Outcast Ships Attack in the 1.16 Battle Event Update!

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What'd I miss?

Hey, I'm FINALLY back from my Thanksgiving break; just thought I'd drop in and see what all the news is about... 


That being said... 




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Battle ships

Hi there I love! the new update!


I've been playing on and of every day and sometimes I get lucky and see a battle but it would be really great if there was some way to tell when a ship was coming not sit around hoping that one will turn up while I'm on is there a way for that to happen, like a countdown at the lookout spy glass or a tab you could check or board with all the info at the school? or  maybe more ships every 30 min?


Anyway its awesome to have some action in between farming so THANK YOU :)



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Battle ships

I also won jems and haven't recived them after a battle

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Love it!!

I am loving the new Battle Update--myself and Jabun have been working hard to defend the school! I also like the fact that we see our clans being rewarded for their members' hard work on a more regular basis. It's amazing! I enjoy knowing when and where they will happen, too. Thanks so much, SoD team!!


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I too have not earned gems (not just the 200, but the various 50 and 75 multiple times).  Interestingly the time this battle activity started, I stopped getting my 500 gems (did not get in Nov) and not with my renewal either.  Wondering if it's connected.  The weekly (5 day reward gems) DOES work.  If one is supposed to get the 200 gems for every won battle, I've easily earned 4000+ now (which you see when you hit the clan stats tab).


But another bug.  Using Windows PC app.


I have a Lvl 20 Death Song.  I've been experimenting, and he doesn't recharge AT ALL.  I can be sitting on him or even off of him while he's in the light (in the safety zone), and I watch his point values continue to fall.  I thought it was a fluke, but I've observed this problem for a half dozen battles now. 


Further, I've noticed that even putting rocks between me and the ships and/or just sitting on top of the rocks, my Death Song is still losing points.  In theory, if he's not moving and out of shot, he shouldn't be losing much at all.  In addition, I've bought some of the healing potions.  They aren't working.  No change is being noticed in the health points of my dragon.  Perhaps I'm misunderstanding how it's supposed to work?  Again, this is all revolving around my Death Song. 


Confirming 12/9 that I actually stopped battling halfway through with my death song and landed him far away.  Numbers kept dropping.  Put him in the middle of the recovery zone light.  And his health plummeted fast to zero ending my battle round.  He's not recharging at all.  If anything, he's weakening even faster.  In an earlier battle, I put him behind a big sea stack that would block a battleship.  And my numbers kept dropping there as well.  Wondering if other dragons are having the same issue, or if this is unique to the death song?


(I should try this once with my Nadder to see if it recharges in battle.)




Recovery (shots) is now working properly after the "server maintenance".  Still not seeing any health recovery at all, but the health potions (for me) now work.  Being able to recharge in game faster than default recovery is a big plus!

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why is the bull's eye lagoon

why is the bull's eye lagoon closed. has it got anything to do with the battle update





Fatty(gronckle) - Hatchery

Death Claw (raincutter)- Mystery dragon egg chest

Groundswimmer(whispering death)- Reward for quest

Earsplitter(Thunderdrum)-  Mystery dragon egg chest

Whiptail(deadly nadder)- one of the chests lying around campus

Razor(Scuttleclaw)- Reward for battle

Predator(deathsong)-Mystery dragon egg chest

Air slasher(razorwhip) - Call of the death song expansion

Danger(deathsong )- Call of the deathsong expansion

Inferno(monstrous nightmare)- Store

Gas Bomb(hideous zippleback)- Store

Thorn(devillish dervish)- Store

Boulder(snaffle fang)-Store

Frostbite(snow wraith)-Store

Electro(shock jaw)Store(sale)

Cutie(Whispering Death)-Mystery Egg Chest

Swampert(Mudraker)- Battle Reward.

Aegiswift(Sand Wraith)-Store



Moonwing(silver phantom)-store

Frostwing(groncicle)-icestorm island expansion

NOTE:  Their names are in their colour.


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I think the Bull's Eye Lagoon is closed due to some glitches with the minigame.


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Battle event

One problem I have had is that when i get sheep as an prize, is doesn't come up when trying to place it into a pen. I have also had a puffin but because i am not a member it didn't come up anywhere..








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  Overall nice to meet you and can't wait to fly or battle beside you !!!!

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Plagg- Nadder

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what is the deathsong's fire

what is the deathsong's fire power? i think it is the highest


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what is the deathsong's fire

what is the deathsong's fire power? i think it is the highest


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This sounds awesome! Can't

This sounds awesome! Can't wait to trash some outcast fools! I plan to rock this thing. I'll try it out as soon as I can.


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My beloved Hailstorm. I don't know why the lighting made him look green.

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Took no damage???


I took place in one of the events, but the ship took no damage at all? Also it didn't disappear after the time. But stayed




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No of fire shots not recharging in glowing place.It doesnt work only in my android phone.

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fireworm queen has highest

fireworm queen has highest fire power of 10.6.