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I'm doing my art final for school and i am doing a rock painting. However, my teacher ran out of paint in class and refuses to buy more and I need green! I was looking through our drawers and found nothing but paints for interiors. However, one of them was the exact shade I needed. So my question is, would Interior Eggshell paint work on a rock? If not, then I'm in some trouble. And also, does hairspray really work on a painting on a rock to make it last longer?



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If by interior paint you mean

If by interior paint you mean the kind made for indoor walls, then absolutely it should work. But make sure the rock is very clean before you apply it, and you'll want a primer to make sure it sticks - wall paint peels off over time without a primer underneath. It will scratch easilly, so using a fixative when you are done is good. Hairspray is... not something I've ever used as an artist. I usually deal with pastels, and those need a much mor official type of fixative, but I don't see why it shouldn't work. Keep in mind though that by using a differant chemical like that it may slightly react with the paints already applied to change color, and you need to stand weeeeelll back and spray very lightly to get an even coat without visable droplets that'll never come out. Also be sure to do so somewhere well ventelated (probably outside), and wait at least an hour before applying a second coat of hairspray. If the rock is something you want to never ever loose color or get scratched, you'll need a varnish and should do some more research on that, but hairspray will do in a pinch for something you don't intend to keep with you your entire life.


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Interior paint would be great

Interior paint would be great to use on a rock, just be careful if you intend to mix it with other types of paint as it may not mix properly, but if you're just using it as a base coat it should be fine.

As for the hairspray, not sure if it will stick to a rock, it works fine on paper for pastel and pencil drawings, I use it at art school. You might be better off to buy a varnish or some kind of laquer. You can get them quiet cheaply in spray cans.

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That would depend on the components of the paint. Assuming that it's a latex-based paint, you should generally be fine unless you plan on roughly handling that rock. The paint might flake off if you play with it too much, but you'd need to be very rough with it to make that happen. (thin layers and primer might prevent it from happening).


Also I'll say no to the hairspray. One should never use sealing stuff that isn't made for that purpose. Hairspray will become sticky if it gets moist and it might ruin the entire thing in the blink of an eye. If your school has something like mod-podge or setting spray for latex/vinyl/acrylics (not for canvases!), I'd go for that.



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