Paths fences and more!!!

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0in;line-height:12.6pt">Hello everyone I just got a few ideas that I think would impact the way we look at our farm.

1.- we could add paths like dirt or stone or even sand to make a road form the river to the backyard, dirt from the farms to the house and stone to direct your friends to your front door.

2.- fences like wooden or stone fences also we could also have stone crafted fences with dragon forms or Vikings

3.-Help from our friends like helping us reducing the timers for the crops or animals or even giving us water

4.- trading resources not that it is so useful but i could be cool in the future.

5.- Flight Suit Minigame this could be like one of toothless flight school mission just jump from a high point and reach an end if you go through a ring you get a seep bonus or you gain altitude.

0in;line-height:12.6pt">6.- Adding color to the saddles could be a good feature this could give the player a bit more of personalization to their dragon


0in;line-height:12.6pt">Well this is so far what I got hope you like it.