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It seems like every time I've been in a server where the majority of players are aiming for the boat from the healing points, that we don't win anymore. Is there something to this? Did they change something about battle events? Or is it just coincidence, and the lack of damage being done to ships is some other issue? I'm mostly upset at the losses since battle events are one of my main ways of getting candy for this event, and I'm nervous that I might not get enough by the end...

I feel like I should note, before literally anyone asks: yes, I am using a Scauldron. I had been saving gems to get one for a long while. However, ever since the recent update (which fixed the sync errors, thankfully) I've been having a lot of problems regardless. 


Haven't seen anyone else mention this, so I thought I'd see if anyone else experienced similar. Might just be my bad luck, though!

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There's more health...

There just seem to be less people there sometimes, either that or they get logged out at the start. I myself have not had a problem with firing from the regen points.

My luck is bad too, so we're in the same boat... Or firing at it.


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