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I know Mother's Day and Father's Day have passed but it's never too soon, nor too late, to celebrate good parenting! Show off your parental dragons here! Fathers, mothers, grandparents, step parents, even those who aren't really parents but instead display a parental/nuturing side towards others are all welcomed! I'd love to hear about your dragons, even if it's only a sentence! :) Here's some of my parental dragons to kick things off!


Fathers, Grandfathers, Stepfathers, etc.

Papa Moon

It would be wrong of me to say or do anything related to dragon parenting if I didn't mention Papa Moon at least once. It's in his name afterall! Papa is the biggest softie when it comes to babies and never minds caring for any of them. On top of this, he is a father of three, a grandfather to many, and even a great grandfather! To add to his resume, he has adopted/rescued and raised a number of other dragons as well. Papa is very friendly towards most dragons and humans and is very wise. However, he does think a bit highly of himself (he especially thinks he'd be a more suitable Alpha dragon than Toothless) and asks that he be respected. He is paitient but once he's pushed off the edge, he can either just act grumpy and ignore whoever upset him or attack them depending on how severe the offense was.



The son of Papa is a father himself! Moon, like his father, has a big soft spot for babies and has his own children as well. He has more than 5 children, a grandson, and a lot of nephews! While he hasn't adopted any babies, he certainly has rescued a lot of them in his lifetime. Moon is an overall friendly dragon and is more like a playful dog than anything (a very smart, playful dog at that). However, he can snap in a heartbeat when the time calls for it, such as when his family is in danger.



Freezer is both a father and a grandfather! He has twin Titan-Wing Flightmares, Freezer Fang and Dusk Freeze, and his granddaughter is a regular Flightmare named Spinel. He is incredibly docile and enjoys relaxing in the sun. He also tries his best to be there for his children and spends a lot of time with them, even though they're more than capable of taking care of themselves.


Boom Burst

Boom Burst is the father to a male Thunderdrum named Equilibrium. Prior to being a father, let alone a properly trained dragon, he was enslaved by Drago and was used for both pulling ships and fighting in battle. He is now enjoying a well earned retirement and is very close with his son and mate.



Evaporate is the father of two Scauldrons: His oldest kin is his son Vaporize while his youngest is his daughter Steam (I honestly forgot if I made Vaporize a male or not but he was supposed to be a male). He is very protective of both offspring and his mate. Evaporate is docile towards other Scauldrons (except those that make advances towards his kin and mate) but is somewhat weary of humans and despises Boom Burst for unknown reasons. This aggressive behavior has been passed down to Vaporize, who also dislikes Boom Burst.



Galidor is the father of 5 of Moona's children and one of Moona's two mates. He is the reason Moona got into the royal guard and is actually behind her in terms of skill and strength. Nevertheless, he is a very formidable fighter and is an excellent father. Sadly, Papa doesn't take too kindly to him and doesn't like seeing him near his daughter.



Harvest hasn't had children of his own but he has adopted two dragons: A Scuttleclaw named Bean and a Buffalord named Watermeleon. While Bean wasn't necessarily abandoned, Harvest named him while he was playing with his siblings and helped his parents raise him. Watermeleon on the other hand sadly lost his parents to dragon hunters and was found starving by Harvest. Currently, Bean is fully grown and independent while Watermeleon is living happily in Harvest's care. Harvest is very outgoing and cares little for others think of him, though he'll put his foot down if someone gives his family something as small as an odd look.


Doctor Alex

Considering how Alex can be sometimes, not many would expected him to have children, let alone adopt/rescue four more babies! While some interesting circumstances occured where his children came into the world as adults (it's a long story), he is still very close to them and has done what he could to guide them in the world. As for his dragon babies, most of them rescued in some shape or form, with only one literally showing up in his home out of nowhere. Overall, Alex is a nice dragon and doesn't mind helping others with medical prodecures. However, he can be vain, rude, and blunt when he wants to be and isn't a huge fan of being ridden by others (though he doesn't take action to get others off either).



Screecher is both a step-father, having raised two Thunderdrum, and a father by nature. He treats all younger dragons as his own and gets worried for them in the same manner. He also has a soft spot for babies and likes playing games with them (I think the image used for him in this post represents that perfectly). He generally benevolent towards all humans and dragons but he is an excellent fighter and will take down whatever is causing anyone trouble (if he has to).



Amethyst has raised a fellow Shockjaw after Wise brought him a Shockjaw egg to look after. He is very protective of Wonderous--the dragon he raised--even though said dragon is fully grown and has shown he is capable of defending himself numerous times. Aside from this, Amethyst is a laid back dragon but is uncontrollable when it comes to fighting dragon hunters.



Raiun became a stepfather after Wise gave him a baby Skrill to interact with, similar to Screecher. He successfully raised the Skrill to adulthood, though the dragon did become more aggressive and out of control than he had hoped (in other words, more like a typical Skrill). Raiun on the other hand is a very docile Skrill and gets along well with most humans and dragons.



Admittedly, Aventurine started out as a pretty bad stepfather. The baby Whispering Death he was given to interact with and befriend was greeted with aggression instead of kindness after feeling the young dragon would make Wise dislike him. Once his mindset changed however, he flipped entirely and in the end, raised a pretty good Whispering Death. Aventurine is quite aggressive towards people and dragons he doesn't know but is caring and protective to those he does. He can be a bit easy to set off and doesn't stop fighting until the enemy surrenders and flees or, worst, he kills them (fortunately, it hasn't come to that).


Magma Guardian

Magma Guardian hasn't been able to have any kids of his own but he did adopt a Monstrous Nightmare upon discovering the egg on Dragon Island. He is a gentle giant to all and there isn't anything he loves more than hugs!


Sky Slice

Sky Slice is one of the few dragons Wise owns who has had his own offspring instead of adoption/rescuing. He has two fully grown children and sadly, he hasn't been able to see them in years. He is a very sweet dragon and puts others before himself most of the time. He too has a soft spot for babies and other small things. At the same time however, he is miserable on the inside as he longs for his mate and children, though the former was killed by dragon hunters. There have been times where he became so distraught over his family that he experienced emotional outbursts and became unable to control himself. Out of fear of unintentionally harming others through said outbursts or burdening other with his past, he isolates himself from others when he mourns over his family.


There's more dads where that came from! But I've already gone so far down for just one section so I'll probably add more in the future in a different post. For now, it's time to move forward!


Mothers, Grandmothers, Stepmothers, etc.

Merith Seener "Tune" Neptune

Merith is the mate of Papa Moon and mother Moon, Moona, and Raito. Like her husband, she is very wise and usually docile towards humans and dragons. However, she is less tolerant than Papa on some things and is willing to get her talons dirty if she has to; Papa usually has to calm her down and/or keep her in line. On the contrary, she is usually the one who has to stop Papa from reacting too aggressively and puts an end to quite a few of his fights.



Moona is the son of Papa Moon and Merith Neptune and mate of Galidor (plus another male). She has 10+ sons from two mates and she loves all of them equally. She also fiercely protects them and is quick to attack whoever's causing any of them trouble. It has come to the point where her sons don't even want to consult their own mother about who they're seeing out of fear that she'll tear their dates apart! Like Galidor, she works hard in the Royal Guard and has risen up in the ranks. Overall, Moona is very aggressive and protective of her family. She is a very caring mother but her over-protectiveness often drives her sons away from her (Firework being the only one who isn't really repelled by it).


Dusk Freeze

Dusk Freeze is the mother of Spinel and the daughter of Freezer. She is a pretty lenient mother but knows when to put her foot down and interfere in her daughter's business, regardless of how old she is. When she isn't busy being a mom, she is lazy and sleeps more than anything.



Boil is the mother of Vaporize and Steam and the mate of Evaporate. Unlike her mate and son, she doesn't get into altercations with Boom Burst and vice versa but to avoid misunderstandings and making things worst than they already are, they prefer to avoid each other. Boil is very paitent but will quickly spring into action to protect her family.



Ezra is the mate of Doctor Alex. Between the two, she is parental and is the reason why Alex took in Mini Alex. She loves both her biological and adopted kin equally and protects them just as much. She is generally free spirited and a joy to be around but once she's angry, it's best to not even touch her with a 100ft pole with an additional extention.


Ultra Sound

Ultra Sound is the mate of Boom Burst and the mother of Equlibrium. She cares a lot for her friends and family and is quick to attack whoever is bothering them, even if it's nothing major. She spends a lot of time in the water doing tricks.



Silvertina is Moon's mate and the mother of his children. She used to be the queen of a kingdom but has since retired and gave the role to her oldest daughter Crystina. Nowadays, she spends a lot of time with her husband either playfully tussling on land, taking a slow flight above the clouds, or simply enjoying a sunset from the highest view they can find without flying. She is sweet and loves her family very much but is terrifying to deal with in battle if you're her enemy.


Not as many as I thought. . .for now at least. Onto the final section!


Parental by Nature

Elder Frost

Elder Frost's bad attitude and overall aggressiveness is what drives almost everyone away from him. What most don't know however, except the few friends he's actually been able to make and his brother, is that he is a sucker for children. He is especially fond of baby Snow Wraiths and becomes almost an entirely different dragon when he interacts with them. If only he were this nice all the time. . .



Thundershock didn't exactly raise little Thunderbolt but he did see the dragon grow and flourish. He has been with Thunderbolt his whole life and has helped him learn a few things, mainly basic survival skills for a Skrill. He did the same with Thunderstorm and has had thoughts on settling down for a while now. Overall, he's playful and outgoing but messing with anything he cares about will result in the shock of a lifetime.


Snoggletog Wraith

Whether he likes to admit it or not, this Snoggletog Wraith cares deeply for his Woolly Howl friend, Sugar Rush. He watches over the young dragon frequently and when Sugar Rush was down in the dumps after getting attacked by a Titan Wing Deadly Nadder, he was the one to cheer him up and get him back to his old self. He typically acts annoyed around Sugar Rush and doesn't like how hyperactive he on the inside, he wouldn't have it any other way. True to his nickname, the Snoggletog Grump, this Snoggletog Wraith is stern and aggressive towards most dragons and humans but holds back some of his "grumpiness" towards those he cares about.



Sir is the mate of Polar. He loves children and gets along with just about anyone fairly easily. He helps raise and babysit the babies of other dragons the best he can, given his inability to see. He has had plenty of thoughts on adopting a dragon or two (or three), though he's still thinking about it. He isn't really violent and it's very rare that he resorts to such methods to solve issues.



Polar is the mate of Sir and like Sir, he too loves children. However, his inability to make any sound with his mouth makes things a bit difficult when trying to bond with children or their parents. Like Sir, he refrains from using violence to solve problems but is more willing to do so than Sir.



Frozen is incredibly aggressive towards other dragons but isn't as aggressive towards humans (he's not exactly friendly either though). He is incredibly loyal to Wise and is the only human he'll listen to [quickly]. However. he has recently made an exception for babies and has had a hand in helping a few of Wise's baby dragons become strong, fast, successful hunters. Currently, Wise is using this to help socialize him.


And there's probably a lot more where that came from! But this is good for now. I look forward to seeing everyone else's parental dragons!


. . .this is never gonna get done. Enjoy!


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Probably my most favorite screenshot that I ever took of Papa. <3

Just another flight with the big guy himself!

My first School of Dragons GIF. . .dedicated to Papa. Sounds about right!


"How are you all holding up over there?"


Zzzzzzz. . .


"eme [this is a face by the way] Is this where you've been this whole time?" (He came swimming up to me while I was at the Training Grounds)

As much as I love the big guy, it's fun to occasionally spite him. ewe Made/edited by SilverNight!



Drago once said the strength of will over others is true strength. . .and Hiccup says friendship is true strength. . .but they're both wrong. Cuteness is the one and only true strength! These faces will be the death of evil, I'm telling you. Made all by Zitka!


Happy wife, happy life. Made by Snowflake12298!



Raito and Doctor Alex, both drawn by me!


A truly fuzzy Moon made/edited by HoneyCloudy!


Yikes! Ezra looks angry! Made by AndreaEaston!


Sorry Dagur but I don't think the General agress with that "clever as a Skrill" statement. . .



. . .it's a bit difficult watching for danger when you can't get near the telescope.


He checked on the gigantic Hobblegrunt babies a billion times before finally moving forward. -_- Those Hobblegrunt parents were NOT happy.


The main character for my story made into a beautiful Snowy Griffin. Made by LissaFish!


Sometimes Papa's ego becomes as big as Jupiter. . .screenshot edited by Zeezur!


A cute Papa headshot made by HoneyCloudy!



I've expanded the army! NYEHEHEEEEEE!!! Made by Zikta!

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"Subject? It's r- Flash, STOP eating my subject!"- Raineir

Here's a pic of my OC Raineir and her Skrill named Flash!

Actually, Flash is more like an older sister to Raineir.  After being rescued by Raineir from dragon hunters a month before HTTYD, Flash has since become her older dragon sister (Flash is older than Raineir), being very affectionate (moreso than most Skrills) and protective of her younger human sister. They live together on Berk, along with the other Dragon Riders, including Raineir's human parents.



Welcome to my signature!


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Here is a cute and goofy li'l Burrowing owl for your enjoyment. You're welcome.

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About Me (in real life):


. Name: Emily. I've also been called Ember and Bird Girl as nicknames by people I know.


. Gender: Female


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Fun facts about me: I have a huge passion for nature, especially birds.  I'm not afraid to touch or hold bugs, insects, amphibians, and reptiles, including snakes.


Hogwarts House (according to Pottermore): HUFFLEPUFF!



About me (in SoD)


. I joined SoD on: March 5, 2017.  I created my forum account on January 27, 2018.


. Main Viking(s): nakataGreenThumbs and Seerboldraven


. Main Dragon(s): nakataGreenThumbs: Lightning the Shockjaw, Skyhopper the Titan Deadly Nadder, and Claw the Sand Wraith. Seerboldraven: Flash the Titan Skrill and Silvermist the Flightmare


. Clan:  I am a proud member of The Light Fury Racers!


Trophies: 423. So far, all my trophies are from racing, which, for me, took many races. I've gotten a lot better, but I'm in no way the best.


. Main Dragon for Racing: My Sand Wraith, Claw. Sand Wraiths may not have Toothless' speed or acceleration rate, or the speed of dragons like the Skrill and Razorwhip, but they have a very good top speed at 8.8, and they have a better acceleration and turn rate. This, in my opinon, makes them one of the best racing dragons.  For my second main viking, Seerboldraven, it's Silvermist the Flightmare. Not quite as good acceleration and turn rate as the Sand Wraith, but the speed is the same (8.8), and the turn rate is still good for a race.


Main Dragon for Battle: My Whispering Death, Thorntail. I also use my Changewing, Ghost. For Seerboldraven, it's Whisper the Whispering Death.


My code: EZEPJ4, just in case you want to be friends but can't find me in-game.


Random Fact I just came up with: If dragons were birds, let's face it: the Night Fury would either be a Peregrine Falcon because both are really fast, or a Barn Owl because both are stealthy and have a hair-raising screech.


I am fully against Hacking in SoD!


This is my main viking, nakataGreenThumbs, with her main dragon, a female Titan wing Deadly Nadder named Skyhopper, who's clearly taking a snooze here.






Proud member of The Light Fury Racers!



My wonderful dragons (my first SoD viking):


Lightning: Titan Shockjaw


Skyhopper: Titan Deadly Nadder


Fireflower: Titan Monstrous Nightmare


Quicksilver: Adult Razorwhip


Firebloom: Adult Singetail


Thorntail: Titan Whispering Death


Steeltrap: Adult Armorwing


Tomoko: Adult Flame Whipper


Rumbles: Adult Eruptodon


Echo: Adult Thunderdrum


Goldfire: Adult Death Song


Ghost: Adult Changewing


Claw: Adult Sandwraith


Fireball: Adult Gronckle


Frostbite: Adult Groncicle


Silent Strike: Adult Boneknapper


Flash: Adult Skrill


Night and Hawk: Teen Zippleback


Silvermist: Adult Flightmare


Grimm: Adult Screaming Death


Raindrop: Teen Raincutter


Shockfreeze: Adult Shockjaw (received this one through a weird glitch)


Boulder: Baby Rumblehorn


Here's the story about how my OC viking Raineir met her dragon:

 Berk was not an easy place to live. It was cold, it snowed there most of the year, finding food was not always an easy task, and, yes, it was cold. Oh, and the almost constant dragon raids didn't help matters either. To Berk's vikings, it was either kill or be killed, no other option. Well, except for one viking girl. Much like Berk's heir, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third, Raineir Feralsome was considered an "odd one out." Except, instead of wanting to prove herself by killing a dragon like Hiccup, she didn't like to kill. She thought there had to be another way like Valka, Hiccup's 'dead' mother. One day, Raineir was exploring the forest in Raven Point. She liked to explore the land of Berk, learning about its geographical features. Seemingly out of nowhere, a screech of pain rang out. Alarmed, Raineir ran towards the source of the noise. Coming upon a cove (yes, THAT cove), she looked down and saw a small group of what appeared to be hunters, since they were holding spears and bows and arrows. They were surrounding what looked like a Skrill. The poor dragon was in bad shape. There were wounds on its sides, and had trouble fighting the hunters off in her weakened state. Raineir quickly climbed down and made herself known. "Hey!" She shouted, "step away from the Skrill, and none of you will get hurt!" She drew her sword and moved in front of the dragon. The leader stared at her, then laughed. "You?" He said, "a mere girl willing to fight to defend a beast?" She didn't flinch, only glaring more fiercly at him. Making up her mind, she charged at him, sword ready, not to kill, but to possibly knock him and his goonies out. As she was about to do so, a a small bolt of lightning came from... the sword? The lightning hit one of the hunters, instantly knocking him out. Surprised, Raineir looked at her sword in shock, then glared at the leader again. Not wanting to become the next target, he and the rest of his goonies ran away fast. Once they were gone, she turned towards the Skrill, taking medical supplies out of her satchel. The Skrill looked at her in shock, obviously surprised to witness a human protecting a dragon. Raineir put her hand out. The Skrill seemed hesitant, but then she put her snout gently on the girl's outstretched hand. Raineir set to work on cleaning and bandaging the dragon's wounds. She decided to name her dragon Flash. Flash, once fully healed, let Raineir become her rider. Because Raineir had saved Flash, Flash would never stop protecting her from any threat. They're more than just friends; they're family, and will always be loyal to each other, no matter what. This story happened about a month or so before Hiccup discovered Toothless.


Here's how Raineir met Scout:

Raineir was having a pretty good day. Hiccup woke up from his coma a few days ago and was getting used to his prosthetic, and the war between the dragons and Berkians was finally over. She went to go get some fish for Flash's dinner, and aside from nearly tripping over Fungus, Mildew's sheep, and listening to Mildew complain about that, not much happened with that. Upon arriving home, she set the basket of fish in front of Flash (Flash stayed with Raineir and sometimes slept in Raineir's room instead of the stables) who promptly started eating happily. Raineir heard a tiny squeak come from somewhere. Confused, she looked around for the location and source of the noise. It sounded like a Terrible Terror. Flash suddenly stopped eating and growled at her fish basket. "Flash, what-," Raineir peered inside and out flew a pink and yellow Terrible Terror with reddish brown horns and back spines. Flash roared in alarm and growled at the intruder. "Whoa! Calm down, girl. It's just a little Terrible Terror," Raineir tried to calm her down. She held her hand to the little dragon, who looked defensive. "Hey, it's ok, little guy." the terror growled at that. "Oh, I'm sorry! You're a girl, then." Happily, the dragon nudged Raineir's hand. "I think I'll name you... Scout! What do you think, do you like that name?" Scout squeaked happily at that. Soon enough, Flash warmed up to the little newcomer, though was still sometimes annoyed by the little dragon's antics and 'singing.' Raineir soon trained Scout to search/scout out objects with hand signals. Her new friend warmed up to Raineir's parents and fellow dragon riders/friends pretty quickly (Snotlout is an on and off case).


How Raineir met Claw:

It was a fairly stormy day on Berk, with rain coming down in plentiful amounts, though no thunder or lightning. Raineir was riding Flash on their evening flight, despite the weather. They landed in the cove, when a loud roar was heard. It sounded like a roar of distress. "Deja Vu," Raineir said. This was what happened right before she found Flash. She climbed back on Flash and they flew into the forest, towards the source of the roar. In a large clearing was a purple... Sand Wraith? It was a Sand Wraith! The poor guy looked lost and confused, so naturally Raineir wanted to help. Cautiously and slowly, she walked up to the dragon. The Sand Wraith turned around and noticed her standing a few feet away from him. Alarmed, he got ready to attack if necessary. He growled loudly at her. Flash got into her attacking position as well, ready to defend her sister if needed. Raineir calmed Flash down. "It's ok, don't worry, girl. I got this." Flash calmed down, though she still looked wary. Surprised at the bond between a dragon and a human, the Sand Wraith seemed to calm down a little as well, though still a bit defensive. Raineir then noticed the scars on the dragon's right side, as well as the fact that the left wing looked broken. She slowly held her hand out to him. "Hey there, boy. You must have had a tough time with humans, huh? I can help you with that wing of yours, if you let me. I won't hurt you. I promise." The Sand Wraith seemed hesitant, but then he slowly pressed his snout into Raineir's palm. "Ok, I'm going to need help getting you back. I'm going to let out a call, so don't be startled when I do, ok?" The dragon nodded. Raineir let out a Night Fury call. Soon, Hiccup arrived on Toothless, and together with Raineir and Flash, they created a large sling which the two dragons carried the Sand Wraith to the village in. The dragon was hostile to the other villagers, but Raineir calmed him down. Gothi was able to fix and bandage his wing. Unfortunately, even when fully healed, Claw, as he was now named, would always fly abnormally, though he was forever grateful to the viking girl who helped him.


How Raineir met Fireball the Gronckle:

It was peaceful on Berk once again, now that the Berkians and Outcasts were allies and Dagur was no longer a threat. Raineir was getting ready for her early morning flight with Flash. She was just finishing tying her second braid when she heard a loud commotion outside. Well, Berk was almost peaceful. There was still the occasional viking arguement and of course, untrained dragons wreaking havoc. Raineir groaned. "Not again," she said. Hurrying outside, she looked around for the source. Sure enough, there was a crowd of vikings. Raineir then noticed what was annoying the vikings: a stray and agitated Gronckle. He was obviously untrained and not used to so many humans, as he was growling and whacking his bludgeon-like tail into a few buildings, also shooting lava balls all over the place. Hiccup was already there by the time she approached the scene. Though Hiccup was one of the best at training dragons (both he and Raineir were pretty much tied with that), he looked at her and said, "Rain, can you help me train this Gronckle?" Although Gronckles were normally relatively easy to train, this one was proving to be a difficult case. Raineir agreed, and slowly approached said dragon. The Gronckle noticed her prescence and growled lowly at her, pawing the ground with his feet. "Hey, it's ok, boy. We aren't gonna hurt you. You're safe here." She then carefully held her hand out, revealing a small rock. The Gronckle looked surprised at the peace offering, but then he ate the rock happily, shooting a fireball in the sky afterward. He then nudged Raineir's hand. She smiled. "That's what I'm gonna call you. Fireball."


How Raineir met Earthgrinder the Whispering Death:

On the little-known, forested island of Rock Pine (I just came up with that), there were few dragons. One of them was a Titan Whispering Death. He lived in the tunnels he dug deep below the land's surface. His name was Earthgrinder. Earthgrinder's tunnels were dug deep in the forest, and for good reason. Now although very few humans have come to Rock Pine in the past, Earthgrinder was still very cautious. From past experiences, he knew what humans were capable of. He was searching for food one day, when he heard a ruckus going on. It sounded like distressed dragons and... humans! Growling, Earthgrinder readied himself for the intruders. Out of seemingly nowhere, 6 or 7 dragon hunters emerged, looking for more dragons. Having captured the island's other dragons, they turned their attention to Earthgrinder. Wanting a rare, uniquely colored dragon, they charged at him. Earthgrinder fired at them and dodged their weapons, flying away from Rock Pine. He went searching for another island to live, and came upon Dragon's Edge. Not noticing the built structures, Earthgrinder went to the forest and dug tunnels to live in. The next day, he heard... human voices! He shot out the tunnel and prepared to attack those on his island. He saw 7... teenagers, it looked like. And were those dragons protecting them? One of them, girl with dark brown hair and violet eyes (Raineir), with a Skrill next to her, came up to him slowly and cautiously, putting her hand out gently. Earthgrinder wasn't sure what to think. After a few moments, he decided they were good and pressed his snout into her palm. Since meeting these young humans, Earthgrinder soon became used to living with them and their dragons, especially the girl, the first human to show him kindness.





About Raineir


Full Name: Raineir Feralsome


Age: 19-20 (by the time of How to Train Your Dragon 2)


Gender: Female


Height: Shorter than the average female. 5 ft, 2 in.


Hair Color: Dark brown, tied into two semi-long braids in the back. In HTTYD 3, she now has wavy, shoulder length dark brown hair, which now has a purple streak on the right side.


Eye Color: Violet


Wears: Long sleeve gray dress, dark green leggings, brown fur boots, and two belts, one around the waist and one cross body style in which she keeps her sword. She also wears a necklace with a silver pendant of a Skrill. In HTTYD 3, Raineir now wears a short sleeve gray and purple top, gray leggings, Skrill-inspired skirt, Skrill boots, Skrill arm bracers, and metal shoulder guards. She still wears the waist belt, but instead of just one cross-body belt, she has two that cross over each other. She also still has the Skrill necklace.


Dragons: A Skrill named Flash. Flash looks like a regular Skrill, but has noticeable scars on her sides from when she was wounded by dragon hunters, about a month or so before Hiccup met Toothless. Flash, in an act of graditude, accepted Raineir as her rider and life-long partner. Like Hiccup and Toothless, Raineir and Flash proved that friends aren't just limited to the same species. Flash's personality is a little different from the average Skrill, though being one, she can have a bit of an attitude, and like Toothless, can be sarcastic and snarky. Nevertheless, Flash is a very loyal partner to Raineir. She is very affectionate towards her human sister (Raineir) and other humans and dragons she trusts. She and Raineir are very much like siblings. Raineir also later befriends a Terrible Terror she names Scout, who she taught to "scout" out people, dragons, and objects using hand signals. Scout is very friendly and playful, though not afraid to fight if her friends are threatened. Sometime between Mildew's betrayal of Berk and the war between the Berkian, Outcasts, and Berserkers, Raineir found and helped Claw, a Sand Wraith lost and confused in the forests of Berk.


Other Dragons: In addition to her three main dragons, Raineir has also trained many others: Earthgrinder a titan Whispering Death, Silvermist a light violet Flightmare, Fireflower a violet Monstrous Nightmare, Lightning a violet and green Shockjaw, Fireball a Gronckle, Bluebird a Deadly Nadder, and many others.


Main weapon: Electro, her trusty Gronckle Iron sword. Upon meeting Flash for the first time, Raineir defended her from dragon hunters, and discovered that her sword has the ability to shoot out lightning bolts.


Personality: In the first movie (if she were in it), she was much like Hiccup, though not as awkward (sorry, Hiccup). She and Hiccup are still very similar to one another. Raineir is intelligent, sometimes sarcastic, and very witty. Like Astrid, she is fully willing to fiercely defend her friends. She is a very kind and good-hearted person, always ready to help out her friends and family, though not afraid to call them out when they get out of line. She doesn't like to kill unless it's absolutely necessary. Raineir, like Hiccup, likes to consider herself a peacemaker.


Unofficial, Official Title: The Lightning Rider


Fun fact about Raineir: For an unknown reason, Raineir has an immunity to lightning, and eletrical shocks don't hurt or affect her negatively in any way. She may have been born this way, or maybe she gained it early on in her life, both probably foreshadowing her becoming a Skrill rider.


Here's a picture of Raineir and Flash, drawn by the awesome Zikta. Thank you Zikta! :)



And here's one by the awesome piggyxl. Thanks, piggyxl!



Lovely art piece of Raineir and Flash in HTTYD 3 by the great RedHoodJason. Thank you!

Another lovely piece done by the great piggyxl. Thank you!


Here's another artwork of Raineir and Flash, done be the great Katarile :)


A wonderful art piece of Raineir's HTTYD 3 look by the great snow-wish. Thanks for the art!

Here's Raineir again by the amazing Zikta:)


This is what Raineir looks like in her HTTYD 3 Skrill armor.  Art genrously done by the fabulous The Blobfish Queen, also known as XxXPurpleHolkingXxX! :)


Another art of Raineir in her Skrill armor, this one done by the fabulous Zikta! :)



This Skrill also drawn by the amazing Zikta


Another lovely Flash drawing by Zikta


Flash again, also by Zikta:)


This is also Flash by the awesome Wixyigzy


Here's another beautiful artwork of Flash by the amazing dogloven


Here's another epic art of Flash by the great RoaringOrigins!


Another lovely art of Flash by the great sunsetlighthelovely :)

Also Flash (with a lovely head wreath!) by the great SilverNight:)


Flash again, art by the great Fireflash :)



Here is a picture of Raineir and her Terrible Terror, Scout, drawn by the incredibly awesome Zikta:)


Here is a beautiful edit of Scout by the great Zeezur. Thank you! :)


Here's Scout again by the great RedHoodJason!

Here's Scout again by the great XxSilver.NightxX!:)

Here's Claw the Sand Wraith, another one of Raineir's dragons, as well as the third one she trained. This drawing generously done by the amazing Zikta:)

Here's Claw again, drawing very beautifully done by the great AndreaEaston!:)


Another Claw art by the great RoaringOrigins!:)


Here's a lovely holiday-themed art of Claw with Scout, in honor of Claw's first Snoggletog with humans and dragons who care about him. Done by the fabulous Zikta :)





Here's Earthgrinder in a lovely edit by the great AndreaEaston!:)




Who can forget about the handsome Fireball? Art generously done by the great CZNZ Dragon Rider!



An edit of Fireball by the great nathanviking! :)


This is Fireflower, a female Monstrous Nightmare that Raineir trained and befriended. Not as stubborn as Hookfang (probably because Raineir is not like Snotlout). This lovely edit done by the great nathanviking :)




Here's Silvermist, a female Flightmare trained and befriended by Raineir. Art done by the fabulous XxXPurpleHolkingXxX :)


This is Briny and Bender, another dragon that Raineir befriended during the Riders' time on Dragon's Edge. This Seashocker, after being helped by the viking girl, comes back frequently to visit her and the other Riders. Art generously done by the great AndreaEaston :)





Thanks to the awesome and generous AntroTyree, who did this beautiful art, I also now have a lovely Night Fury, Lavender Honey!



Here is my other adopted dragon, a Light Fury I named Pearl, adopted from the great dragonrider34:)  Pearl is calm and peaceful, a serene dragon, but also fierce and protective of her loved ones. Very playful, has a mischievious side.


Here's Pearl again, this lovely art done by the great Embalathedragonhatcher :)



Here's Seabreeze, my adopted Spyrogia from ImDerpySheylaYT!

Meet Ivy Leaf, my Artillery Wyvern hatched from Wildvanity's egg incubator! Ivy Leaf is cunning while hunting, but very sweet around friends and family. She loves playing hide and seek.

Here's Gemstone, my female titan Dreadful Growl, adopted from Wildvanity!  Gemstone's wing was injured by another titan dragon :( But, I am taking care of her! :)



And let's not forget one of my dragons, Echo the Thunderdrum, drawn by the incredibly fabulous XxXPurpleHolkingXxX! Thank you!


Here's Swift, a Windwalker trained by Mysticbirdwings, one of my side SoD vikings




Here's Bluebird, another one of Raineir's dragons, done by the amazing Zikta! :)


Another beautiful drawing of Bluebird, playing fetch (or wanting to) with a Christmas ornament, done by the fabulous Zikta! :)


Here's Ravenfire the Blazing Firemaw, edited by LissaFish. Zikta came up with this unique dragon, she's the creator!:) Ravenfire is another one of Raineir's trained dragons.


Meet Nightingale, my Catagon! The Catagon was created by the great AndreaEaston, who generously did this edit of Nightingale for me :)




Another beautiful drawing by the fabulous XxXPurpleHolkingXxX:


Star, a rare and lovely Finger Griffin that I nursed back to health. Art by the great LissaFish!



Lightningwhip (Skrill x Razorwhip) by the great snowflake12298!



A while back, I created a new dragon: the Twilight Fury, which looks just like a Night Fury, but with a few differences, including a different call, which sounds like a Barred Owl. Here's a drawing generously done by the amazing Zikta. Thank you Zikta! :)


Here's another one by the great DragonOfGalaxy. Thank you! :)



Another beautiful Twilight Fury by the great snowflake12298. Thank you! :)



Another lovely Twilight Fury generously drawn by the fabulous XxXPurpleHolkingXxX. Thank you! :)


Quickflash the Twilight Fury also by the great Zikta! :)

Also Quickflash by the great AndreaEaston! :)


Quickflash again, another art by the fabulous XxXPurpleHolkingXxX! :)



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My Top 6 Favorite Dragons (in no particular order):


Night Fury


Deadly Nadder








Sand Wraith


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