Organizing flash mobs

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Is there a limit to the number of friends that can visit a character at one time?


If not, or if it's a reasonably high number, I'd like to try organizing in-game flash mobs, gathering vikings and their dragons at prearranged times to perform some kind of visual stunt.


You can read more about it here.


If you'd like to participate, just send a friend request to Dunnyhelper (friend code HH2U6J). That's the character I'll be using to try to get everybody in the same place on the same server for each flash mob.


My goal is to stage the first event as a New Year celebration, either on New Year's Eve (early in the evening to avoid conflicting with people's party plans) or some time on New Year's Day. If Dunnyhelper can accumulate enough friends by then, we'll give it a go. Help me spread the word about this! I'll probably need a large list of potential participants for any one flash mob event to work.




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I'm not sure about the limit of players but I'm very interested in the flash mob :D 


Under construction :3

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I would be interested in this.  Tracking!


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I'm not sure on what the answer to your question is, but I'd definitely be interested, I like the idea :D Sent you a request c:


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I shall see about sending you a request when I'm in game next.

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progress report

It's not looking good so far. Dunyhelper only has two new friends since I posted this.


I'll keep on trying to recruit more participants, though.