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Ever wanted an outline of your favorite dragon but


a. You didn't know how



b. You're too lazy


well, you've came to the right guy! Because today, I am making outlines... FOR FREE

just comment a screenshot of your dragon and ill get back to you in little time at all!


See the attached images for one I did of my own dragon, Quadwing, and me, in real life! Also, if you want, I can also make a VIKING outline to put right next to your dragon! Oh, and it gets BETTER! If asked, I can put the viking outline OVER the dragon outline so that you dont have to do it yourself! 

See the attached images


Also, I dont do faces. Sorry, its just i can master them. But I go by my motto:


"Its not good art, but its free!"



also samsucksatart is my instagram ignore the tag

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:D :D

Hello!! Do you think you could outline both my viking and my Speed Stinger in this picture? Also, if this isn't too much trouble, could you include the pedestal thingy so it doesn't look like the dragon's floating strangely in the air? XD One more thing... if you could add the dragon's name to the picture, that would be utterly amazing!!! :D Her name is Sapphire Achillobator. :)

Thank you for taking requests!!!! :DDD


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The gorgeous art you see above was done by none other than Flitt Ingerman. Thanks so much, Flitt!!


This awesomely adorable pic of Chakoel was drawn by Izzy. THANK YOUUU!!


This utter MASTERPIECE was done by Frugal Tilko. Thank you to infinity!!!!!!!


An utterly fantastic banner for my best bud, created by Dragonrider's Fury!! THANK YOU SO MUCCCHHHHH!


This beautiful image of my mug, Chako and Ritherrinth was made by Relief Moor. Thanks A LOT; I LOVE IT!!


A pixelated Chakoel, depicted in a wondrously incredible fashion by Drake the Dragon!!! Thank you SO VERY much!


This is an edited screenshot, taken on Chakoel's FIRST BIRTHDAY, created by the entirely awesome Dylieh! THANKS A TON! :D


Our epic struggle against Revo͝olmiya, depicted by Frugal Tilko!! THANK YOU BEYOND THE EDGES OF SPACE!!!


Megaboltphoenix was the author of this gem!! THANK YOU A LOT!!!!!


This superb portrait of my buddy and I was created by Dragon34611!! I send you extreme and wholehearted "THANK YOU"S!!


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