~~Original Night Fury Line Art~~ (taking requests)

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I did a digital line art of my own sketch and I am now taking requests!


1. I am only taking four requests at a time! I am a busy college student.


2. I will take as long as I need to in order to make your nightfury. Don't expect next day delivery!


3. One night fury at a time please! I would love to make all of your night furies but I do have a life :)


4. Do not get upset if I add more rules, this is my first go at this and I am learning.


5. If you want more than one done, you will have to wait until the next request post.


6. If you don't read and follow the rules, you won't enjoy the consequences.


Here is my sketch (to prove its mine).....




And here is my line art...


Here is an example of a colored one, my OC Kita....




(if you want the above dragon, go here)

  Friend Code: 






    RAZOR WHIP                      WOOLLY HOW



Deadly Nadder, Gronkle, Deadly Nadder, Scauldron, Whispering Death, Deadly Nadder, Rumblehorn. Flightmare, Hideous Zippleback, Hobblegrunt, Prickleboggle, Rumblehorn, Smothering Smokebreath, Typhoomerang, Boneknapper, Fireworm Queen, Screaming Death, Tide Glider, Changewing, Raincutter, Tide Glider, Scuttleclaw, Sand Wraith, Snafflefang, Shivertooth, Death Song, Grapple Grounder, Sentinal, Death Song, Flame Whipper, Triple Stryke, Devilsh Dervish, Flame Whipper, Windwalker, Silver Phantom, Singetail, Eruptodon, Gronicle, Armorwing, Snaptrapper, Thunderdrum






and my lineart


Kita is shy and distant when meeting someone new, but once she gets to know you she is super friendly and loyal to her friends!



The Twins


Azel   &   Ryna

Azel is a fierce and aggresive male & Ryna is a gentle and playful female



Jasiri         &          Nalina

Hunted to near extinction by Dragon Hunters for their skins, these two beautiful Tiger Furies are all that are left of their kind. Jasiri and Nalina traveled West, fleeing from Dragon Hunters that were determined to have them. I, DesDragonn, found them starving and near death while exploring one day. It has taken me years to gain thier full trust, but now we are inseperable! Thanks to Hiccup and the School of Dragons, these two beautiful Tiger Furies are safe from Dragon Hunters forever!



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I dont want to have to hunt through your signature.


My first four request spots....


1. MajoraTheHylian (done)


2. RipleyAVP


3. AmandaLYY (done)


4. DragonofMidnight (done)

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Ok, mine will be fairly easy,

Ok, mine will be fairly easy, but I just have to say love the lineart. :)

Here is Vesper (please include all his markings, they are exactly like Toothless' but lighter and easy to see)


Sig gid by MajoraDrowned


 DeviantArt | Tumblr

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Just a few more details...

Does he have markings on his side? or do you just want me to do the wings and front leg markings that I can see on his current picture?

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He has markings on his side

He has markings on his side like Toothless

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Wow you're awesome! this is really helpful! I want to get him just right for you :)

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No problem, and it's not just

No problem, and it's not just the feeling of being right, it's you having the kind heart in doing them. :)

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Here ya go!

here is your Night Fury, if you want anything changed, edited just let me know


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He's perfect thank you!

He's perfect thank you!

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May I request my Whitetip

May I request my Whitetip (She doesn't have to have feathers if thats to difficult)


--My OC Dragons--


Dragon Name:

-Creep, the Xeno-Fury(Fan-made)-





-Ulric, the Skrill-

-Jabbawocky, the Nightfury-

Draimier, the Stormcutter




-21 years-








(This lineart was made by the most awesomest person NightmareRebuff!!!)





-A bit of an oddball, a little quite for his own good, curious but extremely cautious, stubborn and hard-headed




-Creeping on others :3, Sneaking around, getting into things you normaly don't want a dragon to get into, stealing small objects and then putting them in random places





-Watch your back...else he be creepin'





-Acidic Plasma Shot

-Acidic Blooded

-Is capable of climbing surfaces

-Being half of something else, Creep(And all like him) Are not controlled by Alpha Dragons, but can still feel the power of them. A Xeno-fury, however, can be controlled by an actual 'Queen' of their species.




*Fluff Abilities*:

-Acidic eye socket(and other green parts) glow in dim or no light. 

-Has two long sets of tubes on his back(not shown) that are capable of producing a black tar-like substance, which hardens into a thick rubbery substance over time.





-Cannot be near fire and can become extremely wounded by Fire Class dragon's flame(any species in that class)

-Acidic blood is compressed inside the exo-skeleton of Creep, injuring him will create a quick burst of burning acid.

-Not as fast as a normal Nightfury because of the exo-skeleton creating drag, but still close in line.

-Because of the dome-shaped head, Xeno-fury's cannot see as they have no physical eyes. They have thermal vision to help with knowing where others are, and the ability to pick up objects from constant sound(like echolocation)







---There are currently 5 Xeno-fury's in existance. Why not add to the small population? Click the link below!---




1.) Creep, belongs to Me

2.) Skurd, belongs to NightmareRebuff

3.) Deathmaw, belongs to WolfLight

4.) Luna, belongs to Lucy Shadow

5.) Blood, belongs to mesaprncss







-RipleyAVP of Vigilante


-Made by   -

created by kimbenoso




Friend Code:





My Dragons(In-game):

Toothless: Titan Night Fury


Xenno: Titan Monsterous Nightmare

Scrape: Teen Monsterous Nightmare


Grid: Titan Whispering Death

Dread: Adult Whispering Death

Uriz: Teen Whispering Death

Gargier: Baby Whispering Death


QueenDrum: Adult Thunderdrum

Bruiser: Baby Thunderdrum


RipleyAVP: Titan Deadly Nadder

Snowdrift: Teen Deadly Nadder

Coal: Baby Deadly Nadder

Gemcrusher: Baby Deadly Nadder


Sig and Roy: Titan Hideous Zippleback

Eye and Less: Baby Hideous Zippleback


Boultrae: Titan Gronckle

Agriel: Baby Gronckle


Ulric: Titan Skrill


Floki: Adult Rumblehorn

Charlie: Baby Rumblehorn


Singe: Adult Hobblegrunt

Haunteir: Baby Hobblegrunt

Nava: Baby Hobblegrunt


Sorner: Adult Raincutter


Marrow:Adult Boneknapper


BarnOwl: Adult Stormcutter

Draimier: Adult Stormcutter

Erigorth: Teen Stormcutter


Fly Leaf: Adult Changewing

Maja: Baby Changewing


Enya: Adult Fireworm Queen

Arendal: Baby Fireworm Queen


Sculd: Adult Scauldron


Flurescent: Adult Flightmare

Light: Adult Flightmare


Flare: Adult Typhoomerang


Yellp: Adult Screaming Death


Sashi: Adult Tide Glider


Mistchiev: Adult Scuttleclaw

Jasmine: Baby Scuttleclaw

Mishka: Adult Sand Wraith


SweetPain: Adult Sweet Death


Anythest: Adult Woolly Howl


Scorch: Adult Smothering Smokebreath


Glacier: Adult Shivertooth


Eiryin: Adult Speed Stinger


Blaze: Teen Snow Wraith


Cute: Teen Grapple Grounder


Strippe: Titan Razorwhip

Alonzoe: Baby Razorwhip


DeathStar: Teen Deathsong


CursedFang: Teen Devilish Dervish


Icespear: Teen Groncicle


Shaid: Adult Timberjack


Swampdweller: Baby Prickleboggle


Game Grump: Baby Hotburple


Eirthe: Baby Mudraker


Rillex: Adult Armorwing


Voilette: Adult Singetail


Mosse: Adult Eruptodon


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Yea not going to be able to do feathers. Just give me a picture that best shows her markings on the areas that my line art has.

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(No subject)

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does she have markings on her side?

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No she's all black fluff on

No she's all black fluff on her sides

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Alright, I will start on her right away! It may take a little longer than the others. Thanks so much for being patient!

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Hope I got her right

I think I am satisfied with her. She was a challenge for sure! Let me know if you want anything edited or changed!


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Perfecto! :3

Perfecto! :3

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I would love to have one too!

I would love to have one too! :)

This is Violetta:

Take your time :)

Thanks :D


Hi There~ :) Just wanna inform all of you who wonder why I wasn't online in the game. That's because I'm not going to play SoD anymore due to some issues. But, it's not like I'm going to quit playing SoD forever, I will come back soon with a brand new account or maybe not :/

And lastly, you can still see me around in the forum. :D




  • Forgive my weak grammar :)

Sven & Crsytal Maiden <3



Enchantress & Terrorblade <3



My Artwork : <3





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Here is yours!

Here ya go!! I know I got it done quick lol. If you see anything you want changed or edited just let me know :)


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Its perfect~ Thank you so

Its perfect~ Thank you so much! :D

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Fearless! You know that doesn't wash out...

May I ask you to draw my Fearless :) Check my siggy ;)


Welcome to my signature



Kuala Starkatheon


“They say there’s two ways to be fooled: one is to believe what isn’t true, the other is to refuse to believe what is. Maces and Talons. I began playing with my grandfather when I was just a boy. I always insisted upon being the honorable Viking chief. I could never understand how he bested me time and time again. For years I assumed his skill transcended mine. I believed what wasn’t true. But you see, in Maces and Talons, as in life, the line between good and evil is often unclear. Black and white can become gray so easily. What one soul considers evil another might consider righteous. The honorable chief who fails to see this is found to be the fool.” -Viggo Grimborn








We have... OUR DRAGONS!

Credits :9

Fearless bouncie by Arkeyla

Me and Fearless edit by Nessie

Shield by Nessie

Thank you guys for your AMAZING drawings, edits or other art stuff! :D


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Here ya go!

Here is your night fury!

Let me know if you want anything changed or edited!

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It's beautiful :) Thank you

It's beautiful :) Thank you so much!

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Hi Des!

Hi Des! Haven't seen ya in a while ;P

Would u mind if (Since ur so busy) I edited it myself? I'd keep ur sig on it and say you made it ;)


'Sall good if not, just wondering ;)





Dm for inquiries 

* * * * *

Yo, I'm Spy! I'm a 16 y/o girl from California! I speak English and basic French, and draw a bit. My pms, dms, whatever are always open so why not send me a message? I love talking to people! ^-^ Go have a freaking amazing day you fabulous people! <3~

* * * * *

Artwork of Spike~

Traditional drawings by the incredible grumpyforlife2, redesign sheet by myself

* * * * *


Burnt Mist my Gill Grunter. Species made by the awesome Infinity12356! You can get your own HERE!

Pearl and Orchid my Scale Wings. Species by the exciting Flowercrystal! You can get your own HERE!

Cooled Ash my Long-Nosed Fintail. Species by the great Georginia47! You can get your own HERE!

Tree's Whisper my Cave Runner. Species by the marvelous Selethesis! You can get your own HERE!

Coal my Sawback. Species by the bright Buddyfan1! You can get your own HERE!

Chip my Ridgetooth. Species by the superb Sand Wraith Girl! You can get your own HERE!

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No you may not. If you want a dragon done you will have to wait.


I have already gotten one of the first requests done; therefore, its not going to take forever, learn to be patient.

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Okie ^v^


Just asking, cuz I know some ppl think it makes it a bit easier for them, others don't want to ;)


I understand ;)


And I know how to be patient, its just that I was curious.

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hey I was wondering if you

hey I was wondering if you would be able to do my new oc nimbus? he is the first thing in my sig but I will post a pic as soon as I can....take your time :) if he is to difficult I undersand :)







Happy Halloween from Gabriel!!!!!

(made by kimbenoso thank you!!)

I am looking for anyone who is willing to draw Castiel and/or Gabriel and/or Lucifer my angel furies (although preferably Lucifer because I have alot of art of Castiel and Gabe already, if you wish to please pm me, it is greatly

appreciated :D 


cas and gabe  gifs made by Geronikka...thanks SOo much!!





Castiel is an angel, a cursed angel but an angel non the less. We were on a hunt when the witch had come out of nowhere, throwing a hex bag at me and chanting in latin. Cas and his older archangel brother Gabriel had teleported in front of the hex bag so it hit them instead of me. The curse has turned them into night fury like dragons. Castiel or Cas for short still has all of his knowledge and power he had as an angel, so he can still teleport and smite with a single touch, and he is able to speak english and all other languages. how? I have no clue and neither does he. As a dragon he still has some of the what I call "classic" Cas look. His fur is in the design of his human vessel, black hair, white dress shirt, tan trench coat and blue tie. Cas is very protective and very serious, he does not play very much. He also only speaks english to me or people who know him, he acts like any dragon when around others. He tollerates Gabriels tricks but will sometimes dissapear for a while to blow off steam. He still has his silver angel blade, which he uses at times when there are too many enemies he uses his mouth to hold it and swings his head around.



Gabriel is Castiels older brother who was also caught in the crossfire of the curse, which was aimed at me. Him and Castiel jumped in front of it in order to protect me but in doing so it turned them into dragons. Gabriel was/is a Trickster and Archangel because he is older and an Archangel he has not just two but six wings in total. He has a heavy sweet tooth and loves to steal candy. Since he still has his archangel powers he is able to change reality with a click of his jaws, although he only does so as a joke and always changes it back. He loves playing tricks and is very protective of his little brother. Like Castiel gabriels markings are remnents of his human vessel, a brown coat and read shirt along with golden eyes and golden hair. He is very playfull and loves to joke around aand cause trouble, he does not trust many people but those he does trust he will protect with his life. He has also been known to throw his voice around and attempt to scare people by talking to them. they have no idea where it is coming from and it usually scares them.


This is Lucifer, the second oldest archangel and also Gabriel and Castiel's older brother. Lucifer like the others was attempting to keep me away from the witches spell and managed to get some splashed on him. And yes I know he is the devil, ever since we released him from his cage down in the pit we have been helping him to reform, to see the good in humanity. The red marks littering his body, are akin to burn marks. This is a result of him not being in his true vessel. Archangels can come to earth in vessels but said vessel will slowly burn or disintagrate until there is nothing left. Unless they are possesing their true vessel, which can contain the "essence" of an archangel. Lucifers true vessel has escaped him and hidden away so he is stuck in his other vessel which is slowly burning. Lucifer like gabriel, enjoys playing tricks on other vikings, although his tend to be more sinister and evil,as he still loaths the human race. The only person he trusts and/or does not want to kill, is me. 







voltier made by the amazing nightmarerebuff

a different more bird like version of Castiel made by scoubidous

alternate version of Gabriel made by charmishda 


 amazing drawing Of Castiel done by Karddia! Thank you!

amazing drawing done by the talented TildenWolfGirl!!!!!THANK YOU

amazing drawing of Castiel done by kimbenoso!!! THANKS!


bouncies made by the amazing Twistedclaw!1 Thank you so much!

made by the AMAZING TALENTED Geronikka Rider!! thank you so much :D

Cas with his angel blade made by Geronikka Rider!!!! It is amazing!

amazing drawing/base coloring of Gabriel done by Geronikka Rider!!! <3

amazing drawing of gabriel done by Ecliptic!! Thanks sooooo much!

gabriel bouncie also by geronikka rider!

Amazing drawing of Lucifer done by Geronikka Rider!!!!!!!! <3



I also have a supernatural fanfiction I am currently working on, warning: it does contain some language.


Summary:  The reader, Sam, Dean, and Cas are hunting a witch. The only problem is that this witch is a bit sneakier than the reader thought. She manages to get the drop on all of you, managing to put a curse on the boys while the reader is unharmed and left to clean up their mess.


Even though sam has had some past troubles, like being given demon blood as a child, he seems to always get over them and has an extreme love for his older brother Dean. Sam is known to be the nerd of the pair and does most of the research. He is also Lucifers true vessel, although he does not give into Lucifer very easly. His nickname is Moose as he is a giant standing at 6 feet 4 inches.He is also known for his puppy eyes and b**ch face. He is the heart of the pair, being kind and gentle to anyone he meets, unless its a monster then he is merciless and downright scary.


Dean is the fighter of the pair. He is also very protective of his little bro sammy and will do anything to save him, this encludes selling his soul and getting torn apart by hellhounds. Dean has litterally been through he1l and back, he was "gripped tight and raised from perdition" by the angel Castiel. He is Michael's true vessel and of course does not give in.. He is also a jokester and loves his impala and pie! He is known for his intense green eyed stare, but those pretty forest eyes can sometimes become coal... he also has a dark side, which is revealed by the mark of cain so beware of Dean winchester! when this dark side is revealed he becomes known as the Knight of He.ll part human, part demon. When he is in battle mode it is best to stand clear.

Castiel is I guess you could say the boy's guardian angel. His first meeting with dean was rather violent, dean stabbed him in the chest with a knife but since he is an angel it did not affect him whatsoever.People describe him as the socially awkward puppy who follows sam and dean around wherever they go. Although cas has had his dark moments, like eating all the souls in purgatory and become a god like monster, he seems to always pull through for the sake of the boys.He has been killed multiple times but continues to be resurected by god. His powers include teleportation, smiting, healing and many other things. He keeps an angel blade up the sleeve of his iconic beige trenchcoat and his is shown to be rather skilled with it when he is against his fellow angels. He has said that his true form is the size of the chrystler building, or around 1000 feet. Cas is also shown to be incredibly strong, in one episode he is shown lifting a 1 TON anvel that "fell" on someone. He lifts it with ease which is surprising and then sets it down a few feet away. His true form can burn out a humans eyes, and his true voice is harmfull to human ears, causing them to bleed and the human will eventually hideif he talks for to long in that voice. Castiel knows every language ever known to the human race, and he is of course fluent in the angel language called Enochian. He is also very socially awkward and does not understand human jokes and humor in general, but he tries his best and is always there for the boys and would never purposfully harm them.But if you are a demon going after his boys BEWARE! he is very protective and will smite them without a second thought. Like most angels cas can be summoned via complicated ritual or you can pray to him, he usually only comes when the boys pray to him. An angel smites by placing their hand on the victems face and letting their true form shine through, therefore killing the victim instantly. Castiel also has giant wings, although they are invisible to human eyes he casts their shadow on a wall behind him as a scare tactic and an open threat to anyone who dares attack him or the boys. and his insults could use a little work but overall he is a great warrior.

Crowley is well...the current KING of He.ll. He is funny and sarcastic, finding nicknames for both sam and dean aka moose and squirrel. He has a rather strained relationship with the boys, sometimes helping them but other times trying to kill them. He was born Fergus Macleod, a 17th century Scottish tailer who sold his soul. He is believed to have died at around 1723. He then came back as a demon, became king and even has his own hellhound named juliette. He speakes in a thick brittish accent and says his signature "Hello Boys" everytime he sees sam and dean.His true form, like all demons is a thick black smoke, although because he is special Crowley takes the form of bright RED smoke instead of the usual black. Crowleys bright red eyes will also show through at times when he is possessing someone other than his usual "meat suit". He only possesses sam once, after agreeing to help sam fight an angel that is in his mind.


hahah his sarcasm never fails

also known as the devil, and one of the oldest of the angels/archangels

he is incredibly annoying and known to torture sam winchester with hallucinations of himself after he is trapped back down in his cage.

but he is a loveable character who has the personality of a 5 year old and everyone eventually learns to love him.

Lucifer's younger archangel brother

he is also known as the trickster, and he gives people their "just desserts" (aka killing them in strange ways, but only if they deserve it, such as creating aliens, sewer crocidiles and many other strange things)

he has an extreme candy addiction and you can tell he has been places by multiple candy wrappers strewn around

but when him or those he cares about are threatened, back off!!  he will smite you with a snap of his fingers. He has befriended sam and dean and gave his life trying to save them. He supposedly has six honey golden wings, although they are never seen. As one of the four archangels Gabriel is highly powerfull and way more powerfull than an angel. His archangel brothers are : Lucifer, Michael and Raphael.

Balthazar is another angel. He worked closely with Castiel and Uriel when he was alive. He went as far as to fake his own death and steal many heavenly weapons, such as the staff of Mosos. He also has an extreme hate of the movie Titanic or more specifically the theme song. He went as far as to go back in time and save the Titanic from ever sinking in the first place. He also speaks with a little bit of a french accent but it is very very mild.  He is an allie of the boys and when Castiel becomes power hungry/crazy he is killed by Castiel when he finds out that balthazar has been working with the boys against him.

RIP Balthy



Benny is one of deans best friends whom he met in purgatory. And benny, well benny is not human...He's a vampire. and a pretty old one at that. Before he was killed and dragged down to purgatory benny was a heh vampirate, killing people on yachts with the rest of his nest and then sinking the ships. Benny eventually was killed by his nest for treason. since he came bac kto earth he no longer kills humans, he steals blood donations and drinks those instead. Benny and dean have a very strong bond, both reffering to each other as "brother". Benny saved dean from a group of vampires in purgatory and the two have been a call away ever since. Benny like all vamps, has a second set of teeth hidden in his gums until he is hungry, when the extend to their full potential, it looks pretty scary. HIs "fangs" are a little shorter than other vamps but non the less noticable. LIke others he has an aversion to sunlight, unlike vamps in storys the sunlight will only give them a painfull sunburn, which is why they are nocturnal. The only way to kill a vamp is by beheading it. Benny is a kind vampire and he speeks in a little bit of a southern accent.

Bobby is sam and dean's father figure, he is loving and kind to them and almosts only them. He is touch and can be described as a surly drunk. He helps the boys with research on their hunts and will hunt alongside them at times. He affectionatly refers to them as his "idjits". He has taken care of the boys almost their whole life, while their father john was away he would try and let the boys do normal things, like play baseball and such. He introduces himself as "Bobby Singer, paranoid bast**d". he is blunt and always gets straight to the point. Bobby also has a huge stockpile of books on lore and in one weekend he built a panic room, which comes in handy for the boys. His two catchphrases, which almost everyone in the supernatural fandom uses are "idjits" and "Balls!" which bobby says usually in frustration.

Yep thats right, meet death. He is sarcastic and believes he is better than most, which he is. He is one of the four horseman of the apocalypse. He is the only one willing to help sam and dean put lucifer back in his cage. Dean seems to know death better, and even when death bets him to be death for a day. Dean even has someone kill him for a few minutes so that he can speak personally with death. Death also seems to enjoy junk food and pizza! He drives around in a bone white Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz with the liscense plate reading: Buh-Bye



This is the shapeshifter version of Dean. A shapeshifter is a monster that is able to change into any human shape, once it changes shape it is able to accsess all the memories and thoughts of the person it is copying. Their weekness is silver and the only way to tell them apart is via their retnal flair, which shows on security cameras, tey are also able to physically show their retnal flair, which shifter dean does in the above gif.


*gifs to come*

*gifs to come*





by nightmarerebuff

My very nice Mianrai Oiche furys made by Rasvim



made by....cant remember at the moment but as soon as my computer works again I will put owner up here)

I also LOVE PSYCH!!!!


Iris and Greyscale made by amberleaf and Nightmarerebuff           

SUPERNATURAL FAN!! (more gifs at bottem of sig)


I <3 Dean and Sam 

Crowley dancing :D


made by Andrew and Emmanual John..thank you soo much ^^

Nimbus was found on a strange clouded island, wounded and in pain. Not much is known about his history all we know is he is a rare albino, very fierce and protective. Nimbus is also White Shadows older brother.

Known for her kindness, White shadow is wary of strangers and will fight her way out of situations. She was found swimming in the water trying to get away from sea shockers that were circling her like sharks.

Neon is a rare night fury indeed, one of the few that have bright neon colors. These dragons usually do not survive long in the wild. Neon was found deep in a cave starving. All of her ribs were showing and she could barely stand. As you can see she has gotten so much better due to some much needed R and R.

Dark shadow is one of the only night fury with reletivly dark colors. He is blind in one eye due to a fight with other night furys. He spends most if his time with neon. Neon helps him walk and find his way around new areas.Dark shadow was also found in a cave starving and attempting to fish but he kept falling into the water, as his eye threw off his depth perception. 

adopted from the amazing Rei!

amazing drawing of Mithras by shedinn

esperanza and night fury gif made by the amzing Rei!

request for the glitter text is on my thread:


my Oc's made by The Dragon Trainer 

made by dragon drawer


all creds at bottom of sig



pylaris the rare night fury by kimbenoso

adopted from the amazing Defy





by 3angels6225 and nightfurylover ^^


my skrill lightningmy skrill strike


made by Defy

made by autumn5467









skrill fury and speed stinger by the amazing Rei!

bewilderfury by spottedbreeze

mudslidder made by scoubidous

lightning fury by amberleaf7

bone fury by Dragon drawer 

stealth screamer by spy, autumn, and rei 

hobblegrunt bouncy by rei ^^

hypnotizer made by rei,autumn and 1flower

Alejandra the skrill fury by the amazing Rei

Emerald the rare light fury adopted from KK

death eater by scoubidous 

Night fury by skrillfan

Wiseheart adopted from spy ^^ (two of them)

Spinewist/night fury cross made by TildenWolfGirl\

skuttleclaw made by Defy ^^

Arastoo and Alexsy made by SoulStereo

Dragon adopted from OwlyDragons

amazing drawing by karekare

cyclops night fury by skypeoplephoenix732

made by.....I cannot find it at the moment I will get the name eventually

Lotus made by DesertDragon22

devil baby made by dogloven

scensoredplitter creds to owner

adopt a sand wraith creds to owner

scauldron by nova

nightmare blinky made by sadomazocat

Venom made by Gerronica rider

sand wraith adoptable made by owner

adopted from autumn

adopted from sadomazocat

adopted from sky

adopted from thunder

adopted from nova

adopted from nessie

adopted from nova

adopted from des 

gabriel adopted from kimbenoso

by stellamontague

made by golden scarlet

made by midnightmare

made by arkeyla

by scoubidous

by des dragon

by midnightmare

made by rei

made by me


Favorite TV shows :D great job in making it this far through my sig ^^

I love supernatural ^^

<3 dean and sam



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Sure, but...

You will have to wait until the next request post. I am currently only working on the first four. Once I finish all those, then I will take four more requests. :)

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yep I know :) 

yep I know :) 

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Here is your dragon!

Here is your night fury! This one was a challenge!

let me know if you want anything changed or edited.


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examples with my own OC's


Four More Request spots!


1. puppyllover (done)


2. FernFeatherFlight (done)


3. mechfighter (done)


4. nevealpar (done)


5. Treesbane (done)


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Wow those are so cool!!!

Wow those are so cool!!! Could you do one of Snow Tiger? Thank you so much!!! :D

Here's her pic...




I was out wandering around with Maxie (my nadder) when we heard a loud yowling nearby. Maxie wanted to run out of there as fast as he could, but I decided to take a look. Coming closer, I saw a flash of black, snow white, and icy blue before seeing a hurt nightfury. Her tail was bent at an odd angle, so we took her back and healed her. Ever since she has stayed with me, so I called her Snow Tiger because of her markings. 

By MidnightMare, as well as Moonlit below!                                                        By DesertDragon22!


Meet the fearsome Moon Elemental Phantom Flyer Moonlit Mystery! I met her on the blue moon arising, when the Elementals came out for the first time in many years. She was terribly wounded, but eventually become comfortable with us as we healed her. She has been a part of the family since!


Introducing... Vranicus!

This is Vranicus, my Banded Fetherlure adopted from amberleaf75 and NightmareRebuff! Thank you!


Massive fan of Run All Night!

"Just listen to me son, just listen to me one night."

And Supernatural! :P

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Here ya go!

Here is your night fury!


let me know if you would like any changes or edit anything.


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Oh it's gorgeous! Thank you so much!!! :D

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could you do Jeleveve please

could you do Jeleveve please


Looking forward to the holiday times :)


Hello to all who wish to read my Signature

My name is mechfighter, but you already know that

I go by that or you can call me Rukath

enjoy what you find below, some of which is mine and others are made by others from around the forum, Enjoy.


How my past few years have felt

(all poetry/what-ever-you-might-call-it below is made by me)


you watch the couples with a light eye

happy that they are happy and like a ghost you move on

your the good friend that all can trust with their emotions

but rarely ever express your own

stay strong for others and always be there for them

but the lonlyness always sits there in your heart

like a sleeping dragon

you want to wake it to learn and experiance

but you let it sleep for you don't know how to, or can't, wake it

you also fear retaliation or rejection for waking the sleeping dragon

family helps but it can't wake the dragon fully

so it just falls back into its deep sleep

the dragon requires a special person to wake it

and not some helpless damsle

the girl who will wake my heart will come one day

but till then my heart will allways have a dragon of lonelyness sitting on it


respect is due when respect is earned

and respest is earned though action, knowledge, and deed

not position, word, and greed


everyone who lives under these gray skies

learns to love the rain's soft lullabies

it pitter patters upon the roof

like the constant drumming of a thousand fingers

it dribbles down the window

in constant snake like patterns

slithering down the window

it can be harsh

ruining every ones plans for the once sunny day

but then it can be creative

sculpting a mountain with it's thousands of fingers

and the patience of a million years

let it's colorful nature never stop falling from its grey origins


one might ask "what is the most dangerous thing on the planet?"

and the simple answer is "man"

we are a cruel and evil species

we attack each other for petty reasons

we ruin the place where we live

and then we wipe out other creatures with our constant demands for our petty lives

but we are not all bad

we can change and evolve

we can fix some of the wrongs we have done to this world

we can control ourselves

we can make this planet better

but first

before we can do any of that

we must change ourselves


life is a constant circle

where one ends another begins

it is also the most unpredictable thing on this planet

but we love it for that

for life's curve balls keeps away the repetition

you could take it both hands an lead it by the nose in you preferred direction

or you could let it take its course and see what happens

life is also cruel and unforgiving at times

but we must take the good with the bad

to give up on it is not an option

for it is up to you to change your life and make it better

but in truth life is a gray fog

but all it takes is a little sun and everything becomes visible


Fire, Fire, where's your light?

Have thy embers turned to ash?

Has the air gone to thin for you to breath?

Will you light again brighter than before?

To warm the souls of others

To chase away the cold that creeps into bones

Fire, Fire burn so bright

Signle to others to gather around your warmth

And that you are reborn


Είμαι μέσα σε κάθε πλάσμα και το φυτό, είμαι πολύ περίπλοκη, αλλά μπορώ να κάνω απλά πράγματα, είμαι όλοι γύρω από σας, αλλά υπάρχουν μερικές θέσεις όπου δεν υπάρχουν. Τι είμαι εγώ;


To say that you are normal is a lie, there is no such thing

To say you are better is a lie, we are all the same

To say that you are worse is a lie, no one's perfect

We are just different

We are all perfect in our own way

And no one can change that

These are the lessons of life

And we must learn them




My Viking

Name: Rukath

Main dragon: Dubstep (Death Song)

Star level: Single Solid Platinum (400k)

Clan: Star Weyr (status:Leader)

Clan Status: Open, 50 spots

Trophy Count: 12000+

Friend Code: PM me if you want it

Dragon Count: 55 dragons, 12 eggs

6/9 sharp

7/11 mystery

7/11 bolder

8/9 stoker

3/3 tracker

3/3 strike

6/7 tidal


Reader of the

Dragonriders of Pern series

Pernese OC

Rider: Fa'lan

Dragon: Bronze Rukath

Weyr: Fort Weyr, Star Weyr

(found these on the internet, not mine)



Misfit made by Livy SoD ^

Rukath (the bronze Pern dragon) in his many forms

made by me 

made by themasterplan47

Soular the Skyvern

made by -Pyrelyth-

link to his backstory http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/re-introducing-skyvern-revamp-0

Rommer the Timberjack by themaserplan

skies edge my Mained Stratofier (Made by me)

Sun Spot the Noelani dragon (by hootowllighbulb))

Gaoth the Rocky Mountian Davus (by MegaBoltPhoenix)

Kailo the Male Vesupas by Bavelly


Listar the Sadow caster (By secret santa)

My Viking OC

Name: Rukath Soular

age: 17

Back story:

Seven years previous Rukath was found in the woods by Hiccup and the gang while they were out on patrol; he lay in a clearing, the ground was soaked with his blood, close to death, breath shallow. He was cut and bruised all over; his cloths were torn to complete shreds, his face had a massive slash across his right eye, and patch of scalp was bloodied at the back of his head where some one had tried to bludgeon his head in. A few bloodied weapons lay strewn about the clearing as if some one left in great haste, which suggested that Hiccup and company had scared off the attackers just in time. With Rukath being carried by Toothless, the gang flew off back to Berk where they took Rukath straight to Gothi who said that Rukath had a very slim chance of living, but none the less she started the healing process. 

After a few days had passed Rukath woke up, he was scared of all he did not know. Gothi had Hiccup and Stoick fly up to her hut so that they could talk to Rukath; they asked where he had come from and who had attacked him, but all Rukath could say was that he did not know, the only reason he had a name was because that was what was carved into a stone pendant that hung around his neck, it was the only thing that was not destroyed or ruined in any way, unlike his cloths, after getting nowhere with Rukath, who seemed to have no memory, Gothi pulled Stoick and Hiccup outside and told them what she thought and knew of Rukath, she said that he seemed to be about the age of ten and had no memory due to his close encounter with death, she then told Stoick what was on the boy's left shoulder, a black Skrill tattoo, all knew that that was the symbol of the Berserker tribe; this confused Stoick and Hiccup who decided to keep that part about the boy secret from the tribe.

Time passed slowly for Rukath, he was treated as a bit of an outsider, but there were a few that he had befriended. Rukath spent a lot of time reading up on dragons and studying them as well as creating several things that showed a resemblance to things that Hiccup built but with a different flare, this was a way to not interact with others. Many people treated Ruakth with little interest for the first year Rukath had been on the island, some still remembering what happened when they last brought an unknown person into their midst, this mostly changed when Rukath got into the Dragon training academy.

While at the Academy Rukath tried many different dragons, all of which didn't work for him for one reason or more, the main of which was that the dragons did not "connect" with him. He spent two years in the Academy, dragonless, this did not help the ridicule that he sometimes got. On the day that Hiccup announced that Dragon's Edge was open to the other trainers Rukath managed to hitch a ride on one of his friends dragons to the magnificent place. Once there Rukath found that there was not much to do when you did not have a dragon to ride. On a clear night with a strong wind, Rukath "borrowed" a small, one man, sailing ship, loaded it up with some supplies, and took off into the night to see what he could see, and maybe, just maybe, find the right dragon for himself. He spent several hours out at sea but it was not long before Rukath found himself in a massive storm which blew him way off course, though he did not have much of one to begin with.

Once the storm had passed Rukath found himself in the vicinity of an island that he did not recognize with mast that was shattered in half. Rukath managed to paddle the dilapidated craft to the shore of the island and beach it so that he could do repairs on the thing, he found out quickly that there was no way of fixing the craft's mast with out some metal sheets and some nails, with that on his mind, Rukath decided to explore the island that he had landed, it did not take long before he heard a sort of draconic mewling. Following the sound, it was not long before Rukath found a baby dragon trapped in a metal dragon hunters net, thinking quickly he cut the rope holding the net in the tree and lowered the baby dragon to the ground, removing the heavy and rusted net, Rukath found that he could not identify the small creature, he reveled at the dragonet whereupon it mewled again and Rukath realized that the creature was half starved, with a deft movement he brought out a piece of fish from his satchel and gave it to the baby dragon who snapped it up quickly, Rukath produced another fish from his satchel and gave it to the baby who once again snapped it up again and after the second fish the baby seemed sated and happy, he patted the dragonet and gave it a loving scratch, which caused the dragonet to hum a in a manner that was very pleasing to the ears, and stood up and began to walk back to his boat and the dragonet began to follow him; he was about to tell it to go find its mother but he thought that if the poor creature had been here this long with out help from its parentals that he figured it was parentless.

Sighing Rukath waited for the dragonet to catch up and he continued back towards the boat, when Rukath reached it he sighed and began to continue work on it, trying to fix it so that he could get back to the Edge. After a probable hour he gave up with the mast balanced precariously where it should go, he sat down and put his head in his hands, the dragonet looked at Rukath and then the mast and then the little dragon stood up and shot a small blob of amber onto the spot where the mast was broken and with that the mast was fixed, or at least repaired to usefulness. Rukath looked at the mast then the dragon, he now knew the golden colored baby dragon was a Death Song, and then stood up, took the Death Song in his arms and spun him around in elation that the Death Song and saved them both; after a few minutes of that Rukath put the suitably smug Death Song on the bench of the boat and again thanked the little creature, Rukath thought that the dragon needed a name, he named the little creature Dubstep and with that they set sail back towards the Edge.

Rukath was thoroughly scolded by Hiccup and the others when he got back but he did not care for he had a dragon that no one else had. Once back on Berk Rukath and Dubstep were given a house to live in for none had fostered him and none wanted to share a house with a dragon that every dragon feared. The old house sat on the side of the mountain that was topped by Gothi's hut. He took the rickety old house with gratitude and after time fixed it up with the help of Dubstep's amber and made the house there own.



In colaberation with Kcrockett, Rukath and Anikay are husband and wife in a PM RP that we have been doing

pic.c of the couple

(done by the talented Pixel, we thank you greatly for taking your time to do this)

(done by Krockett herself)

This is Dubstep my golden goofball

By Wuntend Bonfire (thanks a million Wuntend)

(done by Brownie14)^

(base by Megaboltphoenix, colored by me)^

(by Tosilohi for harvest haunt)^

(by my talented secret Santa, MajaPercuilum)^

(Dubstep dragon symbol done by Okamisusi)

made by FireNightStar

another pic by the lovely Arrowalker

by ScarfyWings

Rukath and Dubstep


(this amazing of picture if Rukath and Dyubstep was done by Witcherforever)^

(done by me "Night Comes")

(done by the ever skilled DatOneTumpet)

these are the many different pictures that I have drawn of My OC Viking

this is the first iteration

this is the second iteration

this is number three

Number four

Art of Rukath Soular

(Done by the new but incredibly talented Arrowalker)

this is his weapon (I call it a Swax)

his other weapon is the duel crossbow shown above

his shield is on his left arm and shown above

(it is a combo weapon, it is both a sword, an axe, and a hook)

Dragon in many different languages

Greek: Δράκος

Arabic: التنين

Russian: Дракон


Hebrew: דרקון

Korean: 용

give me suggestions for other languages

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Here ya go!

Here is your night fury!


Let me know if you want anything changed or edited!


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  Could you do one of Slip?

  Could you do one of Slip?  Thanks!



                                 WARNING LONG SIGNITURE!!!!!!! 
Enjoy :)
About me:
I love SOD and anything that has to do with HTTYD. :) I make things out of duct tape.... I made three dresses out of duct tape, I crochet things and sell them. I absolutley love Warrior Cats, Wings of Fire, Survivors, and Spirit Animals. Any books that have to do with talking animals I love. I love the color blue and..........................................................................................................................................................
Haddok Boy is the best friend I've ever had in the whole entire world. :)
Some adoptables:
Lemon from MidnightMare
 Egg :3 DRAGON!!!! (DarkStalker by Shendinn)
 Light Raser adopted from Fleetwing!!!
Burrow (Spida Fury adoptable from Dragon Drawer)
 Delaine (left. is a coast serpent) and Terror (right. Is a Fire Guard) made by StellaMontague

  Flamerider by Rasvim1313
 Avalanche (adopted from Nessie. Thanks so much!!!)
Shriek made by Sleepyraccoon
Zalazun  (adopted from Autumn5467)



Urania by Elsa II (it was her first try at editing and she did an amazing job. Thank you so much)
 Slip by puppyllover
So sorry this next one doesn't show up but I'll fix it later :)
Slip (my dragon made by DesertDragon22)
     Next three dragons made by  Dragon drawer


The next 4 things are made by dogloven
Toxin by ELSA II
This is my Warrior Cat character, Terror, made by Duckei. Thank you so so so much!
Gifs, Gifs, AND MORE GIFS!!!!

Dreamworks Dragons Title with Toothless by DashieSparkle


Nope.... Nuh uh.... No way....

gif Big Gif httyd toothless avatava graphrofberk how to train your dragon 2 httyd2 httydedit

All of these gifs were on rebloggy.com :)
 Slip made by
Thank you so much you did amazing!!!!!
Queen Iris (adopted from Nova) 
Oxundran Blood (adopted from Nova) Thank you so much I love him!!!
Scylla (adopted from dogloven) Thanks dogloven!! =D
Avaejun Light (adopted from Nova) You are a great artist! Thanks! 
Quxem Indigo (adopted from typhoomerangmaster338) Thanks! 
  Fáfnir     adopted from SadoMazoCat

   Banners above by MidnightMare
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Here ya go!

here is your night fury!


Let me know if you want any changes or edits!


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OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! Thank you so much!!!!! =D

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could you make one for Cruzor

could you make one for Cruzor please?

thank you!









dark Twilight

I am a Proud Elder of


Meet my cute little wolf puppy SnowPatch

adopted from midnightmare. 

she is so adorable! X3


♦My OCs

Made by karekare thank you so much!




credit- musetts , midnightmare, and Dragon Drawer




Credit- Skyleaf, midnightmare, and elsa II





credit- karekare , spy and Dragon Drawer




Pelangi, my Ammolite Spirepoint Gemspitter. made by NightmareRebuff


Your beautiful dragon Winter has hatched, and is eager to meet you! She somehow recognizes you as the one who took care of the egg she was in. She is an extremely intelligent dragon and can solve almost any problem you throw at her! Almost imediately she bonds with you, and now will never leave your side.


Be warned, this dragon is full of never ending energy..he defines the term, "hyper active."

He loves to fly for hours on end, and can perform aerial stunts without ever getting tired.

Extrodinarily playful, this dragon is always seeking play mates, but can annoy some of the other dragons.

To the dismay of his caretakers (especially those who wear white clothing), he adores to play in the mud and tends to splash anyone around.

His absolute favorite meal is salmon, he simply cannot get enough!

made by phoinex prye



credit- sleepy raccoon,Natalia Romanova,Sadomazocat,kelcky123,kimbenoso,Spy,Fairy,Skyler smile,Dragon Drawer,Rasvim1313,yin to the yang,wutend bonfire, Stellamontage,skypeoplephionex,nessie,dogloven, and puppyllover.


                                  by spy                                                    by Sadomazocat


                                                                           by nessie

                  by amberleaf7 and NightmareRebuff




You made it to the end of my sig!


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Here ya go!

here is your night fury!


Let me know if you want any changes or edits!


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he is perfect! no changes

he is perfect! no changes needed thank you!

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could you make my dragon Brightnight? she won't be too hard I think :)


Truly AMAZING Stormwing and Brightnight by KareKare. Thanks again!!!



My dragons



Micky~Deadly Nadder~Female

Rody~Monstrous Nightmare~Male

Ignis~Monstrous Nightmare~Female





Ria~Wispering Death~Female

Sindy&Mindy~Hideous Zippleback~Female




Calienta~Fireworm Queen~Female


Cobalt~Tide Glider~Female


Vantur~Screaming Death~Female

Toxic~Woolly Howl~Female

Oasis~Sand Wraith~Female




(Im trying to keep updating my dragon list but Im failing XD I may miss a dragon)



My Nightfury's

Brightnight by MidnightMare

Brightnight bouncie by amerissa2890adorable Brightnight by MidnightMare

awesome Brightnight by Reiraku

Super cute Brightnight by SoulStereo

Brightnight by me :D (please dont steal)

if you  want one pm me but please not to hard because Im still learning. feel free to request but take it easy on me!(+ I have the right to not do your request if its too complicated)

cute Brightnight with and without alphaglow by arkeyla

super cute Brightnight by arkeyla

Brightnight art by Autumn5467

awesome Brightnight by DesertDragon22

beautifull Brightnight by Autumn5467

Brightnight by Golden Scarlet



Nightwalker edit by me



My clan

(by Glacecia)

(by Hjonard32)

My adopts



Cacao the Scuttleclaw by Cuttongue

super cute Cacao by Defy

Lifetail the Nightfury by chocolate24

Fury the Timberjack by chocolate24



Dawneye the nightfury/skrill hybrid by Reiraku

Greenstripe by yin to the yang

(nameless) Chinese dragon by Glacecia

Ventus the Windsong adopted from and made by goldenfury360. thank you!! I love these species

13 by skrill77Suneye the Nightfury adopted from skrillfan

Aqua one of the 10 Lightfury's adopted from Kelcyk123.

this is her backstory:


it all began with a blue nightfury egg. in the woods there was a blue nightfury egg. it was differend then the others. its parents where worried about the strange color:"are you sure this is a normal nightfury egg?" said Plasma. "I dont know...." said Diamond "but what can we do about it?". the parents of this rare nightfury didn't had much time to worry at all as the weird dragon hatched. the little creature crawld out of the egg shell. the mother walked up to it while it looked scared to the new world. "dont worry little...... Aqua, you are safe here". the blue nightfury tried to say something back but when it tried some weird other language came out of its mouth. a few days later Aqua still couldn't talk other then that other weird language but decided to make some friends. other Nightfury's where playing with eachother and one of them walked up to the newling. "hello, my name is Nightsky, whats yours?" Aqua tried to talk again but it just didn't work so the other hatchling "Nightsky" just walked away and so did Aqua. there is where the bad thing happend. the leader of the dragon pack came to look at the new baby's and it was Aquas turn. the leader was shocked about the weird colors and decided that Aqua must leave the pack. the poor Aqua couldn't bring any argument because she just couldn't talk so she left.

a few years later Aqua was hunting on a wild yak on her own of course when she heard another sound. She walked to it and it happend to be a human. Aqua never saw it before but heard of it. when Aqua was clearly in sight the human talked to her and said:" a nightfury!!! wait a minute, it is not dark colored, its more like a Lightfury. and walked up to Aqua. Aqua didn't know that a human isn't supposed to under stand her but said:"hello.... human my name is Aqua". the human was shocked that the dragon called "Aqua" could talk but answerd. "hello my name is Mirrel," said the human. Aqua liked the human and starded a conversation for the first time and so came it that they became loyal friends.




Bone the Nightfury adopted from SoulStereo

Surrexit the srill adopted from Scoubidous

Copper adopted from Owlydragons

Silver adopted from cloudboy

Silver edit by me

cute terrible terror adopted from SadoMazoCat

super awesome Midnight the Chilling Horror by goldenfury360

(still nameless) Celestial Soul by kimbenoso (soooooooo glittery :D)

Lily the nature dragon adopted from Kowwa_The_Stutter

Trava adopted from DesertDragon22

Shadow the Sand Wraith adopted from MidnightMare

Groon the Slargret adopted fom blockEdragon

Breeze the air Night Fury adopted from Fleetwing

Hot Chocolate adopted from SadoMazoCat

Verum adopted from Nessie

Iridis adopted from Autumn5467

Tigris the easily scared Ore Fury adopted from StellaMontague

Bruno the cute Changewing adopted from Nova (Natalia Romanova)

Lila the Terrible Terror adopted from Nova

Lavendershadow the Raincutter adopted from DesertDragon22

Seaessence adopted from Nova

Starry the Snafflefang adopted from Autumn5467

Ruby the vampire looking Nightfury adopted from StellaMontague



(still nameless) Nightfury adopted from rasvim1313


(still nameless) adopted from rasvim1313

Indigo the Aqua-finned Sea Swimmer by Golden Scarlet



Verde the Spirepoint Gemspitter adopted from NightmareRebuff

Verde full body also by NightmareRebuff

Gemwing adopted from rasvim1313....

...and Goldflight also from rasvim :D

this boy is the child of Gemwing and Goldflight. he has miniture wings so will never fly :( but Im sure he'll be happy anyway :D made by rasvim

(still nameless) "ice" fury adopted from Defy



Edits and bouncies of some of my dragons





Stormwing by Sephira

Stormwing and Brightnight by MidnightMare


Stormwing by MidnightMare



Super cute Micky by OwlyDragons


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All Done!

Here is your night fury!


Let me know if you want anything changed or edited.


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can I use the jeleveve pic in

can I use the jeleveve pic in my sig


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Its yours now you can do whatever you want with it!

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can i please have one? here is my OC frostfire. thanks!

edit: is it showing up? i cant see it.


 welcome to my signature!



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I cannot see the picture :(

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ok how about this i will put a link


if u click the link it should take u to the image.

if it doesnt, i am sad.

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is this the one?


I will try and get it done this weekend.

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yes thats it.