Outcast Ships Attack in the 1.16 Battle Event Update!

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brave viking
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How did you got 200 gems when

How did you got 200 gems when i would play i would get like 10 or 15 gems in the chest (which i did not get) so how do you get 200 gems

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How odd! Sorry about that

WOW! Impressive reward! Sorry it isn't showing up, though! Could you message me your Username and in-game Viking name? Our team's looking into what's causing this, so getting that info will help us locate your account and we can figure out what's up! Thanks for letting us know!

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Dio The Creative
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I know what the problem is, the 200 gem reword is shown on the clan score boards. It is for the top clans to receive every month, every member in that clan gets the 200 gems.

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Actually there is also an

Actually there is also an individual award for 200 gems in addition to the the monthly top clan award for the same amount.

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It looks like...

It looks like a few other people are having troubles receiving gems, so our team’s looking in on getting that fixed! Sorry for the inconvenience! If you haven’t already, could you please PM me your account info (username and in-game Viking name) and what platform you play on (mobile, browser, Facebook, etc.) so we can see about getting you your gems? Thanks!

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Same here!

I was so excited when I saw the 200 gems (I was like, the last person of the silver list), but then the game froze, and it wouldn't respond. My computer crashed then, and when I went back on, hoping my gems made it out, I only had my measly 15 gems! I was so angry and upset. The problem is, I'm afraid no admins are going to believe me. I doubt we will get our gems, because I'm sure many people will begin to lie about how they got that many, too. I hate people who do that. I just wish I had gotten what I earned. :(


 I will be updating my Signature soon. I am just lazy.

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Same here!

I was so excited when I saw the 200 gems (I was like, the last person of the silver list), but then the game froze, and it wouldn't respond. My computer crashed then, and when I went back on, hoping my gems made it out, I only had my measly 15 gems! I was so angry and upset. The problem is, I'm afraid no admins are going to believe me. I doubt we will get our gems, because I'm sure many people will begin to lie about how they got that many, too. I hate people who do that. I really love these events, but there are a few glitches that need to be sorted out. I just wish I had gotten what I earned. :(


If an admin sees this, and does believe me, I would be glad for a reply, and I will send my information to you ASAP, along with a heartfelt thanking.


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Same here!

I was so excited when I saw the 200 gems (I was like, the last person of the silver list), but then the game froze, and it wouldn't respond. My computer crashed then, and when I went back on, hoping my gems made it out, I only had my measly 15 gems! I was so angry and upset. The problem is, I'm afraid no admins are going to believe me. I doubt we will get our gems, because I'm sure many people will begin to lie about how they got that many, too. I hate people who do that. I really love these events, but there are a few glitches that need to be sorted out. I just wish I had gotten what I earned. :(


If an admin sees this, and does believe me, I would be glad for a reply, and I will send my information to you ASAP, along with a heartfelt thanking.


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 I finally have something to

 I finally have something to do rather than play agar.io all day XD

I also finally have something to do with my Skrill. 


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Golden Scarlet
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Sat around on my Tide Glider

Sat around on my Tide Glider for about 20 minutes and yet, no ship. Are you sure they come around every few minutes? Quite a few people seemed to know that they come around every hour.



Since I can't login on my 'Golden Scarlet' account, I made a new one with a viking named 'Venial Grimhilde'. So, if you see that person in-game, that is me.


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This is my new OC, Hashi' Nashoba, given to me by Dreamworksfann, who originally created her.
By Colress.
homestuck is over what the heck am i supposed to do now
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zero the ruthless
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Yeah I too noticed this, if

Yeah I too noticed this, if only they showed up more frequently like once every 15-30 mins at least.

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YAY, you finally released

YAY, you finally released that! Sounds GREAT!!!! *D














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No ships appearing

I have been waiting for hours for the ships to arrive and nothing is happening.Could this be a glitch or something?














Here are some random gifs and pictures:







































































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Hold ona little longer...

Ships appear every few hours - stay tuned!

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Loving this event, even though the lags annoying thats bound to happen do to alot of dragons, alot of fireballs, alot of shtuff.


Nonetheless, I got 2nd place today and am happy with that however i got my reward of 50 gems, and didnt recieve them, im guessing its just a bug and itll be fixed so im probs not the only one lol


Love BB-8

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Age: 13 yrs (Human years)
History: Jack's parents are unknown at this time, however it is known that a Monstrous Nightmare named Alma did watch over the little one til he grew a bit older and was able to hunt on his own. When hatching from his egg, which exploded like most eggs, he as a baby/tiny tooth was sent flying into a pumpkin patch, and his head got stuck inside a pumpkin. At first Jack was concerned because of he couldnt see but when he clawed eye holes out of the Pumpkin and was able to see he enjoyed the pumpkin helmet he had created. As he became older he had an acquired the taste for land animals rather then fish, not saying he hates fish, he'll eat a salmon now and then, but he would rather hunt a squirrel or rabbit over anything, though his favorite is sheep and yak. However because of his love for sheep and yak Jack would constantly steal from vikings. Jack would later island hop around, nothing staying too long in one place as he would soon be chased around by dragon trappers whom wish to kill him because of him stealing sheep. After many island hopping adventures Jack would later be reunited with Elder Nightmare Alma sadly this reunion wouldnt last long when the dragon trappers would be upon them causing a fight to stir Alma and Jack vs the Trappers. After proving his mettle against the lead Dragon Trapper they would back down and retreat and thus never bother Jack again, unfortunately Alma would also retreat to her den with Jack in her wake and sadly succumb to her wounds of battles and pass on in her sleep, leaving behind Jack who once again was alone. Jack would then with great saddness carry onward after laying his dear friend Alma to rest via burning her body, by once again island hopping, however instead of taking this adventure by being an anti-social fury, Jack would take the time and stay at islands for weeks meeting new friends along the way, and though he would once again leave he would always come back as he kept a mental map of the places hes been. Jack continues to do Island Hopping adventures to this day and still goes back to visit old friends, he still gets into many shenanigans. He seemingly gets anxious around Halloween causing him to become very playful.
Other Info
-When Jack feels the pumpkin is started to get to snug for comfort, he will replace it with a big pumpkin, but if no pumpkins are around he'll also use various other gourds, either way censored replace it asap.
-Jacks plasma bolt is more greenish.
-Prefers to keep teeth unsheathed.
-He doesnt seem to be affected by dragon nip, he however does love the smell of pumpkin spice.
-Jack loves to censored people and dragons alike.







Personality: Dracco is a very blunt, very aggressive Nightfury. Though like Jack, he seems to be slightly anti-social, and is finicky in large groups. Dracco…speaks his mind and usually blurts things out before thinking of any consequences, usually leads to him ending up in a fight with another dragon or hurting someone evne when he doesn’t mean too. Though blunt and jerkish Dracco can be a good guy sometimes giving good advice or giving someone a shoulder to cry on and be then when ya need him. Dracco is also very lustful.

Age: 30, human years.

History: Dracco doesn’t recall memories of his youth much to others, having suffered great loss and many hardships of his past he prefers to stay silent about it. However, what IS known that as a hatchling he wandered to far from the nest and was founded by a group of dragon trappers and in an attempt to flee them he was separated from his parents and an arrow that was on fire pierced his tail fin, though this doesn’t hinder his flight performance, it does hinder how long he can fly for, example Jack can fly for several hours straight while Dracco may only last half that time. Dracco expresses much hate for certain breeds of dragons such as Monstrous Nightmares and various others, mainly because Dracco tends to get into fights with the hot-headed breeds a lot because of his bluntness, thus why he has various scars.

Dracco spends his time usually alone and tends to use this alone time to rethink about his life, before immediately throwing away is own advice and continue to be himself. Dracco cannot fish well. Instead he fumbles around in the water ash was never really properly trained into hunting fish, instead he grew up on land animals such as squirrels and foxes. Because of this Dracco seems to despise fish.

Though a blunt and jerkish NF Dracco can be a nice guy, being there to attempt to make one happy should one be down, needless to say he’s like a grumpy older brother to most friend he has…if he tends to have any friends. Hes just one to speak his mind and not give two cares on who hears it.

A main jump in Dracco’s life, is the day he met Jack the Nightfury. Dracco met Jack during one of Jacks ialnd hopping adventures, at fist calling Jack a “Pumpkin Header Marauder” trespassing on his territory. Jack sincerely apologize be continued on his stay, which irked Dracco off to no means that his insults didn’t seem to bother the odd pumpkin-head nightfury…but it also interested him, for days he’d watch Jack struggle to catch food, until finally coming around and talking to Jack face to face, literally, Dracco proceed to attack Jack and pin him to ground asking dozens of questions…confusing poor young jack. Having given up on the question Dracco decided to teach the young one in means of self-defense. When Jack spoke to Dracco about how he too lsot his parents at birth but instead was raised by a Nightmare named Alma, Dracco knew of this Alma and sympathized with Jack instead of retorting and calling Jack more unessescary names. Dracco went on to explain how he knew Alma the Nightmare and also knew where she lived, but also went on to say that Alma was very wise..and old..that she was probably the eldest nightmare he has ever met and she wasn’t very hot head like most nightmares are thus Warning Jack that Almas hourglass was ticking by slowly to her death.

Dracco now and days is seen island hopping with Jack, and after learning about Almas death by dragon trappers has since paid her old burned den a visit and paid his respects. He knows life is about having fun while it lasts, because tomorrow he might not have that fun anymore, and He claims the ‘fun’ he has with Jack is rather unusual for a Nighfury sparking his curiosity to stay beside Jack…to at least learn why Jacks so…weird.

Other Info:
-Dracco’s scars are mostly from Nightmares.
-He has Urbis (great pride) in his markings, showing them off a lot.
-Dracco is very lustful, wanting anything more and greater, even mate wise, thus why it’s believed he has...alot of mates.
-Dracco is a called a ‘Grumpy gloot” By Jack. No reason. Just a grumpy gloot.
-Dracco comes up with his own insults, never using a real curse.
-The gold marking around his eye seems to shine as if real gold, but its simply his scales. However, he feels this makes him outcasted from others and ake shim very depressed wanting to be alone when he thinks about it.
-He may seem to have a “I dont give a flying dragon butt” kind of attitude but he tends to hide true feeling in a Pandora box rather than exploit them out.





In-Game User: Gigimom

Membership?: 1 Month

Dragons i plan to get: Snowraith/TideGlider

And Yes..I am Gigimon from ChickenSmoothie.

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Dio The Creative
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Battled one ship and lost, joined a friend and battled another and won. This was directly after the first attack, can you make the time the same for each server?

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A bit of a reward glitch?

Loving the battle mode,
Finally something that i can do if i get bored in game.


I do have abit of a problem though, 
Iv played 2 times and its said Defeated, everyone says it means youve won, but im not getting any rewards.
I had 1 minute left of the battle and it said 16/9000 and stayed like that until the time ran out,
The ship stopped firing, so i figured we had won, but i checked everywhere and i didnt get any rewards.


Anyway, loving the battlemode, just wish i'd get some rewards.


Also, iv noticed alot of people wanting to know when the battle is coming, 
Maybe you could add a way where we can go check when  roughly the next battlemode will begin.

And i'd love to equip my Sand Wraith with some armor & custom colored war paint too, where his color dont change.




Edit -
3 battles won, no rewards. I'm playing on the download version.




My Dragons

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Obi Wan Kenobi - Sand Wraith, Darth Vader - Sand Wraith, Anakin - Sand Wraith, Dotty - Sand Wraith,
Skywalker - Woolly Howl, Arrowette - Woolly Howl, Yoda - Woolly Howl, Chewbacca - Woolly Howl,
Draigoch - Titan Skrill, Elektra - Skrill, Zoom - Skrill, DeathStrike - Skrill,

Pheonix - Titan Stormcutter, Enchantress - Stormcutter, Hawkeye - Stormcutter,

Falkor - Titan Deadly Nadder, Firestorm - Titan Nightmare, Dragion - Whispering Death, Pumba - Gronkle,
Bones - BoneKnapper, Huntress - Boneknapper, Auroxas - Thunderdrum, Shockwave - Shockjaw,
Blizzard - Groncicle, Peekaboo - Hobblegrunt, Rogue - Grapple Grounder, Spyke - Speed Stinger,
Whirlwind - Snow Wraith, Eclipso - Sliquifier, Knockout - Hotburple, Speedy - Smothering Smokebreath, 
Karma - Snafflefang, Hercules - Rumblehorn, 
Jabba - Sweet Death, Firelord - Fireworm,

Whiplash - Titan Razorwhip, Mercury - Razorwhip, Obsession - Deathsong, Trickster - Changewing,
Canary - Scuttleclaw, Sparky & Hydra - Titan Hideous Zippleback, Tornado - Scaudlron, Krypto - Armor Wing,
DeadShot - Screaming Death, Vision - Screaming Death, Impulse - Mudraker, Kree - Prickleboggle,
Virtigo - SlitherSong, Beast - Catastrophic Quaken, Sinestro - Raincutter, Groot - Shovelhelm,
Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Mo -  Snaptrapper, Apocalypse - Shivertooth, Captain - Timberjack,
Sulu - Flightmare,  Aurora - Flightmare, Sensei - Flightmare, Boomerang - Typhoomerang,
Nightwing - Night Terror, Scooby - Night Terror, Misfit - Night Terror  , Rocky - Thunderpede,
Roku - Singetail, Flowers - Eruptodon, Dundee - Windwalker,  Amaroo - Windwalker,
Gabriel - Terrible Terror.


My non game dragons -

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Cassey - Night Fury, Zorro - Night Fury (membership nightfury), Nitro - Night Fury, Grimm - Grimler,  
Draconis - Toxic Nightshade, Skye - Silver Phantom.
All in game & non game Sand Wraiths mentioned in link below  :)

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I'm always with a Sand Wraith, mostly Chase :)
I'm part of a new clan created by my friend, called The Firey Ferals, and i have over 1000 Trophies.
My current UDT level is Ultimate Dragon Trainer  :)
I First started playing SOD in Feburary 2014, got my main viking in May 2014, and Chase was hatched on Feburary 12th 2015.
My Favorite tv shows are..... The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, 12 Monkey's, Prison Break , Lucifer, Arrow & Supernatural  :D
And for the discontinued shows.... Chuck, Nikita, Grimm, Burn Notice & The Last Airbender
I'm also a Deadpool comics Fan :)
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Big Thankyou to TosiLohi for the artwork done of my viking   :)

Huge thanks to my good friend Kianai (OnWingsOfDragons) for this beautiful portrait of Chase :)     


Now for my favorite Book Dragons.......

1. Grimler ,  2. Silver Phantom, 3. Polar Serpents, 4. Wind Walker, 5. Toxic Nightshade , 
6. Saber-Toothed Driver Dragon, 7.Golphin, 8.Wolf Fangs, 9. Devilish Dervish, 10. Marsh Tiger.

12 Monkeys  :D

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If you win, it'll say

If you win, it'll say Victory! Defeated! means you lost.

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That's what I thought when I first played, but the last 2 times we definitely should have won (can't remember the first score).
i had over a minute left on my second battle and it said 8/9000 and even though I fired it didn't go down, everyone stopped shooting and they said they won,
It happened the third time too, but we had about 10 seconds left and that said 18/9000 and wouldn't go down, and they all said they won then too.
Is it because I crashed into the boat?.
After the battle a box came up said defeated, then nothing.

im not seeing alot of the new updates, the dragon card stats not updated, no new fire button ECT. Maybe I have to wait longer for the download version to update completely.

Thanks for the confirmation anyway.
oo quick questions, anyone how long do the double shots last?.


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Double shots? Y'mean the

Double shots? Y'mean the multi-shots? I think they're permanent.

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Yeh the multishots. 
Oo cool, i think i will give it a go later then :D 


Don't worry, my game finally updated, everything worked perfectly, it finally gave me victory with a gold chest,
Though i havent receieved my gems yet.
And also, the double shots don't last!. I'd rather spend 500 gems to always have double shots.

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Just played my first battle. I'm not sure how much help I was, but at least we won!

I don't have much to say that is useful right now, I hope to have some suggestions once I've played through a few more. Just wanted to say, from me and Martha...



Ummmm.... Martha....



That's more like it. A huge thankyou to everyone involved! We loved it, and we look forward to many more battles. Bring it on, Outcasts and Beserkers - we have our dragons!


Thanks SentinelSoul! Oh, and we are recruiting - visit our clan thread or search for us in-game!


OK, I'm officially addicted! Please help me raise my eggs and hatchlings by clicking on them!


Meet the adults here: http://dragcave.net/user/tallyra

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First Battle!



I just got out of my first battle and it was a blast, I had to respawn a couple of times because I didn't notice how close me and Blaze where from the ship, but after we got the distance right, me and Blaze where unloading fireballs like crazy and going for refills at camp and actually managed a second place.


I'm so happy right now, not for getting a second place but for finally being able to fight along side my dragon to protect the School, it's was amazing. 


Thank you Brynjolf and the entire Sod Team for giving us this sneak peek of the battle event, one question though:


Do we get better rewards if where in a clan? Because the chest I got had a lot of dragon skins, boosters and 9 gems (I got a skin I already have but that isn't an issue) and I've seen the post of some one claiming 200 gems from you guys, or is there different difficulty leves per boat?


Thank you so much once again, I can't wait for the next raid and to witness the full version of these Battle Events!


Welcome to my Siggy!!!

(a work in progress and please forgive me for any spelling errors,

I'm from Portugal and it's been a while since I wrote anything in English):


Hello I'm Meta4, Zinax in game,
I'm no kid anymore but I became a huge fan of HTTYD when I least
expected to and SoD became quite a passion for me when I came across it.
I'm kind of shy and don't have much confidence in my self to start a conversation,
But for those who are willing to try me out, you'll find a respect full and loyal friend,
who will always help you out to the best of his ability.
See you around! :)
Hobbies (in game):
Farming (and proud of it)
Flying around with my Dragons (of course)
Practicing racing (partners anyone?)
Hobbies (all around):
Anything about Dragons, especially HTTYD


etc (a bit of everything) 


oh and a tiny little something I forgot to tell you all about me is:


I'm Really, Seriously


and Completely Against Hacking!


Viking Stats:


Adventurer Level: 35

Farming Level: 30

Fishing Level: 30

Trophies: 2967(as of 10/02/2016)


Proud Member of





(Valor Banner's by Stworzydlak, Gyoa and Aurora the Swift)


My Proud Dragon Family (By Hatching Order)



(male - 03/02/2014 - lvl 20)



Awesome Spore version by BeaReptileLover



(female - 15/09/2014 - lvl 20)

Awesome Spore version by BeaReptileLover



(male - 03/11/2014 - lvl 20)



(female - 04/11/2014 - lvl 20)


Viper & Cobra

(male - 04/11/2014 - lvl 20)



(female - 27/12/2014 - lvl 20)


Falling Star

(male - 12/01/2015 - lvl 20)


Wind Dancer

(female - 20/01/2015 - lvl 20)



(female - 25/01/2015 - lvl 20)


Sand Spitter

(male - 03/03/2015 - lvl 20)



(female - 09/03/2015 - lvl 20)



(male - 16/03/2015 - lvl 20)



(female - 16/03/2015 - lvl 20)


Worm Slurper

(male - 17/03/2015 - lvl 20)


White Fang

(male - 29/03/2015 - lvl 20)


Frozen Claw

(male - 29/03/2015)



(female - 30/03/2015)


Awesome Spore version by BeaReptileLover



(male - 31/03/2015)


Puff & Whiff

(female - 01/04/2015)



(male - 23/04/2015)


Storm Wind

(female - 29/04/2015)



(male - 02/05/2015)



(female - 31/05/2015)


Gale Glider

(male - 01/06/2015)


Spear Dart

(male - 03/06/2015)



(male - 05/06/2015)


Shout Wave

(male - 10/06/2015)



(female - 27/07/2015)



(male - 31/07/2015)



(female - 03/08/2015)



(male - 09/08/2015)



(female - 22/08/2015)



(male - 01/09/2015)



(female - 19/09/2015)



(male - 08/12/2015)



(female - 09/12/2015)



(female - 10/12/2015)



(male - 10/12/2015)



(male - 11/12/2015)



(female - 12/12/2015)



(female - 12/12/2015)



(male - 14/12/2015)


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Darkling and Moonlight's Head Sculpture by kimbenoso


Banners Section:


By Skypeoplephoenix732


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Has whoever put these dragon

Has whoever put these dragon stat cards together ever SEEN a Screaming Death? It literally fires RAPID-FIRE EXPLOSIVE MORTAR BOMBS.



Rapid-fire explosive mortar bombs. You're telling me this thing's firepower is 5.3 and its shot limit 2? LIKELY STORY. And this is why I wish every dragon would start out with base stats and get the opportunity to improve through training only. The Screaming Death is also supposed to be able to keep up with a Night Fury easily, yet in Thunder Run racing it has to call upon all the powers of the universe to help it win against friggin' starter dragons. So now I have a dragon who's not only bad at Thunder Run racing, but apparently it's also bad at the one thing it's supposed to do best: SMASHING THINGS. And then there's the Snow Wraith, who is just inexplicably good at everything for some reason.



Viking Name: VICTAVIA

Main Dragon: SIREN



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I agree. The Screaming Death

I agree. The Screaming Death should have more power.

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Totally. It devours islands.

Totally. It devours islands. It can devour other dragons. The Screaming Death is a monstrous beast. It shouldn't just have more power, it should be the KINGPIN. (⌐□_□)

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Yeah, like why does it seem

Yeah, like why does it seem like every dragon is the game can overpower the Screaming Death? For goodness sake, shouldn't it be the other way around?

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I concur, they've made the Screaming Death such a pushover. It's supposed to be a formidable dragon.


This is what's on the wiki:


"These fireballs are unlike that of the Night Fury and similar to a mortar, but with a much higher rate of fire. When the Screaming Death is breathing fire, it releases excess fire from gaps in its frill (when any flammable gas is emitted at inside of his mouth, a similar phenomenon can be observed as a small explosion occurs). At least a dozen fireballs can be launched in rapid succession."


So it can fire at least twelve times. But it only has 2 shots.

A SMALL EXPLOSION. Yet its firepower is pitiful.


What happened, devs?


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Thanks Brynjolf, me and Ultra Light are on the case. We will blast their boats to splinters! She's my Skrill by the way.


My signature



         My name is Taylor Beth, I'm independent but mostly rely on my dragons. I would rather throw my axe at my enemies then ask questions later. Unlike most vikings, I have short white hair and live mostly in the wild but make frequent visits to Berk for supplies and other things. I'm armed with an axe I made myself and several daggers.

   Hate: other people (mostly cause they tease me cause of my looks)

  Love: Dragons- they're my only friends except for Hiccup

  Talents: Axe throwing, dragon taming, dagger throwing

  Need to work on: social skills, fitting in (though I'm just too cool to change myself)



Proud Member of Celestial Serpents




   Fan Fictions:  Timberheart: Story of a Timberjack

                         Ghostwing: Story of a White Nadder

                          Amber-song the Death Song

                         Gold Flame of the Monstrous Nightmares

                          Fight of the School of Dragons

                              I Choose You! (A Pokemon version of How to Train Your Dragons)  https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12162784/1/I-Choose-You-A-Pokémon-version-of-How-to-Train-Your-Dragon


My dragons


     Ghostwing: Species: male Nadder  Was my first dragon that I got when I hatched him, has white scales, has a daughter that he cares and worries a lot about her daughter after his mate died in a battle.

     Ghostfly: Species: female Nadder   Ghostwing's daughter, has purple with tints of blue, just like her mother, and white like her father. She's headstrong and stubborn, wonders if her father will ever let her go. 


      Pebbles: Species: female Gronckle   Loves all dragons and vikings, has a purple color with blue speckled spots, she cares for the young dragons.

      Sandstone: Species: male Gronckle   Loves to race, has a sandstone color, loves his mate Pebbles and his daughter.

     Hope: Species: female Gronckle   Has the love of other dragons and vikings like her mother, has a sandstone color mixed with purple, helps her mother take care of the hatchlings, has one wing that is shorter than the other and is working on flying.


     Sparker and Gaser: Species: male Zippleback    Likes to explode things, cause havok, and fight eachother in the islands I travel to, has a green and lime green color, it is not true with the expression "two heads are better then one" with this Zippleback.

     Bolderstrike: Species: female Whispering Death     Used to be a wild dragon until I taimed her, has a dark color of purple and red, is mated to Screamstone and sometimes can get rambuctious.


     Silverstrike: Species: male Skrill     Is the alpha of his Skrill clan, has a silver color, wise but always looks for a challenge, has a mate named Ultra Light.

   Ultra Light: Species: female Skrill    Is the Alpha Female of Silverstrike's clan, is black colored with dark purple color, usually makes Silverstrike see reason but still loves him. 


     Gold Flame: Species: male Monstrous Nightmare    Male, hardheaded and hates saddles, has a gold color, used to live in the wild.

     Midnight Flame: Species: female Monstrous Nightmare     Sweet, mate to Gold Flame, has a black color with blue designs, was born in captivity.

     Midnight Gold: Species: female Monstrous Nightmare     Free spirited and stubborn like her father, has the color of night like her mother, likes to have adventure and very headstrong, loves a good hard challenge anyday.

    Boomshocker: Species: male Thunderdrum    Very loud, like to speak out to everybody, has a blue-green color with light blue.

    Ocean Wave: Species: female Thunderdrum    Best friend to Boomshocker, has purple with sky blue designs, has a cripple wing so she can't fly, still a mystery on how she crippled it.


    Night Wraith: Species: male Woolly Howl    Loves to race with other dragons and competetive, black coloring with white mane.


     Shiverfrost: Species: female Shivertooth     Kind and loving, blue with light blue and white, helps Pebbles look after the hatchlings.

     Neolion: Species: male Hobblegrunt    Expressive and shy, but likes to see hatchlings smile, Golden color with a blue frill and purple spots.


     Electra Shock: Species: female Shock Jaw    Likes to "shock" the audience (if any) with her tricks, Golden color with blue fins and white tips on her wings, is full of grace and loves the sunset.


     Razor Sting: Species: male Speed Stinger    Loves to run and try to win races where he runs on the ground while the other dragons fly, green with pale purple underbelly and bright red fin on his head.


     Little Sting: Species: female Speed Stinger    A little smaller than the rest of the pack of Stingers. Has a pinkish-purple coloring with blue fin and red stinger. Loves to race Razor Sting.


   Frozenwing: Species: male Groncicle    Loves fetch as long as it's in cold weather, blue with white fins, he is very alergic to warm weather and prefers freezing cold winter.

    Cold Fire: Species: female Groncicle    A good friend to Frozenwing, light blue with dark blue coloring.


     Stormcutter: Species: female Stormcutter   Loves flying in racing and always stays beside my side, purple body with blue and grey.


     Screamstone: Species: male Screaming Death    Alpha of the Whispering Death's and ruler of kingdom of tunnels, white with black spikes, mate with Bolderstrike.


     Snow Flame: Species: male Snow Wraith    Loves to visit Icestorm Island and likes to race with the other dragons, white with blue spots and purple frozen spikes.


     Nightstar: Species: female Rumblehorn    Loves to fly and have adventures, like the sunrise and sunset, black, purple, and silver white coloring, she sticks by my side always because I rescued her when she was a hatchling. Her nest was destroyed by other dragons, she was the only survivor.


     Thorntail: Species: male Prickleboggle    Heals any ingured of sick dragons, light blue with white spots, he heals mostly the dragons who get into more trouble (Sparker and Gaser).

     Sweet Tooth: Species: female Sweet Death     Is really bonded with me, has a gold color, loves flying with me and is very sensitive because people call her an "ugly dragon" but she's really the best dragon and is part of our family.


     Super Sonic: Species: male Sliquifer    Loved to race other sea dragons in the water, has a Dark blue body with regular blue wings, people misjudge his size for strength and speed.


     Sharpstar: Species: female Razorwhip    Loves to race and protect me from other dangers, is a silver color with blue green (but you can hardly see it through the silver color).


     Leaf, Fall, Green, Snake: Species: male Snappertrapper    Hydra is their other name they can be called, fights, like any other mutiple headed dragon but is good at working together if choose too. Has a neon green color with blue spots.


     Amber Song: Species: female Death Song    She's really nice and doesn't like to eat dragons for she is good souled. White body with light blue spikes and dark purple fins.


    Rumble Quake: Species: male Catastrophic Quaken    Very grumpy and eats a regular diet of fish rock sandwhiches, black with dark green spots and white and black wings. 


    Timber Heart: Species: female Timberjack   Usually left out because of her size and gets bullied. Has a big heart and filled with kindness. A dull strawberry color with silver horns and silver tips on wings.




A big fan of Pokémon too




XYPokémon theme song (lyric translations and vocals by Mark de Groot)




Hey, just like a morning sun that's shining brightly over Kalos

(Our burning hearts are hotter than a flame charge)

Yeah, we're all prepared so you'll never see us run from chaos

(Breaking the mold will let our passion discharge)

All of our feelings overlap, yeah we are always synchronized

Because we have formed a bond that will never disappear

And I know that I will never shed a tear

As long as you are here


So let'z go! We're growing as the battle's raging on

And you know! That defeat's an opportunity

To grow! We're never giving up

Our determination is what makes us strong

Yeah, determination is what makes us strong


Hey, there will be times where we'll be forced to blaze through our opponents

(If there's a roadblock stopping us, we'll tear it down)

Look! The victory star is right ahead so take a sprint and grab it

(Our steadfast hearts will lead us to our glory now!)

Sometimes I wonder how much time there's left where we're a unity

And the fear of being alone may sometimes knock me down

But I get the strength to get back up again

When you reach for my hand


Now let'z go! Strong rivals will be waiting up ahead

And we'll show! We knock them down with just one hit 

So I know! There's no way I can lose

Cause my heart and dreams are always here with me

And I know that you'll always be with me, yeah!


Let'z go! If there's a fight that we can't seem to win

Yeah, let'z go! I know that you will be there for me

So let'z go! You'll always have my back

With our strength combined we'll deal the last attack


So let'z go! We're growing as the battle's raging on

And you know! That defeat's an opportunity

To grow! We're never giving up

Our determination is what makes us strong


Now let'z go! We will fulfill this dream with all we have

So let'z go! And we'll prove that we can catch 'em all

Let'z go! Keep fighting with your heart

And you're certain that your future will be bright

When you see yourself transcend to unknown heights, yeah!


So! Let'z turn it up now

(Shock them like a thunderbolt)

Go! Keep standing tall and if we're fighting as a team

Stronger than a hyperbeam

We will be surpassing our dreams!


(Now hear his voice for yourself, check him out on YouTube along with more of his great covers)







That's the end of my Signature, thanks for reading!



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I just got into my first

I just got into my first battle event and it was amazing! Great job SOD team!

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Hey Brinjolf,

I love the new battle event but ever since it happened I can't change my dragons the normal way by selecting them from my profile or book, I always gotta go back to my stable to change them plz fix this glitch because I don't wanna keep running back to my stable to change dragons. Othen than that awesome work on battle event, love it and the rewards.



Toothless Bouncie                                                                                                     My OC Night Fury - Demon

Permission to use by Defy                                                                                                     By: XxPhinaxX


Hello and Welcome to my Signature, please take a seat and enjoy :)

Hi, i'm WingsofValor and if you seen my whole signature, yes I like adopting dragons of every sort. If you got a dragon adoptable or dragon request that inspires me, then you will most definitly see me on your post.  If you also like adoptables then continue looking at my profile of all the awesome adoptables and dragons people made for me and let me adopt :)

I am a fan of these dragons:

Deadly nadder, monsterous nightmare, night fury, stormcutter, triple stryke, wolly howl, razor whip, flightmare, slithersong, deathsong, rumblehorn, screaming death, skrill, hideous zippleback, windwalker, boneknapper, timberjack, night terror, snow wraith, sand wraith, typhoomerang, shockjaw, speed stinger, change wing, scauldron, smothering smoke breath, hobblegrunt, eruptodon, singe tail, raincutter, green death, red death, catastropic quaken, shivertooth, grapple grounder, armourwing, sea shocker, shovel helm, devilish dervish

These are the dragons that don't inspire me much:

Gronckle, groncickle, whispering death, thunderdrum, skuttleclaw, terrible terror, mudraker, mouldruffle, fireworm queen, sliquifier, prickleboggle, thunderpede, snaptrapper, snafflefang, sweet death, hotburple, tide glider


Here's all my Adoptables and dragons people made for me :)


My OC Night Fury - Demon

             By: Defy

                By: Dragonrider34                                                                 By: LinkWolf

               By: Kimbenoso                                                              By: Gigamon

By: Blackwolfen                          By: Kimbenoso                               By: Fury of The Night

By: CandyBlast                                                                                           By: Fury ofThe Night

Adoptables and Made Dragons

Night Stinger By: Helenthedragonologist              Sapling

                                                                                Name: DWARF, the Guardian of Valor's Sighnature!

                                                                                By: Foxtrot


Prickleboggle Dragon                                                Noelani Dragon

Adopted from: grumpyforLife2 (8/25/16)                 Name: Basalisk

                                                                          From: hootowllightbulb

Razor Whip Bouncie by Defy

Gill Grunter

Name: Vemoni

Gender: Male

Made By: Infinity12356 (8/22/16)


Name: Night Moon                                                         Name: Neon Flames

Gender: Male                                                                   Gender: Male

Adopted From: Witcherforever (8/22/16)                Adopted From: Witcherforever (8/22/16)


                      Glitched Mudrakers AKA Hideous Mudcutters

Adopted From: ladybrasa (8/17/16)        Adopted From: ladybrasa (8/18/16)

Name: Forest and Autumn                        Name: Albino and Arora

Gender: Male                                             Gender: Female

Oceanic Seasong

Name: Mystery Waves

Gender: Female

By: Adopto66 (8/17/16)

Oceanic Seasong

Name: Coral Reefer

Gender: Male

By: Adopto66 (8/14/16)

Proud (Dragon) Fan Banners

Permission to use by: NarxuZen - http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/dragon-banners-free-use

Night Fury: Tigloreous

Adopted From: Frytha (8/8/16)

Wolly Howl - Scout

By: HowlingWolf

The Demotic Blood

(Want one? Here's the Link): http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/introducing-demotic-blood


Name: Damian

By: mesaprncss


Night Fury/Razorwhip Hybrid

Name: Vance

Adopted From: Tyrannosaur66    (5/22/16)                                                  


         Toothless By: themasterplan47

MS Dragon


My Razor Whip

By: themasterplan47


                                                          Happy Hollidays


                                                         From Jasper and I

Holliday Timberjack

Made By: the masterplan47


SOD Pins http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/sod-forum-pins-let-our-words-be-heard-0



Wolly Howl

Drawn by: HowlingWolf


Pebble Shooting Speed Demon

Name: Snow Tiger

Adopted: 12/1/15

By: xXHallaXx

Griffin Flasher Hybrid

Name: G'reth

By: mesaprncss ^.^


Stalking Raven Titan Fury  -Custom                                               Stalking Raven Titan Fury - Rare

Name: Lethal                                                                                    Name: Raven

Made by: mesaprncss                                                                      Made By: mesaprncss


Snoggletog Fury                                                                                            Snoggletog Fury

Name: Night Furious                                                                                    Name: Firestar

Made By: CALLOFTHEDEATHSONG                                                             Made By: CALLOFTHEDEATHSONG


Terrible Terror                                               Night Terror


Name: Guasepi                                             Name: Inferno

Made by: Dorina the dragon trainer                                                 Made by: Dorina the dragon trainer



                            All Made By: Dorina the Dragon Trainer

                Phantom                                                        Holliday                                          Night Blood


        Pollen Wing                                                                                                                 Pollen Wing



Name: Flame (Brother of Misty)                                                                      Name: Misty (Sister of Flame)

      Made By: MistyNight                                                                                        Made By: MistyNight

Hybrid Pokemon

Rare Wild Charzaichu

Made by: Blackwolfen


Pern Dragon                                                                                                       Custom Fire Lizzard

Name: Lukaron                                                                                                    Name: Roukon

Made By: mechfighter                                                                                       Made By: mechfighter


My Rare Strangling Death

Name: Digimon

Made By: LivySoD




Forest Wanderer

Name: Yukon

Gender: Male

Made By: Chimchim24

Ferocious FourEyes

Name: Vapur

Made By: coolerthandragons

My Galedron

Name: Didget

Made By: Ashley40

Banded - Featherlure

Name: Shylow

Made By: Amber Leaf


Adoptable Chilling Horror                                                                          Custom Chilling Horror

Name: Eustace                                                                                               Name: Venus

Made By: Goldenfury360, Base by: NightmareRebuff       Made by: Goldenfury360. Base by: NightmareRebuff

Adopted: 11/05/15                                               

                                                                                                                    Deathsong Bouncie made by Defy

Baby Night Fury

By: Grumpy Cat Lover

Adopted: 11/03/15


Skull Screamer

Name: Forbidden Flame

Made By: Golden Scarlet




Wolly Howl                                                           Baby Night Fury

                                                                             Adopted: 11/02/15

Made By: Golden Scarlet                                       By: Livy SOD


Skull Screamer

Name: Skullaro

Made By: Golden Scarlet

 .....Happy Halloween Everyone .....


I'm A Pirate - ARGGGGGG!!!!!

Blood - Curdling Devil Dragon AKA Vampire

Name: Jack

Adopted: 10/24/15

Made by: snowflake12298

Blood - Curdling Devil Dragon AKA Vampire            Lazersight Vesperwing - House Wasp

Name: Webster                                                             Name: Bumble

Adopted: 10/23/15                                         Made by: goldenfury360 & NightmareRebuff

Made By: Snowflake12298                                          Adopted: 10/24/15


The Brakebone Dragon



Lazersight Vesperwing - Potter Wasp

Name: Zutonamore (Zuton for short)

Made by: goldenfury360 & NightmareRebuff

Adopted: 10/15/15


  Blood - Curdling Devil dragon AKA Vampire                                     Deaddrop Feverpitch

    Name: Blood Sinner                                                                            Name: Misery

     Adopted: 10/13/15                                                                          Adopted: 10/13/15

    Made By: Snowflake 12298                                                               Made By: NightmareRebuff


Made By: DuskDayBreak

Horned Flight Fury

Name: Avalanche

Drawn by: Babybrothers3, Lineart by: NightmareRebuff

Adopted: 7/30/15

Wolly Striker                                                   

Name: Skua                                                    

Made by: The Ecliptic Eight                             

Adopted: 7/26/15                              

Deathsong                                                                      Jabberjaw

Name: Scout Flyer                                                          Name:Fire Light

Made By: Stiger23                                                           Made by:The Ecliptic Eight

Adopted: 7/23/15                                                            Adopted: 7/24/15

Skrill                                                            Deathsong

Name: Zouka                                                 Name: Sky Berry

MadeBy: Izzy Sparrow                                    Made By: Stiger23

Adopted: 3/5/15                                           Adopted: 7/22/15


Typhoomerang                                            Deathsong

Made by: FuryoftheNight                             Name: Tiger Flyer

                                                               Made By: Stiger23

                                                              Adopted: 7/22/15



Sword Stealer                                                                                             Wolly Howl

Name: Crimson                                                                                    Made By: DuskDayBreak

Made By: Fury of the Night                                 

Adopted: 6/10/15


Spotted Mistwalker                                                                   Saber-Toothed Horntail

Made By: Amberleaf                                                             Made By: Fury of the night

Name: Night River                                                                   Name: Lightning

Adopted: 6/8/15                                                                     Adopted: 6/8/15


Staring Deciever Dragon

Name: Zourna

Gender: Female

Made By: Chimchim24

Aopted: 6/3/15

Scauldron Bouncie

Made By: Defy




Greater Banded Geckus                              Greater Banded Geckus

Name: Fenwick                                                                           Name: Raule

Adopted: 5/31/15                                                                       Adopted: 6/4/15

Made By: themasterplan47                                                      Made By: themasterplan47        


            Stormcutter                                                       Stormcutter

        Made by: DuskDayBreak                                                Name: Tokyo

                                                                                   By: CALLOFTHEDEATHSONG


Blink, Blink....I See You......


Deadly Nadder

Made by: Duskdaybreak







Sand Wrath, toothless & Shock Jaw                                                 

Made By: DuskDaybreak



Screaming Death

Name: Rasha

Made By: CandyBlast

Adopted: 5/30/15

Pyro                                                     Paradise                                          Torch

Made by: Zero The Ruthless                    Made by: ZeroThe Ruthless               Made By: ZeroTheRuthless

Adopted: 5/29/15                                   Adopted: 5/29/15                            Adopted: 5/31/15





Psyche Keeper Dragon

Name: Airon

Made by: KrazyKira24

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Seconding the dragon changing issue!

I have the same issue - I can't choose my dragons from the book, I always need to fly bacl to the stables... it's a bit annoying.


Also loving the battle mode - I was lucky enough to get in one event in the last minute. It was so much fun!! The ships should come at least every hour or around everyy 30-45 mins. It would make the game so much better!

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hope this helps

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Does not give gem reward

Won 50 gems for gold in battle and did not receive them. A few others also did not get there's. Also game crashed one time before I opened box for silver and lost box. Overall great. But I think there should be a clock that counts down each battle with out guess work. 





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I imagine you guys are

I imagine you guys are working up to this, but only having a battle every 1.5 - 3 hours makes it pretty difficult for people who can't be on all the time, especially kids who only get given an hour to play each day. I think you should have much more regular attacks with smaller scouting ships along with smaller rewards. Then there could be less frequent attacks with larger, more difficult ships to take down which give bigger rewards. 


Trying to figure out the new statistics like range and chance of critical attack is pretty frustrating when you can only experiment for five minutes every couple of hours. I hope there will be more mini-games that will help us ascertain things like chance of a critical hit or range. Otherwise perhaps those stats could be added to the stat cards. I rather like having something to figure out myself. It is nice for experience to count for something. 

Wilderness Explorer
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So far the battle event has

So far the battle event has been great! 

Any chance you could include a notice in the racing lobby that the attack is coming?  I don't mean while we are racing but in the first lobby where we are waiting for others to join.  I would definately leave if I knew the battle was going to start. 

Is there someplace we can go, anytime, to see the latest battle scoreboard rankings?  I see it at the end of the battle but it would be nice to see it anytime, especially if we missed participating in the last one.

Where can we find the critical strike rating, recharge, and range for our dragons?

We have new dragon health points, so what is the other 9000 health bar that counts down during the battle?  Why does it count down even if we are not participating in the battle?  I have come out of the dome from racing into the tail end of a battle and find that health bar is near zero, even though I wasn't involved in the battle.  I don't understand what this health bar represents.  Can you please explain it?



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i saw the boats :D and we made a victory !! amazing update!!

i got 200 gems for that ^^ but theres some problem its not giving me :P pls take a look in my file :)






(Made by the talanted Pixel)


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I had a really weird feeling to come back today...I only visit once a week. Maybe it was the call of the Phantoms beckoning me to join the fierce battle, or maybe my friends who roam around. Who knows. But today was the most AWEOSMEST! I lost the first time on my own but on the second time, I managed to band up with my clan pals and we managed to defeated them! IT WAS EPIC!!!!


New year, new attitude :) HAPPY 2017!


Skyre by me. 

Skyre at the age of 14 by me again.









              Lovable Artwork made by NadderLover456

Viking Name: Skyre

Age: 12+ (started training at 12 but currently 14 with some future versions of her running around the place)

Dragons: Too many to count but...about 26 dragons

Black Knight-Elder Nadder and Guardian of all my dragons/ Secret Keeper to realm of technology

Scorch: Fiery and stubborn typhoomerang. Often disobeys orders in racing.

Key: Chilled and spirited racer. My best ever sand wrath and main racing dragon.

Wrath: Often off chilling in the snow as a snow wraith usually does.

Rock Blade: Teeth as sharp as a blade for a gronkle.

Backstory: Ran away and found Berk. Trained dragons and always aspired to be remembered for something good. Protects the key way to other worlds and stops other versions of herself of flooding in. Has some temperal anger and depression issues but will still stand strong against all odds. 

They knock me down, but I'll stand higher than before one last time to see the light of the sky one final time.

Skyre has fallen 19th February 2016. The Skyre you saw past that date in game was a recreated version. Now Skyre is a free for all to use username as I have now permanantly deleted all accounts. Thank you SoD and everyone, even the haters, helpers, friends and clan mates. 


Skyre profile name has now been taken by someone...I just hope that someone uses it well...

Made by Rosemay101 (me)

None animated GIF

Gif made by Rosemay101 (me)

Viking Name: Rosillia

Age: 12+ (started training at 12 but currently 14)


Monstrous Nightmare

Whispering Death

Backstory: Originally a parallel version of Skyre but something else happened to her in the forest to twist her soul into a hateful one. 

Welcome to my burning farm! XD


Beautiful dragon made by Glacecia!    Night Stealer by DayDuskDawn             Gif made by Defy


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Saber Zakuro
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Finally!!can't wait to try it!




~~~~~~My Dragons <3~~~~~~









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Reporting: the Journal is missing!



Brynjolf, I just experienced two game crashes and for some reason the Journal and all of the right icons are missing (like the backpack, settings and multiplayer switch) except for the ones about actions (dragon mounting, firing and breaking)


You should probably start having more reports soon,


Good luck!

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Do you have the grey arrw

Do you have the grey arrw button in the top right corner next to the globe?

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False Alarm Sorry!

Thanks for the help, just returned from the game and noticed it was still there, maybe the crash made the icons minimize by mistake or it was me during the last raid ^_^;


I was trying really hard since I was trying my Gronkle, Fishlump, since I was lucky enough to find a second raid and was afraid I would have a bad time, but it was better than people told me, I was getting out of thunder run when the horn sounded and I rushed in with out seeing the state she was, poor Fishlump was helping out with her energy and happiness level at half! I landed to feed her (thank Thor I saved those anniversary cakes) and returned to the fray and even helped deliver the last couple of blows.


Since in my lattest raid (second one since the update) I had fallen to 5th rank and I was riding my Nadder Thorneedle and I made had better performance, I was happy to find out that I came out firts in rank on this raid and better yet I got lucky enough to get a Screaming Death Egg! My very first, now if only I could win a stable in the raids...

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No, it's not the crash. 

No, it's not the crash.  Happens everytime the battle window appears.  It automatically closes the journal and icons.  A little annoying but not that big a deal.

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Will this become a permanent

Will this become a permanent thing?  I'm really hoping it does.


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 Shadow Strikers


We are a semi-competitive clan.  We're currently searching for loyal and active members who will participate in events and interact with others kindly.  More information can be found in this thread: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/shadow-strikers-now-recruiting


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM me.


In real life, I'm a girl who is a lover of HTTYD, spends most of her time on SoD or the forums, and is a avid writer.  I also have my own YouTube channel, on which I mostly post SoD videos.  I also love to draw, but only seem to be talented with dragons and paper and pencil.  I create my own species occasionally, but the majority of what I draw is HTTYD related.  


If you want to check out my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP1kPn-BNrnv0pzlUAkh9dA


On SoD my name is Willownix, my most used dragon is TendrilClaw, and I am a member of Shadow Strikers.  I am also solcial and an avid racer.




If you've ever wanted to be in a video, now is the chance!  Lot's of spots open, all important! Help is needed badly!  Find out more here: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/help-needed-snoggletog-special-video


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Bouncie Of PeaceKeeper by DuskDaybreak

Bouncie Of CoralWing by Defy



Now, to head unto my interests expressed by the use of gifs.  

Enjoy! :)

Yeah...I definatley like the show, but don't watch it constantly.  

Now, unto my next one...

And now it's time for some...DRONE FLYING FAILS!


Mosaic made by catiedragons


Rest In Peace Rose, You Will Not Be Forgotten


Snowstorm Suprise by themasterplan47


Have a Happy Snoggletog!






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*Dragon Burned the Subject to a Crisp*

To be honest, This has to be the best Update School of Dragons has ever made. I am also glad to see the health bar being out into use. And now, it seems easier to earn Exp. So thank you for this wonerful update. :)



Warning: Long Signature ahead




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And my favorite class:

Random Stuff....

still not ready 4 freddy by Jupiterjumper2Bonnie march by Jupiterjumper2Chicas intensify by Jupiterjumper2mass mangle by Jupiterjumper2golden grand prix by Jupiterjumper2plastic death march by Jupiterjumper2

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Lunatic Stamp by Aliuhneko atsume stamp by gunsweat[HTTYD Stamp] Dragons Logo by CanineHybridfunny Dean by Wingsofheaven00 I'm not weird by Roxy317I Hate Fast Moving Stamps by Spightfulmy first stamp by GravifreakFunny Looking Stamp by SailorSolar Hiccup and Toothless by TMNT-Raph-fanWait. You mean read? - Stamp by tythecooldude06 Back Spikes by TMNT-Raph-fan BrainBrainBRAINS by XxoOjunefoxOoxXNight Fury by odihemay6 Flying by TMNT-Raph-fan Emeies Again by TMNT-Raph-fan Dragon Fire by TMNT-Raph-fan Dragon Racing by TMNT-Raph-fan Dancing by TMNT-Raph-fanMY ONE AND ONLY STAMPPPP by pumpkyn




People who don't watch RTTE:

Me:This beauty


Other people:


I love Toopliss!



1k mine how to train your dragon httyd toothless hiccup httydmine

1k mine how to train your dragon httyd toothless hiccup httydmine

1k mine how to train your dragon httyd toothless hiccup httydmine


The Unholy ofspring of Lightning and



1k mine how to train your dragon httyd toothless hiccup how to train your dragon 2 httyd2 httyd2 spoilers httydmine

1k mine how to train your dragon httyd toothless hiccup how to train your dragon 2 httyd2 httyd2 spoilers httydmine



I have been pulled into the Gravity Falls Fandom so BEWARE!

Dragons (under construction)

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Deadly Nadder





Deadly Nadder





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Monsterous Nightmare





Monsterous Nightmare





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Terret and Zippy

Hidious Zippleback




Zethura and Teret

Hidious Zippleback





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Toothless (Glitched into game)

Night Fury



I did not hack him into it, so do NOT call me a hacker!







Whispering Death





Whispering Death





Whispering Death




Spikey Jr

Whispering Death





























Danny Jr
















Smothering Smokebreath





Smothing Smokebreath










(Based off my unborn Baby Brother. I miss you.)






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Sand Wraith





Sand Wraith





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*crickets* I forgot...




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Some ideas

First off - I really, really love this update. It adds a whole new level to the game and just... wow. I love seeing games adapt and evolve on this. I know we've been waiting patiently (for some, not so patiently) but the amount of work really shows in this update. Thank you! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.


But there's one thing I've noticed a lot and I discussed in chat with several players yesterday. We all agreed that there needs to be some sort of countdown between battles. If the average person is awake for 12 hours or so, then there will be about 6 battles while they're awake. Of course, they have a life as well. But the battles are very easy to miss.


Even if it was an estimate of when the next battle would be, that would be very, very helpful for those of us who have busy schedules, want to record a battle, or just want to have plain fun!


Thanks for listening - I can't wait to see how you will improve this.



Hello. I'm EternallyShadow, now known as Axanthic.

I'm a fairly old player, having joined in November 2014, but I haven't touched the game for a while and thought I might revisit it. I'm friendly, feel free to message me or add me ingame.

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Thoughts so Far

The battle events are a lot of fun so far, but I can tell that there's a lot of room for improvement


The strategy so far seems to be to blast the ship as much as possible while keeping it so your dragon can take hits while doing so. To this end, it seems that the best dragons are ones with a combination of high firepower and a generous shot limit. That seems to favor the Hobblegrunt above all others with a Firepower of 9.1 and an impressive 13-shot limit. Something that needs to happen is for there to be more to the formula to give a role to each dragon.


Some suggestions:

• Wave System - So far all that I've seen spawn are scouting ships. It would be nice if a victory over the scout brought out something harder the next time. Could go something like Scout > Armored > Warship > Flagship. With each new ship, there could be more challenges and strategies needed for victory, some which may lend some more utility to dragons that currently don't seem very useful in battle.


•Toughness Stat - We have firepower, which gives dragons a rating for attack, but what about being able to take a hit? The toughness stat would provide a rating for how well a dragon can take a hit. A small toughness rating means getting hit hurts, a high toughness rating means being able to sit in a volley of arrows and laugh. If dragons that can hit heavily are weak and can't take very many hits, having some bulky dragons that can take the brunt of those hits helping to guard them builds teamwork and helps balance out use.


•Vulnerability and Scouting - The ships appear before they can be attacked, this could be a good opportunity for players to scout out the competition. Part of this could be finding out the ship's vulnerability. The vulnerability would be a color of dragon's breath that would get a bonus from being used. Colors I have seen for breath attacks so far are blue, yellow, and red, so having them factor into the battle system makes sense.


•Spawned Targets - These would be linked to some of the higher-level ships and would be targets that are generated by the ship that can be taken out in one or very few hits. These could be anything from landing ships to boulders fired from large catapults


•Dragon Armor - Dragons may be tough, but they could always use a little help. Having armor that can help boost their combat stats could be nice additions to the store, or a nice reward from battle.


•Surprise Attacks - Currently, the battle system gives fair warning when a ship is approaching automatically. It could be a cool feature to have some ships sail in unannounced, giving vigilant players an opportunity for bonus loot. There could be a horn that players could sound to warn other players of the attack, and give bonus points to the viking that uses it first.


•Ballistas and Catapults - Dragon not big enough to fly into battle? Man a catapult or ballista to join the fray!


It's certainly a lot that I've offered up and I don't expect everything I've suggested to make it in, but it's better to give my feedback and have it heard than say nothing and miss out on a chance to improve the new feature.


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I absolutely love all these

I absolutely love all these ideas!

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How long before you get the chosen mystery box prize?

Hey! first of all, Love Love Love the new feature! Finally something to look forward to every time I log in! XD Already participated on two ship attacks!


Anyway, i scored a Gold trophy ont he second time (just recently, in fact) and I the prize I got on the mysstery box thing was 75 gems! I really really Really needed that! But... It didn't add to my gems... so does it take long to get the gems? cuz the first prize I got was a viper fish and i got it right after, but maybe it's different with gems?


- Story of Ansim -


Just like Hiccup, Ansim was the weakest of his tribe.

He was a son of their clan's cheiftain and had two brothers before him. And as a son of a chieftain, they were required to contribute and help manage the people of their clan, including leading the fight to kill dragons whenever they 'attacked'. But for some reason, despite having blood relations to their most fearsome viking warriors of their clan, Ansim did not like killing dragons nor fighting in general and after having said so, he was often ignored by his clan and his family (though there are those times that his father and occasionally his brothers' talk).


Having been ignored, he used his free time (whenever he can skip warrior training class) to explore the wilderness outside his father's territory which became a favorite past time of his and eventually found a wounded Deadly Nadder hiding in a cave (which he figured was injured during the last 'attack').


Of course, at first he was startled and scared, but after hiding behind a rock and not moving for minutes (he thought as hours), he noticed that the wounded dragon had no intention of eating him nor acknowledge him at all as it was only focused on the injured wing. Ansim, being the caring sort for wounded animals and thus having experience, couldn't just leave the dragon alone, so for weeks, he used his free time to nurse the dragon until it's wing was in working order.


He started slow at first, bringing food to the dragon and just watching the dragon eat and sleep from up on a branch of a tree he'd climb on. He stood guard for the dragon, shooing away any possible threats that might come to harm the healing dragon; wether from other dragons (which ended up as him being scared sh*tless but thankful for surviving) and humans that might find the wounded dragon. Eventually after weeks, he came to find himself lying down next to the dragon as they both relaxed in the cave.


Though it seemed peaceful, in the end, the dragon he was so carefully hiding got found by his second older brother while he was in class (which he couldn't skip less his father ground him). He raced towards the cave using a shortcut and tried to get the dragon to fly away with his fully healed wing. But for some reason, the dragon was stubborn to leave him and was eventually caught by his father and clan's men. In a moment of shocked silence and adrenaline, he jumped on the dragon's back and together flew away from his homeland.


They traveled together, flying from land to land with Ansim never looking back but knowing that his guilty conscience of up and leaving without a word will forever be on his mind, and with that, Cross (the name he gave the dragon) landed on an island he never thought was possible. An island filled with dragons and humans RIDING on their backs. (He almost fainted that day).


On that island which he learned was named Berk, he was greeted by Hiccup and his team of dragon riders and also learned of the academy they had (they had a whole island for it!). He joined and learned a whole bunch from the dragon riders and their dragons. It was then that he also heard of Hiccup being a son of a cheiftain like him.


With the guilt still riding deep in his heart Ansim told hiccup of his story (a bit relunctantly) with a promise to never tell another soul but Hiccup being himself decided that Ansim needed to go back to his clan and thus told his father, chieftain of Berk. Of course Ansim was mad but hesitantly agreed with Stoik to go back to his island to explain the situation and maybe change their views of dragons with the help of the academy's students.


It wasn't easy at first, changing the view of vikings, but like how Ansim bonded with his dragon, the change went slow. Hiccup and the other students stayed on their island and helped drive back the dragons 'attacking' their village with their dragons and figured out the reason for this. It took a while but the people started coming around to their ways and Ansim, with the help of Stoik gained back his Father's and brother's love and respect for him.


Ansim's clan hasn't changed much, but with the help of Berk, the 'attacks' started to lessen and people weren't anymore hostile of Cross as they were before. Now Ansim goes back and forth (with a representative of Berk) to and from the academy to learn more about dragons and help maintain the peace as a job of a cheiftain's son would.