My vikings belong to the clan The Wildborn. However, since I'm not planning on being particularly active in-game anymore, if anyone would like to assume command of my little clan, just contact me on any of the threads I comment on (NO pms, sorry) and I'll get you set up! :D

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(Again by EmeraldHuntress. What, I loved them both!)






Ordered by preference, of course

(used to be top ten, but I have too many things that I love!)


HTTYD books/movies

(obviously, but I HAD to put that in there, it really is my favorite)



         The books were SO GOOD. No swearing, no (extreme) violence (does getting eaten by a lava dragon that dives into a volcano count? Or Grimbeard the Ghastly killing his own son?) Okay, scratch the violence, but it really is pretty awesome. The characters are SO well put together, each with his or her own little quirks that make them unique, and they’re all (mostly) lovable in their own way (Alvin and Exellinor are irredeemable). The little lessons Cressida Cowell teach by inserting them into the plot are truly inspired. Can’t wait for her to write more!!! (Also, I love the quirky way she capitalizes random words to make them a little bit more important. It’s just funny to me.)

I'll leave off mentioning all the characters of the movies, because you guys know them all aready! But you may not know the Heroes who came first...

First (of course), Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III.

Rather a longish name for a smallish Viking. Hiccup is a member of the Hairy Hooligan tribe. He has bright red hair and about a million freckles. the series starts when he's ten-and-a-half, and progresses until he is fifteen and King of the Wilderwest. His best (and, for a few books, ONLY friend) is Fishlegs.

Fishlegs is scrawny, allergic to reptiles, pretty much scared of everything, and the only sane one of the group (well, the only sane one when Hiccup is making a Plan). But he's fiercely loyal to Hiccup, and a good deal stronger and braver than he thinks. 

Next is Camicazi, who's a little too brave and fierce.

She's a Bog-Burglar, a member of an all-girls tribe of people who, well, burgle things. She is a very accomplished thief and a master escape artist.




Second in the fandom world is--you guessed it--Narnia. I have loved this world since before even HTTYD, I think. Though I'm not quite ready to meet Alsan, I would love to slip through the wardrobe for a few days--or years.



The False Prince



So the story is set in a medieval world in the land of Carthya. It's about an orphan named Sage. The storyline is great, the main character (Sage) is very well-rounded, believeable, and goes through some great character growth (not to mention he's snarky and smart and super funny). I LOVED it, and it's seriously amazing. If you read it, you will NOT be disappointed! (P.S. If you're one of those people who likes to read the end first, don't. Trust me, it's worth it to wait)



The Silver Eye

This is an INCREDIBLE webcomic by one Laura Hollingsworth (also the only webcomic/comic I have ever read, BUT STILL). The world is beautiful, the characters are funny and awesome (Apen and Joe are my favorites), and the art is incredible! It uploads a page EVERY FRIDAY and the story is so good!



Keeper of the Lost Cities

"Team Foster-Keefe will always be cooler."--Keefe


Yup, couldn’t have said it better myself. Team Foster-Keefe all the way! Though could Legacy pleasepleasePLEASE be about the actually storyline and not JUST Fitzphie and matchmaking and stuff that doesn’t matter to the rest of the elven world?

(Also--psst! Any Keeper fans who have read Legacy, PLEASE TELL ME EVERYTHING!!! I NEED TO KNOOOWWW!!)




The Magic Thief/The Lost Books/Sarah Prineas in general



I LOVE this series, it ended far too quickly for me (maybe cause I read it all in one day, hmmmmm). Connwaer and the magic and all of it are just so HILARIOUS and EXHILIRATING and FRUSTRATING to read about and STOP BLOWING THINGS UP, CONNWAER!!!


The Lost Books: MORE! MORE! I NEED MORE! (Seriously, when does the next book come out?)

Anyway, it’s about Alex, a librarian, and Kenneret, a queen, and her brother Charlie. Oh, and the books are alive (that’s enough to make any bookworm hyperventilate with happiness, isn’t it? ;D )



Attention to all the dragon-touched: This is a must-read. Go. Read it.




...and birds. And wicked-looking staffs. And cute little blondies called Beastie.

Wasn't a fan of her outfit for like 90% of Maleficent 2 but the rest of it was great! Better than a certain movie I could mention *cough*TheHiddenWorld*cough*.



Wizards of Once




Dwight in Shining Armor

I get a kick out of this every time I hear Dwight's shriek in the intro. BYUTv is the best! making things funny, clean, and SUPER awkward. But it's still great.



Brotherband Chronicles/Ranger's Apprentice



Story Thieves

My favorites are actually Kiel and Owen. No girls this time around, which is really unusual for me. But these two are special. Hope they have all the adventures they can imagine...and maybe a few safer ones.


The Ever Afters (EAS)

This series is pretty good. Aurora--excuse me, RORY Landon is so gutsy and flawed and lovable and I love her.


Half Upon a Time

Not James Riley's finest works but still pretty good.


Brave (Merida)

Just gotta say, I LOVE this girl. Best Disney princess ever.


Pete's Dragon

Best song ever



The Map to Everywhere

One word: Unrealities.

Three more words: Future Dragoness fanfiction.



If you reached the end of this fandom section, and you haven't read some of the books, you might have noticed some spoilers. I am an avid lover of spoilers and all insider knowledge, so....sorry for ruining it, I guess? But at the same time....NOT! XD please don't hurt me...








Look! See how pretty!

Okay, just a heads up, I am still collecting art from previous requests, so if you did something for me and it isn't up yet, I promise I haven't forgotten; I love all the art that is done for me!


This was done by the incredibly talented Katarile!




This adorable picture was made for me by Hestia82


THIS is my perfect Night Fury, Shadow, drawn by LissaFish.


Shadow (again) by MajaPercuilum.


Shadow and The Dragoness together (by The Blobfish Queen).

The ever-mischievous Shadow (again, jeez XD) by AndreaEaston!


Shadow (last time I promise! *crossing fingers behind back) by DyliehIdol1214. 






This is my beautiful Bookwyrm, Aldwyn (drawn by Flitt-thank you!)

And THIS is ocean-happy Ashera, also drawn by Flitt.


Russet, my mischievous Kyte. Thanks, LissaFish!




Luster, my proud secrai, drawn by LissaFish!



Okeydokey, I'm 








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A season for everything

No more Hiccup and Toothless by this time (well, I guess maybe Toothless but probably not. Depends on how long NF live)


Yep you guessed it! Also the peg in the grass (near the cliff) is the one Hiccup and Toothless used when they were practicing with Toothless tail in the first movie ^^

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I THOUGHT so, but I didn't mention it in case I was wrong. That's so cool! And definitely a good place to wish on dragons ^^