Our Feedback From The Clash Of Clans Tournament And Suggestions.

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Okay, everyone.

Before we start, I'd like to congratulate the Snow Leopards again for their victory in this tournament. Congratulations! :)


It's time to give the admin our feedback regarding this one-month Clash Of Clan Tournament. Feel free to support, disagree or give more better suggestion or point out any missing point here. Let's start with the good things first.


1. Well-organised.

One of the good thing about this tournament was how the team took the effort to planned out everything, the weekly battle, side-challenges and the score evaluation in order. This battle is much more organised than the first tournament. I like it.


2. Quick result.

I noticed that the result for every week battle was given out in time and without much problems. Good job!


And here's the negative, in my opinion, for this tournament, along with my suggestions,


1. Too long and constant.

What I mean here is the tournament's lack of creativity in this long weekly battle. It's all about scoring more and more trophies. We had this kind of battle before, the one for the Gold Saddle. However this time it takes longer. For one month challenge, most of the participants would be pretty tired or bored to go on. I wish the tournament would have more variety of challenges for a one-month tournament.


You can find my suggestion for the challenges variety here, http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/tournament-clash-clans?page=1


2. The scoring system.

As evidence by the Flame Wings and the Snow Leopards battle before, clan with few members give out a larger score ratio than clan with many members. If I'm not mistaken, before the start of the first tournament, the one for Gold Saddle, every Clan is encouraged to recruit more members to rally together.

What's the point of encouraging us to find more members if the score system for the tournament itself is going to backfire our effort? Another thing is how we're not being explained CLEARLY with how each clan's score is being calculated. Every tournament should have explained the score system clearly as it's crucial for our strategy and effort.



  • If the next tournament are still gonna use the same scoring system such as this, I suggest that the leader to be given another special feature to 'tick' the name of the participants among his/her clan that they want to bring. This way, clan members are still preserved, no members need to be kicked out in order for the clan to get a big score. The leaders simply choose which of his/her clanmates are available to fight for each week. The others will just be kept as inactive for that week. However, each clan need to have a minimum of 20 members to participate to be fair.
  • Alternatively, I hope the next tournament will no longer use this score system. All the Vikings in the clans that pariticipate, their score will be taken for that tournament entirely without averaging it. Just to be fair, clans will be given one month or two weeks to recruit clan members before the start of the tournament. Clans can recruit their members via the forum or the game itself this way without problems.


3. Reward.

There are more than hundreds of Vikings out there putting their best effort to win this tournament. One week, two weeks, three weeks and four weeks, these participants use every effort, time and any chance they could find to score more in this tournament. I'm kind of sad when I, including the other participants, can't gain anything from this battle. Sure we had our fun. But we want something in return as well. Not even a reward for the second or third place. And yet the early defeated clan had chance to fight another challenge and win a 1000 coin reward individually while Fearless can't win anything. Quite weird, right?

And I even invest a lot of money, my money in real life, to win this tournament too.. There are even members out there who tried to find more free time despite their busy and tight schedule in real life. In the end, we gain nothing back for our effort.



  • Reward for the 2nd or the 3rd place. Or at least, a reward of 100~200 gems for every Vikings that participate but is defeated.
  • Special reward like the Best Teamwork Clan, the Best Fashioned/Trendy Clan or etc.


4. The glitch.

While the tournament is very well organised, the battle is not carried out perfectly. There are lots of glitches found, reported and still not fixed in this tournament. The Fireball Frenzy and Thunder Run. As a result, it cost the participants loss of trophies by a very large amount for no good reason but the glitches fault itself.



  • Check every possible corner of the game or reported glitch in the forum. Make sure they're all fixed completely before the tournament can start.


5. Server

I'm not sure about everyone with good connection. But sometimes, in the week, I found no one to fight with. I'm all alone in the School but I can go anywhere or login the game just fine without any lag. And the online button is on as well.


6. The chat glitch and restrictions

As mentioned above, this problems affects our clan effort for communication severely. Yeah, no kidding. Allow me to explain it from Fearless side, as you can see there are only quite a few members that we have joining the forum. We have quite a lot of members but not all of them are joining here for unknown reason. And with the chat restrictions and glitch, pretty much of the words that we're trying to say are blocked and sometimes our dialogue doesn't show up. It's very difficult to communicate when we have this problem..



  • I know the good reason for the restrictions but what about the glitch? Other than that, as this problem also makes it harder for us to call out our members by names, all clans need to have a track of her members time of online/play. This way, we can find out who are active players and a 'dead' players, at least. Leaders can decide who are no longer playing SoD and can be kicked out.


1. Farming.

I just want to bring this and voice out that I'm really dissatisfied with this particular farming feature, the withering plants. To tell the truth, farming is one of the best feature that I enjoyed in SoD until the withering is implemented. I have to manage my time for farming now which I'm not even enjoying as I hardly able to make it with all other things I need to attend to, including real life. I can't really enjoy doing my farming anymore and I hope that this withering feature will be taken out. Seriously.


Other than that, I have nothing else to point out. Fellow Vikings, please feel free to voice out your disagreement, support,  suggestions or anything that I missed.

And again, to the SoD team, thanks for bringing us this tournament. We hope for a more fun tournament in the future :)








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I agree 100 & with you in all

I agree 100 & with you in all those points!


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Allow me to add some suggestions...

Here is one of the many Tournament related topics i posted: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/treasure-hunt-next-tournament-ideas-admins-please-read


First off let me say congratulations Snow Leopards! You have proven yourself yet again! And i must say that Fearless really did a great job too! You guys really gave it your all! And congrats to every clan that made it to the top 8 and every clan who participated!


Here are some positive things that came from the competition



Many players were eager to start earning trophies and playing the game again! 



I love the pool play idea and the way the whole competition was designed. But i think there was also a little factor of luck behind it. It all depends on which clan you'll be facing.


And now my complaints:



As i said this competition is a great way to motivate players, but insted of some big prize you gave us silly boots. 1 week of hard work=golden saddle and 1 month of exhausting work=boots for happiness.

So i suggest coming up with better prizes and you should really look around the suggestions topics more. Players have a lot of cool suggestions and ideas, maybe you could get an idea from there?



The competition was tiring and too long. This is also a problem for not motivated players. The first week i was hyped and was racing 24/7, but later i got bored with it. 

Again check our suggestions! (and the link i left above) We already said we wanted non trophies based competitions.



All this competitions so far were clan vs. clan. There were a lot of great suggestions for how to implant competitions that requier teamwork.



This competition was a perfect chance for you to implant mini-prizes for the top 8 and main prizes for the top 3.

For future competitions please make 2nd and 3rd place rewards.



This is a big that needs fixing. Over 10 threads were made reporting this bug, but i didn't see no response from the admins. I know it takes time and work, but please let us know and keep us updated.

The main bug is the server error. Unable to gain trophies, communicate, nothing!

Then there is the visiting bug. Whenever i try to visit somebody or they invite me i get thrown in a server error >.<

And last there is the blocked chat. Lets say you want to tell your clanmates to earn 300 trophies a day and none of them have a forum account. How will you say that if the chat keeps blocking numbers?


Implant more options for the clan leaders to communicate with their clan members. such as:

Polls- the leader can organise a poll and the members can  vote. The leader will then now what to improve, add, fix.....

Trophhie gaining news- A special feauture in the clan. The leader can write a normal message and ONLY USING THIS FEATURE the leader can say a number. So the leader will simply write: Please gain at least 50 trophies this week.



1. Many players spend a lot of time writting suggestions, but i haven't seen the admins reply. Very few threads have been noticed, only the popular ones with over 50 replies. Please check out ideas more often! After all we only want to help you improve this game.

2. If you are going to add more character rewards, please give us an exact number of the speed boost and other improvements. I am doubt the helm of champions gives you a boost at all....PLEASE GIVE US A CHARACTER BAR LIKE YOU DID FOR THE DRAGONS!

3. Could you keep us a little more updated? Reply more and let us know.

4. more food for our dragons. I'm getting bored with fishing.

5. And I'd also like competitions where we have to use our brains a little more, not just for strategy, but ike treasure hunts. (like the link above). I just want some more teamwork!




Ever since the new quests have been added it's impossible to make a profit. Before my farm was a glod mine, now i'm only surviving using gems......



I apologize for anything i misspelled







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I completly agreee on

I completly agreee on everything you said! and the farming feature is horrible... i had to replant crops FOUR times till i could finally finish ONE quest. and that wasted a lot of time, not to mention money and effort. theres a game that i play, and it used to have a feature so you can only play for a limited time and then you have to either wait (half an hour or an hour, not sure) or pay a dollar. and people must have complaind, because it was only a week later that they took it out. a week. only.


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(insert dragon pun here)

lemme quote holla on


Reward for the 2nd or the 3rd place. Or at least, a reward of 100~200 gems for every Vikings that participate but is defeated.

Special reward like the Best Teamwork Clan, the Best Fashioned/Trendy Clan or etc.

The first suggestions I highly agree on. I think every Viking in a defeated clan should at least get somewhere between 100-200 gems as a reward for their hardcore working. Seems fair :)

Oh and why boots? I don't get it. For happiness? My goodness, there are tons of other ways to increase the happiness! Just play with yo dragon! Or play eel roast. *Jackson Overland voice* have a little fun Owo. And the saddles. I have no single clue what they do. Maybe speed I dunno. But instead of rewarding boots and garments or whatever, I think it's a little more useful if we got rewarded with money and gems to help us in other stuff. 

Ok, that's it for today for me. Have fun xD I do hope they improve future tournaments.



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I agree with everything

I agree with everything except the 100-200 gem thing. If the main prize is something like the boots again, then a gem compensation would definitely be worth more than the main prize itself. At least, that's how I see it. Wouldn't that encourage players to play a tiny bit, but not enough to win, just to get gems? Maybe clans who make into top 16 or something get compensation, or maybe the top 500 players? Eh. I dunno. But I do like the idea of second and third places, especially for a competition this long!


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Interesting points....

All of this great feedback has been shared with our team! You made a ton of interesting points and we really appreciate the time that you took to breakdown the pros and cons of this past tournament. All of this discussion surrounding the recent tournament will be extremely helpful as we plan for future competitions.