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Hi everyone! 


I forgot my password in another account (I created this one to post here). I click on "forgot password", i put my user name nad email, everything goes ok, but i never recive the email with my new password, y tried this like 10 times... I send an email to support and still waiting...

What can i do?? I want my account again :( 

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Check your spam/junk folder?



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1. Check Spam/Trash. Your emails may be filtered out as Spam if they come from a large organization like SoD

2. Is your email run by an organization(your workplace/school)? If so, the email might be blocked from you. I had a similar issue, but that's an entirely different situation.

3. Make sure you're on the right account. This sounds a bit weird, but you just might be in the wrong place.

4. Assuming you're using Gmail or something similar, search through all of your emails and use ctrl+f. Type 'School of Dragons' in the search bar that pops up and sift through there.


Assuming you've tried all of this(and it's failed), just wait for an email back from the admin.











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Flare ate my subject (and lunch)

Good advice!



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Yes, i did that, but spam is

Yes, i did that, but spam is empty.


No, its hotmail


Im in the right place because i did this like 5 months ago cause i forgot my password (yes, again xD) and it went well. 


I did all of that, really, but nothing :( 


I really dont know whats happening, cause as i said i did this before and everything wen well, i recived the email and change my password that time, but now, i dont know why i cant. Im doing the exactly same thing :(