One-year Anniversary of Titan Wings!

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Can you believe it has been a year since we were first able to go to Titan Island and age up our dragons to become old and powerful titan wings? It's a good time to reflect on the dragons whose titan stages have been released. There are 16 so far:

  1. Monstrous Nightmare

  2. Deadly Nadder
  3. Hideous Zippleback
  4. Gronckle
  5. Razorwhip

  6. Whispering Death

  7. Skrill

  8. Thunderdrum

  9. Stormcutter

  10. Screaming Death

  11. Flightmare

  12. Terrible Terror

  13. Bonknapper

  14. Scuttleclaw

  15. Snow Wraith

  16. Sand Wraith

Is your main dragon a titan wing like mine? (She just reached this growth stage three months ago. You can see my first announcement of it by clicking the picture below.)

Which titan is you favourite and what do you like most about it? Do you prefer impressive and drastic changes, or a more realistic-looking development of their physique? Let's reminisce about and share screenshots of these strong dragons of ours.


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M'um m'aloo!

I was so excited when they released the Titan Skrill! I remember groveling over how gorgeous mah boi Hurricane looked after I used up my hard-earned gems to put him into the Titan stage. (It was worth it.) He's way more sassy than he was as a normal Broadwing, but that's okay, because now I have my Titan Screaming Death Scaremaker to keep (read: scare) him in line. I thought Titans were an amazing addition! Especially because now Hurricane takes up a whole stable by himself ;D Like I wasn't already severely lacking stable room.

Sarcasm and dragon stories aside, I was especially excited when they released the Skrill! Memories!


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My favorite is the newly released Sand Wraith! My main baby is a hyrid(sand wraith x woolly howl), and somehow all the spikes adding to his design just brought him fully together. I mainly use the sand wraith version because like a cat, he can kinda raise his scales up similarly to a cat fluffing up its fur or raising its hackles, and he wouldn't be doing that all the time, so it just makes sense. 

But he looks so much more sneaky and devilish as a Titan than he ever would've as a broad wing, so it just fits so well! I'm incredibly happy with the new titan, it just totally fits my story. It also helps because I have a Sand Wraith I'm not planning on putting through to titan mode, so the difference is just so clear.




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     To tell a bit about myself, I quite like to experiment and create new things from my dragons' leftover scales or spikes that fall out, including my bowaxe made from the old scales of my Razorwhips, Bruni and Snarlinga, and gronkle iron that my gronkle, Fiskr, provided me with. The axe blades have two dagger-like weapons that are in the shape of the wolfsangel rune and are embedded inside the each axe blade, they can come out of the axe to form their own weapons. 

     The arrows for my bow are hollow, and they're the thinner spines that my Whispering Death, Orindi, and my Screaming Death, Jarmr, drop. Sometimes I use their teeth as well. After I hollow out their spines, I put soft bird feathers, color coded, on the ends and depending on the type of arrow, I attach either flint, jasper, blue chert or just gronkle iron. The arrows with the jasper on the end are filled with Monsterous Nightmare gel, provided by Bal. The arrows with flint on the end are filled with Zippleback gas, provided by Tven 'n' Ri. The arrows with chert on the end are filled with Flightmare mist, provided by Faela. The final type of arrow is tipped with Gronkle Iron and is not hollowed out, forming a normal arrow.


     What? You want to know more? Well, I can't tell you all my secrets, but on my island rescue for dragons and animals alike, I live and handle it alone.

My dragons, that are pretty much just residents on the island, are more like a wild pack and they're handled by my rescued Singetail, Svidar, who is extremely loyal to me.

     My main dragon? I have a peculiar dragon, that's for sure. Oh, his species? He's a hybrid between a Sand Wraith and a Woolly Howl. He doesn't really have a classification just yet, but I call him a Howling Wraith. His name is Draugr, or Ghost.

    Oops! Almost forgot, I do have two other close dragons: a Silver Phantom named Vargulf, or Werewolf, and a Triple Stryke named Volva, or Witch.


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         Personal Dragons

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Snaer: Adult, Male, Shivertooth

Odaell(Sinni): Titan, Male, Terrible Terror

Aldrienn: Adult, Male, Night Fury

Lanyi: Adult, Female, Sand Fury

Vedr: Adult, Male, Woolly Howl

Meizi: Adult, Male, Windwalker

Lit Rjuka: Adult, Male, Smothering Smokesbreath

         Wild/Rescue Dragons

Svidar: Adult, Male, Singetail (Leader)

Seydir: Adult, Female, Flame Whipper

Leita: Titan, Female, Stormcutter

Aeva: Titan, Female, Snow Wraith

Flotti: Adult, Male, Timberjack

Faela: Adult, Female, Flightmare

Orindi: Titan, Male, Whispering Death

Jarmr: Titan, Male, Screaming Death

Skellr: Titan, Male, Skrill

Skyrr: Adult, Female, Silver Phantom

Skipta: Adult, Female, Changewing

Bal: Titan, Male, Monsterous Nightmare

Tven 'n' Ri: Titan, Female, Hideous Zippleback

Midla: Adult, Female, Prickleboggle

Fiskr: Adult, Male, Gronkle

Banikalla: Adult, Female, Deathsong

Fleygja: Titan, Female, Deadly Nadder

Hvata: Adult, Female, Scuttleclaw

Bruni: Titan, Male, Razorwhip

Snarlinga: Adult, Female, Razorwhip

Vagr: Adult, Male, Scauldron

Veifa: Adult, Female, Scauldron

Orendi: Adult, Male, Moldruffle

Feitr: Adult, Male, Hotburple

Hraun: Adult, Female, Eruptodon

Vigr: Adult, Male, Armourwing

Bein: Adult, Male, Boneknapper

Astir: Adult, Female, Hobblegrunt

Ausa: Adult, Female, Tide Glider

Grellir: Adult, Male, Thunderdrum

Skrida: Adult, Female, Shockjaw

Svienn: Adult, Male, Grapple Grounder

Vollska: Adult, Female, Grapple Grounder

Skjotr: Adult, Male, Speed Stinger

Svell: Adult, Male, Groncicle

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Titan Sand Wraith is impressive

I agree that the new titan Sand Wraith model is very well done, even with eyes more accurate to the original design! Its larger tail fin is such a good detail that makes the dragon seem bigger. The spikes on the face that resemble those of the Stormcutter are surprising, but they work. I'd have to say this is one of my favourites as well.

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The dragon is actually quite a bit bigger than a normal sand wraith as is, that was one of the first things I did xD Just line up my baby next to a broad wing. But I definately agree, even though on my personal OC i pretend that the Stormcutter-like spikes are just normal spikes, it definately works and makes the dragon very intimidating(which i like).

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Only one thing:  The titan

Only one thing: 

The titan sand wraith teeth,they are orrible




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The Monstrous Nightmare and

The Monstrous Nightmare and the Thunderdrum are my absolute, undisputed favorite titan wings. The Nadder, Gronckle and Skrill get a honorable mention. Couldn't care less for any of the other titans, and I hope I never accidentally titan up my main dragon with how often I get a spammy pop-up asking me if I want to titan her up for gems yet.


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My favourite titans

While I find some of the titan wings especially elegant (Nadder, Razorwhip, Skrill, Stormcutter, Sand Wraith, and that's pretty much it), if their features are atypical for their species then I can't fully appreciate them. The ones I like most have a good combination of beauty and consistency.


The titan Nadder remains my favourite with its modified patterns and believable spikes. The way the colours show between the scales truly makes the dragon look older. My second favourite titan would have to be the Terrible Terror because its spines and horns look more ornate without being garish. They are all longer and more twisted, but the only problem is that there are too few. And the titan is actually bigger than the broad wing! Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the Sand Wraith is only the second one that actually grows; I'd rank it as my third favourite.


I like when the titan form fixes an issue with the broad wing's model, such as the Sand Wraith's eyes or the Nightmare's lack of spines. They may be too thick, but overall I'm pretty happy with how my eldest dragon looks. I would have preferred the titan to sport four curly horns. Not going to lie, the titan Nadder is much prettier in my eyes!

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Titan growth

"Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the Sand Wraith is only the second one that actually grows"

Well, I can now correct myself. I just went in-game and compared Sparkflare to a broad wing Nightmare, and I found that my dragon is now bigger too! My guess is that all the titan wings are. From Vioora the Fire's Titan Sand Wraith video I calculate that they are 1.1 times longer than broad wings, and the size difference is even greater when you consider their mass. I'm so glad our titans have finally grown rather than just getting new spines!

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In game i am known had Hannah the Wise

Yea i remember when titans came out-my first titan was nadder but my ABSOLUTE favorite titan that ever came out was titan snow wraith!!!!^.^ u can make it super bright colors-including an actual bright gold color.It also is really majestic looking unlike the broad wing...its also an amazing racing dragon once u get turn rate under control :D other titans are pretty awesome as well.



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I like the titan sand wraith

I like the titan sand wraith as well but i have to agree with caterina-its teeth make it look like a vampire!

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They are creepy 

They are creepy