"The Oracle" (A spoilerific RTTE Fanfiction)

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WARNING: This story contains slight spoilers for the sixth season of Race to the Edge, read at your own risk.
"Dragon Eye" what is so important about the article that goes by this name? We all know that Viggo Grimborn claims it as a item that has, for a long time, belonged to his ancestors. Viggo knows every secret of the dragon eye, he knows every little detail, and yet we never hear why the dragon eye, or its lenses, were scattered across the archipelago. Maybe because both of the Grimborn brothers died before they could share all of its secrets. Or maybe, even they don't know. Yet what happened on that ship, The Reaper, that would make it so very eerie? The ship is devoid of life, full of the skeletons of dragons, and the long deceased Capitan. But a question lingers, where is the crew? Why is the Capitan dead in his chair?  Why is his position, a hand over the dragon eye as he sits, so relaxed? These questions only begin my tirade. The lenses of the dragon eye, why are they scattered so far? It is clear that the Capitan of the Reaper is long dead, perhaps two hundred years or so, so how did the lenses come to be scattered so far from each other? On islands and locations that the hunters clearly have no access to.
It was these thoughts that inspired me to create the following story. The first of my theories.
A fair warning though, I wrote this fanfiction shortly after I finished watching the last episodes of RTTE, and I may have made some spelling error in my haste to get it down. 
The Capitan  Dagmirn Grimborn was a crafty and talented leader. Perhaps the wisest of all hunters. This fact alone made him the leader of his tribe. He had fought with great passion to reach the place he held, and no one would take it from him. No beast nor hunter, no peasant or king. He could sweep them down in a single blow, and every creature knew it. His following was great, hundreds of ships and Thousands of men. Many sought to know the source of his knowledge, the thing that made him most powerful, for surely there had to be a source, some thing that he turned to for wisdom, no one man could hold all that knowledge without forgetting some. Yet he always knew, his knowledge seemed unbridled. And none could find the source. None knew, save his wife, Mirdle Ingraman, and their sons.
Dagmirn and Mirdle had twelve sons collectively. All were blood family, and all of them were as fierce, as crafty, and as skilled as their father. The only thing they lacked, was the wisdom their father kept. Dagmirn had created a device, a strange one at that, when was held to the light, would reveal every piece of information man knew, about every dragon they knew of. It wasn't unlike a book being written far across the sea, on an Isle called Berk. Yet it held more detail, more species, and a great secret. As a young boy, Dagmirn had found the nest of the greatest of all dragons, and while he hoped to never need too, the information to find it, was hidden in his device. This device he called "The Oracle of Hunters". It was like a telescope, with removable lenses that allowed him to view different dragons. Though the stress of leadership he had feared he would never remember all that he had learned about different species, and so had decided to write it down. But he couldn't simply write it in a place that people could find, or anyone of his hunters could find it, and rise to the top of the Hunter Hierarchy.
Wisdom was power.
So Dagmirn and his wife created the Oracle.
To the hunters, it was his spyglass, to the Grimborns, it was their life.
But life, as we all know, fades. And Dagmirn's was fading fast. The years had been heaped upon him like dust, not noticeable at first, and then, too much to bear. He grew slower, weaker, and less capable, and his sons took up the job of tending the hunting grounds, but Dagmirn had not lost his wisdom. 
Among themselves however, his sons whispered. "There will come a day, when he is too old to lead us, his eyes will dim, and his Oracle will do him no good. Who then will lead us? For surely, it must be one of us, his own blood kin." But there were twelve of them, and only one could lead. From that day on, the brothers grew to distrust each other, each hoping to receive their fathers favor, and  praying his brothers would not. One day their father, feeble now that he was, heard of a new, and interesting, greatly powerful dragon, as black as the night, with blasts of blue fire. A dragon seen only in the dark of night, in the Archipelago nearest to them. Desperate to add this interesting dragon to the oracle. He set off.
His journey however, met little reward, the scribe who had written of it claimed to know very little, and what others told him was not enough to truly know the beast. Dagmirn set sail to return home. His eyes were, indeed, dimming, and his time away had shown him that clearly. He could hardly see the light shining through the Oracle, and now the problem that for the past years his sons had thought of every day, hit him. Who would lead the hunters now? Surely it must be one of his sons, but they were all equally powerful and strong, skilled and fierce. Yet none of them had wisdom. And while he could pass on his, the Oracle could only go to one, and he had twelve sons. Who then would have it? Surely they would never agree to lead together, for he had never been that way, and his sons were almost exactly as he had been years before. What then to do?
Far above him, on the deck, his men were steering the ship, a strong wind had kicked up, and was sending their vessel quickly home.
Seemingly coming up out of the ocean, an island, great, tall and hard as rock, appeared before them, and no matter what the sailors did, they couldn't bring the ship away. She seemed to steer herself, and her course was clearly to the isle. Rock cliffs rose before them, and still the ship sped on.
Scared for their very lives, the sailors dove over the side, as the ship sped towards the cliffs. But it was their last mistake. Had they stayed on their ship they might have survived, but they had disturbed the waters of the island, and its guardians. Giant water snakes, the kind one only hears of in the tales of old sailors, or in nightmares, arose out of the water and devoured them.
The ship kept on her course, driven wildly towards the cliffs, unbeknown to her troubled Capitan. On and on she pushed, before meeting the cliffs. The impact was the answer, and the Capitan, hand on his most prized possession, and eyes closed in thought, would never have to decide. His eyes were closed forever, and his hand would never move again. The impact of the ship had ended him, and he was to worry no more. The dragons on board also met their fate, a dragon can take impact, but hunger eventually destroyed them.
Back at his island home his sons and wife awaited his return. But Mirdle, stiff and bowed with age, soon passed on. Leaving her sons to await their father alone. Weeks passed, then months, when finally the time of a year was over, the sons agreed that their father must be dead. Slain by the dragon he had gone to seek.
Yet this left a new problem. Who was to lead them? Each son wished to rule, and their crews all wished for them to take power. Twelve young men, one title, who would take it? Clearly it must be the one who could locate their fathers Oracle. None knew that he had taken it with him. In searching they would cross paths, and battle, one crew against another. And a once nation of hunters, quickly turned into a warring mob. The sons each found the lenses, and, believing they were the tool to finding the oracle, would fight and feud over them. Each separated from his brothers, hiding his prized lenses where none would find them, but none ever found their fathers lost wisdom. The hunters fell into disarray, the brothers could not trust each other.
Slowly they drifted apart. One, found an island, full of dragons, and the maidens that cared for them. Tired of his life as a hunter, he left the path his father had set him on, and married the queen of the isle. Promising his fathers lens as his token, a symbol that he would never return to his old life. 
Another brother, also married, and his crew and he, instead of continuing to hunt, set out to conquer. Becoming known as the fiercest of all fighters, who went Berserk with rage in battle. At his death, his lenses were found, a secret he had never shared, and passed on to his son, in hoped that the lad could discover their use. And he passed them on to his son, and so it went.
The other brothers hid their lenses, on islands only they dared visit, in nests of dragons, or caves. And so it was, that the lenses, along with the Oracle, were lost.
A hundred or so years later, a boy, a young one without talent or skill, befriended and trained a dragon. A beast of the night, dark as midnight with fire as blue as the sea. The beast that's fantasy had been the death of the hunter king. And with the beast, one day flew out to a place where he found the remains of the old ship. Moving through the ship and avoiding the traps, he managed to find the prized possession of the hunters. This lad, although he wasn't strong, he wasn't fierce, or burly, or large, was wise beyond his years, as he would need to be, to be able to reckon with the troubles that lay ahead of him.
Dagmirn never had a chance to decide who would lead his people, and now, their fate, and the fate of all dragon kind rested in the hands of a small lad, who had the cunning and wisdom of the hunter, the heart and soul of a dragon, and the leadership of a king, to guide those that where strong. A leader like no other.
Did you like it? If so, comment below, also, if you have any other questions about RTTE or HTTYD in general, send me a pm, I'm happy to try and create stories to answer things.

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